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					SMART Situational Analysis
I’m busy right now. Call me sometime in the future
This is not only a stall tactic, it is usually a kiss off. Try hard to confirm the appointment or, at least, his intention to meet with you. Send a letter confirming the call-back date and the meeting. Be sure to include some valuable information for him. Find a reason to drop him another line just prior to the date that you have scheduled to call him back for an appointment. Read the “You’re Trying To Get An Appointment” SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS. Some Scripts to study

“I understand: „busy‟ is my biggest competitor. I‟ve got my planner out and I‟d like to make a note on when I should call you back to schedule an appointment.” “I understand. If I might say one thing about that: when I‟m busy I get very selective about what I do with my time, but I always make time for something that I think will benefit me in some way. I assure you that our relationship will be a benefit to you and your business because I‟m going to do a lot of work for you. I‟d like to start now with a quick meeting so I can introduce myself in person. If you‟ll give me four minutes, I‟ll have enough to do some work until you have time for a little longer meeting. may I stop by?” “ I understand. How about if I stop by just long enough to gather some information on your business so I can do some research in preparation for a future meeting.”


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