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									                           2010 SHOW KITE CATALOG

                                                    Show Kites
                                            Custom Colors & Designs
                                                  Creative Inflatables
                                                     Foils and Lifters
Gomberg Kite Productions

                                              Bouncers and Spinners
                                                Tubes,Tails,and Socks
GKPI Show Kites   Unique Inflatable Kites
                                                                  DINGWERTH FROGGY
                                                                  I fell for Bernhard's Frog the first time I saw him FLY. A wonder-
                                                                  ful, whimsical, attention-getting inflatable that flies well. Big
                                                                  impact that packs up small.

                                                                  Choose any color you like! Frogs run about 19 feet long and
                                                                  come with a drogue and stuff-sack.

                                                                            19 ft Frog - Suggested Retail: $500

                  MARINE TROPICAL FISH
                  Those New Zealand kiters come up with the coolest stuff! And
                  Robert vanWeers fish series is a great example.

                  Choose the French Angel, the Idol, the Clown, or the Longnose
                  Butterfly. Each are about 9 feet. Fill your own sky aquarium!

                  Connect to a lifter line at the bridle point and top lifter loop.

                        9 ft French Angel - Suggested Retail: $240
                        9 ft Idoll - Suggested Retail: $240
                        9 ft Clown - Suggested Retail: $240
                        9 ft Longnose Butterfly - Suggested Retail: $240

                                                    One of these big inflatable birds will look great perched over your flying field.

                                                    This award winner was designed by Otte Harm-Dierk of Germany and is licensed exclusively to
                                                    GKPI. They stand about ten feet tall and fill through inflation vents in the chest. Like all
                                                    inflatables, the Parrot works better with a lifter.

                                                    We'll make you Parrot(s) in your choice of colors - including the body and wing-tip / tail
                                                    accents. They are priced at $450 including bag and drogue.Smiles all-around guaranteed!

                                                            10 ft Parrot - Suggested Retail: $450

      Every craggy outcrop on the Oregon Coast features a lighthouse. And now we have a cool
      portable one to put up on every beach too.

      This wonderful inflatable was created by Meik Schlenger of Germany and licensed to GKPI. The
      Lighthose includes a deflation zipper and stabilizing drogue.

                  9 ft Lighthouse - Suggested Retail: $250
                  18 ft Lighthouse - Suggested Retail: $350
                  28 ft Lighthouse- Suggested Retail: $450

                             Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.    Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
                                          GONZALEZ BROTHERS
                                          Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain make the coolest stuff. Check
                                          out the awesome Red Devil or the whimsical Chinese Opera Mask

                                          Each kite is about ten feet wide and 30 feet long. They are completely
                                          soft, fully inflatable and perform with or without a lifter. Mesh open-
                                          ings and zippered vents help with inflation and deflation.

                                                 10 x 30 ft Devil - Suggested Retail: $1250
                                                 10 x 30 ft Mask - Suggested Retail: $1250

We are delighted to now offer the flying road art of Kevin Sanders from Australia.

Kevin is a wonderfully creative kitist who combines technical proficiency and solid avionics with
a light hearted sense of humor. In this case, the result is a series of flying road signs that offer
unexpected phrasing.

We're making three styles -- the round sign in red, the rectangular sign in blue, and the diamond
sign in yellow. The best part is that you choose the message! Think fun! Think creative! Think
what road signs would say in a perfect world....

      5 x 25 ft Sign - Suggested Retail: $300

                                   ZIMMERMAN OWL
                                   Here’s the coolest kite to come out of Europein a long time!

                                   He measures 11.5 feet tall and about 11 feet from wing-tip to wing-tip. The owl is completely soft
                                   with no sticks. The wings 'flap' in flight and the body undulates.

                                          11 ft Owl - Suggested Retail: $500

                                                                           ZIMMERMAN STAR
                                                                       Great flier! Great looking! Great fun!!

    Inflatable Stars are come in two sizes and include a long fuzzy tail. If you really like star-
    watching, try training several together.

                                                       7 ft Star - Suggested Retail: $250
                                                       13 ft Star - Suggested Retail: $450

                                                 INFLATABLE AIRPLANE
                                                 Here's the ultimate fun kite. It is completely soft with no sticks or spars. It can be
                                                 'stunted' on two lines or staked out on display. It is big -- about ten by ten feet. And it
                                                 is really cool. A single plane, looping and swirling in the sky is a treat. One or two make
                                                 a fine static display. And a full squad, staked out on a tether anchor really stops traffic.

