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Experience the elegance of owning a clawfoot bathtub from The Tub Connection. Call Toll-Free 1-877-795-5684 for more information or to order. Free shipping for all residents of Maine.

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                                            Maine’s Best
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                       The hot new vacation spot we’re telling you about just happens to be your new
  Portland             claw-foot bath tub –perfect for a long evening soak. If you would love to have a
                       bathtub vacation spot but are worried about a big price tag, don’t worry. The Tub
  Lewiston             Connection offers beautiful, elegant tubs at a fraction of the market price. Make
                       time for luxury in one of our acrylic, cast-iron, copper and stone tubs in a variety of
   Bangor              shapes and sizes. The Tub Connection is proud to offer you affordable luxury and
                       attainable elegance in one classic product.

                                 FREE SHIPPING!

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