Professional answering machine with calling line identification by sdfsb346f


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									                                                                                                       tiptel 332 clip

                                                                                                                                    Answering machine – home
Professional answering machine
with calling line identification
and message transfer
tiptel 332 clip

The comfortable answering machine            call, the caller's phone number is          message transfer to any pre-programmed
tiptel 332 clip has been developed for the   presented and stored in a list. By just     phone number (e.g. to a mobile phone)
demanding private user and for office        pressing one key, this number can be        50 minutes recording capacity
applications. Its digital recording of up    called back, either during the message      alphanumeric display with 2 x 16 characters
to 50 minutes with an excellent audio        playback or at a later point of time out    for comfortable user guidance
quality will convince you. If requested,     from the call list.                         speech memory in environmentally-friendly
the information about new incoming           Due to the state-of-the-art Flash memory    Flash technology (without batteries)
messages can be sent to any phone            technology (batteries are no longer         3 individual OGMs with up to 3 minutes
number, for example to a mobile phone        required), and an extremely low power       recording capacity each
(message transfer function). The alpha-      consumption in the idle state (less than    calling line identification presentation
numeric display allows a comfortable         2 W), the new tiptel 332 clip contributes   call list for 30 entries
user guidance and the indication of          to the protection of the environment.
operating states. In case of an incoming

Answering machine – home
tiptel 332 clip

Highlights                                             Remote control
  message transfer to any pre-programmed                 from any tone dialling telephone
  phone number (e. g. to a mobile phone)                 individual 4-digit security code
   50 minutes recording capacity                         free-of-charge remote control
   alphanumeric display with 2 x 16 characters           pre-interrogation
   for comfortable user guidance                         voice-guided operation
   speech memory in environmentally-friendly             remote control for all or only for new incoming
   Flash technology (batteries not necessary)            messages
   3 individual outgoing messages with up to             modification and change of outgoing message
   3 minutes recording capacity each                     texts
   calling line identification presentation (CLIP)*      activation / deactivation of the answering
   call list for 30 entries*                             mode
Features                                                 room monitoring
  excellent recording quality due to low speech          loudspeaker function
  compression, total recording capacity 25 or            activation / deactivation of the message
  50 minutes (adjustable)                                transfer function
   128 MBit speech memory in environmentally-            message-code: message recording even
   friendly Flash memory technology (batteries           in the announcement-only mode, skipping
   not required)                                         of longer messages possible
   extremely low power consumption in the idle           counter for calls and incoming messages
   state (less than 2 W)                                 in the display
   ”plug & answer” by pre-recorded outgoing              LED for indication of activated answering
   message                                               mode and new Iincoming messages
   calling line identification presentation (CLIP)*
   caller's phone number can be dialled during           multilingual: selection of several languages
   the message playback by simply pressing a             for the display texts and the pre-recorded
   key (direct dialling)*                                outgoing messages
   4 outgoing messages                                   dialling monitor: indication of the dialled
   (1 pre-recorded, 3 individual, recording              phone number of the connected telephone
   capacity 3-180 secs. each)
   activation of answering mode after                  Delivery content
   2 to 9 ringing signals (adjustable)                   AC-adapter

   recording length of each call 1 to 5 minutes          telephone connecting cable
   or unlimited                                          user guide
   voice-day-and-time-stamp (documentation of            quick reference card for remote control
   date and time for every incoming message)             (credit card size)
   visual signal for new incoming messages             Technical data
   call pick-up from a connected telephone               dimensions:
   possible                                              180 x 50 x 190 mm (W x H x D)
   skipping and repeating of incoming messages           weight:
   (”skip function”)                                     tiptel 332 Clip:   400 g
   deleting of individual or all messages                power supply:      270 g
Message transfer                                         ADPCM 32/64 kbits/s
  automatic dialling of a pre-programmed phone
  number on receipt of new incoming messages;            sampling rate:
  remote control is possible                             8 Khz / 16 Khz

   up to three attempts in case of busy line             recording capacity:
                                                         50 min / 25 min
Call list*                                               number of recordings:
  call list for the last 30 calls with documentation     max. 99
  of weekday, time and phone number
                                                         CLIP type:
   dialling from the call list                           dual mode (DTMF / FSK CLIP)
Loudspeaker / conversation recording /
dictate function
   loudspeaker during recording
                                                       *if CLIP function is supported by the network
   conversation recording during the call               and – if applicable – by the telephone system
   dictate function for recording of memos via the      and if phone number is transferred
   integrated microphone
                                                                                                           EDV-Nr. 4980549 10/2002

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