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									 News from ITMA 2007 - The International Exhibition of Textile Machinery
                                                                                     DailyNews                                                           Issue 1 - September 13 2007

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                                        Under                                    Everybody do                                 Anniversary                                      Football
                                        wraps!                                   the twist. New                               party time at                                    crazy -
                                        Monforts                                 yarn produc-                                 ITMA with                                        transforming
                                        unveils a                                tivity device                                Switzerland’s                                    Munich’s
                                        secret                                   from Savio                                   Uster                                            skyline

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                                                                                                                             The ‘Textile Machinery Olympics’ is now officially open.
Editorial team:                                                                                                                At a special opening dinner held by officials from
JOHN SCRIMSHAW                                                                                                               Europe-wide textile machinery body and show organiser
Tel: +44 (0)7977 267307                                                                                                      Cematex, along with representatives from national
e-mail: jscrimshaw@world-textile.net                                                                                         organisations truly spanning the globe, everything is in
                                                                                                                             place and the gates are open.
MARIANNE CURTIS                                                                                                                A record 1,450+ companies – considerably exceeding
Tel: +44 (0)7730 688997                                                                                                      the last record of 1,436 exhibitors in Milan back in
e-mail: mcurtis@world-textile.net                                                                                            1995 – are here and ready over the next eight days, in a
BERNARD CHYZY                                                                                                                total of 16 halls, to demonstrate the vitality and global
Tel: +44 (0)7791 245828                                                                                                      reach of the modern textile industry.
e-mail: bchyzy@world-textile.net                                                                                               ITMA Daily News will be closely covering events and
                                                                                                                             will be published every day until next Tuesday. To use
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                                            IS THE KEY
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Tel: +44 (0)7786 990761
e-mail: rbarker@world-textile.net           Europe’s textile and clothing industry was worth €207 billion
ITMA Daily News is printed in Munich
                                            last year and can defend its leadership position, with strong
by J Gotteswinter Gmbh                      support programmes in place
                                            In his keynote address to yesterday’s Jakob    advertising initiative aimed at presenting
                                            Müller Narrow Fabrics Conference held at       the textile industry as “an inventive branch
                                            the Paulener Hotel here in Munich, Lutz        of the future”.
                                            Walter of the European Apparel & Textile
                                            Organisation (EURATEX) outlined the crucial    Funding
                                            work of the European Technology Platform.      Asked by ITMA Daily News about the
                                              These include the development a long-        amount of funding currently being put into
                                            term, strategic research agenda for            textile-related projects in Europe, Mr Walter
                                            innovation and growth within the industry      said the question was very difficult to
                                            in Europe, the securing of the necessary       answer with certainty, as there was no
      CEMATEX                               finance for R&D, innovation, technology        specific EU textile/clothing research
 The European Committee                     transfers, training, and improved              programme or budget line, but he believed
   of Textile Machinery                     co-ordination of fragmented textile research   some €25-30 million would be committed
      Manufacturers                         across Europe.                                 to textile-related projects during 2007.
   For information about our                  The aim of this initiative led by the         “Textile research can be funded across
  machinery and ITMA shows,                 Brussels-based organisation, Mr Walter said,   different component and budget lines of
       see our website at                                                                                                                     Lutz Walter: “When looking at product and process
                                            was the creation of an industry driven         the so-call EU Framework Programmes for            innovation and quality, as well as manufacturing
 www.cematex.com                            forum for more effective collaboration in      Research,” he explained. “During the 6th           excellence, there are hardly any areas where European
                                            research and innovation in addition to an                                   continued on page 3   companies are not at least among the leaders.”

ITMA Daily News is produced in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month
                                                                                                                                                                                         IT d Ja
                                                                                                                                                                                           M g

                                                                                                                                                                                            To ail r on
                                                                                                                                                                                             A ge

                                                                                                                                                                                              ad y N 07

                                                                                                                                                                                                ve ew 96
                                                                                                                                                                                                  rti s 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                     se co 56
                                                                                                                                                                                                       in nta 88
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ct 07
Collabotation is the key                                        development, standardisation, market           major elements:                           intelligent personal protection clothing
continued on page 3                                             access, end user training/education etc.       ● From commodities to speciality          and equipment, medical textiles for the
                                                                ● Cross-sectoral, with suppliers and               products                              future, as well as new, light, high-
Framework Programme, between 2002-                              customers of other sectors, for                ● New textile applications in new         strength building materials for low-
2006, I estimate that textile and                               research, product development,                     markets                               weight construction, safe and energy-
clothing related projects may have                              standardisation, end user                      ● Towards customised production           efficient transport systems, buildings
received total funding of between €80-                          training/education.                                and services                          and infrastructure.
100 million. During the 7th Framework                           ● Cross-functional – involving industry        “In addition to the eight technical
Programme (2007-2013) no funding                                with research, education, financial and        groups, four horizontal working groups    Advantages
decisions have yet been finalised.”                             other service providers, public                are dealing with issues such as what      “When looking at product and process
  In 2006, the textile and clothing                             authorities, media etc., for open              measures are needed to ensure the         innovation and quality as well as
industry in the EU-27 had sales of €207                         innovation, qualification of needed            sufficient availability of properly       manufacturing excellence there are
billion, and a workforce of 2.59 million.                       young talents, on-going staff                  qualified young people, how more          hardly any areas where European
Its value added was €62.6 billion and                           formation, market access and                   young people can be encouraged to         companies are not at least among the
involved 160,000 companies,                                     consumer education, general PR,                undertake career in the textile and       leaders,” Mr Lutz summed up. “This
investments of €5.6 billion, exports of                         favourable legislation etc.                    clothing industries and how the           might be different when judging
€38.7 billion, an investment/sales ratio                                                                       industry can use the entire range of      leadership by company size, production
of 2.7%, and an average of 16                                   Shortcomings                                   both public and private financial         volumes, investments or (sometimes)
employees per company.                                          “I believe our industry has particular         instruments available, in order to        profits.
                                                                shortcomings when it comes to collab-          finance innovation,” Mr Walter said.        “Europe has many built-in advantages
Different forms                                                 oration, most of which are rooted in           “How can standards contribute to          to keep its leadership for a long time,
“I believe that effective collaboration                         traditional company and management             bringing innovative textile products      most notably its cultural diversity and
might be the single most important                              cultures, fragmented industrial                closer to the market and how can          individualistic creativity which will never
success factor for the European textile                         structures and partly in the volatile          companies ensure better and more          stop producing miracles in fashion
industry in the future,” Mr Lutz said.                          nature of the end product/markets,             effective strategic identification and    design as well as textile engineering.
“However this collaboration has to                              especially in fashion,” Mr Walter said.        support both an understanding of the        “However, the European industry is
come in different forms.”                                         Eight technical working groups have          new technological options and their       likely to also be its own worst enemy if
These, he added, will include:                                  been formed as part of the European            transition into innovative products and   it fails to believe and invest in its own
● Vertical – along the value chain for                          Technology Platform, looking at                processes? These are the questions we     future, searching salvation instead in
collaborative product development,                              research topics ranging from new               are exploring in these horizontal         eternal cost cutting, constantly feeding
integrated quality management, just-in-                         fibres and surface functionalisation to        working groups.”                          the media with bad news – thereby
time production and logistics and joint                         new manufacturing and design                     Important textile markets with          driving away the badly needed young
branding.                                                       approaches, all meant to contribute to         particular innovation and growth          talent – and handing over its know-
● Horizontal – with competitors for                             a future vision for the European               potential that have been identified       how too easily to aggressive non-
raw material supply, machine                                    industry based on the three following          include the next generation of            European competitors.”

                                                                                           BAVARIAN WELCOME
                                                                                           The DiloGroup – DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau, DiloMachines and DiloSystems – is exhibiting its
                                                                                           latest developments in nonwoven machinery and technologies at one of the show’s largest
                                                                                           stands, 213, – over an area of some 2,000 square metres – to be found in hall B3. Vistors are
                                                                                           invited to sample Bavarian specialities from the stand’s kitchen and learn about the range of
                                                                                           machines on display.
                                                                                           These include a new preparation line with increased throughput and Hyperlace technology for
                                                                                           the production of light-weight fleeces, including the new Masterfeed card feeder, the DeltaCard,
                                                                                           the HyperLayer high-speed crosslapper, new Hyperpunch pre-needling and the revolutionary
                                                                                           Cyclopuncher for high-speed needling.
                                                                                           The new AlphaLine concept meanwhile, for the medium budget, is comprised of the AlphaFeed,
                                                                                           AlphaCard, the Dilo-layer crosslapper and the AlphaLoom, while the Fiberlofter is a universal
                                                                                           aero-dynamic web-forming unit for processing man-made, natural, recycled fibre and special
                                                                                           blends for automotive products and insulation mats is running with a new Di-Lour II SGL, high-
                                                                                           capacity structuring machine.
                                                                                           All three web-forming and needling lines are running at the stand, and a particular focus is on
                                                                                           new and improved card feeding and new high-speed and high-precision crosslapping.
                                                                                             Dilo’s partner ProCtec is also demonstrating the software for the integration of nonwoven
                                                                                           lines in complete fabrication processes.
                                                                                           Needle punching technology, the company points out, due to its majority share among all
                                                                                           consolidation techniques, has gained a worldwide and revived recognition.
                                                                                           The production of needled nonwovens enjoys a steady growth rate of around 6% annually.
                                                                                           Staple fibre web-forming and needling technology is the most versatile production method for
                                                                                           processing any type of fibre with a huge range of applications and products. Needling is the
                                                                                           most energy-efficient bonding technology without raw material losses for man-made, recycled
                                                                                           and natural fibres.

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                           3
150 THIS YEAR                                          TECHNICAL
If a Munich restaurant has a beer garden or flies
                                                       FUTURE FOR
the blue-and-white-checked Bavarian flag, you
can be sure there will be that most deleactable
of local delicacies – Weisswurst – on the menu.
  And this year while in Munich for ITMA, there is
                                                       The technology, productivity and
a special reason to try it – the 150th anniversary
                                                       creativity of the textile industry are
of this most regional of sausages.
                                                       largely ignored by the powers-that-
  Weisswurst, so the legend goes, was
                                                       be in Europe.
introduced in 1857 at the ‘Zum ewigen Licht
                                                       This was the rather sobering
Gasthaus’ on Munich’s Marienplatz, when
                                                       message of Michael Jänecke of
butcher Sepp Moser discovered one morning
                                                       Messe Frankfurt, speaking at
that he was out of the sheep gut skins he used
                                                       yesterday’s Jakob Müller Narrow
to make his popular veal sausages.
                                                       Fabrics Conference held at the
  His guests at the gasthaus had already placed
                                                       Paulener Hotel here in Munich.
their breakfast orders and he had no time to go
                                                       The challenges facing ‘traditional’
out and buy more skins. So he stuffed them into
                                                       textiles in Europe, he said, include price pressure from Asia, low
pig intestines instead.
                                                       demand, high production costs and stringent requirements in
  Fearing these delicate wrappings would burst if
                                                       respect of environmental protection.
he grilled or fried them, Mr Sepp is said to have
                                                       As a result, Mr Jänecke said, many European companies now see
warmed his new sausages in hot water and
                                                       their future in technical textiles, even though considerable
served them anxiously to his guests. And an
                                                       potential remains for innovative apparel textiles, which offer
entirely new culinary experience was born.
                                                       additional characteristics and new types of application.
  Today, Munich’s butchers stuff more than 75
                                                       In global terms, technical textiles constitute the fastest growing
million of the white sausages each year.
                                                       segment of the textile market, it was said.
  To guard against imitations, an organisation of
                                                       In many of the industrialised countries in Europe and North
weisswurst enthusiasts has petitioned the
                                                       America, technical textiles already make up 40% of production
European Union to grant the special sausage its
                                                       and consumption.
coveted Protected Geographical Indication seal
                                                       His presentation provided an overview over the consumption of
so that only a Weisswurst made in Munich will
                                                       technical textiles worldwide, as well as the potential in fast-
have the right to bear the label ‘Original
                                                       emerging markets such as China, India and Russia.
Muenchner Weisswurst’.
  If they succeed, only a Weisswurst made in
Munich will have the right to bear the label,
‘Original Munich Weisswurst’.
  Sepp Kraetz, owner of the popular Andechser
am Dom restaurant and Hippodrom Oktoberfest
tent, says freshness and colour are crucial.
  “The sign of a good Weisswurst is colour,” he
says. “It should be white as snow. The only thing
you should be able to see through the skin are
the green flecks of fresh parsley inside. It’s very
important that the parsley is green and not grey.
There should never be anything grey in any
sausage, actually – that’s a sign of poor quality.
  “When you cut open a Weisswurst it should
smell fresh, and the filling should swell out at
the ends. That tells you that the meat is high-
quality and has been properly cooked.
  Weisswursts are supposed to be eaten peeled,
and while the traditional technique is to snip
open the ends and suck out the meat, it’s
probably best to cut them in half.
  Over the next six days here in Munich, ITMA

                                                      UNDER WRAPS
Daily News reporters will be sampling
Weisswurst around the city, and reporting back
on their findings.

                                                      With virtually a dozen new          enhanced quality in the shrinking
                                                      products on show at ITMA 2007,      of woven or knitted fabrics.
                                                      Monforts has kept two machines        Additional new products on
                                                      ‘under wraps’ until this morning.   show at the company’s stand
                                                       All will be revealed at 10pm in    include the Montex Allround, a
                                                      Hall C3, at stand 331/534, but      new ‘tumble’ action DynAir
                                                      Monforts vice-president of          relaxation dryer, ‘Golden’ long
                                                      marketing Klaus Heinrichs did       life stentering chains, an infra-
                                                      reveal to ITMA Daily News           red pre-dryer, a new coating
                                                      yesterday that under the covers     solution, a ‘stand alone’ heat
                                                      was a completely new concept        recovery system and a combined
                                                      for the finishing of technical      exhaust air cleaning and heat
                                                      textiles and a unit that will       recovery system.
                                                      ensure increased productivity and

4                                                                                                        ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                    THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                                                               ITMA show news        INNOVATION

                                                               Johann Philipp Dilo
Q&A                                                                   President of the VDMA Textile
                                                                         Machinery Association and
                                                                      Managing Director, Oskar Dilo
                                                                                Maschinenfabrik KG

IDN: You have broken exhibitor                                  turers often specialise in high-quality   provide higher
attendance records with this ITMA,                              technology and therefore have a           throughput
do you anticipate a similar result                              leading position as important             capacity,
for visitors?                                                   suppliers. This is also the reason why    improved
                                                                ITMA in Europe as a platform for          quality of the
Mr Dilo: At past ITMAs in Europe we                             innovations will continue to be the       textile product,
always had more than 100,000                                    most important textile machinery          better efficiency and flexibility. Other   Mr Dilo: As an exhibitor I do not
visitors. Although it is difficult to                           exhibition. ITMA 2007 in Munich is a      developments will be in compre-            foresee myself having much spare
predict visitor figures exactly, there                          good example for a highly attractive      hensive software to include shop-          time in order to take advantage of
are clear signs that this number will                           event, also because it is located close   floor control and improved material        what the city of Munich as the
be topped in Munich. Before the                                 to the headquarters of many textile       transport and logistics. In addition,      Bavarian capital can offer. For our
opening of ITMA 2007, the exhibition                            machinery producers who will exhibit      the consideration of aspects of            customers I hope they can get some
had record pre-registrations for both                           their full range of newly developed       environmental protection through           exposure to the charm of one of the
the one-day-badge and the                                       products. Every four years this is a      pollution control, solutions for           most attractive metropolitan areas in
permanent badge.                                                great opportunity not offered by          material recycling and reduced waste       Europe. The Bavarian lifestyle is
                                                                smaller, more regional occasions.         are becoming increasingly important.       special, as is the Bavarian kitchen
IDN: What do you see as the chief                                                                         These areas will receive more              you’ll find in the relaxed atmosphere
reasons for ITMA remaining here in                              IDN: What major industry trends           attention from the textile production      of the famous beer gardens. The
Europe?                                                         do you expect to be confirmed             chain because there is a large cost        culture of Munich with its historic
                                                                over the course of the next eight         savings potential associated.              centre as well as the beautiful
Mr Dilo: Europe is the centre for the                           days here in Munich?                                                                 surroundings of the northern Alps
production of advanced and                                                                                IDN: Outside of the show, what do          and the lake region can contribute to
innovative textile machinery. The                               Mr Dilo: In general we will see           you especially hope to see and do          a quick recovery after demanding
European textile machinery manufac-                             equipment and systems which               during your stay?                          hours of an exhibition visit.

 The diverse applications possible with the laminating and coating machines
 of Germany’s Lacom are being demonstrated in Hall C3 at stand 223.
  One of its most successful models is the Multi-Purpose, which combines
 both gravure and multi-roller units for unprecedented versatility in material
 At ITMA Asia two years ago, the company unveiled a compact version of this
 machine characterised by plug-and-run rapid installation and start-up, which
 has proved equally successful.
 Also on display are the company’s slot die system and its Duplex machine.
 The latter, designed for the production of triplex laminates, is achieving
 success as a replacement for existing flame laminating machines employed in
 the production of automotive interior laminates.
 Lacom is constantly building on its know-how with constant feedback from
 customers and at its traing centre in Lauchheim, Germany, has various
 machine configurations for trials on products up to a working width of
 2.4 metres.

