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									                SACS STOCK MASTER
                                 SACS Stock Master for Sage Line 50.

Introducing M90 & PT630 Remote data capture                                          Product Features
Terminals direct link to Sage Line 50.                                               Windows 32 bit

SACS Stock Master utilises a range of                                                Easy to use and Value
reliable Data Capture Terminals to capture                                           for money.
bar-code representation of the Sage Line 50
Product Code. Capturing data in bar code                                             Links directly with
form using a M90 or PT630 PDE unit is                                                SAGE Line 50 V8, V9
often an ideal solution.                                                             & V10.

The windows based interface software                                                 Captured data can be
displays all product codes, descriptions, and                                        edited before update to
Sales prices along with the current quantity                                         sage Line 50 on the
in stock. This information can be sorted in                                          terminal or on the PC.
ascending or descending order.
                                                                                     Four applications can be
                                                                                     loaded on to the terminal
The software allows you to create and send your own static data to the portable      simultaneously.
computer, together with any look up tables required for data verification. The
application templates can be configured to meet most common data collection          User security accesses
requirements such as goods in, goods out, stock take and mobile point of sale.       level management.
Also the software allows transferring the data direct to sage line 50.
                                                                                     Remote data capture
                                                                                     made easy.

                                                                                     SACS Software Ltd
                                                                                     31 Metro Centre
                                                                                     Britania Way
                                                                                     Park Royal
                                                                                     NW10 7PA
                                                                                     Tel: +44(0) 20 8961 5151
                                                                                     Fax: +44(0) 20 8961 4546

 Special feature of this product is, linking the sage and M90 / PT630 data capture terminal directly through
 our SACS Stock Master Software. The software allows you to download and upload the stock data from
 sage and M90 / PT630 data capture terminal.
                    SACS STOCK MASTER
                     Product Information
 SACS Bar Label can be used with your sage Line 50 V8 / V9 / V10 Financial Controller or Accountant
 Plus and M90, PT620 data collection terminals to provide mobile data capture solution.

M90 Data Capture Terminal

Look at the features you get with M90:

    •     NEC V25 16Mhz Processor with 2MB RAM.
    •     Integrated Laser Scanner and Keypad.
    •     Support Multiple Barcode standards.
    •     No worry about loosing your programme or data,
          backed up by lithium battery
    •     Download your data at the click of a button.
    •     High-powered rechargeable battery pack provides full-day
    •     The economical choice
    •     Lightweight and Ergonomic.
    •     Handheld computer weighing less than 250 grams.

PT630 Data Capture Terminal

Look at the features you get with P630:

    •     IP54: Rugged and Durable.
    •     Lightweight at only 245 grams.
    •     Ergonomic.
    •     Built-in high-speed laser or CCD scanner for reading
          bar codes.
    •     27 button keypad for accurate data entry.
    •     The economical choice
    •     Lithium-Ion battery pack.

 M90 Data Capture Terminal kit                                                        RRP

 M90 data capture terminal with Laser Scanner integrated, Rechargeable battery,
 Communication cable and Comm. software.                                        £ 649.00 + VAT

 PT630 Data Capture Terminal kit

 PT630 data capture terminal with Laser / CCD Scanner integrated, Rechargeable
 battery, Communication cable and Comm. software.                                     Call


 SACS STOCK MASTER software                                                    £ 149.00 + VAT
 SACS reserve the right to alter product specification without prior notice.

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