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									         UT           A                                        FOR THE   BRAIN I!.

                             STAYING SHARP 20 I O

      NEUROETHIqS             *   I/VHAT'S RIGHT? WHAT'S WRONG?

           WEDNESDAY 24 MARCH 20                   I   o   |   4:oO " t 6:30 HRs

      Neuroethics is the examination ofwhat is right and wrong, good and bad, about
      Invasion, manipulation and lreatmentto perfect, the human b.ain_

      ls neurosciehce releva nt to criminal respons ib itiry? s houtd brain imag ins
      technrques be used for I e deteclion?

      Can fear hemories be efased withoutdrugs?

      Snrari Drugs - cognitive enhancers -what are the consequences oftaking these -
      or can you. brain, alone, persuade your body roco-operate bywi[powe.?

Prcfessor Barbara Sahakian
Professo. ofClinical Neuropsychology, University ot Cambridge. civer oflhe Royal
Society 2009 Public Lectufe CogniUve Enhancing D.ugs, Neu.oethicat tssues,

Dr Mark Lythgoe
Director, Centre forAdvanced AiomedlcallFaging, Univ€rsityCo ege London, and
Di.ector of the C heltenham Sc'ence Festival.

Or Deborah Bowlrah
SeniorLectDrerrn IMedicalEthics and Law,,s UnrversityoiLondon. Senior
Academ'c Advisor, N ationa I Clin ical Ass essment Service.

Vivienno Psrry Writer and broadcasler, with a week ly cotum n in ,.he ZDes Body & Sou I
section. Presenter of /rslite the Elhics Committee and Am I No.nat? an Radio 4_ She is a

            The meeling takes plaDe in lhe Welcane Ttust Lecture Halt at the Ravaj Sacietv
            ano i4!6^at rcta-hFent- ttt D. sp^ed.n n- \ f) al t a..tan poans

           AdDission is by ticket onlyat!12,50 perperson inctuding refieshments

                                                                 (see overrearror boorinq detaits)
ApplytorThe Third Age Trust (Dana),    19 East                 BR1 1QE enclosing an s,a,e.
cheques are payable to                                         be available oh the doo.,

         Adhission is byticket only at€12-50 pe. person inctuding refreshmenG,

The Royal Sociely ls ocated at 6-9 C ar ton Hou se Te(ace London SWl y sAc jusr off Watertoo
Place behaeer Pa lMal andThet\4a. I is fve mindteswatk to piccadilv C rcls !nde@round
''dror a.o le' m lr e< o ! Fe r g C os, iarllr r dld Jro-,q.o rrd sld' 01. or )O m,
throlgh StJames s Park lo Vclo.ia. TraialgarSquare andat bus seryces throlgh 1,6 atso very
         The Royal Institution
         of Greal Bfllarn


           Tuesday 3oth March 2010 at 1,30pm for 2pm
                      At the Royal Institution of Great Britain
                          2l Albemarle Street, London Wl
                              (neetins finishes about 5pm)

Each yearthe Royallnstttulron and the U3A team up to prodLce an afternoo.       ofthe
best speakeG from the Ri's programme on avariety ofsubjecls

The spaakers a.€ as rollows (see overlearrorsynopses)

Astfobiology the huntforalien life - Dr Lewis Dartnell, asLrobiologisLUCL

Towafds a leaner, frtter fuLure .Professor Susan Jebb, N4edical Research Counci

It4agnetic healing:The real powerandmysteryof maqneisforhealthcare
P.ol€ssor Quenlin Pankhursl, Directorolthe Davy Faraday Research LaboEtory at the

  Places are limited. Admtssioh is by licket only at el5 each includinq refreshhe.ts.

                       Appllcalions car be seht rmmedialely.
      Tickels, programmes and haps wrl besentout from late January onwards.

Please apply In wriling to:

Th€ThirdAqeTrust, 1S EasrSrreer Bromley KentBRl lOEerclosing a30pslampfor
up to 4lickets, a large Letterstanp (47p) fyou require more (maximum 15 hckets per
applicanl) ard a cheque made payableto TheThird AseTrust.

You willbe nolified mnediaLely if the event becom€s oveFsubscnbed and asked if you wish ro
be placed on lhe wa tins list.