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month              5
                ITMA show news

Savio device provides a step change in increased yarn productivity
Making its debut here in Munich among the                      and of the processed yarn together, as well as                                                        The unique FlexiRotorS
machines being showcased by Savio, of Italy’s Itema            technological flexibility, are at the same level as the                                              3000/Duo-Spinner rotor
                                                                                                                                                                          spinning machine
Group, is the ‘Twist and Twist’ dual twisting system.          Geminis and Geminis S models, the company says.
  This is said to make a 33% increase in production             In respect of twisting operational costs in today’s
over conventional two-for-one twisters possible, while         market, the initial investment and energy are two key
consuming the same amount of energy.                           factors. Both have been reduced with the Cosmos,          ● Bobbin feeding
  The weights and dimensions of the assembly-wound             with a range of spindles optimised by:                    from 180mm to
packages in feeding, the required interventions for            ● A rotor range.                                          450mm with
maintenance and the line operator’s workload are the           ● Geometries and implementation techniques to             different materials
same as for the conventional process.                          maximise feeding package weights.                         and counts.
  The new system produces a twisted yarn by forming            ● A wide range of processable counts and materials,       ● Automatic
two yarn balloons – one that is more external with an          ● A reduction in the energy input.                        feeding from the
‘S’ rotation and the other internal with a ‘Z’ rotation                                                                  package.
achieved by a ‘mechanical differential speed system’           Polar                                                     ● Direct precision
that creates a triple twist of the yarn with each turn         Savio is also presenting its complete range of models     length monitoring
of the spindle. This Savio patented device was made            of the new Polar automatic winder at its stand            (CAM).
in collaboration with SKF who built and tested it.             121/222 in Hall A4.                                       ● Take-up packages
  The increase in production can also allow a                    Since ITMA Asia in Singapore in October 2005,           with different taper
reduction in the number of spindles required, and              where the link version was presented for the first time   ratios and an
copnsequently the line’s dimensions.                           and later launched on some Eastern markets during         electronic on-off
                                                               2006, the Polar has proved highly popular with            antipatterning
Cosmos                                                         customers, the company says.                              system.
The new T&T device can be applied on all twisters                Close sysnergy with Itema Weaving, has allowed          ● Packages for         The new T&T device can be applied on
                                                                                                                                                all twisters currently in the Savio range
currently in the Savio range – Geminis, Geminis S and          Savio to develop the most suitable winding solutions      dyeing with package
Cosmos twisters.                                               for optimising weaving productivity.                      density monitoring.
Cosmos, for the traditional two-for-one twisting field,          The Polar I model’s new ‘buffer’ link allows direct     ● A new and highly efficient automatic doffing
has been designed specifically to be highly                    and effective feeding of spinning frame bobbins and       trolley, completely incorporated with the machine’s
economical, with constructive solutions allowing a             total interfacing flexibilitywith all bobbin movements    monitoring and control system.
lower initial investment and less energy consumption.          (single or multistep).
  The machine production, the quality of the package             In many markets, there is currently a surge from        OE solution
                                                               spinning frames without doffing and free-standing         The Savio FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner rotor
                                                               winders to the completely automatic link solution,        spinning machine meets the most diversified
                                                               due to the many advantages, and the winder is             requirements of the Open End market.
                                                               particularly suitable for compact and/or condensation       Employing the Suessen spinning unit with a
                                                               spinning due to the high value of the yarn and also       separate fronts solution it has complete electronic
                                                               the ability to completely monitor the quality of the      control, with all work parameters are all set and
                                                               bobbin with the spinning frame spindle identification     monitored by the centralised PC.
                                                               system. The Polar ML is a system with manual loading        Downtimes for material and/or count changes,
                                                               of the bobbins and manual or automatic package            the ability to plan production on a single side
                                      The Polar winder has
                                                               doffing, that can be equipped with:                       rather than the whole machine and intelligent
                                     proved highly popular     ● Splicing solutions employing air, heat, water or        programming of, two, three or four automatic
                                   since its introduction at   mechanical units to cover all cut cotton, wool, linen     trolleys intelligently, make the machine truly
                                         ITMA Asia in 2005
                                                               and silk fibre materials.                                 unique.

6                                                                                                                                                                  ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

With three textile-related
divisions covering shed
                                    of weaving parameters
                                    and patterns and trouble-
formation, weaving preparation      free reproducibility. Synchro-
and carpet weaving, Stäubli has     nization between weaving
adopted the slogan ‘Customer        machine and shedding is
benefit through innovation’ for     electronic instead of mechanical,
ITMA.                               which reduces the number of
 A surprise venture by the          moving parts and also cuts
company, to be examined at          mechanical wear and the need
stand 230 in Hall B5 here in        for maintenance. The electronics
Munich, is the company’s move       allow gentler control of yarn
into narrow fabrics with the new    tension, minimizing the chance of
Unival 200 machine.                 thread break, even at high
 Described as “an innovative leap   speeds.
for narrow-fabric weavers,” the       The Unival tag and concept was
system uses servo motors instead    first applied by Stäubli to its
of mechanical drives to control     shedding machines, and ITMA
each individual thread.             sees innovations here as well. The
 This concept is said to give       Unival 500 dobby has individual
absolute freedom in shedding:       single drive, using as many
 “The unrestrained creativity and   motors as harness frames and has
                                    now been further developed from
                                    prototype seen at ITMA 2003. It
                                    handles warp threads gently,
                                    even when differing yarn
                                    strengths are used. Weaving
                                    parameters such as adjustment of
                                    fabric width and warp density
                                    and optimisation of the shedding
                                                                         Stäubli company spokesman Reinhard Furrer at the Unival 100 machine on show in Hall B5.
                                    angle can be stored, and
                                    reproducible settings minimize       technical fabrics.                                   from multiple warp sheets and
                                    setup time.                           The Stäubli Weaving Preparation                     checks the size and the colour of
                                      Swiss Stäubli Group member         Systems division will present a                      each thread before drawing-in.
                                    Schönherr produces the Alpha         new automatic drawing-in                             Also new will be the latest
                                    carpet weaving machine, as a         machine, based on the proven                         Topmatic warp tying machine for
                                    single or face-to-face, double-      Delta concept. It enables the                        coarse and medium yarn count
                                    gripper system.                      drawing-in of harness elements                       ranges.
                                      Also new at ITMA is the Alpha
                                    400 family, made up of variants

design options open new
                                    with different applications. The
                                    ‘Innovation’ model is the high-
                                                                                          LIGHT FOR Maitex’s recently introduced
                                                                          GREEN fabrics specialist Piave GREEN LINE its Green
                                                                          Italian elastic
application for narrow-fabric       end one, and uses the Unival          Line range for underwear and lingerie consisting of 90% Ingeo and 10% XLA
weavers,” said company              500T servo-controlled dobby.          fibres.
spokesman Reinhard Furrer. “This    Together with the Stäubli LX 2492     Ingeo is the first man-made fibre derived from a 100% annually renewable
opens a new world in fabric         jacquard machine, it can produce      resource rather than oil, but has all of the performance attributes expected of
design, including the variety of    over 650 weave-structure              a technical fabric including versatility, breathability, lightness and excellent
patterns and the variable density   combinations of pile and ground       wicking properties.
of warp and weft, that will be      weave. Other types are the            Dow XLA elastic fibre, guarantees superior comfort, a durable fit, ease of
appreciated in daily use.”          ‘Easysystem’, for the production      movement, excellent drape and soft texture next to the skin.
 The machine can produce            of low and middle-density             “The Green Line product range achieves two key objectives,” according to
narrow fabrics and ribbons up to    carpets, the ‘Universal’ for high-    Luca Barbini, CEO of Piave Maitex. “It is a response to a growing demand for
47mm wide.                          quality and high-density carpets,     an eco-compatible and eco-sustainable fabric capable of maintaining high
 The Unival 200 is said to offer    the ‘Singleloop’ for single-sided     performance levels and at the same time serves a market that is on the
“virtually unlimited” patterning    production of loop and sisal          lookout for novelty.
possibilities, with fast changing   carpets, and the ‘Leantec’ for

8                                                                                                                                                      ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

This year sees the 50th                 343/442
anniversary of the world-famous           Uster is the only company globally
Uster Statistics quality                which offers quality control with
benchmarking data for textile           objective correlation of data
fibres and yarns.                       produced both online and in the
  To mark the occasion, Swiss-          laboratory, and this strength is
headquartered Uster Technologies        being highlighted her in Munich.
is to issue a special printed edition     The world-famous Uster Tester
of the 2007 Statistics, in book         started out as an evenness tester,
format, as well as the CD version.      but its scope has now widened to
  It is also celebrating this special   the point where it is synonymous
birthday with a party for customers     with quality management in staple
and suppliers at Munich’s               yarns, rovings and slivers.
Planetarium on Friday night.              The brand new Uster Tester 5-
  With the theme ‘Think Quality –       S800 measures the most important
Think Uster’ the world’s leading        quality parameters – such as
source of laboratory and online         evenness and yarn imperfections –
quality control and monitoring          with high precision, at an
systems is introducing a number of      unbelievable testing speed of
innovations in Hall A4 at stand         800 m/min.

                                                                                Customers can use this additional       to the currently-fashionable
                                                                               test capacity either to test all         designer denims, which make wide
                                                                               spinning positions more quickly, or      use of slub effects.
                                                                               to test the same number of                The new Fancy Yarn Profile for the
                                                                               samples with a longer test length,       Uster Tester 5 uses a unique
                                                                               giving statistically more significant    measuring method which makes it
                                                                               results.                                 easier than ever before to obtain all
                                                                                An important development for the        the quality-relevant information for
                                                                               Uster Tester range is a Fancy Yarn       slub yarns, while maintaining high
                                                                               Profile, which analyses slub yarn        standards of precision and
                                                                               quality. This is especially applicable   reliability.

                                                                                SINO-SWISS STRENGTH
                                                                                Yarn conditioning specialist Xorella is now embracing a philosophy of
                                                                                “Swiss engineering with Chinese manufacturing” since its acquisition by
                                                                                Fong’s Group in 2002.
                                                                                A move to a new 800,000 square metre facility in China will be
                                                                                completed shortly by the company, with an investment of 2 billion RMB.
                                                                                Xorella makes the Contexxor range of conditioning machines for cotton
                                                                                yarn, using saturated steam to optimise quality and processability.
                                                                                Here at ITMA, in Hall A5 at stand 105, the firm is showing a Beta version
                                                                                of its machine, which has been running for the past year in test instal-
                                                                                “We expect to install production machines shortly in India, Turkey and
                                                                                China,” says CEO Peter R. Philipp. “The new machine offers 25% reduced
                                                                                energy consumption, and is more affordable, while also requiring almost
                                                                                zero maintenance.”

10                                                                                                                                        ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

                                                                                        extremely crack-resistant, weatherproof
                                                                                        and UV proof. Similar membranes were
                                                                                        previously employed at the landmark
                                                                                        installations at Munich Airport (1998)
                                                                                        and the Pusan Dome in Korea (2001).
                                                                                        The material employed was Duraskin by
                                                                                        Verseidag-Indutex, part of the Gamma
                                                                                        Holdings group.
                                                                                          The individual sections of the
                                                                                        membrane measured between 370 and
                                                                                        430 square metres, each covering
                                                                                        approximately 800 seats and weighing
                                                                                        around 600kg.
                                                                                          The textile membrane drawn over the
                                                                                        underside of the structure masks the
                                                                                        stadium lighting and public address
                                                                                        system without impairing their
                                                                                          This new membrane roof – which
                                                                                        deliberately contrasts with the solid
                                                                                        structure of the historic stadium – is
                                                                                        stretched over a perfectly-weighted

                                                                                        steel and cable structure.
                                                                                          Hightex GmbH, which installed the
                                                                                        roof, received an Outstanding
                                                                                        Acievement Award from the Industrial
                                                                                        Fabrics Assossiation International (IFAI)

                                                                                        for the project.                                        The effect of different blue and red
                                                                                                                                               tones working with the membrane
                                                                                        Munich                                                 material was explored on site until the
                                                                                        Visitors to Munich during ITMA should                  colours of the two clubs could be
Germany’s football stadia stand as landmarks to the                                     be prepared to have their breath taken                 accurately reproduced with a mixture
                                                                                        away by the new Allianz stadium,                       of perspex granules.
nation’s lead in textile architecture, and none more so                                 which is entirely covered by an outer
than Munich’s Allianz                                                                   skin consisting of some 2,874 lozenge-                 80 tonnes
                                                                                        shaped membranes.                                      The ETFE employed for the skin
The 18th tournament in the history          Sattler AG in Austria and Verseidag-          The double-layered ETFE-foil inflated                weighed some 80 tonnes and the
of the FIFA Football World Cup              Indutex in Germany. Germany is also         membranes are white and transparent                    material is recyclable. In addition to
ended on July 9, 2006, with victory         the base of the two key erectors of         over the roof and printed and coated                   significantly reducing weight it is also
for Italy over France, and the host         textile buildings, Hightex and Covertex.    around the outside.                                    fire and UV resistant. To avoid any
nation, Germany, very surprisingly            The fabrics employed in textile             The stadium is home to Munich’s two                  possible vandalism (the material is just
bowing out at the semi-final stage.         building structures are primarily woven     Division One football clubs – Bayern                   0.2mm thick) the bottom edge of the
  Like the Olympic Games, the World         polyester coated with PVC, although         Munich and TSV Munich 1860 – and                       membrane structure is four metres
Cup leads to significant investment in      other synthetics and coatings can be        completely changes colour depending                    above the ground.
modernisation programmes by its host        used. PTFE-coated glass fabric is           on which side has a home game, like a                    Extensive computer support was
country and even in Germany – already       employed for special properties and         giant LED screen.                                      needed in the planning of the
one of the most advanced nations in         enhanced durability, while pneumat-           Each of the 1,058 panels around the                  structure, since very few of the panels
respect of infrastructure – motorways       ically pre-tensioned ETFE-coated foils      outside can turn light or dark blue, red               are exactly the same diameter. They
and orbital roads serving the host cities   offer many striking design possibilities    or white and be made to either pulse                   were digitally cut to a tolerance of less
were, for the most part, widened to six     to be realised at low cost.                 or glow. Infinite cascading patterns of                than 1mm and thermally welded
lanes, with known gaps in the                                                           diamonds and strips are possible and                   together.
motorway network bridged and new            Berlin                                      goals and other major incidents during                   There is a match between Bayern
junctions constructed prior to the          Perhaps the most striking examples of       a game can be celebrated in light.                     München and Schalke 04 taking place
tournament.                                 modern textile architecture are to be         To achieve this, the company                         this Saturday (15th) at the Allianz
  Investment in the individual stadiums     found at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and       responsible for the project, Siteco,                   Stadium, but unfortunately it has been
where the games were held was also          the new FIFA World Cup ground in            employed standard three-strip                          sold out for many weeks – as indeed
considerable, with either new grounds       Munich.                                     fluorescent lights in conjunction with                 are most of the matches there for the
or renovation projects at each of the         Berlin’s Olympic stadium will forever     perspex cover panels that function as a                entire season. However, the stadium is
twelve towns and cities involved –          be associated with the 1936 Olympic         filter.                                                still worth a visit just to marvel!
Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt,                Games in which Jesse Owens won his
Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hanover,            four gold medals, but its reconstruction     Germany’s 2006 World Cup Stadiums
Kaiserslautern, Cologne, Leipzig,           began in the summer of 2000 and has                                               Project            Investment Cost   Seating capacity
Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.            cost €240 million. The new Olympic                                                                   (€million)
                                            opened in July 2004 with a gala              Berlin Olympic Stadium               Reconstruction     242               66,021
Textile advantages                          ceremony followed by the first interna-      Dortmund Westfalenstadion            Reconstruction     45.5              60,285
Germany has also, of course, long           tional football match between Brazil         Frankfurt Waldstadion                New                126               43,324
taken a lead in the development of          and germany a month later.                   Gelsenkirchen World Cup Stadium      New                191               48,426
textiles in architecture, and this is         Practically all of the 74,200 seats are    Hamburg World Cup Stadium            New                97                45,422
apparent in the majority of these new       now covered and the roof – which at a        Hanover World Cup Stadium            Reconstruction     64                39,297
stadia.                                     cost of €26 million ate up 11% of the        Betzenberg Fritz Walter Stadium      Extension          48.3              41,513
 Textiles have a number of advantages       project’s total budget – is distinguished    Cologne World Cup Stadium            Reconstruction     110               46,120
over conventional roofing materials,        by two membrane systems, each                Leipzig Zentralstadion               New                90.6              38,898
not least their flexibility in terms of     measuring 31,000 square metres.              Munich World Cup Stadium             New                280               59,416
shape, light weight, low cost and high        The white and translucent                  Nuremberg Frankenstadion             Reconstruction     56                36,898
coverage.                                   PTFE/fibreglass membranes are less           Stuttgart Fottlieb-Daimler Stadium   Modernisation      51.5              47,757
 Key fabric manufacturers supplying to      than a millimetre thick and have a           Totals                                                  1401.9            573,377
this sector include Ferrari of France,      density of 1,100 gsm. The material is

12                                                                                                                                                                    ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

                                                                               The Aquajet line on show at Fleissner’s stand in       Composites
                                                                               Hall A3 is destined for Korea and will manufacture
                                                                               nanofibre composites for new textile applications.     Another interesting area of
                                                                                                                                      development is the production of
                                                                               More than 80 AquaJet lines have                        two and three-layer compsoites of
                                                                               been delivered so far, and                             pulp/spunbond and/or staple fibres.
                                                                               development of the AquaJet                             The advantages of three layer
                                                                               continues.                                             composites incorporating pulp or
                                                                                In recent developments, an                            tissue include.
                                                                               integrated expansion unit in the                       ● High absorbency, since the pulp
                                                                               AquaJet increases the CD strength                          serves as an absorbing pad.
                                                                               of nonwovens, while nonwovens                          ● No pulp on the outside of
                                                                               with a homogeneous, streak-free                            the product.
                                                                               surface can be produced using the                      ● Improved appearance compared
                                                                               patented oscillating jet head, which                       with 100% fiber webs because
                                                                               represents a special advantage for                         pulp compensates for the
                                                                               heavier nonwovens used as coating                          irregularities of the carding web.
                                                                               substrates.                                            ● Strength practically identical with
                                                                                                                                          that of 100% fibres webs although
                                                                               Combination                                                consisting of 50% short fibres.
                                                                               The combination of spunbonding                         ● Softness when wet identical
                                                                               and spunlacing allows for very high                        with that of 100% carding webs.
                                                                               production speeds to be achieved.                      ● Thickness of products (SPC) with

