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Contact information:
Company Name: DaAn Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-Sen University
Contact Name: Mr. Chris Yan
Address: No.19 Xiangshan Rd, Science Park, High & New Technology
Development District, Guangzhou China 510665
Tel Number: +86 20 32290789 ext 219
Fax Number: +86 20 32068126
Email address:

China’s Biomedical and Diagnostics Companies Set Sights on Global
Market- DaAn Gene Co., Ltd. is One Step Ahead

Over the past 10 years, DaAn Gene has experienced tremendous growth in
the multinational business. They believe that the future of any company
resides in the Global Marketplace. Therefore, they have focused the
energies to look beyond borders, and establish new relationships under
mutually beneficial scenarios.
DaAn Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-sen University is one of the leading
manufactories and suppliers of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and PCR lab-
equipments in China. Its revenue is billions RMB in 2007. Now the company
has its staffs over 800.
DaAn Gene has taken on nearly 30 key research projects of state, province
and ministries devoted itself to Fluorescence Quantitative PCR which is an
independently developed gene diagnostic technologies with more than 50
kinds of diagnostic kits. Proportions of the PCR diagnostic kits have passed
the State Institute of Quality Control of Medicines and Bioproducts, and
received Class-2 New Drug Certificates and Manufacture Approval from
sFDA granted to industrialize the gene diagnosis of many disease, and
high-tech research fruit.
DaAn Gene has also engaged in the research and development of time-
resolved immunofluorometric (TRIF) technologies as well as industrialization
of the TRIF reagents. This technology has been widely applied in clinical
diagnosis of tumors, infectious diseases, endocrinopathy and autoimmunity
diseases, therefore it has a vast market potential!

About DaAn Gene Co., Ltd of Sun Yat-Sen University
DaAn gene was established in 1993 and listed in Stock Exchange of
Shenzhen on August 9, 2004. As an exclusive manufacturer of in-vitro
diagnostic reagents, Da’an Gene Co., Ltd. Group has owned cutting-edge
biotechnology in the fields of molecular diagnostics, genetic engineering,
cellular engineering, biochemistry engineering and immunoassay.
Da’an Gene has obtained the GMP certificate issued by China FDA in 2004
and the ISO certificate. In the year 2006, the company was awarded
Certificate of ISO13485:2003. Now the company supplies PCR, ELISA,
Biochemical and RAPID diagnostic kits, instrument, and lab-equipments.
Several products are marked CE-Certificates.
With the philosophy of “QUALITY FIRST and CUSTOMER HIGHEST” in
quality and management DaAn Gene Co.,Ltd. Group wins great trust and
appreciation of its customers and consumers for its excellent quality and
good services. The company has the distribution and service network all
over China, and exports to America, Europe, Africa, India, Pakistan, South-
eastern Asia, and other parts of the world.

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