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Schroder Unit Trusts Limited Medical Discovery Fund

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									                                                                                                                          All data and Schroders' views are expressed as at 31
January 2010                                                                                 January 2010

Schroder Unit Trusts Limited
Medical Discovery Fund
A Accumulation Unit
                                                        Fund Overview
                                                        The fund provides an opportunity to invest in a diverse global industry, which is attracting
                                                        increased resources, both public and private, as the population of the developed world ages. The
                                                        sector includes a great variety of investment potential consisting of small, highly focused start-ups
                                                        working on specialist products at the edge of scientific knowledge. This area also covers service
                                                        and management companies and very large businesses providing everything from research to

                                                        Our research team examines companies on a stock-by-stock basis, and our capabilities mean that
                                                        we are able to pick up on stocks which are off the radar screens of many other investors. These
                                                        often include medium size and smaller companies that tend to have stronger growth potential.
Fund Manager             John Bowler
Managed fund since                  March 2004
Investment Objective, Policy                            Performance over 5 years *
                                                        * : or since launch for funds launched less than 5 years ago
and Risk                                                50.0 %
The fund aims for capital growth by investing in
healthcare, medical services and related                45.0 %
companies. It invests worldwide, but given that         40.0 %
over half the world's healthcare companies are
                                                        35.0 %
headquartered in the US, this market is likely to
make up the largest part of the portfolio. The          30.0 %
fund management team looks for companies                25.0 %
with novel products which will be protected from
                                                        20.0 %
competition for some time, companies which
enjoy a dominant position in their own market,          15.0 %
or companies with a product for which demand            10.0 %
has been underestimated by other investors. In           5.0 %
the latter case, the share price will not yet reflect
the future increase in profit margins. The fund          0.0 %
may also invest in collective investment                     01/05 04/05 07/05 10/05 01/06 04/06 07/06 10/06 01/07 04/07 07/07 10/07 01/08 04/08 07/08 10/08 01/09 04/09 07/09 10/09 01/10
                                                           01/2005                 01/2006                 01/2007                 01/2008                 01/2009                 01/2010
schemes, warrants and money market
instruments.                                            ___      Medical Discovery Fund                                           MSCI AC World Daily TR Gross Health Care
Funds that focus on specific sectors can carry          Performance in %                                                         YTD 1 month 3 months 6 months                     1 year
more risk than funds spread over a number of
different industry sectors. The fund holds              Medical Discovery Fund                                                   -0.6         -0.6         10.1         14.1         16.2
investments denominated in currencies other             MSCI AC World Daily TR Gross Health Care GBP                              0.0          0.0         11.2         17.0         11.8
than sterling, changes in exchange rates will
cause the value of these investments, and the           IMA Specialist Sector Average                                            -2.4         -2.4          2.9         13.7         35.1
income from them, to rise or fall. Funds which
invest in a smaller number of stocks can carry
                                                                                                                                                             Since         Average p.a.
more risk than funds spread across a larger
number of companies.
                                                        Performance in %                                                     3 years       5 years          Launch         since launch
                                                        Medical Discovery Fund                                                   19.8         47.9               18.3                 1.7
Key Information                                         MSCI AC World Daily TR Gross Health Care GBP                             18.7         46.2               20.3                 1.9
Total Fund Size (Million)                  GBP 61.7     IMA Specialist Sector Average                                            -1.4         54.0               53.4                 4.5
Fund Base Currency                         GBP
Fund Launch Date                           12/06/2000   Discrete Yearly Performance                                      Q4/2008 - Q4/2007 - Q4/2006 - Q4/2005 - Q4/2004 -
Morningstar                                ««««         in %                                                              Q4/2009 Q4/2008 Q4/2007 Q4/2006 Q4/2005
Morningstar Rating is sourced from Morningstar.         Medical Discovery Fund                                                15.7            3.2          3.4          -0.7         19.8
                                                        MSCI AC World Daily TR Gross Health Care                                8.5           7.5          3.5          -2.9         22.4
Distribution Yield                        0.18 %        GBP

                                                        Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. The value of
                                                        investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get
                                                        back the amount originally invested.
                                                        Some performance differences between the fund and the benchmark may arise because the fund
                                                        performance is calculated at a different valuation point from the benchmark.

