20-Day Notice and Agenda

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					20-Day Notice and Agenda
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May 17, 2004 Eugene Matt, Director Department of Personnel Next Personnel Resources Board Meeting


A hearing will be held before the Washington Personnel Resources Board on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 10:00 a.m. The hearing will be held at the Department of Personnel, 521 Capitol Way South, Olympia, Washington. The purpose of the hearing is to consider the following business: A. PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES  May 13, 2004 B. CLASSIFICATION AND PAY  General Government Items (B1)  Higher Education Items - None C. COMPENSATION - None D. RULE AMENDMENTS - None E. OTHER BUSINESS

http://hr.dop.wa.gov/ wprboard/contents.htm.

Please join us after the meeting for a Celebration in Honor of the Board Members.

Rules Review Meeting
The general government and higher education Rules Review Meeting will be held Wednesday, June 9, 2004, at 10:00 a.m. in the Board Room at the Department of Personnel, 521 Capitol Way South, Olympia, Washington. All interested parties should attend and make their comments known. Submit proposed rule amendments to Connie Goff. A statutory requirement statement must accompany all rule proposals at the time of submittal. This publication will be made available in alternate formats upon request to the address below. Dept. of Personnel PO Box 47500 Olympia, WA 98504-7500 Phone (360) 664-6331 or TDD 753-4107 If you are a person with a disability and require accommodation for attendance, please contact the above no later than the first Thursday of the month.

Proposed Classification and Pay Amendments
The Classification and Pay amendments on the following pages have been submitted to DOP staff for study and presentation to the State Personnel Resources Board at the next meeting. This notice is issued to satisfy the requirements of law and does not assure completion of final action for submission to the Personnel Resources Board at this meeting. The deadline for submitting change requests for Classification and Pay amendments, Assignment Pay, or Work Period Designations for the July 8, 2004 Director’s Meeting is Thursday, May 27, 2004. Board items for general government and higher education should be sent to the Director with a copy to the attention of: Barbara J. Ursini Department of Personnel PO Box 47500 Olympia WA 98504-7500 Fax: 360/664-0499 BarbaraU@dop.wa.gov We encourage use of e-mail for board item submittal.

SECTION B: Classification and Pay
Item #1 Current Code/Titl e: Proposed Code/Titl e: Positions Action: : Requeste r: Month: Definition: In the Department of Natural Resources, supervises a unit of 4 or more Natural Resource Scientist positions at least two of which are at the Natural Resource Scientist 3 level; OR is designated in writing by the applicable steward/executive director as the agency’s expert in a specialty field independently performing original scientific research with substantial publication of research findings in refereed publications applying in support of agency scientific programs and activities the highest level of expertise in the specialty field existing within the broader scientific community. Minimum Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree with major study in a natural science. AND Consultant: Rick Shea Current 0 Salary: Proposed Salary: WPD: $ Impact:
EE0C Code: WPCode:


95660 Natural Resource Scientist 4

Rg 64 $51,864-$66,374

0 Establish New Class Department of Natural Resources June 2004

E $51,300
(DOP tracking only)


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Six years of professional research work experience in a specialty field (a specialty field is designated for each position). A Master’s degree, without a Ph.D. degree in a specialty field, will substitute for two years of the required experience, provided the field of major study was in the specialty field. A Ph.D. degree will substitute for three years of the required experience, provided the field of major study was in the specialty field. Selective certification for the designated specialty field is required. NOTE: Some positions require possession of a valid Washington State Geologist license. Some positions may additionally require possession of a Washington State Engineering Geologist specialty license and/or a Washington State Hydrogeologist specialty license. Explanation: This is a request from the Department of Natural Resource to re-establish the class of Natural Resource Scientist 4 at Range 64 (the same salary as it was before it was abolished October, 1997). The agency anticipates reallocating eight positions currently in the Natural Research Scientist 3 class, into this class. The total cost impact is $25,750 annually.


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