                                                                               The technical design of the AquaJet                        identical weight higher than for
                                                                               drums is especially favorable for                          100% fibre webs.
                                                                               optimum dewatering, which is of                        Fleissner AquaJet lines for multi-
                                                                               decisive importance for high                           layer nonwovens made of fibres
                                                                               production speeds and the                              combined with pulp (CPC and CP)
                                                                               resulting centrifugal forces of the                    have been used successfully for

                                                                               water to be removed.                                   years and a special filtration system
                                                                                The Fleissner AquaJet line is                         was developed for the circulating
                                                                               suitable for softening usually                         water. A further development stage
                                                                               calendered spunbonds at speeds of                      resulted in the delivery of lines
                                                                               more than 600 m/min.                                   combining spunbond, pulp and
                                                                                For several years, AquaJet lines                      staple fibres.
A range of new developments are           for 60gsm webs.
being presented by Germany’s           ● Working widths of 1.2, 1.8, 2.6
Fleissner in Hall A3 at stand             or 3.6 metres.
107/302.                               ● Accommodates PET, PP, viscose,
 For spunlacing with a width of           cotton and blends in plain,
more than five metres and very            perforated and structured designs.
high production speeds, a               “We also now offer perforating
completely new Jumbo AquaJet has       and structuring shells which allow
been designed by Germany’s             webs to be provided with a wide
Fleissner. “This machine sits at the   range of designs during
opposite extreme of the LeanJet        spunlacing,” added Mr Watzl.
which is designed for lower            “These impart individual aspects,
production capacities at reduced       softer touch and improved
investment costs,” explained the       performance, such as absorption of
company’s sales and marketing          moisture or retention of dirt for
director Alfred Watzl.                 wipes.”
 A number of Leanjet lines are now      The AquaJet was put on the
already operating successfully,        market by Fleissner more than a
being characterised by the             decade ago now, and has been            New product innovations will be a key focus for Fleissner this week.
following features:                    used for bonding of all kinds of
● Designed for a single card.          nonwovens from in weights from          have been used exclusively for                         Hydrospace
● Maximum speed of 120 m/min           as low as 20 gsm up to 500 gsm.         spunlacing of heavy spunbonds.                         Meanwhile, nonwovens containing
                                                                               Their advantage is in much higher                      tubular hollow sections are
  Fleissner’s sales and marketing                                              production speeds compared to                          produced in a continuous process
  director Alfred Watzl.                                                       conventional mechanical needling,                      based on a patent owned by Leeds
                                                                               and in addition, the nonwovens are                     University in the UK.
                                                                               provided with a very smooth                              These can be filled with liquid, gel
                                                                               surface.                                               or solids during the spunlace
                                                                                Possible applications for such                        process.
                                                                               products include roofing felts and                       Hydrospace webs also have a
                                                                               geotextiles.                                           strongly increased sound absorption
                                                                                The spunlacing of light-weight                        capacity, which is an important
                                                                               spunbonds directly after spunbond                      feature in the automotive industry.
                                                                               formation meanwhile, has been                            A further interesting new
                                                                               successfully optimised by Fleissner                    development, this time developed
                                                                               with Reifenhäuser Reicofil.                            in cooperation with STFI in
                                                                                Much higher strengths have been                       Chemnitz, Germany, involves the
                                                                               achieved compared to normally                          bonding of nonwovens with steam
                                                                               calendered spunbonds with                              jets
                                                                               volumes or web thicknesses                               Fleissner SteamJet webs are
                                                                               doubled.                                               characterised by a very soft touch,
                                                                                These nonwovens are charac-                           being bonded both by hydraulic
                                                                               terised by a very soft touch.                          forces and thermal energy.

14                                                                                                                                                       ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

                                                  Dr Carsten Voigtländer
 Q&A                                                                                         CEO, Oerlikon Textile
                                                                                   formerly Saurer Textile Solutions

ITMA Daily News: Here in Munich           IDN: Topics such as saving energy       2008, we will produce our texturing
you are introducing your new focus        and recycling raw materials are         machines completely in what is
on five key brands. Can you otline        becoming increasingly important.        globally our most up-to-date
the strategy behind this?                 What solutions do you offer in this     production plant in Suzhou, where
                                          area?                                   plans for the extension of the
Carsten Voigtländer: Oerlikon will                                                production area by more than
become a global synonym for               CV: Economic growth growth in           30,000 square metres are
innovation and high-tech                  China, for example, has resulted in     proceeding rapidly. On completion
achievement. At the same time, we         energy shortages there, so the          of this project, we will have more
are utilising the attraction of our       world’s leading textile industry is     than 100,000 square metres of           into the Oerlikon Group went
strongest traditional brands, under       looking for a way out, especially as    production area in Suzhou alone.        smoothly and, above all, quickly.
the names of which our fields of          energy on average accounts for          This is how we we will also             The expected synergies emerged,
competence fall: Oerlikon Barmag,         more than 20 percent of the             strengthen our leading position in      and will be reflected in our results.
Oerlikon Neumag, Oerlikon Saurer,         manufacturing costs for textile         the future. Our development know-       In addition, it was not only us who
Oerlikon Schlafhorst, and the new         fabrics. Spinning mills alone invest    how, however, will continue to          benefited from other segments, as
Oerlikon Textile Components.              around five percent of their annual     come from Europe, mainly from           Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum and
                                          turnover in energy. We think,           Germany and Switzerland, and will       Oerlikon Balzers. In many cases, the
IDN: Which of your exhibits on the        therefore, that energy consumption      remain there.                           know how existing in the textile
show do you regard as highlights?         is of special significance. For more                                            field was also important to give new
                                          than three years we have been           IDN: Can you look back with             impulses for future technologies of
CV: It is difficult to choose. The new    pursuing our energy efficiency          satisfaction on the first nine months   other group segments. We take
Autoconer 5 can certainly be              programme ‘e-save’ and award this       in your position as the head of         pride in this, as it shows that textile
counted here. With this automatic         label when our machines and             Oerlikon Textile?                       machinery manufacturing is rightly
package winding machine, we will          components consume significantly                                                counted among the high-tech
clearly raise the bar in respect of       less energy than comparable             CV: Very definitely. The integration    industries.
productivity, quality, efficiency and     competing models or older
availability. In addition, we promise     machines.
a revolution in the BCF production
of carpet yarn with a productivity        IDN: China is increasingly presents
that is increased by 40 percent. Our      itself as a machinery manufacturing
new production technique for              region and produces for its own
synthetic staple fibres also beats the    market. How do you face this
records and now allows th                 competition?
eproduction of 400 tons per day of
product, compared to the previous         CV: We have been represented in
250 tons. And our new concept of          China for more than 15 years and
POY spinning reduces investments          are the most important international
as well as operating costs. Our           manufacturer there for textile
engineering philosophy is clearly         machinery and installations in all
visible – we are strong on total          market segments of staple fibre
solutions with a lot of customer          processing, filament and nonwovens
support. This is also supported by        production – with a total of 2,500
the new customer portal                   employees locally producing
myOerlikon.com.                           machines for the local market In

  Oerlikon Neumag is promising to unveil an all-new technology for BCF carpet
  yarn production which differs significantly from the current technologies on
  the market and is said to offer:
  ● Increased plant efficiency
  ● Reduced energy consumption per kg of yarn
  ● Higher output per yarn end of up to 40% (depending on product)
  ● Higher flexibility
  ● Easy handling
  ● Automation capability
  The company will also show a new concept for staple fibres for production
  lines from 100 up to 400 tons per day. With this concept, the production
  costs per kilogram of fibres, as well as the investment cost per ton of
  capacity, have been significantly reduced, the company says. This is due to a
  couple of new technical solutions and designs including a new spinning
  system, a completely new fibre draw technology and an advanced crimping
  system for more enhanced uniformity.
  The company is in Hall A25 at stand 325.

16                                                                                                                                            ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

                                                                                 MIDDL E EAST
                                                                                   BOOST FOR
                                                                                                                          carpets, ranging from traditional
                                                                                                                          velvet to Shag and Saxony, as
                                                                                                                          well as frieze carpets, with the
                                                                                                                          company’s MF4 friezing machine.
                                                                                                                           Superba’s patented process
                                                                                                                          ensures the best treatment
                                                                                                                          quality through steam under
                                                                                                                          pressure. This heat treatment
                                                                                                                          perfectly handles the materials
                                                                                                                          and avoids any risk of oxidation.
                                                                                                                          Dyeing and steaming lines
                                                                                                                          complete the range of the
                                                                                                                          company, which is at at stand
                                                                                                                          367/466 in Hall A3 here in
  Superba’s stand in Hall A3

Superba of France leads the              aspect and and enhances dyeing
field in machinery for the               affinity.
continuous heatsetting of                 In terms of final customer
carpet yarns with more than              benefits, a heatset carpet will last
1,200 of its lines running               much longer, has a much softer
worldwide.                               and pleasant touch, and offers a
  With exisiting subsidiaries in the     high resilience level, compared to
USA and China, the country               a non heat-set carpet.
recently opened an office in              Superba TVP continuous carpet
Dubai, having seen a big increase        yarn heatsetting equipment sets
in its sales in the Middle East.         any type of fibre including BCF
  The heatsetting of carpet yarns        and synthetic fibres such as
is very necessary for obtaining a        polyamide, polypropylene,
high quality tufted or woven             polyester or acrylic, as well as
carpets, since it increases the          natural fibres, including wool,
volume of the yarns, ensures the         and various blends.
properties obtained from the              Heatset yarns are also employed
twisting remain permanent,               to manufacture the velvet
greatly improves the surface             structures of wall-to- wall

                                                                                                                                                      Superba TVP 25

  BULK AND SOFTNESS WITH SPUNJET                                                                                                               continuous carpet yarn
                                                                                                                                                      heatsetting line

  With more than 50 years in the polyolefin industry, the RKW-Group is one of
  the leading film manufacturers in Europe.
  In April this year, the company decided to add spunlaid capacity at its
  facilities in Gronau, Germany, with the acquisition of a new production line
                                                                                 NILIT ACQUIRES FRISETTA
  able to produce spunlaced continuous fiber nonwovens.                          Nilit is to acquire family-owned German companies Frisetta Polymer in
  The new Rieter SPUNjet technology installed produces spunlaid webs with        Utzenfeld and its subsidiary Recom in Wehr.
  unique uniformity as a result of the combination of the Rieter PERFObond        “The combination of Nilit’s Euronil operations in Italy, already a leader in
  3000 spunbond machine and JETlace 3000 hydroentanglement technology.           specialty plastics, and Frisetta Polymer, a leader in Germany, will create a new
  RKW is now offering the nonwovens industry a new generation of nonwoven        and enhanced player in high performance polymers,” said Arie Gottlieb,
  products with enhanced bulkiness and softness, exceptional tensile strength,   general manager of Nilit.
  and MD:CD ratios close to 1:1.                                                 Nilit also operates a fully integrated polymerization facility in Israel and
  In addition, following its acquisition of Hydrospun Nonwoven GmbH in           produces a broad range of speciality nylon polymers for extrusion, injection
  Halberstadt, Germany, RKW now has an annual capacity of more than 10,000       moulding and compounding under the trademark Polynil. It is also adding a
  tons pf SPUNJet fabric.                                                        compounding facility in China, located in Suzhou, near Shanghai which will
  In 2006 Rieter generated sales of Sfr 3,580 million with its Textile Systems   enable it to expand its presence in the engineering thermoplastics market
  Division accounting for CHF 1,401 million.                                     and offer high performance polymers and compounds globally.”

18                                                                                                                                            ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

  BACKING UP                                               EXPANDED RANGE
  Four textile companies including US-based
  Springs Global, have united to form the Pure
                                                           FOR TECHNOPLANTS
                                                           In July this year,
  Brazil Cotton Council, a consortium of                   TECHNOplants, based
  companies that will manage the implemen-                 in Pistoia, Italy,
  tation of best sustainable practices and                 decided to begin the
  procedures for the growth of Pure Brazil                 production of needle
  Cotton.                                                  looms.
  In addition to Springs Global, the Pure Brazil            In order to do so
  Cotton Council includes leading Brazilian textile        without wasting time
  companies Coteminas, Marisol SA and Santista,            researching and
  believed to be the largest denim manufacturer in         studying the most
  the world. Council members have committed to             recent technologies,
  manufacture and market premium cotton textile            the company has
  products under the trademark Pure Brazil Cotton,         opted to incorporate
  which is the only cotton certified as eco-friendly       the Tectex division for
  from the planting of the seed to the finished            the construction of
  product sold to consumers.                               needle looms
  “Our customers and consumers are increasingly            including the staff and
  interested in natural and environmentally-friendly       resources of the
  products,” said Leslie Gillock, vice-president of        engineering office, the
  brand management for Springs Global, which               workshop and the
  debuted the Pure Brazil Cotton brand earlier this        sales department.
  year in the The JC Penney Towel, one of the most          Tectex, based in neighbouring Santomato, is             off-set.
  popular bath towels in the US. “We are proud to          already known worldwide for the production               ● Quadro-punch needle looms.
  join Coteminas, Marisol and Santista in taking on a      of pre-needling and finishind needle looms,              ● Needle looms for paper making felts
  global leadership role in the management of an           both standard and for specific applications all          ● Longitudinal and transversal cutting units.
  eco-friendly, sustainable cotton choice.”                the way up to the extra wide machines                    ● Basic and fully automatic winders.
  The Pure Brazil Cotton Council’s focus for the           employed to manufacture paper making felts.              ● Pad stackers.
  cultivation of Pure Brazil Cotton will include steps      As a consecquence, the TECHNOplants                     ● Roll and stack wrapping units.
  that help protect the eco-structure including:           production programme now includes:                       ● Roll and stack palletising machines.
  ● Efficient energy utilisation                           ● Three different versions of crosslappers for           ● Other custom tailored solutions for the
  ● High standards of social and environmental             speeds between 60 and 150 m/min.                         automation of nonwoven lines.
      sustainability                                       ● Pre-needle looms.                                      The expanded company is in Hall B3 at stands
  ● The reduction of greenhouse gas and                    ● Needle looms, from top, from bottom and                300 and 336.
      water contamination
  ● Maintenance of a rich and fertile soil.
  The Council is a non-profit association chartered in
  Brazil. It will be directed by veteran cotton
  marketer Nick Hahn, who has worked in the cotton
  textile industry for 40 years, including 19 years as a
                                                            STREAMLINING THE DESIGN PROCESS
  resident and CEO of Cotton Incorporated.                  X-Rite is hosting five workstations on its stand 369 in Hall A4, demonstrating digital workflow solutions
  “The formation of this council marks the beginning        that can be used by designers, product managers, quality control personnel, schedulers and other
  of the world’s first centrally-managed cotton             manufacturing staff in the textile industry to cut costs and improve quality.
  supply chain, from fibre cultivation through textile      Some of the latest advances include products that:
  and end product manufacturing,” he said. “Brazil is       ● Allow designers to communicate accurately their concepts to manufacturing for colour formulations
  not only the fourth largest producer of upland            and approvals.
  cotton in the world but also represents a techno-         ● Allow spectrophotometers to take photos of fabric samples during colour measurement that are then
  logically advanced and expanding textile industry –       embedded in electronic reports for product approvals.
  farmers, mills and manufacturers have joined              ● Simplify and automate the colour approval process between specifiers, sourcing offices, vendors,
  together to leverage their collective strengths           suppliers and mills so that colour assessments can be accurately reproduced at sites throughout the
  through this council to make Brazil the most              supply chain.
  competitive source of sustainable cotton products         ● Allow organisation of data by season, product line, department or other category.
  in the world.”                                            ● Integrate measurements and data from different sources to give the status of the project anywhere in
   “To reach the standards of sustainability planned        the world.
  by the Pure Brazil Cotton Council, farmers and            ● Help with supplier evaluations, such as identifying vendors that have the best success with specific
  manufacturers will be required to adhere to high          colours and substrates.
  environmental and social standards,” said Josue           ● Analyze workflow to review colour approval activities, monitor critical dates and track decision
  Gomes da Silva, co-CEO of Springs Global. “We will        points;
  pay careful attention to waste management, crop           “We can demonstrate how a concept on a designer’s computer monitor can be transformed into
  and soil management, biodiversity preservation,           saleable product through streamlined manufacturing processes,” said John Kowalski, communications
  and socio-economic and ethical management.                manager for X-Rite’s industrial Color & Appearance division. “X-Rite prides itself on offering a full suite of
  “This is an important initiative launched in              hardware and software that integrates seamlessly with the systems of our customers to offer practical
  partnership between Brazilian and US companies            and effective solutions to manufacturing problems.”
  with benefits for textile manufacturers worldwide.”       With more than 960 employees and annual sales of approximately $230 million, X-Rite has headquarters
                                                            in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and regional facilities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

20                                                                                                                                                     ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                         THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                        ITMA show news    INNOVATION

                                                       Picanol’s new
                                                      OptiMax rapier

