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									Engaging Rock Lab Warm-up: List 3 real world applications for rocks. You will work in partners and only one paper from each group, so put both names on the heading; LEGIBLY! First have students assign numbers to their rocks and on their paper, draw a simple picture and color it to identify the rocks. At the top of the paper, write the number of the container. Write “Sort 1a” for the first question. Sort, write the numbers of the rocks you grouped together and explain why you sorted them that way. (Do this 3 times, 1a, 1 b, 1 c) Then go to question 2 for “Sort 2” 1. How can you sort these samples? Justify. 2. Look at the rocks through the hand lenses, re-group according to grain; Justify. 3. Group according to luster. (Shiny or dull). Justify. 4. Sort by luster, shiny like metal or shiny like glass. Justify. 5. Group according to cleavage or fracture. Justify. 6. Sort according to composition, solid or mixture. Justify. Should end with 8 sorting; Grade for participation and having sorted and justified 8 times, so 16 answers.

Next Day: **Teachers will wear black, wear a veil, and hold a plastic Lilly while the students enter the room. The music playing in the background as they enter is “The Funeral March.” After students enter, they see a small box on a table up front covered in black paper with a rock inside of it. When students are seated and quite, thank them for coming and start the next song playing, “ For Whom the Bells Toll.” This is played softly while the teacher reads the sample rock obituary.

Obituary Notice Sample
Roberto Randall Rhyolite was pronounced dead on February 28, 1996. An eighth grade student, in front of witnesses, murdered him during an experiment for the science class. Brother, Greg Granite of Marble Falls, Texas, sister, Peggy Pumice of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and other members of the Extrusive Igneous Rock Clan survive him. Roberto was born in Hawaii, on the Earth's crust of the slope of a volcano. He was recruited for research work through a Job Fair, held in a town near his home, and was then sent to Floresville to work at the middle school, where he was one of the most dedicated employees, helping the town's youth to understand other cultures and rock characteristics a little better. His hobbies included soil collecting and having a small, yet explosive rock and roll band named, The Eruptions. He was buried in a private ceremony outside of Floresville Middle School, near the track. The constant trampling of people's feet, the erosive forces of the wind and rain, will help to speed our beloved Roberto Randall Rhyolite into compaction and cementation, to become reincarnated as the lovely Sandra Shale of the Sandoval Sedimentary Rocks. We will miss Roberto but we will also look forward to working with Sandy.

(Rock Obituary Handout)

1-Sit in groups of three and only three. If there is an odd number the teacher, Me, will determine where the other person will work. 2-Next, find the rock cycle on page 109 of the text book and draw this cycle on your paper, yes, with labels. 3-Today we will write obituaries for your rocks. An obituary notice is a short biography or synopsis of a person's life for the newspaper to let people know about their death. 4-So, this is serious business. Your rock that you brought is someone close to you; you cared deeply about your rock and will miss him/her. You are now personifying the rock, (giving the rock human characteristics.) 5-After going over the instructions and explanations, you will write the obituary notice for your rock. 6-First decide which one of you will be one of the following rock types: Metamorphic, Sedimentary, or Igneous. 7-Information you will need to find about the rocks is in the textbook. This will be the research part of your activity. pgs. 108-110 and you will have computer time to research and create your vinn diagram and find real world uses for your type of rock. 8-Then following the information given on the handout, write your obituary. Proof it and have another member of your group check it using the grading format provided. Then neatly, with no mistakes, write it on colored paper and place it on the construction paper with the notices of your group. Draw the arrows and label the construction paper so that the obituaries your group has written are now following the rock cycle. 9- Each group will be allowed 2 questions to ask the teacher for the entire activity! . 5 bonus points will be awarded for each question not used at the end of the period. 10-You are now free to decorate and use your creativity on this project.

Obituary Notice

Rock Obituary Grading (Details must be sufficient information to show specifically where they came from, how they originated and the process that occurs for the change that happens!)
Name: Date: Name ____includes specific rock name-4 (pick a rock from the book and give it a first name) Death: _____When- 3 Fiction _____Where-5 Fiction Survived: _____Two specific rock types-10 (rocks from that same type, sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic) _____town for each-6 (fiction) _____Family name-10 (sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic) Birth: _____When-3 (fiction) _____Where-15 (place where that rock type actually forms) Work: (all fiction) _____Specific rock job-8 _____At least one fact about rock's life-5 Buried: _____When-3 Fiction _____Where-10 (where it will go through the processes it needs to turn into another type of rock) Reincarnated: _____What-3 (another rock type) _____How-15 (what processes) Extras: _____Extra Effort in creativity-10pts (add in extra stuff for bonus pts.) Per.:

Vinn Diagram and Rock Uses The Vinn Diagram and the chart showing how the types of rocks can be used are a separate grade that is part of the unit. You must show a minimum of 12 responses in the Vinn Diagram and a minimum of 8 uses in the real world for your type of rock. You will present this to the class for their evaluation.

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