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									Situational Analysis: from some other source
Of course. And we at WAAA will meet or exceed any competitive media guarantee. OK. Here's the guarantee: Run 9 ads a day. 10 days in a row. If you get absolutely no response whatsoever ... I will re-run the schedule for another 10 days at half price. If you need a guarantee ... buy a toaster! That's why I have concentrated all these commercials over a short period of time. Combined with a good incentive, this campaign should accomplish your goals. Specifically what are your goals for this campaign? response? How will you be measuring

I understand. And to insure the campaign's success, I want to meet with your sales staff, so that I can play the ad for them, show them the written copy, and see what questions they might have about it. May I meet with them now? Nooooo problem. I-guarantee the ads will run. I guarantee that I will work hard on the copy, the schedule, and monitor the campaign's response with you every step of the way. Our success depends on your success. I've spoken with several people who felt the same way. Here's what they found when they ran with us...(testimonial letters, success stories, taperecorded testimonials). OK... as long as I can'run the following offer: "The first 10 people who come into (name of business) Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm and say they heard this ad on WAAA will receive a crisp $50 bill. No purchase necessary. I will guarantee you RESPONSE if you guarantee me the same budget you give the newspaper within the same amount of time. I guarantee you this -- every one of my competitors will be calling you by the third day of the campaign. If they hear it, I wonder who else will?

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