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                           Improving performance
                                                                                                                        ATM AND AIRPORTS
                           With headlines around the world making increasingly depressing reading,
                           and, as I write this, the UK pretty much shut down by snow, it is good to be                 technology impacts
                           able to report a successful SurTech conference (see HOT AIR!). Many thanks
                           to all those attendees and speakers who battled through the crazy weather                    INFORMATION
                           conditions.                                                                                  The switch from
                                We have a diverse range of articles: Richard Womersley summarises the                   regulation to
                           situation following the recent UK consultation process on spectrum pricing.
                           Steve Leighton explains some ongoing research that will help governments                     THE PRICE OF SPECTRUM
                                                                                                                        Assessing the impact of
                           and industry to build safety or liability critical applications using GPS
                                                                                                                        Ofcom’s proposals
                           technology. And in our cover article, Ference van Ham looks at the impact of
                           technology on the wider public through the QLAIR project, and particularly                   SATNAV INTEGRITY
                                                                                                                        Test driving the options
                           how new ATM technology and operations can impact on spatial planning
                           around airports.                                                                             HOT AIR!
                                I hope you enjoy this Spring edition of ON AIR! and                                     Our news section
                           I look forward to seeing many of you at ATC Global.                                          OFF AIR!
                                                                                                                        Puzzle competition
                                                                                    Mike Shorthose, Managing Director

                                                                          ATM and airports
  SPRING 2009
                                                                            technology impacts
                            here is an increasing need for cities and regions
                                                                                            looking at its impact on spatial planning.
                            across Europe to understand better and mitigate the                  There are three main aspects of airport operations
                         environmental impact of airports. To address the issue             that influence spatial planning: noise, local air quality -
                         of quality of life around airports, West Sussex County             as affected by emissions from aircraft engines - and
                         (where London Gatwick Airport is located) joined with a            safety. In areas where, for example, noise levels are
                         number of other airport regions across Europe to form              high, restrictions on the development of residential
                         the QLAIR programme: Quality of Life in Airport                    buildings are likely to apply.
                                                                                                        What is spatial planning?
                             Within the QLAIR programme are four projects                Spatial planning is the consideration of what can and should
                         focusing on: information and communication;                     happen where. It investigates the interaction of different policies
                         compensation schemes; ground noise; and ATM                     and practice across regional space, and sets the role of places in a
                         technology. The relationships and agreements between            wider context. It goes well beyond ‘traditional’ land use planning
                                                                                         and sets out a strategic framework to guide future development
                         Gatwick Airport and West Sussex County Council
                                                                                         and policy interventions, whether or not these relate to formal
                         (WSCC), together with the partner local authorities in
                                                                                         land use planning control.
                         the Gatwick area, are frequently cited as examples of                Spatial planning includes all levels of land use planning
                         best practice in these fields. QLAIR will provide useful        including urban planning, regional planning, environmental
                         views from an array of experts of any challenges for            planning, national spatial plans, and in the European Union
                         spatial planning likely to arise from developments in           international levels.

                         ATM procedures around airports.                                         Any change to the way aircraft move on and around
News and Information
                             Helios is supporting WSCC in its activities and                airports can lead to a change in their safety impact, their
           from Helios
                         together they are leading the ATM technology project,              emissions, or the noise experienced at ground level,         ☞
     News and Information from Helios

            which in turn could change spatial planning objectives and      help raise awareness of the issues and give the airport
            restrictions. However, ATC and airports (responsible for        regions a solid knowledge base for discussions with airport
            operations) and local authorities (responsible for spatial      authorities and ATC providers. Given the continuous
            planning) often fail to realise how the needs and actions of    developments in ATM technology and in particular the
            one affects the other. Helios’ Ference van Ham explains:        upcoming Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR)
                “The link is not rocket science. It just needs to be        programme, it’s more important than ever to understand
            clearly identified and explained. Take continuous descent       the impact of ATM technology and concepts on spatial
            approaches (CDAs) for example. Whereas the basic concept        planning.
            of CDAs is well known, if precision area navigation (P-RNAV)        For more information on the QLAIR programme and the
            is applied, then alternative CDA concepts become possible;      ATM Technology project contact ference.vanham
            for example you can concentrate arriving flights - and the      @askhelios.com ■
            noise they produce - on a very exact route. Similarly,
            surface management tools exist to improve the efficiency            Ference van Ham
                                                                                Ference joined Helios in early 2005 from the
            and coordination of aircraft movements on the ground.               Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in
                                                                                Amsterdam, with a background in aeronautical
            With more fluent surface movements, fuel burn reduces and
                                                                                engineering. Since joining, he has worked on
            as a result emissions reduce, improving air quality.”               projects ranging from safety cases and
                                                                                validation projects to cost benefit analyses.
                The project team are developing reference material              Ference was Project Manager of the FABEC
            describing the impact of a large set of current and future          Detailed Feasibility Study and currently
                                                                                manages Helios’ support to the Industry
            ATM technologies on spatial planning. This material will            Consultation Body.