                                                 Soft Airplane - Suggested Retail: $500

                Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
              Licensed Peter Lynn Inflatables
GKPI Show Kites
                  Gomberg Kite Productions is licensed to produce these "small" versions of popular giant show kites.
                  But, how can you call a 20 foot kite small??? We carry a large inventory for immediate shipment, and
                  custom colors can be made in just a few weeks at no extra charge. Call us for prices and specifications.

                                                          Watching this huge lizard "climb" into the wind will amaze everyone.
                                                          The tail and legs create a realistic motion in the breeze. Yes, it will fly alone, but we
                                                          strongly recommend a lifter for added stability and flight angle. Drogue included

                                                          25 ft Gecko - Suggested Retail: $450
                                                          46 ft Gecko - Suggested Retail: $1400

                  KITTY CAT
                  She's guaranteed to scare the heck out of any mouse in the neighborhood. And we promise
                  your new Kitty will be the biggest hit on your flying field, too. Technically, our Peter Lynn Cat
                  isn't a kite. She needs a lifter to fly well. But that doesn't mean that this big inflatable won't
                  be great fun to have around.

                                     10 ft Cat - Suggested Retail: $400
                                     20 ft Cat - Suggested Retail: $1400

                                                 Inflatable Octopi are Peter Lynn's long-term most popular single-line kites. Our "Octos" are
                                                 remarkably manageable and easy to fly in 5 to 20 mph of wind.We produce three sizes. Suckers on the
                                                 long tentacles are extended for more drag and increased stability. Larger models include a detachable

                                                              12 ft Octopus - Suggested Retail: $70
                                                              20 ft Octopus - Suggested Retail: $400
                                                              45 ft Octopus - Suggested Retail: $1400

                                                         People ask what it is. Tell them it is a dragon, or a big bug -- or
                                                         tell them the truth -- a prehistoric crab that has been brought
                                                         back to life to fill the sky! The "Bite" is easy to launch and a
                                                         pleasure to fly. It features a black head and five other colors.
                                                                      13 ft Trilobite plus Tails - Suggested Retail: $450
                                                                      24 ft Trilobite plus Tails - Suggested Retail: $1400

                                                                 The Caterpillar is a great ground bouncer! First of all, it is big - really big! Second, the
                                                                 Caterpillar is designed to be children/abuse tolerant. There is nothing to grab hold of! We
                                                                 even let kids inside to look around! And finally, it is good looking. We can make any color
                                                                 combination you like in any one of three different sizes.

                                                                                               15 ft Caterpillar - Suggested Retail:: $400
                                                                                               30ft Caterpillar - Suggested Retail:: $800
                                                                                               50 ft Caterpillar - Suggested Retail:: $1400

                              Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
                                                       FLYING FISH
                                                       One of the largest profiles of any "medium" sized Lynn kite! One of the
                                                       lowest prices too!

                                                       The larger ize is 30 feet long and 10 feet wide with gleaming teeth, huge
                                                       eyes, and long flowing fins. You can choose special colors or let us produce
                                                       the popular 'warm', 'cool', or 'rainbow' versions for you

We also have the smaller 20 foot model for just $600. These look great in solid
colors like red, yellow and purple with black edging.

                                       20 ft Fish - Suggested Retail: $600
                                       30 ft Fish - Suggested Retail:: $1000

                                     MANTA RAY
                                     The Manta Ray features four contrasting colors and large eyes that peer over and down at
                                     you when you fly. The attached bucket tail adds stability and size.

                                                                    24 ft Ray - Suggested Retail: $400
                                                                    48 ft Ray - Suggested Retail: $1400

                                   A powerful and visual kite that requires and rewards competent flying. We included a set
                                   of colorful "Fishtail" drogues.

                                                                   16 ft Turtle - Suggested Retail: $400

Fly your own family of Bears to delight children of all ages. Each kite comes
complete with a Honey Pot drogue that creates stability and whimsy.

