AIP by rakatesa


Believing that university students are our next potential leader,
w e commit ourselves to participate in the development of
students through   Astra Internship Program (AIP).
In this program you w ill undergo a 1 – 6 months full-time
working hours program in 2010. You w ill be exposed to real
life w orking experience and assigned in a challenging project,
w hether individually or in a team, in one of Astra’ s affiliated

The AIP is open for area as follow :
- Human Resources & Industrial Relation
  For students from Psychology (bachelor / profession) &
  Industrial Engineering (bachelor).
- Information Technology
  For students from Information Technology background

 All candidates must fulfill these qualifications:                    HOW TO APPLY
 - Preferred students in the 6 th semester or more, but fresh       Send your latest CV
   graduates are w elcome to apply.                                 and educational
 - Minimum GPA 3.00.                                                transcript in doc / docx/
 - Willing to w ork full time (Monday – Friday).                    pdf file (max 1,8MB)
 - Posses strong analytical thinking, high sense of                 before February 21 st,
   achievement, good leadership, interpersonal and                  2010 to :
   communication skill.                                   

                                                                    * Candidates w ho meet
Limited capacity of participant make us conduct a high              the requirements w ill be
standard of selection process. Only short listed candidate w ill    contacted for further
be chosen to join this program.                                     process.


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