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									Situational Analysis: from some other source
Responses: Great! Then I’ll get some ads on the air today to tell people that, so they won’t come in here and cause you problems. What is your attrition factor? How many of your present customers will be gone by this time next year? If your average is 20% like most of us, we need to start replacing that 20% now! I’m sure you tell your employees not to be satisfied with current performance levels, don’t you? Your business depends on growth and improvement. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could help your situation. Let me show you how... What have you done to get to that point? Congratulation! Here’s how we can build on those concepts to get you to the next level. Your competitor doesn’t need to advertise either. But they are now. What do they know that you don’t? What if they take your customers? Did you read IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE? That book sold over 5 million copies? The main theme is that the best companies are always looking for ways to grow and improve ... isn’t that how you are? You’d like to see some ideas and plans to help you grow, wouldn’t you? That’s great that you have all you need! Do you have all that you want? What would a new customer be worth to you in terms of additional profit? Will that be true one month from now? In order to maintain or grow ... you need to advertise now, so that you can maintain your current level of business. Everyone experiences shrinkage. Great! Now, let’s work together to make sure you get your unfair share. Then, let’ s not focus on bringing new customers into your store, but what about raising your prices? Then some advertising may build up upon the little base you lose. But, all in all, the price puts you ahead!

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