Notice of Default (NOD) Leads by eddie11


									Pre-Foreclosure Leads
Pre-foreclosure leads that are updated daily direct from the credit bureaus. You can
now target pre-foreclosure leads that are currently 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 120 days
late on mortgage. Reach your prospects before they receive a NOD and at the first sign of
trouble. These are ideal prospects for loss mitigation, loan modification, short sale, and
real estate investors. All pre-foreclosure leads come with full name, address, mortgage
amount, and late status. We guarantee accuracy on all of our pre-foreclosure lists.


      Currently 30,60,90,120+ Days Late
      Loan Balance
      Equity
      Hispanic Ethnicity
      And many more!
      Over 4 Million delinquent homeowners available between TransUnion, Equifax,
       and Experian.
      Updated Daily
      Fastest turnaround time in the industry
      NCOA and CASS certified lists means accuracy is guaranteed!
      All phones are scrubbed against the national, state, and private "do not call" lists
      Lowest cost on the market at $0.155 per record (this price is unique to your

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