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I Don’t Like Your Music/Disc Jockeys

Do you love every piece of inventory in your store? No? So, what your saying is that even though you don't personally like or use each item you still stock it? Why? To accommodate different tastes! So really, what music we. play isn't really the most important'issue, is it? What is most important is who we can reach for you! Don't tell anyone, but ... I don't like all of it either! The important point is that we have over ____________people that do every week. They get paid every week, so they can buy product and services like yours. Whether you and 1 listen to it isn't important. The fact is that over ____________ people do. Wouldn't you agree that smart business people don't throw good money after bad? Well __________% of our best advertisers renew every month! That tells me one thing ... our station is delivering the audience and response that makes our advertisers successful. I understand. My purpose in coming to see you is not to convert you into becoming a listener. My purpose is to show you how our station(s) can increase your store traffic. We all have our own personal tastes. But we're talking business here. I m not asking you to make a personal decision, but I am asking you to look at this campaign from a business prospective. Our station has featured this music format since Over______% of our clients renew monthly. Even though you personally don't care for the music ... don't you agree that many other people do ... and find that it works for them.

Across the country, our type of music is preferred by______% of people in your target age group! Locally,_________% of those people prefer our music. While I appreciate the fact that you personally don't prefer our music, can you afford to ignore people who do? Especially considering that hey have an annual disposable income of

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