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                                     UV Web Advisory C ommittee
                                                   August 20, 2008

In attendance:              Kim Bartholomew                                Excused:           Vince Fordiani
                            Jeanie Cranney
                            Kathy Johnson
                            Nathan Gerber
                            Tom Rasmussen
                            Ray Walker
                            Laura Busby
                            Anne Arendt
                            Chris Taylor
                            Mark Crane

1. Welcome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris Taylor

2. Minutes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- from 8/6/2008
-Laura made the motion to approve. Anne seconded. The motion passed.

3. Professional pages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nathan Gerber
-It’s not quite ready. They are trying to get some detailed information from Banner.
-Hopefully it will go live within two weeks if not sooner.
-An email will go out when it’s ready instructing everyone to check and update their data.
There will also be good instructions to make changes.

4. Status of the Top Ten List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ray Walker
-The top ten list (which itemizes things for everyone to do to update their information) should
be finalized soon and sent out.
-An e-mail has already gone out to campus instructing everyone to forward their e-mail and
announced the availability of help desk sessions. There will be no messages sent out from the
President, etc., using the old e-mail addresses.
-There are around 1200 people on campus who have forwarded their e-mail already as of last
-The finalized list will go to President’s Council for approval.

5. Sub-Committee Reports:
-Academic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kim Bartholomew
   -Nothing to report.
-Technology --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nathan Gerber
   -Nothing new to report.
-Policy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ray Walker
   -Officially the Domain Policy is in stage one. They are working with Nancy Bartlett to make
sure it’s all in the proper format. We do need to do more with the procedures.
   -There are other policies which may affect different areas: Private sensitive information,
shadow databases and databases outside of the institution, and file retention.
-SWAT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Rasmussen
   -Rollover list is looking very good.
   -We are top of getting things moved over and it’s fun to see all of the new look and feel.
                                                                                                                    3/19/2010 – Page 1 of 3 President’s site is up and running. There’s a new page for
Administration (, which gives information about the VPs, Regents, Trustees,
and others. Anne would like to push it to a higher level later on.
   -The Future Student site is up and running with a new look.
   -Human Resources will be invited to SWAT next time.
-Marketing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anne Arendt
   -Nothing new to report.

6. Domain Name Procedure ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tom Rasmussen
-After more careful study, the domain name procedure has been modified by the Executive
Committee to clarify the information. The last paragraph was confusing so the
recommendation was made to strike the last paragraph because the exceptions are already
built into the earlier part of the document. (See changes marked in red.)

                                                  UVU Domain Names
Rationale for a Domain Name Requirement
All web sites and other internet sites used to conduct Utah Valley University activities must contribute to the overall
mission of the university and be consistent with the highest standards of academic and professional conduct. In
addition, all sites must clearly identify the UVU connection and must be officially recorded with UVU. Since
colleges, departments and other units are a subset of the University, domain names are expected to reflect an
association with the University. Maintaining a consistent Web presence at also allows the highest possible
search ranking results and ensures our ability to statistically track Web usage via Google Analytics.
UVU Unified Domain Name Requirement
In order to create a cohesive Web identity and to ensure the integrity of the University's commitment to a unified
Web presence, the University has established the following guidelines with respect to domain names:

1. The principal domain name for the Utah Valley University is "". All websites that are funded and/or
   sponsored by the University are required to have web address. This includes all websites for
   academic, administrative, student-sponsored and/or other organizational units within the University.
2. Unless otherwise permitted as described below in the section “Domain Namespace other than”,
   University funds may not be used to purchase or maintain domain names.
3. Organizational units within the University do not have the authority to register Internet domain names on behalf
   of the University or their respective organizational unit. Web Development Services is the official institutional
   contact and registrant of domain names on behalf of the University.
4. Services provided by University affiliates may be registered under the domain, or may be registered
   outside of the domain.

Third Level Domain Names Defined
An individual domain name is generally categorized by the number of levels. For example, is a second-
level domain because it has two levels and is a third-level domain because it has three levels.
Levels are counted from the far right of the domain name to the left. Any domain names with the same first and
second level labels are considered to be within the same namespace. So, and are
both in the namespace and both are third-level domain names.
Requesting a Third Level Domain
Sub-domain names are a logical representation of a subset of the domain. Examples include
"" or "". There will be a $40 per year charge for each third-level
domain name created. Third-level domains can be requested through Web Development Services.
Users may request a subdirectory other than their default subdirectory on which redirects to their default
directory. Examples of subdirectories would be of the form “”. There will be a $40 per year
charge for each subdirectory name created and redirected.

Domain names outside may be allowed if all the following conditions are met:

1. The proposed name will be used by many people from many different organizations outside UVU.
2. The proposed name is not likely to be confused with the name of a UVU department or unit.

                                                                                                              3/19/2010 – Page 2 of 3
3. The proposed name signifies an organization or venture, commercial or noncommercial that is not explicitly part
   of UVU.
4. The proposed name is for a project with external funding.
5. The proposed name has the explicit approval of the university central administration or dean, director, or
   departmental executive officer of the college, center, institute, or equivalent unit to which the name would be

Below are some reasons that domain names outside the UVU namespace ( may be purchased and hosted
at UVU.

   Facilitate collaboration between UVU and non-UVU groups
   External organizations that have been approved to be hosted by the University which are not wholly owned or
    controlled by the University. Examples of this exception include non-UVU organizations, professional
    affiliations, consortia, and cooperatives in which UVU is a member institution.
   Certain institutes or centers that have statewide missions and that may be specifically authorized/established
    and/or funded by the state legislature.


On a case-by-case basis and in unique circumstances, the University may grant an exception to the above
requirements. Such requests must be reviewed by Marketing and Communications, and, if applicable, Student
Affairs, and approved by the UVU Web Advisory Council and President’s Leadership Council. Such requests for an
exception must establish that a domain name is necessary as part of the normal web operations of the
organizational unit AND that the website is targeted to an audience that is not represented by the web
presence. The organizational unit must also demonstrate that the website is substantially different in content and
purpose than the web presence.

Motion: The motion was made by Laura Busby to accept the change. It was seconded by Kim.
The motion passed.

-The document will be presented to President Liz Hitch by the Executive Committee tomorrow
at 9:00 a.m. before it is presented to the President’s Council.

7. Rollover -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anne Arendt
-Go to to see the latest progress.
-The areas highlighted in gray have been rolled. There have been quite a few areas rolled
already. They are moving along at a good pace.
-Science & Health is almost done.
-Wasatch will go live this week.
-HRS is going live in about two days.
-Employment is new.
-Professional—this is a new page, which just went live. This is the other half of Center for
Engaged Learning. It is called the Institute for Professional Engagement (Wayne Mangelson).
-Student Success will be built and modified as it goes.
-Clubs—Julie Bagley will have a meeting with the clubs in September to present options.
-UFRA is being built.
-Aviation is live.
-University College (formerly General Academics) has begun, starting with Honors.
-Kudos to everyone all around campus for the cooperation and unity that has occurred as this
rollover continues.
-Anne thinks about one-third of the rollover has been completed, with another quarter in
different stages of development.

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. in AB202.

                                                                                                              3/19/2010 – Page 3 of 3

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