Troop 570 Brochure

					Leadership                                     Service to the Community                       BOY SCOUT TROOP 570
Troop 570 is a boy-run troop and operates      Troop 570 participates in the Council’s
by the patrol method. The PLC, with            annual Scouting For Food drive in spring.         Kirkland, Washington
oversight from the Scoutmasters and            Our members have helped run activities
Troop Committee, plan and implement the        for Cub Scouts at summer day camp and
troop’s activities, including our weekly       Webelos Woods.
troop meetings, campouts, and our annual
summer camp. Our troop presents a semi-        Our troop has had a variety of Eagle
annual Junior Leader Training (JLT)            projects and troop projects, both indoors
program for its leaders and sends several      and out: Some examples are:
Scouts annually to the Council-run
National Youth Leadership Training              Fall and spring cleanup days for HSLC
program, NYLT. Troop 570 helps to               Remodeled areas or performed small
underwrite this training for deserving           project work at local schools,
scouts. Our adult leaders are trained in         community parks and pools, and
Scouting policies, training skills, and          churches                                              Chartered By
safety; appropriate to or exceeding the         Chehalis County flood relief help              Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
requirements for their positions and for our    Landscaped community, school, and
outings.      Many of our adults have            church properties                                We invite Webelos Scouts or
completed a six-day Wood Badge course;          Organized and ran a community old            Scouting-age boys and their parents to
the highest level of training a Scouter can      flag retiring/burning ceremony                  visit any of our troop meetings.
participate in.                                 Baked cookies for prisons
                                                Worked with Washington State Parks                          Dale Rae
Meetings                                         Rangers to perform cleanup                                Scoutmaster
Our troop meetings are held on Monday           Trail work with Washington Trails                         206-696-2855
nights, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the upper           Association (
Fellowship Hall at Holy Spirit Lutheran         Service project work for Summer                          Theresa Lacey
                                                 Camps that we attend                                    Committee Chair
Church in Kirkland. The church is located                                                                  206-354-1890
on the corner of NE 124th and 100th NE,
about a mile northeast of Juanita Beach.       These projects encourage all Scouts of
                                               any rank or age level to participate.          Visit our website to see more information
The fourth Monday of each month is our                                                          about our troop, upcoming and recent
Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting.                                                         events, outing pictures, and our calendar.
                                               Webelos Campouts
Parent Participation                           Every year, we have two car camping
Troop 570 enjoys a strong parental base.       outings where we invite Webelos to join us
In addition to adult leadership and Troop      for all the fun! One is in November
Committee positions, we have many              (typically at Deception Pass State Park)
parents who help with special projects.        and one is in early May (typically at a
We have a monthly Parent meeting to            Lutheran Camp near North Bend). If you
discuss ongoing troop issues and to            are interested in joining us on one of these
ensure the troop’s safety and its success.     campouts, call us!
Our Troop                                    Fundraising                                   Scout Advancement
Boy    Scout   Troop     570,    Kirkland,   Boy Scout Troop 570 has one major fund-       Our patrol leaders and older Scouts, under
Washington, was chartered in 1969 and        raiser each year -- a Christmas Tree          the supervision of the Scoutmasters, work
has been sponsored by the Holy Spirit        Recycling program – that each Scout is        with younger Scouts on rank advancement
Lutheran Church in Kirkland for almost 40    expected to participate in. Each Scout has    during the year. Additional opportunities
years.                                       his own Scout account, and a portion of       are available in summer camp programs.
                                             the funds he raises gets credited to his      Boys are encouraged to earn merit
Our troop has about 80 scouts and is very    account to help offset the costs of monthly   badges individually or in groups /patrols.
active. We have at least one outing every    campouts or summer camp. In addition,         Many troop parents are merit badge
month all year round and attend summer       boys can sell popcorn if they like.           counselors. We bring in other community
camp. Our Scouts enjoy outdoor activities                                                  members to our meetings to help Scouts
like camping, hiking and backpacking. On     Summer Camp Trips                             with specialized skills. Troop 570 holds
every campout we encourage and               Troop 570 attends summer camp every           semi annual Courts of Honor, where
challenge ourselves with gourmet cooking.    year. We typically will go in council one     advancement is formally acknowledged.
Car camping almost always brings out         summer then out of council the next.
Dutch Ovens. In addition to camaraderie                                                    Rank of Eagle Scout
and leadership, the boys learn and           Recent BSA summer camp locations:             Troop 570 is proud that 33
practice outdoor skills like camping,                                                      of its members have
cooking, and orienteering on these trips.    2008— Camp Meriwether, Oregon coast
                                             2007— Camp Parsons, on northern Hood          reached the rank of Eagle
Most of our outings are in Washington.                                                     since the year 2000; 54
                                                    Canal, Washington
                                             2006— Camp Hahobas, on southern               Eagle Scouts in total since
Our youth leaders plan varied activities                                                   the troop formed in 1969.
                                                    Hood Canal, Washington
and destinations each year. In addition to                                                 Our    Scoutmaster      and
                                             2005— Camp Easton, Lake Coeur
camping, other activities have included:                                                   Assistants are devoted to
                                                    d’Alene, Idaho
                                             2004— Camp Pigott, near Monroe,               counseling our Life Scouts
   Canoeing and kayaking                                                                  as they work toward their Eagle Scout
   Whitewater Rafting                                                                     rank. Our troop also has an Eagle
   Backpacking: beginning and advanced      2003— Camp Parsons, on northern Hood
                                                    Canal, Washington                      Committee to help Life Scout families
   Fishing                                                                                prepare for the Eagle Court of Honor
                                             2002— Camp Black Mountain, Mt Baker
   Biking, both mountain and road                                                         ceremony.
                                                    Council, Washington
   Geocaching
   Skiing, snow boarding, snowshoeing
   Rock climbing and mountain climbing      High Adventure!                               Growing with the Boys
   Seahawks, Mariners games                 Every summer we have at least one high        As the Scouts get older, we offer them
   High Adventure outings (ask us!)         adventure outing for those Scouts that        a chance to join our new Venturing Crew
                                             want the challenge. Recent trips are:         570. This co-ed Crew (ages 14-21)
On these campouts, we cook in patrols.                                                     pursues high adventure activities like
Our troop members have a wide range of       2008: Philmont, 50-miler, climb Mt Rainier    wilderness canoeing, rock climbing,
equipment including tents, stoves, and       2007: 50-miler on PCT, climb Mt Baker         backpacking, caving, and more.
other cooking gear for our troop and         2006: Philmont, climb Mt Adams
patrols.                                     2005: Chilkoot Trail in Alaska
                                             2004: 50-miler NW of Lake Chelan

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