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It’s Too Hard To Measure Radio

Well, how have you tried to measure radio's results before? How do you measure result on TV? Cable? other media? Here's how we will monitor your campaign ... The question is really how well your whole campaign works, isn't it? Let's discuss your goals, and each element of your advertising to see how we can help you succeed. we can talk about results and response. Radio delivers great response ... you see it in new customers, increased traffic, and more phone calls. Results depend on what happens to the customers when they get here. To help insure good results, I am willing to do a meeting with your staff -- let them hear the ad -- and leave a printed copy of the script here in the store. We will monitor activity on your specials carefully. what other things would you suggest? I understand. It would be great if advertising were an exact science. Since it isn't, we need to stack the deck in our favor as much as possible. What questions do you have about our plan? Is that a reason not to use us? What kinds of results are you looking for? How about airing a "No ... Just Looking Sale". We'll promote your price and item specials. Then, we'll let listeners know that the only way they can qualify for those. special prices is when your salespeople say, "Can I help you? 11 the person has to say, "No ... just looking." Anyone who says that can qualify for the special prices, and you'll know the campaign worked.

Yes, testing is hard. However, consider this: put a familiar voice in the commercial. Promote a specific item. Use a special phone number in the commercial. Please--pick the right merchandise to test. Be sure employees are educated and during your postanalysis, be sure you're comparing apples to apples. This is a thumbnail sketch of how a test may product the information you need.

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