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									The Client’s Budget Is Very Modest

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Then I'm glad I came to see you today! I have some specific plans that will help increase store traffic, move more product and make your register ring more often.
What are you going to do to make them improve? You know, some people wait for things to get better; others make them better. C’mon ... you’ve got to make plans to maintain your market share. I understand. And in every slow economic period, those businesses that continue to advertise bounce back faster and stronger than those who don’t. You’re open for business everyday. Fewer and fewer people are coming in. It’s not going to get any better until you do something about it. Tell your customers you’re here and you have things their budgets may be able to afford. Well, there’s still business to be had. What is available should, at least, go to you. That’s why it is vital to maintain your ad program - so that you get your share of the business. You’re obviously reacting to the fact that your customers aren’t spending money right now. But they still have the money to spend. Someone is going to get it. Let them know why it should be you. Several people I’ve spoken with told me the same thing. Here’s what they found by advertising with us ... I suppose you can look at it from an enterpreneur’s or accountant’s point of view. Entrepreneurs will look at and try almost anything to build business. Accountants will try to pull back, cut costs and save. You’re the entrepreneurial type, aren’t you? Advertising is designed to build business. What better time to advertise than when you really need it? Your competitors are going through the same rough times as you are. Now is the time to hang in there. Now is the time to be stronger. Dig deep. You may beat them when this thing is all over.

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