Aeronautical information                                                    European level. The European Commission recognised this
                                                                            under Single European Sky (SES) legislation and issued the

                      The switch from                                       Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) mandate to strengthen
                                                                            and supplement the aeronautical quality requirements of
                                                                            ICAO Annex 15 up to publication. The mandate means
                         regulation to                                      that regulators must prepare for assessment
                                                                            responsibilities within the aeronautical chain. Further

                      implementation                                        developments under the SES umbrella are expected to
                                                                            support the transition from Aeronautical Information
                 ver recent years, a number of developments have            Services (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).
            O    sought to improve the quality of aeronautical                  Whilst tools are now available to meet the
                                                                            requirements for data quality, regulators have to respond to
            information, driven by the need for high quality data
            supporting future applications such as RNAV. Concepts such      a changing environment of expectations and responsibilities.
            as System Wide Information Management (SWIM) and                                           The ADQ mandate is expected to
            Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) require                                                be approved with an
            interoperability of data; and for them                                                       implementation timescale of
            timeliness of data is as important as                                                       2012.
            quality. ICAO compliant standards that                              Accordingly, the implementation of audit processes
            enable this interoperability, such as AIXM, have been           and clarification of responsibilities needs to be started now.
            developed by EUROCONTROL, and are being deployed on a               Over the past few years, Helios has been involved in
            global basis. In addition, guidance on best practice covering   some of the activities that seek to improve the quality of
            origination, management, exchange and publication of data       aeronautical information. Many of these are nearing
            has been widely publicised, so there is a greater               completion, others are just beginning, so now is the right
            appreciation of the need for and means to achieve quality       time to be planning to implement AIM change processes.
            aeronautical data.                                              Helios is working hard to determine the best way to support
                Interoperability standards provided a way of ensuring       regulators, drawing upon our in-depth understanding of the
            that data was originated and published in accordance with       SES legislation and experience of complex change
            ICAO requirements. However, there was still a need to           management projects. For further information contact
            coordinate implementation of these standards at the             philip.church@askhelios.com. ■
                                                                                          News and Information from Helios

The price of spectrum
Assessing the impact of                                                     Helios at ATC Global – if you are thinking of
                                                                            attending ATC Global this year (17-19 March), do come

     Ofcom’s proposals                                               along and say hello. We will be in the same place (stand

                                      £         £                    D108). Don’t forget to pick up your free copy of the results of

                          £                                          the ATM Industry Survey 2009 –
                                                                     hot off the press – (or download
       £                                                             from our website after the event).
                                                                     On Thursday at 10:05, come and
                                                                     hear Richard Womersley present
                                                                     "How new spectrum management
                                                                     techniques will impact the aeronautical industry" as part of
                                                                     the free seminar programme. If you would like to meet up with
                                                                     any one of our team, please get in touch with us beforehand
  £              £                                     £             (contact zoe.buswell@askhelios.com). We hope to see you there!

