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									                             Proposed Support Staff Pay Policy – to Full Governors 24.03.04

                                    Lord Williams’s School
                                  Pay Policy for Support Staff.
1.    Introduction

1.1   This policy covers professional, technical, support, site, administrative and clerical staff
      (excluding those employed by contractors).

1.2   The Governors recognise the importance of a clear, written policy on salaries for staff employed
      at the school to ensure that all staff are rewarded fairly for their work. This policy has been
      agreed by the whole Governing Body and will be kept under regular review.

1.3   Copies of the policy will be available from school offices on request. When reviewing the pay
      policy the Governors will consult staff, governors and union representatives and take their views
      into account

1.4   The Governors recognise that financial reward is not the only means of supporting staff and will
      try to ensure that staff have appropriate support and facilities for their work.

2.    General

2.1   The terms and conditions of support staff at Lord Williams’s School are covered by collective
      agreements negotiated at both national and local level. National terms and conditions are agreed
      by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services (The Green Book). Exceptions from
      this may be required in cases of tendering for competitive contracts.

2.2   Rates of pay are determined through the County Council’s Job Evaluation Scheme.

2.3   The Governing Body will ensure that Oxfordshire County Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy is
      followed in making pay decisions (copies of which are available in the offices at Oxford Road and
      Towersey Road). Full account will be taken of the relevant legislation, e.g. on equal pay, sex and
      race discrimination.

2.4   Permanent vacancies will be advertised in Staff Weekly and, those in excess of 10 hours per
      week, either locally or nationally. Recruitment agencies may be used in exceptional
      circumstances. Temporary vacancies will normally be advertised initially in Staff Weekly and
      subsequently in external publications. In covering short-term vacancies the needs of the service
      will be of primary importance and, on occasions, casual staff may be appointed on a temporary
      basis to satisfy urgent demands for staffing.

2.5   When drawing up its budget proposals, the Governing Body will take account of the salaries
      requirement for staff and will, wherever possible, include an amount for salary discretions in the
      contingency funds to be used as appropriate.

2.6   Regard will be given to pay relativity between staff, taking into account any advice contained in
      the appropriate conditions of service and the County Council’s Job Evaluation Scheme.

2.7   Salaries will be related to the school staff structure but with the flexibility to meet changing and
      particular needs. Job descriptions and person specifications will be provided for each post.

2.8   The Governors support a performance management scheme for support staff which, in future,
      may be linked to pay.

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                            Proposed Support Staff Pay Policy – to Full Governors 24.03.04

3.    The Pay Policy in Operation

3.1   The implementation of this pay policy in individual cases is the responsibility of the Governors’
      Personnel Committee (GPC) which has delegated decisions and actions in line with the policy to
      the school management. The GPC will be responsible for proposing revisions of the policy when
      appropriate to the Governing Body.

3.2   Changes in the pay structure will be reported to the GPC on a regular basis. The GPC will make
      a regular general report to the Governing Body.

3.3   The school management will raise for consideration by the GPC any salary matters not
      specifically covered in this pay policy. Any interim decisions will be made after consulting the
      GPC and if necessary proposals to review and revise the pay policy will be made to the GPC.

3.4   Advice may be sought from the Directorate of Learning and Culture or other source as
      appropriate. Decisions will take account of budget availability and the future financial
      consequences of any decision.

3.5   The school management will record any salary discretions and advise the Governing Body
      through the GPC (see 3.2 above).

3.6   Gradings of all posts will be available on request, but individual incremental progression will
      remain confidential.

3.7   Any member of staff who seeks a review of her/his pay should initially discuss the matter with
      their immediate line manager, who will then take up the matter with the Head of Administration. If
      appropriate, the post will be submitted to the County Council for re-evaluation and the employee
      will have the right of appeal contained in the Job Evaluation Scheme.

3.8   Any member of staff who remains aggrieved following the process detailed in Section 3.7 shall
      have the right of appeal against that decision to an Appeals’ Panel of the Governing Body, and
      the right to have or be represented by a ‘friend’ at that appeal. The Appeals’ Panel shall
      comprise the Chair of Governors, a member of the Finance or Personnel Committees and
      another Governor not previously involved.

3.9   The school management will monitor developments on pay and will make appropriate
      recommendations to the GPC on the need to review the pay policy (see 1.2, 1.3 and 3.1 above).

4.    Salaries

4.1   Support staff will be paid on the County Council’s pay scales which are negotiated nationally and
      which are normally subject to an annual increase in-line with inflation. A copy of the scales is
      attached for reference (Appendix 1).

4.2   Most posts are graded to allow salary progression across one or two scales as an individual
      gains experience on the job. Normal progression within scales will occur annually on 1st April
      until the top of the higher scale in that grade is reached. Staff who commence employment
      between 1st October and 31st March will receive their first increment six months from the date of
      the commencement of their employment contract.

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                            Proposed Support Staff Pay Policy – to Full Governors 24.03.04

      Increments may be withheld if a postholder’s probationary period is deemed to be unsatisfactory.
      Full details of this are contained in the policy on probationary periods (copies available on

4.3   Staff will normally commence employment on the first point of the lower scale. Exceptions to this
      rule are detailed in Section 4.6.

4.4   Performance management discussions are held between individuals and their line manager at
      least annually, more frequently if necessary.

4.5   On appointment, the school management will issue a contract of employment which details the
      calculation of salary and the terms and conditions of employment. (see Appendix 2 for example).

4.6   The school management will have discretion to award additional salary points in the following

      (a)     Experience & Qualifications
      On appointment, additional points may be awarded in recognition of previous, directly relevant
      experience or qualification(s). If relevant professional qualifications are obtained in post, up to 2
      points may be awarded at the discretion of the school management. Where staff transfer from a
      similar post in a different establishment, consideration will be given to matching the applicant’s
      current salary. This decision will be at the discretion of the school management.

      (b)    Responsibilities
      Staff may be eligible for an “acting-up” allowance or honorarium payment in the following
      i.     for taking responsibility for tasks which have a limited duration (this will be made clear at
             the beginning)
      ii.    for taking responsibility for the full duties of a post pending a permanent appointment
      iii.   during the long-term absence of a staff member, undertaking their normal responsibilities
      iv.    for recruitment and retention purposes.

             The terms and conditions and salary calculations for acting-up and honoraria payments
             are contained in Appendix 3. (still to be written and agreed by governors at 5.3.04)

      Ratified by:

      Governors’ Personnel Committee

      Signed by Chair: __________________________________________ Date: __________

      Full Governors’ meeting

      Signed by Chair of Governors: ______________________________ Date: ____________

      Review date: January 2009

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