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City of Renton Department of Community & Economic Development 1055 South Grady Way-Renton, WA 98057 Phone: 425-430-7200 Fax: 425-430-7231

Pursuant to Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 77, Subchapter 8, all applicants who propose any of the following activities shall notify the FAA of the proposed project: (1) Any construction or alteration of more than 179' in height above sea level or any construction or alteration more than 200' above the ground level at its site. (2) Any construction or alteration of greater height than an imaginary surface extending outward and upward at a slope of 100 to 1 for a horizontal distance of 20,000 feet from the nearest point of the nearest runway of the Renton Municipal Airport. If the object constructed or altered would be shielded by existing structures of a permanent and substantial character or by natural terrain or topographic features of equal or greater height, and would be located in the congested area of the city where it is evident beyond all reasonable doubt that the structure so shielded will not adversely affect safety in air navigation, the applicant is exempt from this notice requirement. Each person who is required to submit a notification shall send one executed form set of FAA Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration, to the Manager, Air Traffic Division, FAA Regional Office having jurisdiction over the area within which the construction or alteration will be located. Copies of FAA Form 7460-1 may be obtained from the headquarters of the Federal Aviation Administration and the regional offices or at the FAA Website at: http://forms.faa.gov/forms/faa7460-1.pdf Notice must be submitted to the FAA at least 30 days before an application for a construction permit is to be filed or proposed construction or alteration is to begin, whichever is earliest. Send your notification to the following address: Manager: Air Traffic Division ANM-520 FAA Northwest Mountain Regional Office 1601 Lind Avenue Southwest Renton, WA 98055-4056 (425) 227-2520 Fax: (425) 227-1530 Airspace associated with the Renton Municipal Airport extends outward 14,000 feet, see attached diagram entitled Airport and Zoning Designations. This airspace is used by all types of aircraft for the landing, taking off, and maneuvering at very low altitudes in connection with their operation at or on the airport and/or the associated seaplane base. While within this airspace area the aircraft may operate at very low altitudes and cause noise, vibrations, and other effects.
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