; The TRUE Causes Of Ovarian Cysts
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The TRUE Causes Of Ovarian Cysts


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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Ovarian cysts occur on the surface of the ovary or within the ovary. Although the great majority of cysts are
         benign, some can be malignant. Ovarian cyst surgeries are mostly done on postmenopausal women.
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                                                The TRUE Causes Of Ovarian Cysts
                                                               By Mary Parker

   The causes of ovarian cysts need to be properly understood. A failed or disordered ovulation is
basically the main reason of the formation of an ovarian cyst. A functional cyst occurs when follicle is
unable to release an egg and its growth continues which eventually lead to the formation of a cyst. In
other cases a cyst might be formed at the time the follicle does release an egg but the place where it is
released is closed. When this happens the corpus luteum does not form and the cyst keeps on
growing. Recent research shows that over production of xenoestorgens is one of main causes of the
formation of ovarian cysts.

 In order to properly understand the why ovarian cysts occur, one has to first understand properly the
functioning of the endocrine glands. The brain’s lower portion is called the hypothalamus, and pituitary
gland lies underneath it. When a woman’s progesterone levels and estrogen go down, this is when
hypothalamus begins to send gonadotropin-releasing pulses (GnRH) to the gland. It in its turn sends
follicle-stimulating hormones or FSH and it targets the ovary. And because of this, the ovum, which is
within the follicles begin to mature. It is the follicles that actually aid in the release of estrogen. It takes
about 10 days for the body’s estrogen levels to go up by quite a bit. This is when the hypothalamus
enhances the pituitary gland and the GnRH’s production, and thus producing LH or the Luteinizing
Hormone. It’s the LH which further aids the process of ovulation and leads to the corpus luteum from
the follicle. Corpus luteum again secretes progesterone which is the dominating hormone in the 2nd
half in the reproduction cycle. And if there is no pregnancy, the corpus luteum degenerates and both
the estrogen and the progesterone level falls.

 Ovaries actually grow as small cysts every month. In some abnormal cases, the follicle continues to
grow and results in cyst. Hence it can be easily understood that the cysts actually kicked off as normal
in the start of the period then what exactly led to the follicular dysfunction and did not allow the egg to
be released. Experts are of the opinion that it is because of the female embryo getting exposed to
environmental pollutants and xenobiotics, which fakes the estrogen’s chemical action on the tissue.
During the development of the female embryo, six hundred to eight hundred follicles are made, and
every one of them remains within the ovum that is not mature.

 The xenobiotics though apparently don’t affect the mother, however the baby is much more vulnerable
and the ovarian follicles get dysfunctional. They are unable to reach their maturity and the
progesterone is not secreted in enough numbers. The damage can never be ascertained till the time
the child reaches the age of puberty. The holistic system is the best method of treatment to fight the

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

ovarian cyst causes.

 In fact it is difficult to pinpoint any one cause for the cyst. Like any other health condition ovarian cysts
can be formed from various causes and their interaction. There are some other factors which are not
always the causes of ovarian cyst, but can aggravate a cyst that is already there. A combination of
external and health conditions can ruin a person’s health and lead to the formation of cysts. The
causes of cysts in the ovary are sort of multidimensional; hence the treatment too should be multi
dimensional if you want a complete cure. This is why conventional treatments fail so miserably as they
are not multidimensional in their approach. They fail to treat the root cause and though temporary relief
can be brought yet it is brought at the price of the liver or kidney damage.

 Conventional medication only treats the effected part without bothering about the over all health. But
the problem is, ovarian cysts may not be caused by just any one single reason but various physical,
mental and environmental reasons play a part in their formation. In some cases a person might be
prone to diseases because of some genetic combination though that does not mean that we might be
open to the threat of genes. In fact by adopting a holistic remedy option, we can alter our genetic
structure by some extent. Diseases can be prevented from coming back and the lost health and energy
can be regained. Holistic approach emphasizes a healthy diet and lifestyle that helps in expelling the
build-up of toxic and other elements that lead to the weakening of the immune system. Various factors
such as hormonal imbalance, during the monthly cycle, sleeplessness, stress, antibiotics and steroids
too may lead to the formation of the cysts. The holistic approach doesn’t include any steroids or
antibiotics in its methods thus making it safe and devoid of any side effects.

Mary Parker is a medical researcher, certified nutritionist, health consultant and author of the
best-selling e-book, "Ovarian Cysts No More- The Secrets Of Curing Ovarian Cysts Holistically". For
further information visit: http://www.ovariancystatoz.com

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                    Ovarian Cysts: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
                                                          By James S. Pendergraft

Ovarian cysts are very small, fluid-filled sacs that are usually not malignant. They cause no symptoms
or may be they are quiet painful. In connection with the menstrual cycle ovarian cysts may also appear
sometimes and they could also go away in a few months. When this ovarian cysts increases at a very
large rate it causes the feelings of pressure or fullness.

 Most of the ovarian cysts are benign (not cancer), but must be taken very seriously. A sonogram is
used to find whether the ovarian cysts are fluid-filled or has solid matter in it. If it is a solid matter then it
is related to endometriosis, or it may be cancerous.

 If you not gone through the menopause, you may not require any treatment until the ovarian cysts is
causing pain or the cysts are very big in size. The ovarian cysts can be made smaller by taking the
birth control pills. If the ovarian cysts are more than two inches or it is causing some symptoms a
surgery is very much needed.

 If the surgery is very much needed, very often the ovarian cysts are removed without removing the
ovary. Even though one ovary is removed it is possible to become pregnant as long as the other ovary

 After menopause, the risk of ovarian cysts cancer increases at a very high rate. In these cases a
surgery is recommended to remove the ovarian. To know whether the cancer is present your doctor
would probably want to do a biopsy.

 If you have seen the menopause, and if you have an ovarian cysts consult your doctor and discuss
with him and try to know about what will be done in the surgery. Once you make sure that you
understand whether he or she wants to remove only the cysts, or both the ovary and the cysts or else
to go for a hysterectomy. Consult your doctor and discuss some options that can be done and make
sure you would let the doctor know your wishes.

 Depending on several factors ovarian cysts can be treated which includes, the type and the size of the
cysts, the general health and the age of the women, and the future pregnancy plans of her, and the
type of symptoms that is she actually experiencing .

 Very often, doctors advise to young women to wait for two to three months those who are not
experiencing any type of symptoms to know or to see whether the cysts would dissolve on its own. In
number of cases ovarian cysts would dissolve on their own without taking any type of medicines or any
kind of treatment.

 Occasionally, many doctors prescribe oral contraceptives , but oral contraceptives are not an effective
way of treatment for many other types of benign ovarian but can give you some protection from ovarian

 Sometimes surgery is necessary for the treating of ovarian cysts there are some cases that require
surgery like ovarian cysts that will not disappear after a menstrual cycles and that are large cysts.

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

To Your Health!

http://www.womenscenter.com/ Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women's Center in
March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women. http://www.womenscenter.com/

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