Picanol is demonstrating no less than                          conditions to achieve the highest
15 machines here in Munich, the                                yield with minimum waste. Energy
majority of them at stand 304 in Hall                          consumption is also kept as low as
B4, with others at the stands of co-                           possible.
operating companies Bonas, Grosse                                A number of OMNIPlus airjet
and Stäubli.                                                   machines are also being
  A key emphasis will be on the new                            demonstrated, producing polyester
OptiMax rapier, with seven of these                            lining fabrics, automotive fabrics,
machines on display in varying widths                          sheeting and mattres tickings, while a
and processing a range of fabrics –                            TERRYplus 800 8-J 260 airjet unit is
shirtings, worsteds, fancy voiles, leno                        manufacturing terry and an OMNIjet
fabrics, coating fabric, ladies’ wear                          4-P is weaving denim.
materials and denim.
  A number of OMNIPlus airjet
machines are also being
demonstrated, producing polyester
lining fabrics, automotive fabrics,
sheeting and mattress tickings, while
a TERRYplus 800 8-J 260 airjet unit is
manufacturing terry and an OMNIjet
4-P is weaving denim.
  Modularity is a cornerstone in the
design of Picanol’s loom range – all
machines have the same basic
platform for all types of shed
formation, whether for different edge
bindings, multi-beam weaving,
weaving flat or leno etc.
  If the market changes, the weaving
machines simply change with it.
  The machines allow complete
control of the insertion cycle from
beginning to end, continuously
treating the filling yarn at optimum
Right: A TERRYplus 800 8-J 260 airjet unit is
manufacturing terry in Hall 5

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                         21
                ITMA show news

Future astronauts may soon be            biosensors, computers, even climbing
provided with a more flexible – not      gear for spacewalks or what NASA
to mention stylish – way to explore      calls an Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA).
the Moon and Mars.                        “When we get back to the Moon
  US researchers at the Massachusetts    and on Mars, we’re not going there
Institute of Technology (MIT) are        to stay in a habitat,” said Dava
edging closer to a skintight and         Newman, professor in the
spaceworthy astronaut garment –          Department of Aeronautics and
called the BioSuit – that will replace   Astronautics and Engineering Systems
the bulky traits of current, gas-        at MIT. “EVA becomes a primary
pressurized versions with flexibility    function.”
and mobility.                             Newman and colleague Jeffrey
  The researchers believe the key to     Hoffman, a former NASA astronaut
such a second skin would be an           and spacewalker, have been working
organic, biodegradable spray-on          with students and the design firm
layer.                                   Trotti and Associates for seven years
                                         to build a viable BioSuit.
Planetary environments
This coating would protect an            Prototype
astronaut conducting a spacewalk in      A current prototype of the suit
extremely dusty planetary                consistently exerts pressures of about
environments. Incorporated into that     20 kilopascals on its wearer but
second skin would be electrically        newer models have reached pressures
actuated artificial muscle fibers to     of up to 25 to 30 kilopascals, which is
enhance human strength and               about one-third that of the Earth’s
stamina.                                 atmosphere and the target for
 The Bio-Suit System could embody        spaceworthy BioSuit, researchers said.
communications equipment,                A fully functional suit could be made

                                                                                    Above: The Biosuit employs tightly wrapped layers of material that are both flexible and protective to the
                                                                                    Left: Future space explorers may apply a spray-on second skin as an organic, biodegradable layer offering
                                                                                    protection in extremely dusty planetary environments.

                                                                                    ready for spaceflight in about 10                      breathable air. Added outer layers of
                                                                                    years, they added.                                     material, as well as a backpack-
                                                                                      At the heart of the BioSuit is                       mounted life support system, can
                                                                                    mechanical counter pressure, which                     further restrict the spacesuit’s
                                                                                    uses tightly wrapped layers of                         mobility and require astronauts to
                                                                                    material that are both flexible and                    spend the bulk of their energy
                                                                                    protective to the astronaut inside.                    fighting their own garments.
                                                                                    The suit’s layers are wrapped in a                       Both the EMU and Orlan spacesuits
                                                                                    meticulous fashion – based on three-                   are designed for work in Earth orbit,
                                                                                    dimensional maps of the human body                     not for use on planetary surfaces,
                                                                                    in motion – to provide structural                      where walking – not floating – will
                                                                                    support while maintaining mobility.                    be key.
                                                                                      “You can’t do much bending of the                       “We really must design for greater
                                                                                    arms or legs in the conventional type                  mobility and enhanced human and
                                                                                    of suit,” said Ms Newman.                              robotic capability,” Newman said.
                                                                                      NASA’s current Extravehicular                          Newman hopes the BioSuits could
                                                                                    Mobility Unit (EMU) spacesuits, as                     be tailored to offer varying levels of
                                                                                    well as their Russian Orlan                            resistance to their wearers for use as
                                                                                    counterparts, surround astronauts in                   exercise garments for astronauts on
                                                                                    a stiff, pressurized vessel containing                 long flights.

22                                                                                                                                                                    ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                     P         Parking

                                                                                                                                                    A 94
                                                                                                                                                                                               Regular Bus

                                                                                                                                                                                               Airport shuttle bus

                                                                                                                                                                                     U         U-Bahn station

                                                                                                                                                                                     11        Gates

                                                                                                                                                                                               Express Way

     Raise a glass at Munich’s Ratskeller in Marienplatz, the official ITMA 2007 after-work stop off
     pint for excellent local dishes and drinks.                                                                                              NORTH
                                                                                                                                             ENTRANCE        17

                                                                                                                          P2            P3              P4                 16

                                                                       MULTI-STOREY                                                                                                   15
                                                                      CAR PARK WEST


                                                                                                                C1        C2            C3              C4            P5        P6
                                          Olof Palm


                                                                                                                                                                                                      P7              P

                                                    e Strasse

                                                                                                   B0           B1        B2            B3              B4            B5        B6

                                                                                      WEST ENTRANCE                            ATRIUM                        ATRIUM                               EAST ENTRANCE

                                                                                                                                                        A4            A5        A6

                                                                                               ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                      AND RI
                                                                                                                A1        A2            A3
                                                                               Am Me

                                                                                                  BUILDING                                                                                                         CAR PA

                                                                                                     1   2            3          4              5             6             7              8

                                                                                                                                     Willy Brandt Allee

                                                                          U                                                                                                                                         U
                                                                Messestadt West                                                                                                                             Messestad

24                                                                                                                                                                              ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                          Nurnberg A9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Deggendorf A92
            Machines and accessories for washing, bleaching, dyeing,                                  Stuttgart A8
            printing, finishing, cutting, rolling and folding, dyestuffs
            and chemical products, recycling.                                                                                                                                                     MUNICH AIRPORT
                                                                                                                                           Ringroad North A99
            Machines and accessories for knitting and hosiery.

            Machines and accessories for braiding, embroidery, making-
            up and transport, handling, storing and packing equipment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ringroad East A99

            Machines and accessories for web formation, bonding and
                                                                                                                                             Mittlerer Ring
            finishing of nonwovens, felting.
                                                                                                                   Ringroad West A99
            Laboratory testing and measuring equipment.

            Machines and accessories for weaving preparatory                                                                                   MUNICH                                       A94                        Passau A94
            machinery, weaving, tufting machinery.                                                                                           CITY CENTRE
                                                                                                                                                                                        NEW MUNICH
            Machines and accessories for spinning preparation, man-                                                                                                                     TRADE FAIR CENTRE
            made fibre production, spinning, winding, texturing, twisting.                            Lindau A96
                                                                                                                                            Innsbrucker Ring

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ringroad East A99
                                                                                                                                             Salzburg A995
                                                                             alz   bur
      13                                                                To S
                                       12               11                                                    Garmisch-Partenkirchen A95                                      Salzburg A8

                                                                                                      ITMA 2007 – The place for Innovation
P8                                                                                                    ITMA is the world’s largest international textile machinery exhibition, an event which is owned by
                                                                                                      CEMATEX. It is recognised as the ‘Olympics’ of the textile machinery industry – a showcase of the latest
                                                                                                      technology and a vital meeting place for buyers and sellers from all over the world.
                                                                                                      ITMA – the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery – has been held every four years since 1951. It
                                                                                                      is the world’s largest exhibition for textile machines and accessories and always takes place at a different

            P9               P10             P11             P12                                      Location
                                                                                                      New Munich Trade Fair Centre. Munich, Germany

                                                                                                      Opening hours
K                                                                                                     Thursday 13 – Thursday 20 September 2007. From 09:00 to 18:00
                                                                                                      Organiser and information
                                                                                                      Messe München GmbH, Messegelände, 81823 München, Germany.
                                                                                                      Tel.: (+49 89) 9 49-1 14 28. Fax: (+49 89) 9 49-1 14 29. Email: info@itma.com
                       9                                10

                                          De Gaspperi Bogen                                           New Munich Trade Fair Centre
                                                                                                      As one of the world’s most modern exhibition centres, the New Munich Trade Fair Centre sets standards
                                                                                                      in functionality, service and communication possibilities.
                                                                                                      Visitors have numerous options to gain information regarding the ITMA 2007 exhibitors. The main one is
t East                                                                                                the Visitor Information System. This system consists of 72 touch-screen information terminals on the
                                                                                                      trade fair grounds and offers background information of all exhibitors including full company data, product
                                                                                                      codes as well as details of their hall and stand number.

           Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                                            25
                ITMA show news

 The Somet Alpha PGA shows its highest potential in filling insertion                                         is is as a result of the latest PGA
                                                                                                              insertion system (Positive Gripper
                                                                                                              Approach). A model on show here in
                                                                                                              Munich in Hall B5 at stand 107/202 is
                                                                                                              equipped for the production of a
                                                                                                              haute couture style.
                                                                                                                Two jacquard versions meanwhile,
                                                                                                              will demonstrate the machine’s
                                                                                                              robustness and strength.
                                                                                                                One of these is operating on the
                                                                                                              Staubli booth (Hall B5, stand 230),
                                                                                                              fitted with a 9,600-hook jacquard
                                                                                                              producing a furnishing material at
                                                                                                              speeds of more than 1,400
                                                                                                                                                        The Somet Mythos E-Tec features new technical
                                                                                                              metres/minute. The other is in place      solutions for further air consumption savings
                                                                                                              at the stand of Startes.
                                                                                                                The Vamatex Silver HS rapier loom       features both mechanical
                                                                                                              at Promatech’s stand is equipped          improvements and new electronic
                                                                                                              with the latest mechanotronics and in     warp tension control solutions. The
                                                                                                              a working width of 1.9 metres is          loom being shows by the company
                                                                                                              producing a producing high quality        here is producing high quality,

                                                                                                              shirting fabric at over 750 picks per     designer towels with a wide range of
                                                                                                              minute. Careful balancing of the          different borders and textures in
                                                                                                              moving masses has made it possible        respect of both loop height and
                                                                                                              to further exploit the potential of the   compactness.
                                                                                                              Propeller – the mechanical heart of         Somet Mythos E-Tec air-jet looms

                                                                                                              this loom.                                produce top quality fabric while
                                                                                                                The jacquard version, is operating at   keeping production costs low, which
                                                                                                              the stand of Bonas (Hall B5, stand        explains their popularity. New design
                                                                                                              276) while an FTS version without         elements in respect of fluid dynamics,
The Somet and Vamatex branded                                    on the Vamatex Silver HS and Silver          tape guide hooks is being displayed       automation and electronic control of
weaving machines of Italy’s                                      Dynaterry models, or quality at low          at the stand of LGL (stand 203/304 in     the insertion system can be viewed
Promatech have been optimised                                    cost, which is the defining quality          Hall B6).                                 on a 3.4-metre-wide version which is
either for versatility, in the case of                           of the Somet Mythos E-Tec air-jet.             The Vamatex Silver Dynaterry for        running a fine sheeting fabric at
the Somet Alpha PGA, superior                                      The ability of the Somet Alpha PGA         terry cloth is currently enjoying great   speeds of more than 2,300 metres of
performance, which is achievable                                 loom to weave a vast range of yarns          success around the world, and             weft insertion per minute.

                                      ENTERPRISES LIMITED

                                         ...for your investment in quality
                                           SDC Enterprises are the manufacturer of premium
                                           quality colour fastness consumables for use in
                                           BS, EN, and ISO test procedures. Specified by
                                                                                             Multifibre DW
                                           many major retailers, SDC products have            with inbuilt
                                           become industry standard, worldwide.                 security
                                           SDC have been researching and producing
                                           standard materials since the 1930’s, internal
                                           master standards only available to SDC,
                                           continuity of
                                           over many
                                           years. 100% of
      profits from SDC consumables are returned to the
      Society of Dyers & Colourists to continue their
      not-for-profit work such as supporting and                                                              The veratile Vamatex
      sponsoring research into the development of                                                             Silver Dynaterry for
                                                                                                              superior terry quality
      standards and industry best practice.

      ●     Multifibre DW
      ●     Standard Adjacent fabrics
      ●     Standard Reference Detergents
      ●     Testing Chemicals
                                                                               Visit us at
      ●     Martindale Test                                                   ITMA 2007
      ●     Grey Scales                                                         A4.352
      ●      Assessment Aids and Testing Equipment

                SDC Enterprises Limited, Unit 29, Pitcliffe Way, Upper Castle Street, Bradford, BD5 7SG, UK
                                Tel: +44 (0)1274 750160, Fax: +44 (0)1274 750162,                              The Vamatex Silver HS
                                                                                                               – a well-established weaving machine
                      sales@sdcenterprises.co.uk or visit our website at www.sdcenterprises.co.uk              with a surprising speed

26                                                                                                                                                                              ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                     THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                                                              ITMA show news          INNOVATION

                                                                                                         Maria Avery
Q&A                                                                                                              Secretary General CEMATEX

IDN: Is ITMA likely to retain a                                example of innovation is nanotech-        Nanotechnology.
strong presence as a European                                  nology.                                   Manufacturers of textile machines,
based show or will the ITMA Asia                               Numerous multifunctional nanotech-        particularly finishing machines, textile
shows gradually become more                                    nological developments have been          auxiliary manufacturers and
significant as the textile industry                            launched in the textile industry. For     component suppliers are promoting
grows in Asia?                                                 example, nanotechnology enables           the advantages of these new
                                                               extremely high-insulation thermal         technologies here in Munich.
MA: ITMA Europe is and will continue                           protection clothing or self-cleaning      Research institutes for textiles and       CEMATEX is the European
to be the premier world show for                               textile surfaces, from which even         clothing are also presenting current       umbrella organisation of nine
technical developments in our                                  substances such as ketchup or red         developments in this field in the          national textile machinery
industry. It attracts customers and                            wine drip off.                            ‘Research and Education Area’, a new       manufacturers’ associations:
exhibitors from all over the world.                            Also, thanks to the link of textile       feature at ITMA. Examples include
We expect that this show will remain                           structures with miniaturised              electro-spinning and spider silk.          ACIMIT, Italy. info@acimit.it
the number one for many years to                               electronic components, smart clothes      Some of the national association           AMTEX, Spain. amtex@amec.es
come. The future of our industry in                            can be produced that perceive             members of CEMATEX are also                BTMA, Great Britain.
Europe is based on technological                               environmental conditions and react        presenting awards to innovative            btma@btma.org.uk
innovation and service.                                        to them.                                  research projects by students at           GTM, Netherlands. gtm@fme.nl
We are convinced that our members                              A Japanese fibre manufacturer, for        textile colleges, with the aim of
                                                                                                                                                    SWISSMEM, Switzerland.
have a lot to offer to the market and                          example, has developed a patented         highlighting the importance of such
continue to invest in research and                             process, allowing the properties of       projects to the overall development        l.sigrist@swissmem.ch
development and customer service.                              top quality Merino wool to be             of the industry.                           SYMATEX, Belgium.
Our goal with ITMA is to provide the                           achieved with polyester fibres.                                                      info@symatex.be
best possible showcase for these                               In mechanical engineering, the            IDN: How do you see ITMA and               TMAS, Sweden.
products – hence the title of this                             properties of machines can be             textile machinery shows in general         tmas@teknikforetagen.se
ITMA in Munich – ‘The Place for                                improved with respect to resistance       developing in the future – what is
                                                                                                                                                    UCMTF, France. info@ucmtf.com
Innovation’.                                                   to wear, corrosion protection and         the key to success?
As long as we continue to develop                              temperature resistance thanks to                                                     VDMA, Germany. itma@vdma.org
and protect our intellectual property,                         nanotechnological surface coatings.       MA: We live in a highly competitive,
we have a good future in Europe,                               Textile research institutes have          global market. Exhibitions are an          share this objective and we have
and ITMA in Europe is the ideal                                developed quality labels on the basis     essential part of communication with       successfully combined three shows
platform for this.                                             of defined test procedures for            our customers, but they are also           into the one to be held in Shanghai
                                                               consumer safety and assurance.            expensive and time consuming for           in 2008 (ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008).
IDN: How will this innovation                                  The Institute of Textile Technology       both exhibitors and visitors.              This has brought huge savings to our
manifest itself here in Munich?                                and Process Engineering Denkendorf        We therefore pursue a strategy of          members and customers. We
                                                               (ITV) has created the Denkendorf          having a few, high quality exhibitions.    continue to evaluate other
MA: The theme is present throughout                            Label of Quality for Self-Cleaning        Both the CTMA (China Textile               possibilities to reduce the number of
the show and appears in all the                                Textiles, and the Hohenstein Institute,   Machinery Association) and JTMA            shows for the benefit of our
different sectors and areas. A current                         the Hohenstein Quality Label              (Japan Textile Machinery Association)      exhibitors and also their visitors.

