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16 Most Common Violation of Adsense TOS


									16 most common violation of AdSense

Google AdSense is a most common affiliate program in the world, which makes almost
half of all affiliate business today. So many people makes a fortunes with Google
Adsense. Because of really big number of people involved, Google AdSense also has a
very strict rules. Down here we’ll talk about what mistakes people usually are doing that
causes termination of their accounts.

You may take it as a basic Google AdSense tips that helps you stay in, once you start it!

1. Do not click on your own ads.
This is a main rule and remember it very well, otherwise, your Adsense account will be
shat down expressly. Don’t ask your colleagues or friends to click on your adsense ads.
Make sure that other members of family won’t click on your ads accidentally. Don’t use
software to generate automatic clicks. Adsense has very sophisticate very smart to detect
fraudulent clicks. Check the ads which appear on your pages by the Google Preview tool
if required.

2. Do not modify Adsense code.
There are so many different styles of ads available to use that you really don’t need to any
modification. You may define colors, fonts, background or borders to suit your needs
before you download ads code. Never hide add or parts of them. Some guys think that ads
will be more efficient if users doesn't see -Ads by Google- sing. Any changes will cause
malfunction which will be violation of the TOS.

3. Do not lead users to another page just to click more ads.
You are allowed to place ads where ever you want on the page, you may someway,
camouflage them by arranging colors, you are allowed to use even a small icons along
with them… all in purpose of earning better revenue... You really don’t need to open next
10 pages to get chance for more clicks by confusing users before comes some download
link, what they want at first place.

4. Place ads only on the pages with content.
Google Adsense is contextual Affiliate program and they putts content related ads on your
pages. Which means that your content drives relevant ads. If you put ads codes on the
pages without content Adsense won’t be able to detect what kind of ads are relevant, and
they will stop serve it, also advertisers don’t pay for ads to be thrown away. So, don’t use
welcome and thank you pages, login, error pages, parking pages, pop under and pop ups.

5. One Adsense account is enough for more than one websites.
You are not allowed to create more than one Adsense accounts. If you run more different
websites doesn't mean that you need more different accounts. You may use same Adsense
account for all of them. Don’t think that you will have another account if they close one
because of violation of TOS. Trust me, when they figure out that you have done
something wrong, they will shat down all of your accounts forever. It will detect
automatically new website and will display relevant adsense ads on it.

6. Do not put ads in e-mail.
Do not put ads in e-mail. It’s not allowed to put ads in e-mail messages. Adsense ads are
not such thing favorable to redistribute around. Soon or later someone will use it in bad

7. Use max. 3 ad links and 3 ad units, or max. 2 search bars on the page.
Use this limit of units, because it won’t be displayed more than this anyway. They
calculate this as the best optimum.

8. Don’t disclose Adsense information
You are not allowed to disclose confidential information like your CTR or CPM and what
income driven by individual ad unit. or anything else that is matter of confidential
information between you and Google Adsense. You are allowed only to state public the
total income you.

9. Do not mix competitive contextual ads or search bars
Don’t use competitive search service on the same pages along with Google Adsense
search service. In the matter of contextual advertising they do allow some Affiliate
programs like Yahoo! or Chitika, to put on the same page.

10. Use heading only for: -advertisements- or -sponsored links- titles.
Some guys label ads with strange heading titles like, -Check this out- or -Freeware staff-
or other heading titles which makes users think that it is a ordinary page link. Only those
two types are allowed.

11. Max. 2 of same referral banners on the page
You are not allowed to use more then 2 referral banners for each; Adsense referral,
Adwords referral, Google Pack and FireFox referral on the single page.

12. Don’t change the results of the searches after the user clicks ads
Don’t reload page or frame, or redirect after the user clicks on any add or search results.
Also do not change the results on the page which the user reaches to after clicking the
ads, by some feature.

13. Prevent HTML editor to change ads code by automatic closing tags feature
Almost every HTML editor has -automatically closing tags- feature in order to help
writing the codes. If there is some unclosed tags left in ads code, which could be case,
will closed by it self, even without your knowledge. This means that ads code will be
changed, which is violation of TOS.
14. Don’t mix Adsense with images
I saw many times people putts near to ads small picture, relevant or not with ads, which
looks like an explanation of the image. You are allowed to put image near to add, but
make sure that the add and image are not arranged in same way that could easily confuse

15. Inappropriate content pages.
There’s some types of content pages that are not allowed too. Pages with video / photo
gallery, MP3, news groups, pages that are protected by password, also pages with
pornographic content, hate related or any other illegal content.

16. Using unsupported language
Google Adsense supports many languages, but not all. Make sure that your websites
language is supported one. You may find list on the Adsense web pages. If your website
language is not on the list of supported, Then don’t use ads codes or change language.

Remember This!
If you are in doubt with something, just ask Google Adsense for opinion or help, it’s
better to ask them than learn it on hard way doing mistakes which cost you a lot.
They will help gladly…

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