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									Radio Is Not Right For What We’re Trying To Do With This Campaign

SMART Situational Analysis

We Don’t Have The Right Creative Approach For Radio

“That’s right near the top of the list of reasons why many advertisers never get to take advantage of Radio’s huge reach and unbeatable frequency. I can solve that problem for you if you will give me a chance.” “You know, a lot of time, money, and creative genius is dedicated to producing great TV and Print advertising. Radio sort of gets the short end of the stick. But, I’m sure you’ve heard some really effective Radio creative. What if I can help you find something that really rings the bell. I’ve got a lot of good sources. I have access to the best Radio spots ever written. Can we talk about it?” “That’s the number one problem I run into. It seems to be feast or famine. Some advertisers have figured it out and love creating for Radio while others are truly stuck. Many spots that air are incredibly effective, but there are a lot of stinkers on the air at the same time. I’d like an opportunity to find out what a spot would have to do for you and then see what I can find among campaigns that have worked well. I’d consider it a challenge to try to solve this problem for you. May I have the opportunity to work on it?” “Good Radio creative is a real challenge but there’s a great payoff when you find something that works. I’d like the opportunity to work on this problem if you will let me. I have a lot of sources at my disposal. You’d be surprised.” “Maybe it’s just a matter of someone putting you on the wrong track. I’d love to have an opportunity to find out exactly what your advertising has to do for you and see if I can come up with something that will make it happen. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving me an opportunity to work on this challenge.”
Of course, you will have to know where to find copy ideas to fulfill your promise. The RAB has 5,000 spots for you to peruse. SMART has the Mercury Award winners for the last six years. Rather than try to re-invent the wheel, listen to spots in his category that have worked for others. If you’re dealing with a big advertiser, suggest that it might be a matter of money and commitment. Don’t even try to write something or mess with RAB spots. Work on what the Radio spot has to do for him. Work on the ingredients of the spot. Get it on paper so he can turn it over to his ad agency. If you sell him on the benefits of the medium, he will get good creative done.

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