A range of new textile testing                                 accelerated wash conditions,              reverse action standardised tumble         fastness tester that simulates sunlight
instruments is being unveiled by                               according to AATCC Test Method 61.        dryer, specifically engineered for         and replicates a wide range of
James H Heal at stand 145 in Hall A4.                          Gyrowash also complies with ISO 105       laboratory stability tests and designed    temperatures and humidity levels.
The company’s showcase includes:                               and conforms to the requirements of       to reduce machine variables and            This instrument comes with
● Truburst2, a fully pneumatic and                             major European retailers including        operator error to the minimum.             enhanced software features that
highly automatic intelligent bursting                          Marks and Spencer and Next.               ● Apollo2, a new generation, air-          introduce new levels of automation
strength tester that exceeds the                               ● Accudry2, a brand new air vented,       cooled, xenon arc light and weather        and ease of use.
requirements of ISO 13938-2 and
complies with ASTM D3786. This
makes it the clean, efficient and safer
alternative to any hydraulic tester.
Heals’ design team has united digital
microprocessor control with laser
technology to realize a breadth of
new features that deserve a close
look from any discerning textile
● Gyrowash, an official AATCC
testing instrument for evaluating the
colour fastness, staining potential
and durability of fabrics under

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                     27
                ITMA show news

The newly-created RITM                  The ‘Wool Touch’ system, for the     have reached their maturity,” said
(Research & Innovation Textile         production of spun-like yarns from    RITM managing director Frédéric
Machinery) company is                  synthetic raw materials such as       Belval.
displaying both machines for the       polypropylene and polyamide,           “However, they have not yet
twisting and texturing of fine         breaks down a barrier that has        dethroned natural fibre carpets.
count yarns and units for the          defeated the carpet industry for       “Carpet yarn suppliers have been
twisting, assembling and cabling       decades.                              searching for some time for a way
of heavy counts for technical           RITM was established at the end      to produce a wool-like carpet with
applications in Hall 3, at stand       of 2006 when Rieter Textile           a cost-effective yarn such as PP or
250/149.                               Machinery sold its cabling,           PA 6 BCF. Until now the barrier
 Following the success of its UT 50    twisting and texturing machine        between natural and synthetic
universal twister, the company is      activities, based at Valence in       yarns could not be overcome.”
now introducing the UTC 60 which       Southern France.                       The new RITM process involves
has new features enabling it to         The buyer, the French company        abrasion of the BCF yarn during
deliver even more flexibility and      Co-Martin, created RITM to            the twisting/cabling operation. The
productivity.                          continue the long-established         result is a synthetic yarn, of up to   RITM managing director Frédéric Belval:
 The UT 50 machine was the ideal       Valence expertise in carpet cabling   six-ply, with the ‘Wool Touch’ –       “Customers are demanding flexible and efficient
two-for-one twisting machine for       and twisting equipment, as well as    effectively an added element of        production equipment.”
yarns employed rubber                  in twisters for industrial and        hairiness.
reinforcement, artificial grass,       technical textile yarns.               A Wool Touch twisted or cabled        mechanical machines already has a
ropes and twines, fishing nets and      As one of the major players in       PP or PA 6 yarn can be                 large number of innovations that
conveyor belts, its flexibility        carpet yarn technology, RITM has      subsequently processed exactly as      enable customers to increase their
allowing production of up to six-      already enjoyed significant market    normal on existing tufted or           productivity and to use the
ply cabled cords in a two-step         success, especially in the booming    woven carpet machines.                 machines more flexibly.
process on the same machine.           carpet market of Turkey.               The feature may be retrofitted to      The latest CDDT 20 machine
 The main advantages of the new         With innovations such as the         most of the existing machines in       features a new headstock, which
UTC 60 machine are said to be:         Wool Touch system and the new         the market, and is available as an     ensures the following advantages:
● Direct cabling equipment for         CDDT 20 cabler/twister, RITM aims     option for new CDDT 10 and CDDT        ● Higher production speeds
   two-ply cord production enables     to strengthen that position, and is   20 machines.                              through a new traverse shaft
   more flexibility and economical     introducing both developments                                                   and new cam-box design.
   production.                         here at ITMA in Hall 3, at stand      Latest cabling/twisting                ● Higher product flexibility thanks
● An integrated full air circulation   250/149.                              RITM has also applied its expertise       to an efficient delivery.
   reduces the heat dissipated and      RITM believes its Wool Touch         to the cabling/twisting process for    The unit has a pneumatically-
   allows savings in                   innovation has highly significant     carpet BCF, and now offers two         controlled take-up package holder,
   air-conditioning costs              market implications, and its launch   customer-oriented solutions.           which allows for speeds up to 180
● New yarn brakes designed to          at the Dubai event features a           For simplicity and efficiency, the   m/min in the twisting process –
   smoothly process smoothly the       sample range in which a BCF           RITM model CDDT 10                     especially important for low-twist
   most sensitive materials.           polypropylene yarn provides an        cabler/twister with mechanical         applications.
Meanwhile, RITM has also               effect guaranteed to show a           headstock is focused on                 As an example, the machine is
developed a long-awaited solution      convincing spun yarn imitation in     performance and ease of operation      able to twist PP BCF with 80tpm at
to the demand for a wool-like          a synthetic product.                  for customers producing basic,         6500rpm – which means a unique
carpet with the economic benefit        “The floorcovering market is very    high-volume batches of yarn.           take-up speed of 162m/min.
of synthetic yarns.                    competitive and synthetic carpets       This system has had particular        In direct cabling, the machine
                                                                             success in the Turkish carpet          design allows a take-up speed of
  RITM’s UTC 60 under installation                                           region around Gaziantep, where         10 m/min. which is suitable for
  earlier this week.
                                                                             repeat orders from existing clients    high-twist requirements.
                                                                             have now helped stimulate               Production flexibility is also
                                                                             business from a number of              optimised by the use of a colour
                                                                             completely new customers.              touchscreen PLC device, while the
                                                                               For higher flexibility and produc-   CDDT range is now offered with a
                                                                             tivity, with precise and consistent    wide range of new ancillary
                                                                             yarn quality, RITM has developed       equipment and options.
                                                                             the new CDDT 20 twisting and
                                                                             cabling machine, which can be          Management
                                                                             equipped with either mechanical        and monitoring
                                                                             or motorised spindles.                 RITM is now able to offer a
                                                                               The comprehensive coverage of        comprehensive plant management
                                                                             the RITM twisting and cabling          system, giving an overview of
                                                                             machines from the CDDT family          process information, production
                                                                             means this technology continues        results and quality control data at
                                                                             to set the standards on the            all levels.
                                                                             market.                                Known as MUST – Monitoring
                                                                               “The conversion of carpet fibres     Unit System for Textile machinery,
                                                                             today, is becoming very versatile,”    this system is the latest stage in
                                                                             said Mr Belval. “New yarn types        the development of monitoring
                                                                             are being engineered and the           and production control equipment
                                                                             integrated customers or converters     which the Valence company has
                                                                             are demanding flexible and             been delivering for industrial, tyre,
                                                                             efficient production equipment.        glass fibre and carpet yarn markets
                                                                               “The current generation of           worldwide since 1991.

28                                                                                                                                           ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
Italy’s Marzoli has developed a new                             while the new suction system
entirely electronically-controlled                              boosts the machine efficiency as
comber which the company says                                   well as improving overall sliver
has exceeded expectations in the                                quality.
most stringent production and                                    Marzoli’s FTSDN roving frame is
quality tests.                                                  now available in lengths up to 192
  The new model CM600N provides                                 spindles (220 mm gauge, with 6-
both high performance and                                       INCH bobbins), with either manual
extremely high quality sliver.                                  or automatic doffing. The
  Field trials were conducted at                                reliability of the machine has been
production speeds of 480 nips per                               improved by the addition of an
minute, the company reports. The                                upgraded management and
comber can be viewed at the                                     electronic control system.
Marzoli and Vouk’s stand 241/340                                 The C601N/Super card has been
in Hall A3.                                                     completely redesigned with
  The Vouk UMTRN drawframe,                                     particular attention to the
meanwhile, has been completely re-                              geometry of the cleaning and
engineered in the drafting area as                              ccomponents and also the number
well as having major modifications                              of working flats has increased from
made to its drafting suction and                                23/25 to 32 in the carding surface
autolevelling system to assure                                  between carding cylinder and
constant control of the sliver. New                             movable flats. This allows a
mechanical solutions have                                       carding production increase of
produced a machine with increased                               approximately 20%, at the same
reliability and ease of maintenance,                            quality standard.

 Textechno is showing its proven automatic tensile testers for fibres and
 yarns, as well as the Dynafil ME universal filament yarn tester, in Hall A4
 at stand 129/230.
 In addition, the company is introducing a number of new models:
 ● Statimat DS represents a new generation of the Textechno automatic
   tensile testers for yarns. As a highly integrated measuring instrument
   it offers a combination of the three most important test methods for
   yarns and threads – tensile strength, evenness and count.
 ● The Dynajet tests for weaknesses in staple-fibre spun yarns, delivering
   an analysis of the weak places in the yarn, ie. yarn sections below a
   preset tenacity limit at high testing speed (max. 1,000 m/min)
 ● Fibrotest combines the tensile test on fibre bundles with a fibre-length
   measuring system, whose concept is based on the classic Fibrograph
   principle. The Fibrotest is said to offer an economic semi-automatic
   alternative to the high-volume technique.
 ● Fully automatic fibre-length measurement is made possible by the LCT
   tester, based on Trützschler technology. In addition to conventional
   fibre-length values, it yields important information with regard to
   optimising the settings of carding machines and draw-frames.

Roll Concept of France offers lightweight rollers with its patented
Alveotubes for web handling.
 Alveotubes are used on a wide range of roller types, including idler,
transducer, accumulator, guide, contact, nip, dancer, lay-on and calender.
 The company says its range includes simple-profile but also ready-for-
installation solutions with a choice of mountings, coatings and coverings –
notably anti-adhesive coatings, to prevent the product sticking to the
roller when it is hot. Rollers are also claimed to be balanced to ensure
perfect concentricity and straightness.
Visit the company at stand 165 in Hall B3

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month         29
                ITMA show news

                                 UK-based speciality textile
                                 machinery manufacturer Web
                                                                     sale of this equipment.
                                                                       “I was surprised and delighted
                                 Processing has just supplied        at the speed of installation and
                                 and commissioned a unique           commissioning of the line,” said
                                 hot melt/combined PUR               Ivan Vandeputte of Vandeputte-
                                 laminator with a roll face of       Avitex. “It was in operation only
                                 2.8 metres AT Vandeputte-           two days after its arrival at our
                                 Avitex, a highly-respected          factory here in Ingelmunster.”
                                 commission laminating facility        “The smooth start up and the
                                 in Belgium.                         manufacture of production
                                  The line, designed for long runs   materials has impressed me, and
                                 and discontinuous operation at      I am sure I will fill this machine
                                 high speed (50 m/min), is being     to capacity very soon.
                                 used to produce laminates of          This line gives me an additional
                                 fabrics, nonwovens, knitwear, PU    technique to complement my
                                 and other foams, Lycras, films,     existing production facility and
                                 foils, paper and a range of open    the abilty to produce an even
                                 structure fabrics.                  more diverse range of
                                  Materials can be batched to a      laminations at much higher
                                 maximum diameter of two             speeds.”
                                 metres from three possible            Web Processing is showing its
                                 unwind positions – air shafts,      new WZ Quattro here in Munich,
                                 brake and tracking facility.        in Hall B3 at stand 338.
                                 unique design
                                 ensures that
                                 all materials
                                 have the
                                 amount of
                                 present during
                                  Web’s agent
                                 in Belgium Mr
                                 was instru-
                                 mental in
                                 securing the

30                                                                                     ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                 THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                             ITMA show news       INNOVATION

A special version of the Sulzer Textil G6500 RSP rapier weaving                 of more than 520 rpm. A new gripper technology ensures even more
machine is demonstrating its versatility and performance in Hall                reliable and versatile weft insertion, even of different yarns.
B5, at stand 121/220.                                                            With specially matched components, the tried-and-tested P7300HP
 It can be seen producing an extremely dense-woven technical textile            projectile weaving machine is still unbeatable in the production of
in a working width of 260 cm – at the remarkable speed for this width           high-quality denim and can be seen weaving with a weft insertion rate
                                                      Sulzer Textil G6500 RSP   of over 1,570 m/min and at a speed of more than 400 rpm.
                                                     rapier weaving machine     Customised for producing denim, the machine can be fine-tuned for
                                                                                different applications with working widths of up to 6.5 metres.
                                                                                 Filament fabrics are also being woven at a speed of 950 rpm on the
                                                                                L5500 air-jet weaving machine but the company points out that for
                                                                                profitable production air consumption is just as important as speed.
                                                                                This has been reduced by as much as 15% with a new, intelligent, self-
                                                                                teaching air-nozzle control system.
                                                                                 Elsewhere at the show, the new terry version of the G6500 can be
                                                                                viewed at the Stäubli booth 230 in Hall B5. As a result of its pile-
                                                                                length measuring device, a uniform pile weight within very tight
                                                                                tolerances is assured. With the yarn-friendly, reed-controlled terry
                                                                                equipment a maximum loose pick distance of 24mm and pile heights
                                                                                of over 11mm are possible.
                                                                                 Another G6500 can be found weaving an aramid fabric from Twaron
                                                                                yarn at Klöcker, in Hall B6, at booth 358. This machine has a special
                                                                                weft brake which decelerates the weft perfectly to the exact length,
                                                                                reducing weft waste to a minimum.Finally First SpA, also a member of
                                                                                the ITEMA Group, is demonstrating a third G6500 weaving a standard
                                                                                fabric at a speed of over 700 rpm in Hall B5, booth 219/320.
                ITMA show news

                                                                                                                                                 signs and banners.
                                                                                                                                                 ● AtticWrap – the first breathable
                                                                                                                                                 roofing membrane to create an airtight
                                                                                                                                                 ● ThermaWrap – improving the
                                                                                                                                                 reflection of radiant energy in wall
                                                                                                                                                 ● Tyvek Comfort fit design coveralls
                                                                                                                                                 were designed based on wearer input
                                                                                                                                                 and provide workers with a significantly
                                                                                                                                                 more comfortable fit, improved
                                                                                                                                                 mobility and enhanced durability.
                                                                                                                                                   As one of the first companies to
                                                                                                                                                 publicly establish environmental goals,
                                                                                                                                                 DuPont has broadened its sustainability
                                                                                                                                                 commitments beyond internal footprint
                                                                                                                                                 reduction to include market-driven
                                                                                                                                                 targets for both revenue and research
                                                                                                                                                 and development investment in
                                                                                                                                                 products like Tyvek. The goals are tied
                                                                                                                                                 directly to business growth, specifically
                                                                                                                                                 to the development of safer and
                                                                                                                                                 environmentally improved new
                                                                                                                                                 products for key global markets,
                                                                                                                                                 including products that help increase
                                                                                                                                                 energy efficiency.

                                                                                                                                                 Also turning 40 this year is Nomex, the
                                                                                                                                                 heat resistant fibre used in products
                                                                                                                                                 ranging from protective apparel to

     60s CHILDREN
                                                                                                                                                 electrical insulation.
                                                                                                                                                  DuPont introduced Nomex in woven
                                                                                                                                                 and nonwoven forms in 1967, and
                                                                                                                                                 while it grew out of fundamental R&D
                                                                                                                                                 work done by Paul Morgan and
                                                                                                                                                 Stephanie Kwolek, Wilfred Sweeny
                                                                                                                                                 found a way to make the high-
      1967. Flower Power and Vietnam. Pirate Radio, Race Riots and                                                                               molecular-weight product that could be
      Sgt. Pepper. ITMA in Basle, Switzerland. The birth of Nomex and Tyvek                                                                      spun into the tough crystallizable fibre
                                                                                                                                                 which possessed outstanding thermal
                                                                                                                                                 and flame-resistant properties. In 2002,
1967 was a memorable year for                    breathable while resistant to water, a      ● Envelopes, which have been the                    Sweeny was recognised for his contri-
DuPont, following a couple of happy              wide range of hazardous materials,          preferred choice for the Fed Ex Pak for             butions with a Lavoisier Medal, the
accidents.                                       chemical degradation and tears.             more than 30 years.                                 highest honour of science excellence
 The initial discovery of Tyvek was                “Tyvek revolutionised the selective       ● Covers used to help protect                       awarded by DuPont.
made in that year, when a DuPont                 barrier as the first nonwoven that is not   everything from personal vehicles to                 Nomex is an inherently flame-
researcher recognised the potential              permeable to particulates, mould, and       NASA space station modules during                   resistant, high-temperature fibre that
value of a high-strength white                   bacteria, while still letting beneficial    manufacturing, transportation and                   will not melt, drip or support
polyethylene fibre formed in samples             elements like clean air pass through,”      storage.                                            combustion in air. It also delivers
taken from a new high-density                    said Matthew L. Trerotola, vice                                                                 outstanding resistance to a broad
polyethylene process. A programme                president and general manager of            Developments                                        range of chemicals and is offered in
was established to develop the new               DuPont Nonwovens. “DuPont has a             Recent product introductions include:               paper, felt, fabric and fibre forms.
material into an engineered sheet                strong tradition of delivering Tyvek        ● The Tyvek Auto
structure, which today is produced at            innovations to meet the changing            Surface Protection
DuPont facilities in Richmond, Virginia,         needs of the global marketplace.            System which
and in Luxembourg. Tyvek is 100                    “As a leader in selective barrier         helps protect the
percent recyclable.                              technologies, we will continue to           finish of new
                                                 provide Tyvek and other technologies to     vehicles during
Characteristics                                  help protect buildings, workers,            shipping, while
Combining certain characteristics of             vehicles, equipment and critical            allowing paint to
paper, film and fabric, Tyvek is                 information documents.”                     fully dry and cure.
lightweight but still strong, and                  Although its most commonly known          ● Tyvek Brillion DR
                                                 application is HomeWrap, Tyvek is also      and DRC which
   More than three million firefighters around
   the world are protected by turnout gear,      used in protective garments, envelopes,     gived printers and
   stationwear and accessories made of Nomex.    tags and labels, indoor and outdoor         tag and label
                                                 signs and banners, sterile medical and      manufacturers a
                                                 industrial packaging as well as bags,       greater range of
                                                 maps and car covers. Additional             options to
                                                 applications include:                       enhance the         Tyvek AtticWrap helps reduce air leakage and energy loss. Its metalized surface
                                                 ● Protective garments which are are         printing and        reflects heat, while its breathable structure protects against moisture damage.
                                                 widely used in manufacturing,               appearance of
                                                 laboratory and emergency response           their products.                                    Firefighting
                                                 settings, providing protection from         ● InkJet Banner Media with an                      Nomex brand fibre is perhaps best
                                                 hazardous materials.                        advanced coating to ensure                         known as a critical component in
                                                 ● Sterile medical packaging for devices     compatibility with inkjet printers in              protective apparel. Today, more than
                                                 and supplies.                               the development of wide format                     three million firefighters around the

