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									Concede that newspaper is necessary. Do the newspaper buy-in presentation to show how few people read ads and how you can reduce an ad without losing much readership. Present the unique attributes of Radio and cultivate an appreciation.

SMART Situational Analysis
My Budget Is Committed Direct Mail
This Situational Analysis piece has not been prepared yet. All you have to use at this time is: 1. The following set of responses to “We have to use Direct Mail” from the “Client-Level Marketing Playbook” The “Media Facts - a comprehensive media guide” piece put out by the RAB. You‟ll find it in the COMPETITIVE MEDIA/OTHER MEDIA section of SMART and in the “New Rep Learning” course from SMART. The RAB probably has more „dirt‟ on Direct Mail. Call to order it at 1-800-232-3131.



We have to use Direct Mail.
“Direct Mail is the best medium for targeting specific areas and types of consumers. You get a definite response rate and I‟m sure the expense is clearly justified by the return. I wouldn‟t try to talk you out of it. As the new -- one and only -- ARS Radio Marketing Specialist in Pittsburgh, I would like to get to know you, find out what your marketing objectives are. My job is to work with decision makers to help them understand what Radio can do for them and how to get better results with it. There is a big opportunity for you. Once I know a bit about your marketing strategies, I can work on some ideas for you. I need very little of your time to spend a lot of time on your behalf”


“Here‟s a thought: Direct Mail yields a certain return rate for you. At considerable expense, you‟ve determined that the return is well worth it. One of the things Radio can do for you is increase that return by getting more people who receive your mail to read it. These are just made-up numbers, but what it you spend $10,000 on a mail piece and get a 5% return rate. And the next time, you add $2,000 worth of Radio to draw attention to the mailer the day before it „drops‟ to boost the return to 10%. Wouldn‟t it be worth the investment? Aside from how Radio can boost return rate, it can deliver a great number of customers who will never in a million years read direct mail. What I do is work with decision makers to show them how Radio can propel their marketing objectives. Can I do some work for you?” “There is no doubt in my mind that you would add Radio if you truly believed that it would give you a solid return on investment. What I do is apply my understanding of what Radio can do and how to make Radio work to maximum effect to your marketing objectives to come up with some strategies for you to consider. I need very little of your time in order to invest my time in this process. Will you at least meet with me to give me a foot hold? It will be well worth it to you.”
Again, never criticize or even question the decisions. Reinforce them. Point out Radio‟s strengths. Imply that they are largely unrealized by most major advertisers. Make the point that Radio can increase response. Be enthusiastic about the POSSIBILITY that Radio may represent HUGE potential for them if they understood it better and used it properly.


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