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									  IMPRESSIONS                                                                       Spring/Summer 2010
                                 1980’s Makeup Face? No Thanks!
                                 By: Katie Passmore                                  in, and coral is the hot new color for
                                 Is your makeup “on trend,” or are you still         spring.
                                 stuck in 1992? Or worse, 1982? Like fashion, ■      Be sure your lips are pouty and moist.
                                 makeup trends come in and go out each               Add a little gloss to your favorite lip color,
                                 season, so we have to keep our makeup               or wear gloss alone to create this trend.
                                 products and application techniques current. ■      Like your lips, your skin should also be
                                 If you are not sure if your makeup will be in       luminous this season. For a fresh, dewy
    The Stoltz Image Team
 Elaine Stoltz, Katie Passmore   style this spring and summer, here are some         look, dust a bit of shimmer on your
        & Lauren Bailey          trends to keep you from looking like a 1980’s       cheekbones, temples, brow bones and
                                 cover model.                                        the inside corners of your eyes.
       “I’m keeping my eyes      ■ Pastel eye shadows are very popular this If you or someone you know is experiencing
        open for clothing that        season. Brush a little lilac, soft pink,   symptoms of a 1980’s makeup face, it is time
         works with my color
                                      green, yellow or tangerine on your lids.   for a cosmetic makeover! Just as you
   fan. This is such a fun                                                       reevaluate and update your wardrobe each
     journey! Thanks for              But remember, only one color at a time.
 introducing me to the new       ■ Make your eyes a statement. Apply bold        season, make sure to bring your makeup in
         me!” —S. D.                  liner on the top lid with nothing on       for a checkup. Flip the page to learn the rest
                                      bottom. Then add lots of great mascara     of my top makeup trends for spring 2010.
 “I had such a delightful time
                                      for a fifties-inspired look.               Write them down, tape them to your makeup
    shopping with you and                                                        mirror, and abide by them each morning so
   getting your professional     ■ Keep your lips neutral and sheer, but if
  input! You definitely know          you like color on your lips, bold reds are that you will have a fashionable face to
      your stuff!” —E. M.                                                        match your stylish wardrobe!