12 ft Teddy/Panda Bear - Suggested Retail: $300
20 ft Teddy/Panda Bear - Suggested Retail: $1250

                              PENGUIN and DUCK
                              Once they fill with air, the wings begin to flap and the feet begin to
                              waddle, and before you know it, you're smiling from ear-to-ear. Choose
                              the Duck or Penguin design. Both fly great!

                              6 ft Penguin/Duck - Suggested Retail:$70
                              16 ft Penguin/Duck - Suggested Retail:$1000

              Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
              Amazing LineArt
GKPI Show Kites
                                                                                  LIGHTENING BOLT
                                                                                  Electrify your kiteline with this colorful piece of art. Choose rainbow, or
                                                                                  request something more personal. The remarkable zigzag shape holds firm
                                                                                  in the wind. Bolts are ten feet long with six colorful sections

                                                                                         Lightening Bolt - Suggested Retail: $25
                    STAR TUBES
                    Stars are made from six pieces of bright taffeta. The standard design is in rainbow, but we
                    can make them any color you like. Choose a tube with one, two, or even three Stars!

                          Single Star - Suggested Retail: $20
                          Double Star - Suggested Retail: $25
                          Triple Star - Suggested Retail: $30

                                                                             SPIKEY BALL TUBES
                                                                             One of our most popular designs! At 12 ft long and 3 ft in diameter, the
                                                                             Spikey Ball has a black and white opening which leads to a large inflated ball
                                                                             covered with spikes. It’s finished off with a long tapering tube. Or scale up to
                                                                             the 18 foot rotaing model.

                                                                             Available in your chice of colors -- including black with rainbow spikes.

                                                                                   12 ft Spikey Ball - Suggested Retail: $40
                                                                                   18 ft Large Rotating Spikey Ball - Suggested Retail: $70
                  BUBBLE TUBES
                  Each piece has an opening diameter of 12 inches and the bubbles stretch to 2 feet. We
                  make a 17 foot three-ball model, and a huge 30 foot six-ball version. For customers with                       Rainbow Bubble Tubes
                  a more kinky attitude, we offer bubbles with spikes too.

                        Three Bubble (17 ft) - Suggested Retail: $70
                        Six Bubble (30 ft) - Suggested Retail: $120
                        Three Bubble w/spikes - Suggested Retail: $85
                        Six Bubble w/spikes - Suggested Retail: $150

                                                              SQUARE-PILLOW TUBES
                                                              Choose your own colors -- solid or rainbow with a contrasting back. Larger pillows are
                                                              2.5 feet wide. Stock designs are the six section version, 20 ft long, and a larger twelve
                                                              section design. Or call for a quote on a custom Pillow in any length.

                                                              6 Square Pillow - Suggested Retail: $75
                                                              12 Square Pillow - Suggested Retail: $135

             TRI-PILLOW TUBES
             Tri-Pillows are 15 ft long with 3 triangular sections approximately 2.5 ft wide. Use
             them on a kite, line or pole.

             15 ft Tri-Pillow - Suggested Retail: $30

                              Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
                                        5-LEG DROGUE
                                        The Five-Leg Drogue is a perfect piece for line decoration, hanging behind a kite, or displaying
                                        from a pole. Our smaller '5-Leg' has an opening about 3 feet wide and each leg is 2 feet deep.
                                        The larger size is 5 feet wide. Deluxe Sampo swivel included.

                                               Small - 3 ft - Suggested Retail: $40
                                               Large - 5 ft - Suggested Retail: $70

Gomberg Kites is proud to present the distinctive Chain Windsock                                          Shown here is a 6 link
under exclusive license. We stock 6-link Rainbow, but tell us the                                         Chain in Rainbow.
colors and length you want and we'll forge a custom one right up for
you. Each link is 2 feet long and 1 foot wide - fitting together in an
open and three-dimensional format.
      Six links - 10 ft x 1 ft - Suggested Retail: $50
      Custom - Suggested Retail: $10/link

                                                                    JELLYFISH SPINNER
                                                                    The Jellyfish contains six tapering cones - each 15 feet long. The
                                                                    combined effect is a whirling helix of color. Use the Jellyfish as either a
                                                                    drogue or line art.

