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									                   COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL /

   If you are planning to develop a parcel in              Follow the Public Improvement Subdivision
   Hanover County for commercial, industrial,              Approval process if:
   and/or multi-family uses, you will need to have              • A new public road is created; or
   your plans of development reviewed through the               • Public Utility Construction is required;
   Site Plan Process. If your development also                      or
   includes creation of individual lots, you will also          • Public Drainage improvements are
   need to go through the subdivision process                       required
   (leased areas, maintained under single
   ownership, do not need to go through

   A brief overview of each process type is listed
   below. A more detailed explanation of the
   processes may be found on the preceding pages.

   Which Process to Choose?
                                                                          DON’T GET HUNG UP!!
   Follow the Site Plan Approval process if you:                           Is your property currently zoned
       • Develop a new site for commercial,                               for the uses you want to develop?
           industrial, or multi-family uses; or                          If not, then you may need to rezone
       • Expand an existing site and the                                        the property or obtain a
           expansion exceeds 800 sq. ft. or 5% of                        conditional use permit or a special
           the existing floor area (whichever is                             exception before proceeding
           less); or                                                            through the site plan or
       • Increase a parking area by 2,500 sq. ft. ;                       subdivision process. Contact our
           or                                                               Applicant Liaison at 804-365-
       • Obtain a Conditional Use Permit                                    6171 for more information.
       • A site plan is to be submitted in
           accordance with a condition of rezoning
           or a condition imposed as part of a
           Special Exception

   If you also intend to subdivide the property, you                         NOT SURE WHICH
   will need to record a subdivision plat prior to                         PROCESS TO FOLLOW?
   conveyance of the lots.
                                                                             Contact a member of the
   Follow the Administrative Subdivision Approval                          Development Review Staff at
   process if:                                                            804-365-6171. We’ll be happy
        • No public improvements are required,                            to sit down with you to discuss
             including public roads, utility                                 your development plans.
             extensions, or drainage

Page XX                          Hanover County Development Guide 2009

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