32                                                                                                                                                                       ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                                                                      ITMA show news                INNOVATION

                      Outdoor and indoor signs and              decades, the brand has become
                         banners made of Tyvek are              synonymous with safety and
                       both lightweight and strong,
                                                                protection. DuPont last year
                                able to withstand all
                               types of weather, and            announced a $100 million global
                                        easy to read.           expansion plan to increase worldwide
                                                                capacity for Nomex and support
                                                                exciting new applications including:
                                                                ● Wind Power – Expanded Nomex
                                                                applications, providing solutions for
                                                                the growing use of wind power in
                                                                countries like Spain and China.
                                                                ● Nomex Limitedwear for Military – A
                                                                lightweight, limited-use garment
                                                                designed as specified by the military to
                                                                help protect soldiers from flash fires.
                                                                ● Selective Permeable Membrane
                                                                (SPM) Technology – DuPont is working
world are protected by turnout gear,                            with the US Army Soldier System
stationwear and accessories made of                             Center in Natick, Mass., on new
Nomex.                                                          lightweight suits featuring SPM                                                                                   Troops in Iraq are being
                                                                                                                                                                           outfitted with Nomex apparel
  It is also used in apparel worn by                            technology, which will help protect
                                                                                                                                                                             to protect them from burns
military pilots and combat vehicle crew,                                                                                                                                      caused by roadside bombs,
                                                               Tyvek envelopes are exceptionally lightweight,
auto racing drivers, pit crew members                          strong and durable, withstanding moisture, tears                                                            one of the greatest threats to
                                                                                                                                                                                        American troops.
and track officials, and industrial                            and punctures.
workers at risk from flash fire and
electric arc hazards.                                                                                             front line defenders from chemical and    and thermal properties offered by
  Troops in Iraq are being outfitted with                                                                         biological agents.                        Nomex help extend the life of electrical
Nomex apparel to protect them from                                                                                ● DuPont Tychem ThermoPro – A             equipment, as well as reduce
burns caused by roadside bombs, one                                                                               single garment that combines flash fire   premature failures and repairs.
of the greatest threats to American                                                                               and chemical protection.                  Honeycomb of Nomex paper is used for
troops.                                                                                                                                                     lightweight structural support and
  “The world is a safer and more                                                                                  Insulation                                improves the performance of most
energy-efficient place as a result of                                                                             In addition to its use in protective      commercial aircraft. Nomex paper can
Nomex and its innovative applications,”                                                                           apparel, Nomex brand paper has been       also be found in consumer appliances,
said William J. Harvey, vice president                                                                            providing electrical insulation for       industrial equipment and
and general manager at DuPont                                                                                     motors, transformers and generators       transportation equipment such as high-
Advanced Fibers Systems. “Over four                                                                               for decades. The electrical, mechanical   speed trains.

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                                   33
                ITMA show news

One of the key aims of                          next week is to demonstrate                  has increased process
Switzerland’s                                    improvements not only in its                reliability with the new Reacta DM                                      The Trikoflex LT-V
Benninger over                                      textile machines themselves,             steamer and retention accumulator,                            retention compartment for
the                                                  but also in the processes of            while effective improvements have                               Benninger’s knitwear line

                                                      their users.                           been achieved on the Extracta
                                                                In fabric finishing,         washing compartments in terms of             In the environmental sphere,
                                                                       the company           maintenance and efficiency.                 Benninger will this week be
                                                                                              Benninger has consolidated its             describing its work with MDS
                                                                                              knitwear line with the introduction        Prozesstechnik GmbH, from Germany,
                                                                                                 of the Trikoflex LT-V retention         which it says has already started to
                                                                                                  compartment. The Reacta DM             pay off.
                                                                                                         washing and retention unit,      In Asia in particular, says the
                                                                                                          which is available in a        company, water is scarce and
                                                                                                         variety of module sizes, is     wastewater is a serious issue.
                                                                                                         also new. And with the          Concepts for fresh-water processing,
                                                                                                                cylinder dryer for       the planning of partial current
                                                                                                                    knitwear – a joint   guidance systems with reuse of used
                                                                                                                   development with      water, and wastewater processing
                                                                                                             Wumag – the company         have all already been successfully
                                                                                                              is introducing a global    developed and implemented under
                                                                                                              innovation, which can      the banner of ‘zero discharge’.
                                                                                                 be used particularly for the ‘in-        Benninger equipment on display in
                                                                                              between’ drying process. Benninger         Hall C4 at stand 161/262 includes the
The new Benninger                                                                            says this brings improvements in            Trikoflex LT-V retention compartment.
Reacta DM steamer and                                                                        terms of both processing and                the Trikoflex LT-DB washing
retention accumulator is
designed to increase process                                                                 production costs and has led to a           compartment and the Extracta LH
reliability                                                                                  steady rise in order volumes.               washing compartment.

  THREE PLACES AT ONE                                                                        COMPACT FOR VERSATILITY
  TIME FOR BARCO                                                                                                                                                    market.
  Control-systems group Barco is present in three different locations here in Munich –                                                                              water
  conveying its diverse involvement in spinning weaving and finishing operations.                                                                                   usage levels
  In spinning, the main focus is on Barco’s solutions for the detection and elimination                                                                             of under 40
  of contamination and foreign fibres. In the fight against contamination, Barco                                                                                    l/kg for a
  offers a complete range of products, including: the Cotton Sorter for the blow                                                                                    complete
  room; SliverWatch for draw frames; and the ABS FF and PP (polypropylene) detector                                                                                 reactive
  as an extension to the company’s BarcoProfile yarn clearer, for OE machines. Barco                                                                                dyeing
  is also introducing a new version of its BarcoProfile OE yarn clearer, integrating basic                                                                          process,
  yarn clearing, foreign-fibre and polypropylene detection, all in a single sensor. In                                                                              and short
  weaving, Cyclops, the company’s automatic on-loom inspection system, checks the                                                                                   processing
  fabric quality during production and stops the loom in case of quality problems.                                                                                  times, the
  New features include the capability to inspect fabrics up to 560cm wide and the                                                                                   Evodye has
  inspection of chequered and grid fabrics. The central QualiMaster system allows                                                                                   an
  automatic grading of the fabric based on the user’s criteria. Barco’s WeaveMaster,                                                                                extremely
  KnitMaster and TuftMaster manufacturing execution systems, all based on wireless                                                                                  efficient
  data-collection technology, are all on display. These systems can now be extended                                                                                 design,
  with a powerful module for yarn inventory and yarn procurement.                                                                                                   which
  Barco Sedo, together with Treepoint, is presenting its solutions for total quality and     Spain’s ATYC is showing its new             makes it one of the most compact
  process control in the dyehouse. Barco Sedo has two new members of its well-               Evodye, a dyeing machine designed           units on the market.
  known Sedomat family of dyehouse controllers, the Sedomat 1800 and the                     mainly for the processing of cotton           Sharing stand 247/342 with the
  Sedomat 5500. There are also new solutions for data collection and the new                 and synthetic knitted goods, in Hall        Evodye are the latest versions of the
  Sedomat controller series for continuous machines.                                         C1.                                         Rapidye horizontal dyeing machine,
  The new ColorMaster colour-management system focuses on recipe development,                 It offers extremely low water and          first introduced in ITMA Asia in
  recipe correction, colour communication, process formulation and optimisation.             energy usage, coupled with simplicity       October 2005, and the Superflux 4V
  Treepoint’s Flex Dye Liquor Control system checks and corrects the dye liquor prior        of operation and high flexibility in the    package dyeing machine, which,
  to use in production, while MORAPEX checks the Material before and after dyeing.           range of products that it can process.      according to ATYC, since its
  All systems can work in a fully integrated system configuration, to support total           The Evodye is an evolution of the          introduction during the previous
  quality control in dyehouse.                                                               concepts first introduced in the            ITMA in Birmingham, has set the
  Visit Barco in at stand 255 in Hall B6, at stand 161/268 in Hall A4 and at stand 336       Technodye machine, which ATYC says          standards for fast economical
  in Hall C1.                                                                                still retains its position as one of the    package dyeing, eliminating the need
                                                                                             most versatile dyeing machines in the       for intermediate winding.

34                                                                                                                                                           ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                            THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                           ITMA show news    INNOVATION

The Oeko-Tex Association is a first-time exhibitor at this year’s
ITMA. Experts from the Oeko-Tex institutes and the authorised
contact offices around the world will be introducing the concept,
methodology and requirements of the Oeko-Tex testing and certifi-
cation system to interested visitors in hall B2 at stand 163.
 Manufacturers at all stages of production throughout the textile
value chain will have the opportunity during their visit to find out
about innovative machine technology, the latest in process technology,
current research projects and new developments in dyestuffs and
auxiliaries as well as the independent tests for harmful substances
according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as a valuable support for their in-
house quality assurance.

  With its uniform requirements that apply throughout the world, the
Oeko-Tex criteria catalogue creates a common language for the
scientifically-founded evaluation of potential harmful substances in
textiles, and with over 60,000 certificates issued in the 15 years since
its foundation, has established itself as a global player within the
textile and clothing industry.

 Avocet Dye & Chemical Company is promoting its full range of flame
 retardants, dyes and textile speciality products here in Munich.
 The Cetaflam flame-retardant range features prominently and includes
 products for backcoating, padding and dyebath application. Avocet says
 a high proportion of flame retardant standards can be achieved,
 covering all fibres and their blends.
 The Cetaflam range includes many low-environmental-impact products,
 capable of Oeko-Tex 100 compliance. Latest R&D has produced a new
 dyebath-applicable flame-retardant system for polyester, using Cetaflam
 DB9 and Cetaflam DB168. In addition, new flame-retardant systems for
 padding and backcoating are being demonstrated.
 Avocet’s dye ranges include Cetalan AV products, used on wool,
 polyamide, silk and their blends, and Avocet M dyes for wool. Speciality
 products include antimicrobials, rot-proof/water-repellent finishes and a
 new range of softener flakes.
 The company is at stand 235 in Hall B1.

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                            35
                ITMA show news

                                                                               It is also, however, being adapted         The roller cleaning head continually
                                                                             for other manufacturing processes          traverses above the roller, removing
                                                                             where lint, debris, coatings and           and cleaning the lint away as it
                                                                             other applied finishes also cause          adheres to the roller.
                                                                             problems and need to be cleaned in-          The adhesive level remains constant
                                                                             situ, while the machine is operating.      throughout the process and
                                                                               In rotary screen printing the system     throughout consecutive print runs.
                                                                             removes lint where it is most
                                                                             problematic and most likely
                                                                             to affect the print quality –
                                                                             directly in front of the first
                                                                             printing screen.

                                                                             A specially-developed,
                                                                             pressure-sensitive adhesive is
                                                                             applied to the roller whilst
                                                                               The roller cleaning head is
          Technijet Roto-Vac 2600
                                                                             then positioned above the
                                                                             roller to effect lint removal                                    Technijet Roto-Vac

                                                                                                                                               high speed roller
                                                                             from the adhesive coating.
                                                                             There is no modification
                                                                             required to the print-
                                                                             machine structure or to the
                                                                             printing heads, as the system

                                                                             is totally self contained and
                                                                             continually monitors its own
                                                                               Technijet says it is due to
                                                                             the specially formulated
Some 27 patented Roto-Vac machines are now running in nine countries.        adhesive and the oscillating
The technology, developed by the UK’s Technijet and on display in Hall C2    cleaning head that lint, dust
at stand 200, has been developed for the continual removal of lint, dust     and debris removal is            Technijet
and debris from fabric as it is delivered to the printing blanket prior to   achieved effectively and         Roto-Vac
                                                                                                              cleaning head
meeting rotary printing screens.                                             easily on a continual basis.

                                                                                                                                           ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                 THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                                                          ITMA show news          INNOVATION

Goller’s Dip-Sat Vario Plus is                                  chemicals since no surface
mainly used in pre-treatment                                    reaction takes place once the
ranges to impregnate the fabric                                 fabric is heated up in the
with the necessary desizing,                                    steamer, which commonly shows        Goller’s Dip-Sat Vario Plus
scouring or bleaching chemicals                                 as cloudiness in the steamer
in a defined manner.                                            atmosphere.
  A combination of three times                                   The liquor pick-up is controlled
dipping and three times overflow                                with a two-bowl pulling device
makes sure that both fabric sides
are evenly treated.
  Timing rollers allow the
                                                                which the fabric passes in an
                                                                S-wrap so that even the most
                                                                sensitive fabric can be loaded
                                                                                                      PLATFORM FOR RESEARCH
                                                                                                      The Research and Education Area, in which research institutes for textiles and
chemicals to penetrate into the                                 with the impregnation liquor up       clothing as well as colleges, universities and other educational institutions are
core of the fibre and assure an                                 to its carrying capability without    presenting their services and innovations, is being held for the first time at
even distribution all over the                                  weft distortion or other              ITMA here in Munich, in Hall B2.
fabric. At the same time the                                    problems. Chemical dosing is          A total of 30 research institutes, colleges and universities from 13 countries
circulating liquor is kept to a                                 computer controlled. Based on         have registered their participation. Germany has the largest contingent with
minimum volume.                                                 the fabric weight, the individual     14 exhibitors followed by Italy with four. In addition to European exhibitors,
  The advantages of the old                                     components of the recipe are          universities and institutes from Asia and North America are presenting their
impregnation compartments are                                   added and mixed with the              work to the international trade public.
combined with short liquor                                      circulating liquor through            This is supplemented by the ‘Speaker’s Corner’, at which experts will explain
application – liquor exchange of                                precision dosing pumps with flow      their current projects, research results and visions in more than 25 talks. The
more than 80% due to the high                                   control.                              lecture series start at 2pm tomorrow (Friday 14 September) and will continue
fabric content – but without                                     An absolute evenness of the          until next Wednesday.
regular titration of the liquor                                 chemical bath is guaranteed           In addition to basic presentation of the product and service range of
bath and enrichment of the                                            throughout the entire           exhibitors represented, the programme includes current innovations such as
bath with impurities. The                                                   production.               developments in the manufacturing of clothing and technical textiles,
liquor exchange                                                              Goller is in Hall C1,    innovation management and as new applications for textiles in the
also saves                                                                    at stand 117            construction industry, the transport sector and the life science area.

                                                                                                       LIQUOR RATIOS
                                                                                                       With the Fong’s Jumboflow high temperature dyeing machine, on
                                                                                                        show in Hall C1 at stand 103/302, the total dyeing time can be cut
                                                                                                           short for substantial machine output and energy savings.
                                                                                                              The VL variable loading chamber changes its profile to hold
                                                                                                             large varieties of fabric types, from light to heavy weights. At
                                                                                                                           the same time, extra capacity is allowed within
                                                                                                                              the same volume of the storage chamber. As a
                                                                                                                               result of the multi saving rinsing system (MSR)
                                                                                                                               function, cooling and rinsing can be run
                                                                                                                            simultaneously. The consumption of water and
                                                                                                                            the quantity of effluent discharge are also
                                                                                                                              To effectively rinse the fabric, the quantity of
                                                                                                                             rinsing water and the rinsing time has to be
                                                                                                                             controlled. The AIR+ advanced intelligent
                                                                                                                             rinsing system function is developed for this
                                                                                                                              purpose. Its optimised design allows the lowest
The Fong’s Jumboflow                                                                                                    possible liquor ratio of 1:4.5 to be achieved.

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                 37
                           ITMA show news

cellulose specialists
Lenzing and Linz Textil,
who lead the field in
fibres and yarns respec-
tively, have recently
teamed up with Italy’s
Biancalani to develop
new finishing
technologies for Tencel-
based woven and knitted
  Biancalani’s new Airo
24 continuous open-
width dyeing machine,
which can be viewed
here in Munich in Hall C4
at stand 231-332 has
been developed to allow
the break-up and
elimination of fibrils on
the surface of Tencel-
based fabrics, resulting
in improved hand and
  In addition to improved
dimensional stability of
even the most delicate
article, in addition to
savings in the chemicals



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                                                                                              fast, confident decision making.”
                                                                                              Phil Patterson
                                                                                              Dyeing, Finishing and Colour Manager. Marks and Spencer

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           Do your current belts
           consume more power
           than they transmit?
                                                                  The once-and-for-all remedy:
                                                                  Habasit TC power transmission belts.
                                                                                                                                                                            Simply contact Sue Pritchard by visiting

                                                                                                                                                                            Hall B1, Stand 444 ● Hall A4, Stand 134 ● Hall A1, Stand 118
                                                                             Around the world, the textile industry prefers
                                                                             Habasit TC power transmission belts because
                                                                             they are the benchmark in quality, reliability

                                                                                                                                                                            or email spritchard@world-textile.net
                                                                             and cost-effectiveness.

