The most important qualities of an outstanding educator are

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					        The most important qualities of an outstanding educator are competence, high
student expectations, a commitment to life-long learning, and a natural ability to bring
excitement to learning. Teacher quality and overall effectiveness are the key factors in
the academic achievement and growth of children.
        Recent educational legislation seems to focus on the idea that teacher quality is
measured by credentials alone. However, it is my belief that while credentials are
important, teaching quality is equally defined by their beliefs and behaviors.
An exemplary educator should be committed to student learning and academic
achievement. Educators should model this by continuing their own education through
participation in collegial groups, graduate and post-graduate work, and by attending
ongoing professional development opportunities.
        In addition, an outstanding educator demonstrates concern for each individual
student, maintains professionalism in teaching and serves as a role model for students. A
strong belief that all students have a desire to learn and grow and are accountable for their
growth is essential. Helping children self-affirm and showing empathy toward students
are key elements to a successful career as an educator and making a difference in the
lives of our youth.
        Outstanding educators have high expectations of their students, make learning
interesting by connecting it to the real-world, and tapping into intrinsic motivators.
Students in a class with high expectations are actively engaged, are better critical
thinking, and more equipped to solve authentic problems on their own.
        The landscape of education is forever changing. Advances in technology have
changed the way we live and work. Advances in technology are providing learning tools
and opportunities never before imagined. Application of technology’s powerful tools
change the way our students learn.
        Effective technology integration incorporates technology, connectivity, content,
and human resources to provide a rich learning experience. School administrators must
have a vision of how technology impacts teaching and learning in the district,
understands the need for equity relating to the availability of such technology, and makes
use of technology to increase their own administrative efficiency.
        A clear vision can improve the effectiveness of technology integration into the
curriculum. The vision should include means to provide equal access to technology
across the district to all students. Equity should also extend to the quality of equipment
across grades and the district. Staff, including teachers and administrators should be
comfortable using technology, and should include the ongoing, authentic use of
technology as part of their vision. Having an administrative team that uses technology is
crucial, as staff will more quickly accept and learn to use technology when it is being
used effectively at the top level.

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