                                                                           15 ft Jellyfish - Suggested Retail: $90
                                                                           28 ft Jellyfish - Suggested Retail: $150
                                                                           40 ft Jellyfish - Suggested Retail: $225

Each Cube is about 24 inches long. With the opening and tail, total length comes
to about 15 feet. But if you want to add more squares, its no problem! Pick your
colors and let us know what you have in mind.

      Tube w/3 Cubes - Suggested Retail: $35
      Tube w/6 Cubes - Suggested Retail: $60
      Additional Cubes - Suggested Retail: $10

                                                  VENTED BASKETS
                                                  Our 3 ft x 4 ft Vented Basket in Rainbow colors is designed to turn fast but not pull
                                                  too hard. You can attach it to a pole, stake it to the ground, or lift and fly it on a kite
                                                  or line. A deluxe ball-bearing Sampo Swivel is included.

                                                  3 ft Vented Basket - Suggested Retail: $45

Here's a bumpy new drogue that measures about five feet long and is made up from a
dozen colorful cones with black accents in front and back.

Use Pine Cones on your kite, hang several on a flying line, or display them from a pole.

        Pine Cone - Suggested Retail: $21

              Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
              Big CustomT
GKPI Show Kites          ubes
                  RAINBOW SPACE SOCKS
                  You get a lot of fabric for the money! Each sock is a colorful red, orange,
                  yellow, green, blue, and purple with sections separated by a dramatic black ball.
                  Use them as line laundry or for a great tail on a strong lifting kite.

                  130 ft Space Sock - Suggested Retail: $140
                  65 ft Space Sock - Suggested Retail: $ 75

                                                               RACING STRIPE TUBES
                                                               Sometimes simple is better. Racing Stripes have five sections -- in any bold color you
                                                               choose. The sections are separated by three stripes, usually in black and white. Then
                                                               the tube tapers down to a point in the final section.

                                                               110 ft Racing Stripe - Suggested Retail: $130
                                                               55 ft Racing Stripe - Suggested Retail: $ 50

             DIAMOND TUBES
             Here's a bright, colorful tube that provides a great accent to any kite. The colors overlap for a shimmering effect in the sky. We
             can make them in two, three, four, or even six colors.

             110 ft Diamond Tube - Suggested Retail: $130
             55 ft Diamond Tube - Suggested Retail: $ 75

                                   SNAKE AND CORKSCREW TAILS
                                   These dramatic tubes fill up the sky in a big, bold way. The huge black and white tubes are finished off with a
                                   tapered section in one of six primary colors. Choose the Snake with stripes, or the Corkscrew with spirals.

                                             100 ft - Suggested Retail: $140
                                             60 ft - Suggested Retail: $ 50

                                     WATERMELON SOCK
                                     Our Watermelon Sock is a huge 50 ft long accessory with a front
                                     diameter of 4 ft. There are 13 large sized sections, each crafted from 6
                                     colored wedges with black accents. The final section is finished off with               Watermelon Sock
                                                                                                                             flown with a
                                     3 streamers. Watermelon Socks make a great accent for mid or large
                                     sized kites. They can be attached to your kite line or used as a drogue.
                                                                                                                             Skyfoil Lifter

                                            50 ft x 4 ft - Suggested Retail: $299
                                            15 ft x 1 ft - Suggested Retail: $60

             STANDARD TUBES
             Custom, Solid or Rainbow -- they're quality made tube tails with a tab at the end so you can connect them. Put our
             tubes on a kite, a line, or string them together behind a sport kite.

             20 ft with 3 inch diameter - Suggested Retail: $ 10
             60 ft with 4 inch diameter - Suggested Retail: $ 60
                          Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
                                                     GIANT STRIPED STREAMER
                                                     We were asked to make up a special flag to fit behind the larger Sutton Flowforms.
                                                     The result is an ENORMOUS streamer that is perfect for a 60, 125 or 252. They
                                                     dramatically extend the profile of the kite, and look super too!

                                                     For 60's - 50 x 5 ft - Suggested Retail: $ 75
                                                     For 125's - 75 x 7.5 ft - Suggested Retail: $ 99
                                                     For 252's - 100 x 10 ft - Suggested Retail: $ 159
                                                     For 450's - 150 x 15 ft - Suggested Retail: $ 300

                                                     Giant Streamers work great behind our Pilot Parafoils too!

