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									MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                SPRING 2008

                            Spartan family

   As the father of two                 – including a daughter now in her fourth
year of college – I am keenly aware of the position you are in as parents of a high
school senior. Between standardized tests, senior pictures, prom, college applica-
tions and essays, and the last swim meet/football game/school play, the anxiety
of your student’s last year of high school can be overwhelming. It is during these
                                                                                        next Steps
times, perhaps, that young people rely on us most.
   As you prepare to help your student take the next step educationally, it’s impor-    If your student is planning to attend
                      tant to appreciate this time of extraordinary transition. The     Michigan State University this fall,
                      relationship you share with your student will undergo signifi-    they should complete the following
                      cant changes over the coming months, as they approach a           steps if they haven’t done so already:
                      new and unfamiliar environment filled with opportunity. This
                      should be an exciting time for both you and your student.         1. Go to www.admissions.msu.
                             Last year, Michigan State University admitted more            edu/aop.asp
                         than 18,000 freshman students for fall semester 2007. Of
                         these, about 7,300 eventually enrolled at MSU in the fall. A
                                                                                        2. Submit the residence hall
                         quick look at these numbers illustrates something impor-          application
                         tant to remember about the college admissions process:
                         Michigan State is not– nor is any one college or university,
                                                                                        3. Register for a required summer
for that matter – the right fit for everyone.                                              Academic Orientation Program
   While we are excited to welcome as many new members as possible to the               4. Pay the Advanced Enrollment
Spartan family, we recognize that final decisions are still being made and that            Deposit (AED). (If economic cir-
many students will choose to attend other institutions. I hope that, regardless of         cumstances make payment of the
where your student decides to enroll, you find the information contained in this
                                                                                           AED difficult, contact the Office of
publication informative and helpful.
                                                                                           Admissions for a possible
    If your student does choose to become a Spartan, you and your family will join         deferral.)
a tradition of excellence and pride shared by Michigan State students, alumni, fac-
ulty, and staff around the globe. The Spartan family means you and your student         Remember: Any student who is plan-
are connected to more than 461,000 living alumni worldwide. It translates into          ning to attend Michigan State in the
access to a vast network of support and resources designed to help fellow Spar-         fall must pay the AED by May 1.
tans not only succeed, but leave their mark on the world. It equates to sharing an
intense, lifelong pride with others who identify as members of the Michigan State
University community.
    As your student’s high school career comes to a close, I commend you on a
job well done and ask you to embrace the future with enthusiasm, patience, and a
good sense of humor. Thank you for considering Michigan State University. I hope
to welcome you and your student as part of the Spartan family.
   Go State!

   James W. Cotter
   Director of Admissions
                                                          Michigan State has an enormous array of resources and
                                                          support available to every student who attends MSU. Here
                                                          are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions
                                                          about academics, student life, and campus living.

     How will my student decide which classes to take?                     What are some things that my student should bring
     Michigan State has a large network of specialized academic advi-      to campus for the first year?
     sors who will help your student select the appropriate courses        Since all freshmen are required to live on campus for their first
     for their major. As part of the summer Academic Orientation           year — unless they live with a parent or legal guardian within a
     Program your student will meet with an advisor and enroll in all of   50-mile radius of campus — there are some specific items that
     their freshman year courses. Academic advisors play an integral       students will want to bring with them:
     role in helping your student plan their curriculum and program                   • Laundry basket/bag, detergent, clothes hangers
     of study. Students are able to meet with academic advisors                       • Shower tote and personal toiletries
     throughout the duration of their college enrollment.                             • Clothes iron or fabric steamer, sewing kit
                                                                                      • Cleaning supplies
     What if my student has trouble with a class?                                     • Alarm clock
     Your student was admitted to Michigan State because we believe                   • Raincoat and umbrella
     he/she can be successful. However, there’s often an adjustment                   • Warm coat and gloves
     period for first-year students, academically. If your student does    For more information about what your student should bring, visit
     struggle, there are many resources available to assist them.          University Housing online at
     All teaching faculty at MSU are required to hold office hours for
     students, and larger classes often have teaching assistants.          Can my student work while going to school? are
     There are also a number of departments on campus dedicated to         there jobs available on campus?
     helping students achieve success in the classroom, including the      Yes, many students choose to work while going to school.
     Learning Resource Center, the Math Learning Center, the Writing       In fact, studies have shown that students who are employed
     Center, and the Office of Supportive Services.                        perform as well or better academically than their unemployed
                                                                           counterparts -- this may be because balancing work and school
     How will my student get around campus?                                forces them to develop better time-management skills.
     Although freshmen are not allowed to have cars on campus,                There are literally thousands of jobs available for students on
     there are several other ways to navigate around MSU. The              campus. More than 17,000 students work on campus each year
     Capital Area Transportation Authority operates an extensive bus       in over 100 different job classifications. MSU’s Career Services
     system on and off campus, and semester bus passes are avail-          Network is available to help your student find a job that fits their
     able for purchase at reasonable prices. If you’ve been to campus      schedule. Visit them online at
     and noticed the bike racks outside every building, you know
     that many students use bicycles to get around. Other modes of         How do students do their banking?
     transportation range from rollerblades and skateboards to good        Many students choose to open an account with the Michigan
     old-fashioned walking. Though MSU is a large campus, students         State University Federal Credit Union. MSUFCU is the largest
     rarely have trouble getting from one place to another.                university-based credit union in the world, and provides many
                                                                           benefits to students, including more ATMs than any other
                                                                           institution in the greater Lansing area — including on campus.
                                                                           MSUFCU offers full-service financial products to members of the
parent Orientation program                                                 MSU community. Visit them online at

