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Contract Award Notice


									Contract Award Notice
IDOT Reference Number ____________ Type of Contract: __________________ Contract Title and brief description: __________________________________________ IDOT Requests a Waiver of the 30 day review period for this contract award. Yes_ No_ Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) 2300 South Dirksen Parkway Springfield, Illinois 62764 Agency Contact Person: _____________ Phone/Fax: ____________ _____________ E-mail:____________________ IDOT Reference Number: _____________ Contract Title: ___________________ Notice Published: ____________ Notice Expiration Date: ___________ Contract Award Amount: $___________ Length of Contract: _________________ Source Selection Method (IFB, RFP,QBS, etc): _________________ Date First Offered: _____________ Date bids/proposals were due: __________ Time Proposals were due: _____________ Location bids/proposals were submitted: Illinois Department of Transportation, _______________, ____________, _________, ___________ Vendor Selected for Award: Name: Address: Phone/Fax: Vendor Contact Person: Additional Information, including copies of forms and disclosures, are on file at IDOT. State Procurement Officer: Timothy W. Martin

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