 Just like our flat Transition Tails, these tubes change color emphasis from
 front to back. But with a tube you get a more flowing and hypnotic effect.
 Each tube is made from three complimentary colors and contains over
 250 pieces of fabric. Think of it as a patchwork, art-deco, eye-popping piece
 of fun.

       96 ft Transition Tube - Suggested Retail: $140
       48 ft Transition Tube - Suggested Retail: $ 75
       24 ft Transition Tube - Suggested Retail: $ 35

                                                   MULTIPLE STAR TUBES
                                                   Is it an inflatable tube, or three-dimensional line art?? Either way, these dramatic
                                                   tubes light up the sky.

                                                   You get six inflatable stars spread over a fifty foot tube. Looks great when the
                                                   wind is working all 36 points.

                                                   50 ft Star Tube - Suggested Retail: $60

You have seen the bucket tails used on the largest Peter Lynn designs. They are simple and super-
efficient. Now you can order them in custom colors for line decorations or to stabilize a kite.

Each bucket is about 18 inches wide and two feet long. The end sections taper to a smaller
size.Design your tail with as many sections as you like.

Bucket Sections - Suggested Retail: $4.50 each

                                                                 HELIX TAILS
                                                                 The rigid paddles rotate in the wind and turn two twenty foot tube
                                                                 tails into a flowing corkscrew around the third tube. It looks like
                                                                 DNA in the sky!

                                                                 You get the rainbow colored paddles, three 20 foot rainbow tubes,
                                                                 and all the swivels and hardware for just $55.

                                                                       20ft Helix Tail - Suggested Retail: $55

                  Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
              Streamers and More
GKPI Show Kites
                                                                                   SINGLE STEAMER FLAG
                                                                                   You get one long shimmering piece of ultra-lightweight fabric that will
                                                                                   float on even the most modest breezes.

                                                                                   35 ft Streamer - Suggested Retail: $19
                                                                                   75 ft Streamer - Suggested Retail: $40

                                                                                                                                    Rainbow Streamers
                  STREAMER FLAG SETS                                                                                                flown with a
                  Choose the standard 6 pennant set in rainbow, or the huge American                                                Sutton 125 and
                                                                                                                                    our Rainbow Jellyfish .
                  Flag 13 streamer combo. We can also make custom colors. Streamers
                  are attached to a nylon tether that can be connected to your kite or
                  flying line.

                  35 ft Streamer Flags - Suggested Retail: $99
                  75 ft Streamer Flags - Suggested Retail: $160
                  75 ft American Flag - Suggested Retail: $299

                                                       At three feet wide and 25 long, Pennants are shaped much different from our standard Streamer
                                                       Flags. And the bold black outline gives them a dramatic profile. Each flag is fully hemmed, abuse-
                                                       tolerant and fade resistant. They are designed with two tabs at the top so you can attach to a line
                                                       or create a simple bridle. (Shown here with the Super Sled from Page13.)

                                                                             25 ft Pennant - Suggested Retail: $30

                                                                             GEAR WHEELS
                                                                             These three-dimensional pieces rotate slowly, generating a mesmerizing display
                                                                             of color. Fly one, several of the same size, or a set of different sizes that mesh
                                                                             together on your line like high-flying machinery.
                                                                                                 3 ft Gear - Suggested Retail: $30
                                                                                                 5 ft Gear - Suggested Retail: $55
                                                                                                 10 ft Gear - Suggested Retail: $90

         GKPI has developed an all-ripstop flag for kite applications. The stripes and stars are
         sewn -- not screen printed. And the entire package weighs in at just four pounds. At 15
         x 25 feet, it is a BIG flag!

                                15 x 25 ft Flag - Suggested Retail: $400

                                                                              FLYING FRIENDS
                                                                              They’re People Socks -- with wide eyes, flapping arms, and huge, huge
                                                                              grins on their faces. We offer two sizes for twice the fun.

                                                                              10 ft Friend - Suggested Retail: $99
                                                                              20 ft Friend - Suggested Retail: $199

                             Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
These rotating turbines are the original "big stuff". Before Peter Lynn, before bols, baskets, and barrels, a large rotating
sock was the way you impressed people with a big colorful inflated piece. And it still is!