Parents of new students are highly encouraged to par-                      What happens if my student gets sick?
ticipate in the Parent Orientation Program (POP) that                      Olin Health Center provides medical and dental care for students
takes place simultaneously with your student’s Academic                    during their enrollment at Michigan State, including primary care,
Orientation Program. POP is free and registration is not                   urgent care, gynecology, physical therapy, immunizations, and
                                                                           allergy injections. Located on campus, Olin Health Center helps
necessary. A variety of topics are addressed at POP, all                   thousands of students each year feel better whether they’re suf-
designed to increase parents’ awareness about the pro-                     fering from a cold or flu or something more serious. Olin’s Phone
grams and services available at Michigan State and ease                    Information Nurse is also available 24 hours a day, seven days
the transition of sending a student to college. For more                   a week to answer any health-related questions your student may
information, visit                                have. Find more information about Olin Health Center online at
Safety and security at MSU
How safe is Michigan State’s campus?                                    Who polices the MSU campus?
Located in East Lansing, Mich. — once voted as one of the               Michigan State has its own campus police force. The MSU Police
“Friendliest Cities in America” — the Michigan State campus             currently has 100 full-time employees, including 69 sworn of-
supports more than 45,000 students and approximately 11,000             ficers. All MSU Police officers have earned at least a bachelors
employees. Compared with other campuses, as well as cities of           degree. The MSU Police provide service 24 hours a day and
similar size, MSU’s crime rates are low.                                investigate all criminal incidents that occur on campus property.
   Crimes do occur at MSU, as they do at all college campuses,          The MSU Police also pursue crime reduction by conducting regu-
but the MSU campus is considered a very safe environment.               larly scheduled personal safety seminars in the MSU residence
Safety is of primary concern, and MSU takes many steps to               halls and speak to new students at their Academic Orientation
ensure that students, faculty, staff, and visitors are safe on cam-     Program.
pus. Walkways, parking lots, and buildings are well lit, and more
than 150 Green Light emergency phones are located throughout
   At MSU, we view safety as a shared responsibility between
students and the campus community. For our part, we try to edu-
cate students on making good choices regarding their personal
safety and provide enhancements to residence hall rooms which
aid students in keeping safe.                                              University Calendar
What about the residence halls?                                           Fall semester 2008
With 23 undergraduate residence halls, MSU operates the largest
single-campus residence hall system in the nation. The safety             August 20: Freshmen and transfer students move in
and security of Michigan State’s residence halls is given regular         August 25: Fall semester classes begin
attention. In a recent survey, 94 percent of University Housing
residents stated that they feel very safe in the residence halls.         September 1: Labor Day holiday, no classes, university
   All residence hall rooms feature hard-wired smoke detectors            closed
and fire-rated room and wing doors. As halls are being renovated,
they are being equipped with sprinkler systems for fire suppres-          November 27-28: Thanksgiving Day holiday, no classes,
sion. All of our rooms have peepholes so that students can check          university closed (residence halls remain open)
to see who is at the door before opening it. Night receptionists
                                                                          December 5: Last day of classes
are in place to see that only building residents, or the guests
they sign in and take responsibility for, are allowed in the building     December 5-6: Fall commencements
after hours. All halls have security cameras in the lobby areas.
MSU also has a pilot program where we’re testing a keyless lock           December 8-12: Final exams
system on some residence hall doors.                                      December 12: Undergraduate residence halls close for
                                                                          winter break at 8 p.m.
How can students navigate campus after dark?
The Capital Area Transportation Authority operates the “Night             December 25-26: Holiday, university closed
Owl” — a service that provides late night/early morning cam-
                                                                          January 1-2, 2009: Holiday, university closed
pus transportation. Students can call between 2 a.m. and 7
a.m. Monday - Friday, or between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. Saturday
and Sunday and a small bus will take them to any location on              Spring semester 2009
campus. Additionally, students can use StateWalk, an on-campus
nighttime walking service where pairs of volunteers will walk with        January 12: Spring semester classes begin
individuals between on-campus destinations.
                                                                          January 19: Martin Luther King Day, no classes, university
What can my student do to prepare for life at a large
university?                                                               March 9-13: Spring break, no classes
The best thing any student can do to prevent crime is to use
common sense. Students should get into the habit of locking
                                                                          May 1: Last day of classes
doors and windows, securing valuables, and being aware of their           May 4-8: Final exams
surroundings. Many students who come from small towns may
not be accustomed to such habits, but it’s a good idea to begin           May 8-10: Spring commencements
practicing them before they come to campus.

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