                                                                                              ITMA 2007
                                                                                                Hall A5
                                                                                              Stand 303

           TC power transmission belts      Flexproof joining
           - reduced energy consumption     - adhesive free joint
           - very flexible                  - simple and fast execution
           - belt can cope with small       - uniform and flexible
             pulley diameters               - reliable quality
           - high reliability and long

                                                                                                                                                                            Tel: +44 (0)1274 378801. Fax: +44 (0)1273 378811
             service life

           Tel: +41 (0)61 715 1515 Fax: +41 (0)61 715 1555
           Email: info@habasit.com www: habasit.com
                                                                   Habasit - Solutions in motion

  38                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
The global production of chemical fibres                                           product quality as well as more flexible production
increased by 3% in 2006 to approximately 43                                        are of prime importance for European trade fair
million tons compared to the previous year.                                        visitors. Automation and increased process control
 Polyester fibres were the most important                                          are the basis for this.
segment with 27.7 million tons (an increase of                                      The development of new fibres for use in
8%).                                                                               technical areas requires modified manufacturing
 More than 70% of global chemical fibres are                                       and processing systems (eg. for carbon fibres).
now produced in Asia, with China as the largest                                    New market opportunities are also being created
manufacturing country.                                                             with nanofibres. The fibres required for medical
 The leading international manufacturers of man-                                   textiles are mainly still in the development stage –
made fibre machines for staple fibres and filament                                 German textile research institutes installed the first
yarns are represented here in Munich, with more                                    pilot systems in 2006. Visitors from the whole
than 100 exhibitors from this segment showing                                      world can also obtain information in
their latest machines and components in Halls A3                                    The markets have moved to Asia in texturing, so
to A6.                                                                             that more than 90% of the investments for
 While investments are being made in highly                                        texturised polyester yarn are now made in China
productive, large fibre plants in Asia, system                                     and India. On the other hand, the USA and
modernisations and the manufacture of special                                      Western Europe as well as Turkey remain the
machines, especially for technical textiles,                                       dominant producers for BCF carpet yarns. A total
dominates in Western Europe.                                                       of 25 manufacturers of texturing, bulking and
 Consequently, components such as spinnerets                                       crimping machinery are presenting their latest
and filters for achieving increased productivity and                               developments here at ITMA.

                                                                                                 Knitting, weaving, felting, tufting and sewing are
                                                                                               all sectors served by Groz-Beckert and Grob Horgen

Groz-Beckert and Grob Horgen AG are jointly presenting the first products created as part of a new
solutions-driven approach which sees the companies increasingly bringing together their textile industry
tools and service components.
  In partnership with OEMs, as well as producers of textiles, Groz-Beckert intends to follow new paths
towards joint market success.
  In addition to systems and services, Groz-Beckert is presenting innovations and further developments in
its core sector, in Hall B3, at stand 202, where the latest information on the Technology and
Development Centre currently under construction at the company’s headquarters in Albstadt, Germany,
can also be obtained.

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                         39
                     ITMA show news

                                                                                                                                                      Smit’s new
                                                                                                                                                     GS920 being
                                                                                                                                                  demonstrated in
                                                                                                                                                          Hall B6

Smit Textile of Italy is presenting    interfaces.
its new series of rapier weaving        The
machines for flat and terry            ergonomic
fabrics in hall B6 at stand            design of
105/202.                               the
  This includes the models GS920,      machines
GS920 F, GS920 T gripper WMs in        allows for
addition to the the JS900 air-jet      high accessi-
model.                                 bility,
  Key features of the machines         protection
include new main motor drives for      and quick and
minimal energy consumption and         easy set-up
the highest torque, to provide the     manoeuvres                                                                                     and right indepen-
best fabric quality for any style of   while at the                                                                           dently.
weaving.                               same time                                                                        ● The modular EWS electronic weft
  New mechatronic control of           they are                                                                         selector for up to 12 colours with
weaving functions, including weft      sturdily                                                                         continuous control of the weft
management, lateral binding, shed      constructed, and the distri-                                                     filling position.
formation, auxiliary functions etc.,   bution of mechanism masses                                                       ● The EWC-A (Automatic
allows the digital tuning by the       results in the greatest                                                          Electronic Weft Cutter) with ‘self-
operator from the control monitor,     stability and the most                                   the undisputed          adapting’ regulation of optimal
while new expandable electronic        effective reduction of                       leader.                             cutting conditions or the EWC-T –
platforms integrates modular           dynamic loads on the base.              The machines are also enhanced           (time tuned electronic weft
specialized subsystems, connecting      The new GS920 gripper                 by new mechatronic solutions,             cutter), to further on extend the
them internally and externally by a    weaving machine is designed for        based on the SMART Platform               ‘self adapting’ system application
CAN BUS network.                       boosting up the the versatility and    electronic architecture, including:       to the most diversified yarn range,
  Full touch screen control monitors   productivity features ensured by       ● The new Upright Lenomat, false          from delicate to fancy and up to
with 12.1-inch TFT technology          the Smit gripper system, which is      selvedges and leno electronic             heavy technical types.
make use of Open System                distinguished by the dynamically       control that allows fully                   Smit Textile is also demonstrating
standards, CAN BUS protocol, USB,      controlled flexible rapier             programmable modulation of the            a new shedding control employing
internet and wireless networking       technology in which Smit Textile is    crossing phase – pick-to pick, left       two high performance direct
                                                                                                                        drives, running the shedding shaft
                                                                                                                        and the main weaving machine
                                                                                                                        shaft independently which results

                                                                                                                        ● Simplicity of machine lay out,
                                                                                                                        compact, highly stiff drive trains,
                                                                                                                        for minimal vibration and noise
Sales staff and technical experts from SDL Atlas are on     Other products being demonstrated include Tinius-           production.
hand at stand 241/342 in Hall A4 to answer questions       Olsen universal testing equipment, the QuickWash             ● Low maintenance
and conduct demonstrations of more than twenty SDL         fabric shrinkage system, the new 45º flammability            ● Minimal energy absorption and
Atlas testing instruments at ITMA 2007 in Munich this      tester to ASTM and CFR standards, an Autoburst digital       heat dissipation
September.                                                 strength tester and a complete Quickspin system.             ● The highest acceleration to
  Among the company’s latest introductions for              The SDL Atlas Group of companies offers the largest         perform at full speed from the first
worldwide textile market are the moisture                  range of textile testing products, supplies,                 pick (zero stop marks)
management tester and the sweating guarded                 consumables and services available from a single             ● Shedding closure phase
hotplate.                                                  source, with its own offices in the UK, USA, Hong Kong       electronic setting and pick to pick
  The M290 moisture management tester is a table-top       and China agents in over 100 other countries.                programming.
unit that measures how effectively knit and woven                                                                         The New SGS gripper system
                                                                                                        The SDL Atlas
fabrics handle moisture transport in three key areas –                                                 M290 moisture
                                                                                                                        meanwhile, combines weft guides
absorption rate of inner and outer surfaces, the one-                                                   management      for the best insertion geometry
way transportation from a fabric’s inner to outer                                                              tester   with new electronic weft cutting
surface, and moisture spreading rate. Used for both                                                                     devices.
quality control and R&D, the instument is designed to                                                                     Weft transport grippers are
meet draft standards under consideration by AATCC,                                                                      shaped in accordance with the
ISO, and SN.                                                                                                            warp shed, to avoid any friction
  The M259B3 sweating guarded hotplate – also called                                                                    with the warp yarns and any yarn
the ‘skin model’ – simulates the heat and vapor                                                                         crossing faults while the gripper
transfer processes which occur next to human skin.                                                                      drive elements are designed to
That information is a critical concern among makers of                                                                  perfectly exploit Smit’s
leisure and casual apparel who market to comfort-                                                                       ‘dynamical ribbon control’, that
conscious consumers. The M259B3 unit conforms to                                                                        avoids any guiding hook rubbing
ISO 11092 measurement of thermal and water vapor                                                                        into the warp yarns and ensures
resistance under steady state conditions. Housed in a                                                                   the most precise gripper guiding
conditioned cabinet, the instrument operates with                                                                       into the shed without vibration,
user-friendly Windows software and prints out                                                                           avoiding any friction with the
standard test reports.                                                                                                  warp and the reed.

40                                                                                                                                        ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                       THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                                                             ITMA show news             INNOVATION

Jakob Müller’s                                                                                                                  Celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, Jakob
Spider single-end
dyeing and                                                                                                                      Müller is recognised as the world leader in narrow
finishing machine                                                                                                               fabric machinery and equipment.
                                                                                                                                  Among new machines being shown by the company
                                                                                                                                is the NF-ED electronically-controlled needleloom for
                                                                                                                                the production of elastic and non-elastic tapes and
                                                                                                                                medium-weight webbing.
                                                                                                                                  For label weaving, Müller is introducing the MBJ5 PR
                                                                                                                                rapier machine – the PR designating ‘positive rapier’ –
                                                                                                                                a first in this type of machine. Müller says the positive
                                                                                                                                nip of the weft thread allows the machine to weave
                                                                                                                                with a wider range of yarns at higher speeds.
                                                                                                                                  These include Lurex, zero-twist yarns, fine high-twist
                                                                                                                                yarns, chenille and fancy yarns, nop and other yarns
                                                                                                                                with up to 660 dtex at high insertion speeds and
                                                                                                                                without fibrillation.
                                                                                                                                  The new MDLM on display is the world’s first
                                                                                                                                harness-free loom for Jacquard-patterned,
                                                                                                                                multicoloured, quality labels with soft, woven
                                                                                                                                selvedges. It features direct, individual warp thread
                                                                                                                                control (for which a global patent has been registered)
                                                                                                                                to replace Jacquard machines and harnesses with
                                                                                                                                comber boards, dobbies and treadling devices.
                                                                                                                                  ITMA novelties in warp knitting include the MDR42,
                                                                                                                                now available with a picot system and electronic
                                                                                                                                thread transport. The unit has up to 24 weft bars

                                                                                                                                driven individually by linear motors.
                                                                                                                                  The MDK80 is an electronically-controlled raschel
                                                                                                                                machine in a new design with eight warp beams, each
                                                                                                                                of which is individually powered by a linear motor. It
                                                                                                                                can produce fabrics from fashion and sports items to
                                                                                                                                technical articles.

                                                                                                                                  Müller’s dyeing and finishing machinery for narrow
                                                                                                                                fabrics is now enhanced by the Spider K continuous
                                                                                                                                single-end machine for elastic and non-elastic tapes.
                                                                                                                                  It is especially notable for its reduced water
                                                                                                                                consumption and suitability for short runs.



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Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                       41
                ITMA show news

                                                       Massimo Temporiti

 Q&A                                                                                          President of CEAM

IDN: Please tell us a little about    MT: For the year to December 31     CEAM member companies
CEAM, its background and              2006, the combined turnover of      in Munich:
history.                              our members was around €350
                                      million – all of it achieved        Arte Tessile B5.328
MT: CEAM – the Northern               through products manufactured       BTSR International A2.450
Milanese Export Consortium –          in Italy.                           Canalair B5.336
comprises a highly-qualified                                              Cibitex C3.109
group of small to medium-sized        IDN: What are the key regions       Dua Graphic System C2.410
textile machinery companies           of the world CEAM is currently      ETV C4.131
located in a vast industrial area     active in?                          Fadis A4.331
adjoining Milan.                                                          Giovanelli B5.325                          Meca B2.145/246
It was founded in 1991 in Busto       MT: We are currently heavily        KMT C3.218                                 Salvade C3.210
Arsizio.                              involved in the promotion of our    Mario Crosta B1.321/418                    TDF Textape C4.518
                                      companies in Asia and the Far       Master B4.333                              Temporiti B5.332
IDN: How many members do              East, and most notably China,       Mazza Gianni C3.100                        Testa C3.212
you have?                             India and Pakistan.
                                      At the end of July this year we

                                                                           ZENIT AND THE ART OF
MT: There are 20 members              organised and managed three
representing the main branch,         symposia in India, in Coimbatore,
who manufacture machines all          Mumbai and Tirupur.
along the textile chain, from fibre   We also had a stand at the recent
preparation to finishing.

IDN: What is the combined
turnover of CEAM’s members?
                                      Texpo exhibition in Coimbatore.
                                      The markets are also now
                                      stronger in both North and South
                                                                           QUALITY CONTROL
                                                                           Peak performance in electronic control systems for spinning mills and
                                                                           weaving sheds is the promise of Loepfe of Switzerland, exhibiting in Hall A4
                                                                           at stand 167/274 here in Munich.
                                                                           Loepfe’s latest YarnMaster Zenit online quality control unit is characterised by
                                                                           an additional clearer channel for the detection of the optical CV and allows
                                                                           an extended quality monitoring for ring and compact yarns.
                                                                           As a result of its ability to detect and clear polypropylene, contamination
                                                                           problems created in cotton bale packing can now be rapidly resolved.
                                                                           Key features of the YarnMaster Zenit include:

                                                                           ●   Sensing heads with integrated seven-segment displays.
                                                                           ●   A central unit with touchscreen and printer.
                                                                           ●   clear and simple operation.
                                                                           ●   Foreign fibre detection in coloured yarn as well.
                                                                           ●   The detection of synthetic foreign matter including PP, PE etc.
                                                                           ●   Interesting upgrading possibilities

                                                                           The company’s MillMaster is the central and bi-directional online quality
                                                                           management system for all YarnMaster data, providing complete monitoring
                                                                           with comprehensive analysis and evaluation of quality and production data.
                                                                           For the weaving sector, Loepfe’s WeftMaster includes a range of units
                                                                           including weft stop motions, a short weft detector, weft thread brakes,
                                                                           projectile brakes, knot detectors, weft feelers, fusible fabrics cutters and yarn
                                                                           stop motions for different applications.

                                                                                                                                   Loepfe’s latest YarnMaster Zenit
                                                                                                                                        online quality control unit

42                                                                                                                                         ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                                       THE PLACE FOR
                                                                                                                                                                   ITMA show news       INNOVATION

WITH AIR                                                       sugarcane, coconut fibre,
                                                               regenerated cotton, foam
                                                               polyurethane, glass fibre etc., in
                                                               a wide weight range of around
                                                               150 grams up to 3,000gsm.
                                                                Applications for the products
                                                               made on this machine include
                                                               automotive preformed panels,
                                                               seat wadding, soundproofing and
                                                               thermal insulation materials,
                                                               furnishing products such as sofa,

                                                               mattress and chair waddings, bed
                                                               quiltings and sleeping bags, roof
                                                               and wall insulation materials,
                                                               packaging, interlinings and
                                                               sanitary articles.

                                                                Cormatex has been manufac-
                                                               turing textile machinery for the
                                                               international markets since 1938
                                                               and has a focus on three main

                                                                                                                     WITH STOLL
                                                               ● The carding and spinning of
                                           The new
                               Cormatex Lap Formair
                                                               woollen yarn – especially fine
                                                               knitting yarn including cashmere,
Italy’s Cormatex is running its                                angora camel hair and their
new Lap Formair airlay system                                  blends with fine wool.
for nonwoven products on                                       ● Worsted and semi-worsted                            Visitors to ITMA this week have the opportunity to see a large
stand 500 in hall A3.                                          carding machines                                      number of flat knitting machines from the Stoll Compact, Multi
 This is distinguisehed by a                                   ● Equipment including card                            Gauge, Knit&Wear and Economy Line classes in operation in Hall
pressure control system which                                  feeding systems, fine openers,                        A2 at stand 117/316.
enables a web to be formed                                     carding machines and lap                              The flexibility of Stoll’s multi gauge technology will be demonstrated
ready for needlepunching or                                    forming systems for nonwovens,                        through sample fabrics to emphasise the sophisticated pattern
themobonding with extremely                                    wadding and felts.                                    effects which can be produced within the same fabric.
accurate evenness both longitu-                                Located at a 5,000-square-metre                       Using a large range of CMS machines, with ultra-coarse to super-fine
dinally and across the whole                                   plant in Montemurlo near Prato                        capabilities, pattern possibilities and economically efficient complete
width of the machine.                                          in Italy the company has                              garment production will be demonstrated using Stoll Knit&Wear
 The flexibility of this technology                            developed a highly flexible                           technology. For production of fine-gauge complete articles, a CMS
allows the production of new                                   manufacturing system employing                        730 S Knit&Wear with a new gauge will also be exhibited.
nonwoven products employing                                    advanced technology for                               Intarsia knitting technology will also be on display. Stoll offers
both traditional nonwoven fibres                               electric/electronic and mechanical                    optimised optional intarsia yarn carriers for almost all models or
and also non-conventional                                      components testing and quality                        gauges of the CMS generation.
materials such as flax, jute,                                  checking.                                             The compact design of these machines enables closer yarn carrier
                                                                                                                     staggering on a carrier rail, allowing more colours to be used within
                                                                                                                     a particular fabric width, the company points out.
                                                                                                                     As a practice-orientated solution for the plating inserts frequently
                                                                                                                     required today, Stoll has developed a new plating kit with special
                                                                                                                     brackets and new yarn carriers that are easy to adjust for a broad
                                                                                                                     range of yarns and applications.
                                                                                                                     Development of Stoll’s M1 pattern software offers more options for
                                                                                                                     the programmer to influence the results. The new pattern software
                                                                                                                     supports the programmer with a wide variety of automatic functions
                                                                                                                     that eliminate the need to programme standard processes.
                                                                                                                     New functions also enable the easy realisation of individual knitting
                                                                                                                     cycles and techniques and operation has been further simplified with
                                                                                                                     revised menus and operating elements.
                                                                                                                     Software applications resulting from co-operation between Stoll and
                                                                                                                     ENEAS Informatica in the flat knitting area will also be presented.
                                                                                                                     The possibilities for linking ENEAS and M1 software offer new
                                                                                                                     options in the areas of design, fabric simulation and presentation.
                                                                                                                     Stoll’s machine management tools have been designed to make the
                                                                                                                     processes for all aspects of knitting more transparent and effective,
                                                                                                                     with automatic documentation and management of orders.
                                                                                                                     The Stoll-knit report 2 allows precise monitoring and control of the
                                                                            A wide range of nonwoven products is     machine pool.
                                                                            possible with the versatile new system