With GKPI, you get a choice of the traditional striped, or the dramatic
diamond sail pattern. Choose your colors and add spikes around the
collar at no additional charge.

      12 ft Wind Sock - Suggested Retail: $69
      18 ft Wind Sock - Suggested Retail: $149
      50 ft Wind Sock - Suggested Retail: $650
      80 ft Wind Sock - Suggested Retail: $1749

                                              The big, dramatic spikes rotate slowly to create an impression unlike anything you have
                                              seen on a kite line. The 10 foot Starburst has 12 spikes and the 18 foot has 24 spikes.
                                              Both are approximately 3 feet deep.

                                                     10 ft Starburst - Suggested Retail: $125
                                                     18 ft Starburst - Suggested Retail: $250

 There is something about spikes and spinners that never fails to draw attention. Wonder
 what that is....

 The Spikey Ring is about 7 feet in diameter and is available in your choice of colors. Use
 your imagination! You describe it and we'll make it for you.

       7 ft Spikey Ring - Suggested Retail: $99

                                                      3-LEG DROGUE
6 ft drogue flown on a Sutton                         Connect the swivel to a kite, flying line, or a banner pole and watch it rotate! The
125                                                   larger sizes are perfect for a big flowform or parafoil.

                                                                          3 ft x 1.5 ft - Suggested Retail: $10
                                                                          6 ft x 2.5 ft - Suggested Retail: $45
                                                                          10 ft x 3 ft - Suggested Retail: $75

A dozen cones, connected together produce a rotating line decoration that looks like
a flower in flight.

                  4 ft Flower - Suggested Retail: $75

              Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
              Baskets and Bouncers
GKPI Show Kites
                   BASKETS AND PARACHUTES
                   Anchor them for a bouncing display, or attach them low under a large lifter. You can even organize "Bol Races" at your next
                   event by having contestants pull them upwind.

                                   Striped Parachute                       Zig-Zag Basket                   Star Basket                Saw-Tooth Parachute
                   Baskets have an open center and perform better in stronger winds. Parachutes have a vented center for lighter wind and
                   less pull. Both require steady winds for constant inflation.

                         6 ft Basket or Parachute - Suggested Retail: $90
                         10 ft Basket or Parachute - Suggested Retail: $ 150
                         17 ft Basket or Parachute - Suggested Retail: $450

      The front-end tube allows wind to inflate these big ground bouncers. The
      basic design has a black and white striped opening, a solid colored body, and
      black spikes. Each Bouncer comes with a big fabric bag.

                  12 ft diameter - Suggested Retail: $999

                                                            SPIKED BOLS
                                                            Spiked Bols are 4 ft in diameter with 3 rows of "spikes". Use them as line laundry, drogues, or
                                                            as an awesome ground display. Singles look great, a matched pair looks better, and a string of
                                                            half a dozen are mesmerizing!

                                                                   4 ft Spiked Bol - Suggested Retail: $150

                                                  CROWNS AND BOLS
                                                  You've seen GKPI's exclusive "Crowns" at festivals and on the covers of kite magazines. Use them
                                                  as attention-getting displays or as a special purchase for a good customer.
                                                  Choose from the Diamond Crown, Spiral Diamond, Traditional Striped Bol, or Giant Star.

                                                                                               13 ft Crown or Bol - Suggested Retail: $550
                                                                                               25 ft Crown or Bol - Suggested Retail: $899

                            Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.    Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
  Pilots,Parafoils,and Lifters
 The best lifter on the market!
 Designed by Peter Lynn and manufactured by GKPI, the Pilot Kite is
 simple, stable, and straightforward. Pilots can help stabilize a large
 showpiece or fly as laundry lifters. They go up easy and stay up even
 in gusty winds! Every experienced kiteflier needs a Pilot in their bag.

                                              50 sq ft - Suggested Retail: $250 (Use 300 - 500 lb flyingh line.)
                                              75 sq ft - Suggested Retail: $325 (Use 500 - 750 lb flyingh line.)
                                              140 sq ft - Suggested Retail: $525 (Use 500 - 750 lb flyingh line.)

Stability and ease of flight!
The GKPI SkyForm is guaranteed to be stable and reliable. It doesn't generate as much vertical
power as a Pilot, but will certainly get your show airborne with a minimum of fuss.