                                                        Source: Schroders, bid to bid price with net income reinvested.
January 2010                                                                                                                               Investor Services
                                                                                                                                           Telephone: 0800 718 777

Schroder Unit Trusts Limited
Medical Discovery Fund
A Accumulation Unit
Top 10 Holdings in %
Holding                                                                                        Sector                                                   Country                         % of Fund
   1. Pfizer                                                                                   Health Care                                              United States                                  6.9
   2. Johnson & Johnson                                                                        Health Care                                              United States                                  6.6
   3. Novartis                                                                                 Health Care                                              Switzerland                                    5.9
   4. Merck                                                                                    Health Care                                              United States                                  5.5
   5. Roche Holding                                                                            Health Care                                              Switzerland                                    4.5
   6. Abbott Laboratories                                                                      Health Care                                              United States                                  3.7
   7. Amgen                                                                                    Health Care                                              United States                                  3.4
   8. GlaxoSmithKline                                                                          Health Care                                              United Kingdom                                 3.4
   9. Unitedhealth Group                                                                       Health Care                                              United States                                  3.3
  10. WellPoint Inc                                                                            Health Care                                              United States                                  3.2
Total number of holdings = 79

Asset Allocation in %
                                                     Sector                                                                             Country
     Benchmark                   Health Care                                              93.08                                                                                                         59.08
                                                                                           95.22                       United States                                                                     59.57
                                                   2.40                                                                                                  12.80
                              Basic Materials      2.54                                                                  Switzerland                   11.63
                                                   2.35                                                                                             9.01
                           Consumer Services      1.84
                                                                                                                    United Kingdom                 8.42
                                                 0.89                                                                                          4.76
                            Consumer Goods                                                                                   France           4.15
                                                 0.00                                                                                        3.77
                                  Technology                                                                               Germany           3.66
                                   Industrials   0.00                                                                          Israel      2.34
                                                  1.28                                                                        Japan             5.64
                             Other Net Assets    0.00                                                                                     1.75
                                                                                                                            Australia    1.08
                                                                                                                     Other countries         3.50
                                                                                                                   Other Net Assets     0.00

Fund data source: Schroders - Index data source: MSCI
Other Net Assets is comprised of pure Cash (Cash in Bank), Payables and Receivables, Unrealised Profit and Loss on Forwards/ Futures/Swaps & Options and short term investments with 1 month or
less to maturity.
0.09 % of the fund was held as cash or short-term investments with 1 month or less to maturity. Any negative cash position represents borrowing of a temporary nature to cover timing differences on
trade settlements.

Technical Information                                                                                                                      Accumulation            Income
                                                                          ISIN                                                             GB0003880183            GB0003880290
Third party data are owned by the applicable third party identified       Bloomberg                                                        SCHMEDA                 SCHMEDI
above and is provided for your internal use only. Such data may not
be reproduced or re-disseminated and may not be used to create            Reuters                                                          60011134UKp.LP          60011133UKp.LP
any financial instruments or products or any indices. Such data are
provided without any warranties of any kind. Neither the third party      SEDOL                                                            0388018                 0388029
data owner nor any other party involved in the publication of this
document can be held liable for any error. The terms of the third         Initial Fee                                                      5.25 % (unit trust), 0% (ISA)
party's specific disclaimers are set forth in the Important Information
section on our website                               Annual Management Fee                                            1.50 %
                                                                          Minimum Investment Amount                                        £1000 or monthly instalments of £50
                                                Units Available                                   Accumulation, Income
                                                Valuation and Dealing                             12:00:00
                                                Distribution Dates                                15-Oct
                                                Ex-dividend Dates                                 16-Aug
                                                ISA Eligible                                      Yes
A Simplified Prospectus and full Prospectus are available. These can be downloaded from our website at or call one of
our Investor Services Team on 0800 718 777 for a printed version. For investors' security, telephone calls to Schroder Investments Limited
may be recorded. Nothing in this factsheet should be construed as advice and is therefore not a recommendation to buy or sell units. The
data contained in this document has been sourced by Schroders and should be independently verified before further publication or use.
Issued by Schroder Investments Limited, 31 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7QA. Registered No.2015527 England. Authorised and regulated by the
Financial Services Authority. Schroders has expressed its own views and these may change.
The fund is an authorised unit trust.                                                                       SUTL-Medical Discovery Fund-January-2010

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