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                                                                                                       43
                ITMA show news

                                                                 COMPLEX COTTON’S
Casadio Alfio Tecnotessile’s
42gg XP Cotton’s frame
machine in Hall A2

                                                                       OVERCOME                                                   the drives or brushless motors breaks
                                                                                                                                  down, the customer incurs heavy costs
                                                                                                                                  for a product that is sometimes
                                                                                                                                  difficult to find.
                                                                                                                                    To solve such problems without
                                                                                                                                  completely replacing the panel board
                                                                                                                                  and motors, it is possible to install
                                                                                                                  stepper         Pegaso, which has been designed to
                                                                                                      motor that regulates the    replace the control computer of the
                                                                                           garment thickness.                     Scheller machine. It controls it and
                                                                                        A high level of productivity is enabled   allows the original motors and driving
                                                                     knitwear of      by brushless motors and ballscrews for      gears, should they breakdown, to be
                                                          high quality and            the movement of the yarn carrier, slur      replaced with the latest versions that
                                                 lightness.                           and points bars, says the company,          are cheaper and give higher
                                             Striping, open V-neck and intarsia are   which adds that it has also improved        performance.
                                           also possible with this new machine.       the frame by designing a garment              Tecnotessile has also seen growing
                    Italian manufacturer     The fusion of knocking over with the     length automatic control system             interest in its Knit-Kit – a transforming
Casadio Alfio Tecnotessile is              sinker and consequent elimination of       through yarn measuring.                     kit which can be installed on fully-
introducing its new 42gg XP                many mechanical parts has overcome           In the research field, Tecnotessile has   fashioned knitting machines of any
Cotton’s frame knitting machine in         a mechanical complexity which has          designed and built Pegaso, a compact        make, model and gauge, at the
Hall A2, at stand 335.                     always been a great drawback of            control system, said to be easy to          customer’s premises. Knit-Kit includes a
  With no knock over bar, the machine      Cotton’s frame machines, says the          install and especially conceived for NCI    control PC, preassembled units
is particularly suitable for very fine     company. With the new garment              NCH NCC Scheller fully-fashioned            provided with brushless motors and
gauges and is said to be appropriate       forming system it is possible to change    knitting machines.                          ballscrews (ensuring the movement of
for valuable yarns such as cashmere,       the dimension of the garment point           Although these Cotton’s frames are        yarn carrier bars, slur bars, side and
Merino wool, cotton and silk in counts     without making mechanical                  completely electronic, they are built       central point bars) and a box with
from 2/80 to 2/140, to produce             adjustments and every head has a           using old technology, so that if one of     panel board.

44                                                                                                                                                    ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
                ITMA show news

  VISITORS MUNICH                                                                                                                                                   NIGHTLIFE
MUNICH is widely known as one of the most charming cities in Germany. It is set in the foothills of the                                                             Clubs
Alps and has fantastic opportunities for shopping, museums, theatres, art galleries, sightseeing, and a                                                             Here is where to go at night: posh clubs, down-
great range of locations to enjoy typical Bavarian hospitality. Munich’s stunning surroundings                                                                      to-earth discos, party and concert halls, for
provide opportunities for excursions to places such as the fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein or the                                                               every age, music taste and wallet.
beautiful Tegernsee.                                                                                                                                                Take a plunge into the lively and exciting
Whether you take a tour of Munich by tram or visit the Allianz Arena, the world’s most modern football                                                              nightlife of Munich. Below you find a few
stadium, the Munich area is an experience in every way. Be captivated by the magic of the Bavarian                                                                  recommended nightclubs - of course there are
lakes, or “climb” Zugspitze – at 2,964 m, Germany’s highest mountain – by cable railway.                                                                            many more, and you’ll certainly find your
                                                                                                                                                                    favourite one after a while. In the meantime, get
After the show                                                                                                                                                      inspired by this selection:
Even after a long day at the trade fair, Munich doesn’t sleep. Take the opportunity to scout Munich in
the evening on a leisurely tram tour along Maximilianstrasse past some interesting sights. Or take a                                                                P1
“tasteful” excursion to the country inns and reflect upon your day over the culinary delicacies and                                                                 The legendary Prinzregentenstraße is now the
wonderful views of the Karwendel massif, the Wetterstein Mountains and Kirchsee Lake. If you like it a                                                              number one nightclub in Munich. The rich and
little louder, you should round off the day at the Ayinger Brewery– which includes a look at the brewing                                                            the beautiful party here - and the lucky ones
process and a sample or two of the famous beer.                                                                                                                     who, despite being none of the above, manage
                                                                                                                                                                    to get past the bouncers. Remember to wear
Places of Interest                                                                                                                                                  posh clothes.
The city of Munich has a lot to offer for all ages and tastes. Whether you are interested in history, architecture or art; whether you enjoy strolling through      Location: Prinzregentenstraße1
parks, fancy a trip to the Bavaria film studios or long for a visit to one of Munich’s famous traditional beer gardens, you’ll always find something exciting       Open 365 nights per year. Admission free
in this multi-faceted city. Here are a few suggestions...
                                                     Allianz Arena: Located in the north of Munich, the futuristically designed football stadium is the new         Atomic Café
                                                     home to Munich’s two Bundesliga clubs, TSV 1860 München and FC Bayern München.                                 A small nightclub right in the city centre. The
                                                     Hofbrauhaus: The world’s most famous beer hall is very popular among tourists and locals. Enjoy                1960s decor and the comfy sofas next to the
                                                     traditional music, tasty Bavarian dishes and, of course: A “Maß” of Beer!                                      dance floor make for a cosy and unpretentious
                                                     English Gardens: The “English Garden”, left, is Munich’s largest urban public park and offers a lot of         atmosphere. Live Acts.
                                                     attractions: Enjoy a great view from the “Monopteros” or visit the famous beer garden at the                   Location: Neuturmstraße 6
                                                     “Chinesischer Turm”.                                                                                           (near Hofbräuhaus, Marienplatz).
                                                     Nymphenburg Palace: The baroque palace, above right, with its beautiful park is one of the most                Tuesday - Sunday 10pm - 3am.
                                                     famous sights of Munich. Don’t miss visiting the pavillions within the park, like the Amalienburg.             4004
                                                                                                                                                                    A huge new nightclub for over 20s with several
  EATING OUT                                                                                                                                                        rooms each with different music style, from
                                                                                                                                                                    house to salsa.
                                                                                                                                                                    Location: Landsbergerstraße 169-175
Restaurants                                           Arabesk
                                                                                                                                                                    Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9pm.
What is there left to do when the show has            Arabian Nights in Munich? this restaurant
closed for the evening and the Oktoberfest is yet     serves Lebanese specialities in a genuine                                                                     Nachtwerk
to start? There is quite a lot - several venues in    atmosphere. Delicious food and drinks and the                                                                 One of the oldest party halls in Munich, 3 bars,
Munich offer an exciting evening with good food       performance of a belly dancer.                                                                                plenty of parking.
and exceptional entertainment.                        Kaulbachstaße 86, 80802 München                                                                               Location: Landsberger Straße 185
Whether you prefer nouvelle cuisine or                Tel: 089 - 33 37 38                                                                                           (Tram 18/19, N 19 exit Barthstraße).
traditional, down-to-earth Bavarian food, the
finest wines or bavarian-brewed beer: there is        Fast Food Theaterhaus                                                                                         Backstage
something for your taste - just give it a go.         This restaurant does not serve fast food at all,                                                              Famous live acts, rock music and a beer garden.
                                                      but you had better eat between admission and                                                                  The first address for rockers.
                                                      the start of the performance in order not to miss                                                             Location: Friedenheimer Brücke 7 (between S-
                                                      any of the exciting programme - stand-up                                                                      Bahn exits Laim and Donnersberger Brücke).
                                                      comedy and improvisation theatre will otherwise
                                                      distract you from your delicious meal. And                                                                    Bars
                                                      beware - you might find yourself in the centre of      Cafes                                                  What’s a good night out without a couple of
                                                      attention since the audience take an active part...    An important part of the Bavarian mentality is         drinks in a bar? In Munich the atmosphere of
                                                      Oberanger 38, 80331 München                            ‘Gemütlichkeit’: sociable relaxation in a              the many bars differs immensely. Some are
                                                      Tel. 089 - 26 39 86                                    comfortable environment. A great way to                cafés and bars at the same time and make for a
                                                                                                             experience this is to go to a café and sit down        more relaxed, quiet evening. Others are stylish
                                                      Dreigroschenkeller                                     with your friends fora couple of hours, chatting       meeting points for the rich and beautiful. And
                                                      This cellar restaurant is entirely dedicated to        away or simply watching time passing by.               some bars charm just lies in their unique
Eckart Witzigman                                      Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill’s famous                 And don’t miss ‘Kuchen’ in its many and rich           furnishing - containing second hand sofas and
und Roncalli Bajazzo                                  Threepenny Opera. It is decorated with items           variations such as Strudel, for which this part of     unknown artists’ paintings!
Enjoy fine nouvelle cuisine, prepared by the first    from the stage setting, and several times a week       Germany is renown. Whether inside the (often           Hitting the bars is the best start into a night out.
German cook to receive a third Michelin star,         students of music dress up to perform songs            panelled) coffee house or outdoors on the              The choice is up to you, here are some
whilst being entertained by an extraordinary          from the opera. But all that cannot distract the       terrace: it is the ideal venue all the year round to   suggestions.
acrobats’ and tightrope artistry programme in         staff from serving delicious but down-to-earth         meet up with a friend and relax.
Eckart Witzigmann’s “Mirror Palace”.                  food and home-brewed beer.
                                                                                                                                                                    Relaxed, popular with the locals.
Arnulfstraße.                                         Lilienstaße 2, München                                 Café am Beethovenplatz (Mariandl)
                                                                                                                                                                    Wittelsbacherstrasse 15
                                                      Telephone 089 - 48 90 29 0                             Viennese-style coffee house and cocktail bar,
Welser Küche im Feldherrnkeller                                                                              featuring live music in the evening.                   Dukatz
It is possible to travel back in time - at least if                                                          Goethestraße 51                                        Café, bar and restaurant of the Munich literature
you wish to go back to the Middle Ages and                                                                                                                          house (Literaturhaus). Salvatorplatz 1
take part at a banquet. During this 3-hour long                                                              Café-Konditorei Schneller
meal (you can choose between 5, 6 and 10                                                                     a students’ favourite, biggest pieces of cake in       Schumann’s
courses) you are expected to stick to medieval                                                               town. Amalienstr. 59                                   New location - same concept: the very famous
table manners - a real experience. Reservation                                                                                                                      cocktail bar Schumann’s is always worth a visit
required.                                                                                                    Rischarts                                              Odeonsplatz 6+7 (U3/U4/U5/U6, exit
Residenzstraße 27. 80333 München                                                                             traditional coffee house with several branches in      Odeonsplatz). Closed Saturdays!
Tel: (089) 29 69 73                                                                                          Munich. Marienplatz 18

46                                                                                                                                                                                            ITMA Daily News - Issue 1
Diary of Events

 Dates               Event

September 2007

13 – 20           ITMA 2007. New Munich Trade Fair Centre. Munich, Germany. Contact: Munchen Gmbh.
                  Tel: + 49 89 949 114 28. e-mail: visitor@itma.com
16 – 17           The Off Price Show. Trade event for discount and clearance clothing, footwear, sportswear and
                  accessories. Olympia, London, UK. e-mail: info@idexmedia.com Website: www.offpriceshow.co.uk
17 – 17           Texworld worldwide fabrics ‘Rendez-vous’ International meeting place for the textile industry.
                  Paris, Le Bouget. Website: www.interstoff.messe.frankfurt.com/texworld
18 – 21           Le Cuir a Paris 2007. Leather & Fur Fair. Paris Nord – Villepinti.
                  Tel: 0033 (0) 48 63 30 30. Fax: 0033 (0) 48 63 33 70
24 – 27           INTC 2007. Joint INDA and TAPPI conference. International Nonwovens Technical Conference.
                  Renaissance Waverley Hotel , Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Contact: Deanna Lovell at INDA
                  Tel: 001(919) 233-1210. Fax: 001 (919) 233-1282. e-mail: dlovell@inda.org Website: www.inda.org
26 – 28           EDANA OUTLOOK 2007. Personal Care Products. Conference Hotel, Cascais Miragem, Cascais, Lisbon,
                  Portugal. Contact: Natacha Defeche, Marketing Manager. Tel: 0032 2 734 93 10. Fax: 0032 2 733 35 18.
                  e-mail: natacha.defeche@edana.org Website: www.edana.org
27 – 30           Milanovendemoda. Fieramilanocity. Website: www.milanovendamoda.expocts.it

03 – 05           Interstoff Asia. Esential-Autumn, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.
                  Website: www.interstroff.messefrankfurt.com
04 – 06           Balkan Gate Apparel & Textile Exhibition. Ready made and knitwear. Textile yarns, accessories and
                  auxiliary materials for tailoring. Inter Expo & Congress Centre, Sofia , Bulgaria.
                  Website: www.bgateexpo.com
08 – 08           Medical Textiles Network and Biocomplicity. The importance of Medical Textiles with respect to use,
                  protective, performance, costs, societal benefits and enviromental impacts. University of California,
                  Davis CA, USA. Website: www.thefibersociety.org
09 – 11           2007 Fiber Society Fall Conference. Papers on fundamental research related to the science and
                  engineering of fibres and fibrous materials are being solicited for the conference. University of
                  California, Davis , CA , USA. Contact: e-mail: Pam Gabriel@ncsu.edu Website: www.thefibersociety.org
10 – 12           Textextil India. Mumbai India. Contact: Messe Frankfurt Tel: 0049 69 7575 5889.
                  Fax: 0049 69 7575 6541. e-mail: techtextil@messefrankfurt.com Website: www.messefrankfurt.com
10 – 13           Texworld India. Bombay Exhibition Centre, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai India.
                  Website: www.interstoff.messefrankfurt.com/texworldindia
10 – 13           SibFashion–SibTextile. Novosibirsk Russia. Contact: Tel: 007 (0) 3832/255151.
                  Fax: 007 (0) 3832/259845. e-mail: strutz@sibfair.nsk.ru Website: www.sibfair.ru
16 – 18           The Link with India International Conference. Renaissance Mumbai. Hotel & Convention Centre,
                  Mumbai India. Contact: INDA. Tel: 001 (919) 233-1210. Fax: 001 (919) 233-1282.
                  e-mail: info@inda.org Website: www.inda.org
22 – 24           Shanghai International Nonwovens Conference & Exhibition. Intex Shanghai. Shanghai, China.
                  Contact: Tel: 00852 2827 6211. Fax: 00852 2827 7831
22 – 24           SINCE 2007. International Nonwovens conference and exhibition Intex Exhibition Centre, Shanghai.
                  Contact: CNTA Science & Technology. Tel: +86 21 6464 558 2147. Fax: +86 21 6481 2993.
                  e-mail: zhangbo@cnta.org
24 – 25           ECMOD 2007. Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK. Contact: Tel: 0044 (0) 1271 866112.
                  Fax: 0044 (0) 1271 866040. e-mail: info@ecmod.com Website: www.ecmod.com
24 – 25           Nonoparticles for European Industry II. Olympia Conference Centre, London.
                  Contact: Gemma McCulloch. Tel: 0044 (0) 1786 447520. Fax: 0044 (0) 1786 447530.
                  e-mail: Gemma.McCulloch@nano.org.uk Website: www.nano.org.uk/conferences
29 – 31           Yarn Expo. Shanghai, China/ International Trade Fair for Fibres and Yarns.
                  Shanghai International Convention Centre, Shanghai China.
                  Website: www.interstoff.messe.frankfurt.com/global
29 – 01           Intertextile Shanghai. Apparel Fabrics. Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China.
                  Contact: Tel: 0086 21 2890 6666. Fax: 0086 21 6856 6777.
                  e-mail: info@sniec.net Website: www.imessefrankfurt.com

07 – 09           Fatex. Womenswear, menswear, knitwear, childrenswear, fashion accessories and home textiles.
                  Nord Villepointe, Paris. Contact: Tel: 0033 (0) 1/47305494. Fax: 0033 (0) 1/47309450.
                  e-mail: pro.fatex@wanadoo.fr Website: www.fatex.fr
13 – 15           Filtration 2007. Navy Pier, Chicago, USA. Contact: Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry.
                  Tel: 001 919 233 1210. Fax: 001 919 233 1282. e-mail: info@inda.org Website: www.inda.org
21 – 22           IMB Forum 2007. World fair for apparel production technology & textile processing.
                  Cologne Exhibition Centre, Germany. Contact: Stephanie Sobola. Tel: 0049 221 821 2921.
                  Fax: 0049 221 821 3423. Website: www.imb-forum.com
28 – 29           Investing in Medical Nanotechnologies II. Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK.
                  Contact: Tiju Joseph, Institute of Nanotechnology. Tel: 0044 (0) 141 330 8734.
                  e-mail: tiju.joseph@nano.org.uk Website: www.nano.org.uk
29 – 30           Aachen Textile Conference. Germany. Contact: Dr Brigitte Kuppers, DWI. Tel: 0049 241/80 233 36.
                  e-mail: kueppers@dwi.rwth-aachen.de Website: www.aachen-dresden-itc.de

04 – 05           Dresden Textile Conference. Germany. Contact: Annett Dorfel. Tel: 0049 351 463 393 2.
                  e-mail: doerfel@itbh6.mw.tu.dresden.de Website: www.aachen-dresden-itc.de

Printed in association with Knitting International, International Dyer and Textile Month                              47

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