             Delails are also available on the U3A webs rte ww.u3a
                            n the lMembers area underevents
Ashobiology- the hunt for alien    hre - Dr Lewis Dartnelt, aslrobrotogEt UCL

'Aslrobology s a bfand new neld orscence, e.compassng research jnto lhe oflarns afd
lmils oflfe on our own p anet, and where ife mrght ex st beyond the Earth But what actuatV
s fe and how did it energe on our own wofd? What are the most enreme cond tions
lerestallfe caf to eraie? And what woutd an a €n aciua ly ook uke - how reatsric are rhe en! saged by science fct on novels and fi ms ove.the veare? Jo n Df Lewis Dartne I
on a touroJlhe oiher panets and moons rn oursolafsystem whrch may harbouf ie and
even iunhef aJe d to a ien wofds orbrtmg drstant staB toexpore one ollhe gfeatest
questons ever asked

Towards a leaner, titter ruture. ProtessorSlsan Jebb, MedicatResearch coL.crl

We afe facing a lat rulLre Today 1 n 4 adltts are obese and ifpresenLlre.dscontnue data
from EnOand showsihai 9 out ot 10of today's chidren witqfow up Lo be oveNeghror
obese sohe data suggesis that the recenl ncreases n werght amon! chtdren hay
urderesltoate lhe irue ncrease n Tatness because ow eles oJphysca actvty may be
lead ng to a pafa e declne h muscle mass Th s ncreasrng werghi ofthe naliof pred cis a
slrge n obesityjerated dsease. especialy diabeles ard s aready ptacrns a heavy lo ton
healh andwe -beins The awareness ofobesrtvas a senous health issle has nsen acfoss al
sectons ol soc elyi lhe cha lenge is now to tum the conceri nio action towards a eanef iitter

Magnetic healinq: Ihe realpowerand mysreryotmagners for heatrhcare
Proiessor Quen{in Pankhurst, Drectororlhe Davy-FaEday Research Labo.arory          a   he R

Frcm Mesmerto MRI ourfascrnatronwihthe.vsibtepoweroimagnetsmhasaLwaysbeen
slrong blt when I comes lo magnetc    hea lng how much of I s fact and how mLch tcton?
QLentin Pankhurst a nanolechnology expert and the Drecrofofthe Davv-Fa.adav Research
Laboratory at the Royallnstiuton willdscusswrlh us thefascinatnc ltetd ofheathcae
                     THE UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE

               Science. Technology and Society Network

                 Monday grh to Thursday 12th Autust 2010

             Preliminarv Details and call for Presentations
Thls event wil have a slm lar formai io last and orevious vears and consrst of a
number of presentations, a debate on a top cal subjeci and visits io loca places

We invjte members of any U3As to make a presentaton on a sceniiiic or
technology subject. Sutable s!blects could Include history of scieniifc
developments,   bology, physrcs chem siry, med c ne, life sc ences, eng nee ng
nanolechnoLogy, water of iravel In a foms. Preseniai ons shou d be il ustrated
and last no more ihan 40 minuies. A fudher 20 minules beng allocaled ior
quesiions and discussions A dlgita projector wi beavailable-the ayout oithe
roo^ does 10l e"d itselt to ove'head p'oleciors
Please send offers of Dresentations to:
                    The Seminar is Open to allU3A Members

Three n ghis half board accommodaton n Ty r N,4orurydd Environmental Study
Cenire, Ab€rgav€nny and lhree days ol taks, discussions and visjis. The
                                  N,'londay gLh August and finishes at noon on
                                  unch (ncluded) before departure). There is
provis on for trave Ing on Sunday- B&B on SLrnday night can be provided. Mo.e
informaiion on Ty' Nlorwydd can be found at \a,,rwmu
The a n cost is likey lo be about€180 and lhrs w lbe connrmed shorily

The seminar is Iimited to 50 partcpants and last year's event was ovet

P ease nole that iirm bookrngs cannot be accepied uni lthe end of lvlarch 2010
when more deiarls ofthe Droorcm wi be avalable.

P ease address a enquir es to ihe joint organisers Jo L vingsion and N c Gf iff n.
Nlc s dea ing with ihe application forms and the accounts Jo with the
presentations, but genera questions about the senrlnar can be addressed to
e ther of us. Bear w th Lrs if we are not at home. I we w ll replv ASAP.

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