  “I’m using my make-up and
  facial products every day. I
                                 Don’t Forget Your Frosting!
love them and the make-up is     By: Lauren Bailey, AICI FLC                      your outfit simple by pairing
 a perfect blend for my skin.”
             —A. T.              Just as any great pastry chef understands the ankle pants or shorts with a
                                 importance of decorating their masterpieces, solid top. Then pump up
                                 as a wardrobe consultant, I know that my         your wow factor by adding a
                                                                                  flirty, floral necklace (see
       Visit                     clients are not truly dressed until they have
                                 added their frosting. Of course, by frosting, I picture).                  mean accessories; all those little baubles that High Impact Gemstones:
  to order your                  complete an outfit. Like a cake missing its      Think dramatic bangles dripping in
                                 topping, your outfit sans accessories may be gemstones and stacked halfway up your arm.
cosmetics online!                nice, but it will not be a wonderfully delicious If you prefer a little less drama, opt for a
                                 visual experience.                               single cuff in an assortment of colored jewels
                                 If you have not taken the plunge into the                          (see picture). Contrast your
  Studio Hours                   world of accessories, spring 2010 is the                           statement gemstones with a
                                 perfect season to identify your favorite flavor                    soft floral blouse or skirt.
      Drop-In Visits
      Monday - Friday            of frosting. Begin by purchasing a few of the                      If you need help selecting your
     9:30 AM - 5:00 PM           top accessory trends for the season. Read        spring frosting, don’t hesitate to give me a
Thursday open until 6:00 PM
                                 below for a “how to” on wearing my top two       call! I will teach you the ends and outs of
                                 frosting picks this spring.                      adding the finishing touches to any ensemble.
     Appointments                Floral Jewelry: This trend is perfect for        Just remember that when it comes to getting
     Monday - Saturday           bringing out the romantic in all of us. Keep     dressed, skipping the frosting isn’t an option.
    Call 817.924.8300 to                Stoltz Image Consulting ■ 2800 South Hulen Suite105 ■ Fort Worth, Texas 76109
 schedule your appointment.                      PH:817.924.8300 ■ FX:817.924.0083 ■
Spring/Summer Fashion Trends                                                              Do This, Not That
                                                                              Choosing Your Best Seasonal Trends
Details, Fabrics & Prints       Ankle Pants
Denim                           Skinny Pants                              By: Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIM           ■     Contoured Rectangle: Do
Feathers                        Relaxed Pants
                                                                          Spring 2010 is a clothing                   enjoy semi-fitted sheath
Chiffon                         Shorts (all lengths)                                                                  dresses, denim jackets &
                                Trench Coats
                                                                          season like no other. Packed
Netting                                                                                                               colorful handbags. Avoid
                                                                          with everything from military
                                Accessories                               inspiration to feminine flair,              tops with large patterns.
Lace                                                                                                                  Rectangle: Do keep it
                                Rhinestones                               tomboys and girly-girls alike ■
                                High Impact Gemstones
                                                                          are sure to find plenty to                  streamlined with relaxed
Ruffling                        Floral Jewelry
Pleats                                                                    satisfy their fashion fixations.            pants, semi-fitted jackets
                                Long, Draping Necklaces                                                               & accessories that
Tribal Prints                   Sheer Scarves                             Before you invade the                       highlight your face. Don’t
Checks                          Belts (all sizes)
Wallpaper Florals
                                                                          department stores, take a                   fall victim to shapeless
Abstract Prints                 Shoes & Handbags                          moment to review our trend                  dresses or belts.
Military Details (Epaulets)     Colored Clutches                          list (left) and identify which  ■           Oval: Oversized shift
                                Shoulder Bags                             trends are a “do” for you this              dresses & tunics, show
Colors                          Wedges                                    season, and which ones are
White                                                                                                                 stopping accessories &
                                Platforms                                 a “don’t.” Remember, no one
Blue (all shades)                                                                                                     skinny pants are a do.
                                Clogs                                     looks their best in every
Turquoise                       Nude Shoes
                                                                                                                      Belts, shoulder bags &
Coral                                                                     trend, but there is a trend for             snug jackets are a don’t.
                                Caged Shoes
Pastels                                                                   everyone. Use my body           ■           Triangle: Do draw
Khaki/Tan                       Makeup                                    shape diagram below to                      attention to your top half
Grey/Silver                     Light, Neutral Lip Liner                  identify your chic shapes and               with jackets, epaulets,
                                Natural Looking Brows                     your fashion pitfalls.
Clothing Styles                 Tanned, Bronzy Skin
                                                                                                                      ruffles, fabric details &
Sheath & Shirt Dresses          Shimmery Eyes, Lips & Face                                                            patterns. Avoid shoulder
Full Skirts/Dresses             Natural, Sheer Blush Color                                                            bags, patterned skirts &
Oversized Shift Dresses                                                                                               white pants that will
Floral Print Skirts             *For our complete trend list, visit the                                               expand your hipline.
White Jeans                     FIM Blog at
                                                                          ■    Hourglass: Do show off     ■           Inverted Triangle: Printed
                                                                               your waistline with belts,             skirts, white pants & chic
                                                                               shirt dresses & patterned              shoes are a definite. Pass
       20% Off                 Order a Jiffy Steamer online
                                                                                                                      on double-breasted
                                 and use our promo-code                        tops paired with shorts.
       Coupon                                                                  Oversized shift dresses &              trench coats, high
   One Skin Care or            “Image 130” to receive free
                                                                               calf-length skirts are a               necklines & lots of
    Cosmetic Item             shipping and tax. We love the
                                                                               don’t.                                 volume on your top half.
    Expires May 31, 2010             J-2000M model!

       Call us or visit our website to learn about: Color Analysis, Body Shape Analysis, Closet Clean Out, Personal
       Shopping, Wardrobing, Cosmetic Makeovers, Client Workshops, Image Consultant Training and much more!

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