We've sized the Skyform 60 at 6.75 x 9.25 feet. The kite features eight cells and four keels.
Checks with us about customs colors and patterns. The SkyForm 120 is 10 x 12 feet. This kite
features six cells and four keels. Again, you can order custom patterns or choose your own
custom colors. Both kites look great with our Giant Streamers (page 9.)

                  60 sq ft - Suggested Retail: $185(Use #300 - #500 flyingh line.)
                  120 sq ft - Suggested Retail: $450(Use #500 - #750 flyingh line.)

                                                   PARA SLEDS
                                                   Powerful rigid lifters!
                                                   ParaSleds have rigid vertical spars that help maintain performance in bumpy conditions. The
                                                   special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind
                                                   conditions.Tabs at the base of the kite allow easy tail attachment

                                                   40 sq ft Super Sled - Suggested Retail $64 Use 100-200 lb flying line.
                                                   75 sq ft Mega Sled - Suggested Retail $140        Use 500 -750 lb flying line.
 High performance and exemplary design!
 Kevin Shannon has designed us a solid and stable parafoil made from lightweight ripstop. It features a large number of cells for a
 smooth form, one-piece keels for stability, and a self-adjusting cascade-bridle. The extra-long bridle lines stretch twice the length
 of the kite for an attractive waterfall that leads to the tow-point. This solid lifter also comes complete with a small “bucket”
 drogue and bag.

          X-Foil Rainbow           Rainbow Stripe                   Stars and Stripes     Herringbone                      Triangles
                  36 square ft - Suggested Retail $250                 Use 150-200 lb flying line.
                  50 square ft - Suggested Retail $300                 Use 250-400 lb flying line.
                  90 square ft - Suggested Retail $500                 Use 500-750 lb flying line.

                Gomberg Kite Productions International, Inc.   Phone: 541-996-3083 Fax: 541-994-9692   E-mail:
                                                         BLUE MEANIE
                                                         Note feeling blue? Mayble you’d like a Red Devil or a Purple
                                                         People Eater.

                                                         The "Meanie" is a big piece -- about 15 feet from his horns to the
                                                         tip of his tennies. He is completely soft and inflates through vents.

                                                         Check out the fashionable sunglasses, the confident glint in his
                                                         eye, that dazzling smile, and the too-cool-to-be-on-a-kite

                                                         Performs better with a Pilot Kite and
                                                         definitely dominates the field.

                                                         Blue Meanie:
                                                         Suggested Retail: $1100

Gomberg Kite Productions, Int'l, Inc.
is a kite product manufacturer, distributor, and retailer based on the Central Oregon Coast. We've been in
business since 1986. Principles David and Susan Gomberg are accomplished fliers and international
travelers who specialize in larger kites and custom accessories.

Gomberg "Show Kites" is a collection of large or custom pieces specifically designed for the more
advanced flier. These kites and accessories originate from some of the best experienced and creative
kiters in the world. We are pleased to offer custom colors and fast delivery of special orders.
                                           Not just the same old stuff and service. We're innovators, not copiers. GKPI
                                           works with some of the best kite designers around the globe to produce the
                                           newest, most unusual, and cutting-edge designs.

                                           Custom colors on most GKPI product in 3 weeks or less. Personalized
                                           kites are important to your most serious customers. Most manufacturers
                                           can't customize their products on a single order basis. We can! And we can
                                           do it in just 3 weeks at no additional cost to you.

                                           Quality products at reasonable prices. We strive to find that elusive middle
"GKPI" is committed to kiting, to the      ground - products that are well made and different but are still affordable for
kite industry, and to the kite             the customer and also allow a generous profit for you.
community. We are serious business
                                           We're "out there" demonstrating our products! We do 20-30 high profile
people and also serious fliers. That
                                           events a year. We are active volunteers in the kite community and help
means we're serious about your             organize major kiting programs and promotions. We've won awards for our
success.                                   involvement in the industry. And we have "hands-on" experience with all our
                                           products that we would be happy to share with you. Contact us about doing
                                           a "show" for your upcoming event.

                                        Gomberg Kite Productions Intl Inc.
                                    PO Box 113, Neotsu Oregon 97364
                  phone: 541-996-3083      fax: 541-994-9692    email:

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