         he UK spectrum regulator, Ofcom, recently closed its
                                                                            Training success – in October 2008 Helios ran a new
         first public consultation on the application of spectrum           one-day training course: SES & SESAR Explained. The
                                                                     course was attended by senior decision makers from industry,
      pricing to the aeronautical and maritime sectors. Ofcom’s
                                                                     ANSPs, meteorological offices, regulators and fellow
      proposals aim to encourage radio users to become more
                                                                     consultants. It was highly rated, recommended by 100% of
      efficient with their use of spectrum through charging          attendees, and is being run again, with up-to-date news and
      mechanisms which reflect both its value and the opportunity    analysis of SES Package II and SESAR developments on 16
      cost to other users denied access to that spectrum.            March 2009 in Amsterdam. There are still a few places left. If
                                                                     you are visiting ATC Global, why not add this training to your
          In general, the proposals will see most, but not all,
                                                                     schedule and make the most of your time out of the office? For
      licence fees increase. For a 25 kHz aeronautical VHF
                                                                     further details visit www.askhelios.com/ses-training or call
      channel for example, Ofcom proposes that the licence fee       Linda Micallef on +44 1252 451 681.
      will change from the current £50 - £250 to a maximum of
      £4,950 per annum. Fees for radars have not yet been                   CNS Training Fortnight – our major CNS training
                                                                            event for 2009 takes place 29 June to 10 July at the RAF
      calculated; but comparing the current annual radar fees of
                                                                     Club in London. Bookings are now open and the brochure is
      £40 to £50 to those proposed for VHF communications it
                                                                     available for download from our website. With current
      seems likely that some rises may be necessary.                 exchange rates London will be better value than ever before!
          Industry feedback on the consultation asserts that,        Visit www.askhelios.com/cns-training.
      whilst there is support for Ofcom’s principles, users do not
                                                                            SurTech ’09 – On 3-4 February the Royal Aeronautical
      believe they have the ability to become more spectrally
                                                                            Society in London was host to the 4th SurTech
      efficient as the technology and frequencies they use are
                                                                     conference, organised by Helios and the RAeS and sponsored
      controlled by various international treaties. Some also        by ERA, Luciad and Selex. The event was a great success,
      argue that, as Ofcom is not intending to apply pricing to      despite the worst snow for 18 years hitting London the day
      vessel or aircraft licences, they are only addressing half     before! Our thanks to everyone who braved the elements and
                                                                     made it there! If you were unable to attend you can still purchase
      the problem.
                                                                     the proceedings. Visit www.aerosociety.com/proceedings.
          Ofcom has now to consider the feedback and publish
      a detailed set of fee proposals for consultation, likely to           Welcome to Syoginus Aloysius who joined Helios in
      be early in 2009.                                                     the New Year. Sy recently completed his PhD at Brunel
          Helios is supporting Ofcom in considering the              University, which was carried out in collaboration with the
                                                                     Eurocontrol Experimental Centre Airport Local Air Quality
      financial and economic impact of the proposals on the
                                                                     Studies (ALAQS) project. His expertise lies in conducting local
      industries affected. We are also examining how any
                                                                     and global environmental studies involving mathematical
      changes might flow through to end users such as air            models. A French national, Sy holds an FAA Single Engine Pilot
      passengers and freight companies.                              license acquired whilst studying at the Florida Institute of
          For further information contact richard.womersley          Technology in 2000-2002.

      @askhelios.com. ■
    News and Information from Helios

SatNav integrity                                                                                compensated for. The key challenge in the research is to
                                                                                                develop a map-matching technique to intelligently sense the
                                                                                                geographic characteristics of a locality and then select the

       Test driving the options                                                                 best map matching algorithm for that environment.
                                                                                                Advanced map-matching algorithms have the potential to
                atellite navigation is already a prevalent feature within
                                                                                                greatly enhance the GPS accuracy and integrity. As part of
                our road transportation infrastructure. It offers drivers                       the project a trials vehicle has already been instrumented
            enhanced route guidance and traffic avoidance to tangible                           with a range of GPS receivers, gyroscopes and inertial
            benefit. Many commercial SatNav devices are available,                              navigation systems.
            however they all lack the ability to indicate when they are                              Helios’ role is to support the development of potential
            not confident of the position they are displaying. Such                             applications, to support testing and to identify potential
            ‘integrity’ information is set to become increasingly                               avenues for commercial exploitation of the techniques
            essential for safety and liability critical applications such as                    produced.
            future pay-as-you-drive congestion charging, ‘eCall’                                     For more information, contact steve.leighton
            accident and emergency response, and intelligent speed                              @askhelios.com. ■
                                                                                               The shorter

                                                                                              Two planes depart from JFK International Airport at the
                                                                                              same time. One plane flies due north, while the other one
                                                                                              flies due east. Both planes fly at the same speed and at the
                                                                                              same height. After one hour, which plane is the furthest
                How then can government and industry build safety or
                                                                                              away from JFK?
            liability critical applications using GPS technology to create
                                                                                                   The answer will be published in the next edition of ON AIR!.
            our next generation intelligent transportation system? This
                                                                                              Please send your solutions to zoe.buswell@askhelios.com.
            is the problem being addressed by a team of Loughborough
                                                                                              All entries must be received by 15 May 2009. As usual, we
            University researchers supported by Helios as industry
                                                                                              will give a bottle of champagne to the first correct answer
            partner. The research is being led by Dr Mohammed Quddus
                                                                                              drawn at random after this date. Good luck to everyone!
                                                       and the focus is on
                                                       developing advanced                    And the winner is…
                                                       intelligent map-matching               The correct answer to the conundrum in the Winter edition
                                                       algorithms.                            of ON AIR! was that the confused clock shows the correct
                                                            Map-matching works                time again after 60 + 5 5/11 minutes, so at 5 5/11 minutes
                                                       by integrating a vehicle’s             past 7.
                                                       GPS location data with                 Congratulations to Peter Douglas of Northern Lighthouse
                                                       spatial road network                   Board who wins the champagne. Peter is a longstanding
                                                       information. Knowing                   reader of ON AIR! and participates in the majority of puzzles,
            that the vehicle is on the road means that gross errors in the                    always with the correct answer. He was the winner of OFF
            GPS position can be identified and smaller errors                                 AIR! Autumn 2004. ■

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