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									 Trinity College Civic Engagement Office            Civic Engagement in Trinity College Dublin
                                           As Ireland’s premier University, Trinity College Dublin lives up to its
                   &                       responsibility to serve society and the community through excellence,
                                           inclusion and partnership in education, research and outreach. College
Trinity Volunteering Opportunities Forum   values its tradition of outreach, community engagement and social
                                           responsibility. Voluntary activity, along with other forms of engagement
            welcome you to                 with the community, ensures an added insight into societal structures,
                                           issues and problems. In addition to contributing to the resolution of
                                           problems confronting society, such activity can offer students and staff
                                           social, professional and other learning opportunities.

                                           In light of this, it is the role of the Civic Engagement Officer in the Careers
                                           Advisory Service to promote support and facilitate student and staff
                                           voluntary activity. For further information, contact

                                                    Trinity Volunteering Opportunities Forum
                                           Trinity Volunteering Opportunities Forum (TVOF) aims to promote
                                           volunteering among Trinity staff and students, to provide a forum for
                                           discussion of common volunteering issues and to promote collaboration
                                           between Trinity and the wider community.

                                           Volunteering whilst in College is a really rewarding way to spend your time.
                                           It gives you the chance to make new friends, to learn new skills and, most
        Annual Volunteering Fair           importantly, to make a difference.

                                           There are currently five different volunteering societies on campus. They
         Monday 16 November                are Suas, the Voluntary Tuition Programme, Trinity Vincent de Paul, Trinity
                                           Free Legal Advice Centre and Student 2 Student peer support programme.

                                           For more information, see
                      List of Organisations                            Volunteer Centres Ireland
Volunteer Resources                                                    Volunteer Centres Ireland (VCI) is the national organisation with
              1       Volunteer Centres Ireland                        responsibility for developing volunteering nationally and locally, a mandate
              2       Volunteering Ireland                             approved and supported by the Department of Community, Rural and
              3       Comhlamh                                         Gaeltacht Affairs. We are a membership organisation, established by
Opportunities in Ireland                                               volunteer centres to co-operate and network on any issue relating to
              4       Barretstown                                      volunteer centres and volunteering in Ireland
              5       Ballymun Regional Youth Resource
                                                                       The VCI website lets you search for volunteer opportunities according to f
              6       Caring and Sharing Association
                                                                       where in the country you would like to volunteer, what type of time you
              7       Depaul Ireland
                                                                       can give (including once-off availability) and what type of work interests
              8       Fighting Words
                                                                       you. It will provide you with information on opportunities which suit you
              9       Focus Ireland
                                                                       and VCI will follow up with the community organisation or charity you
              10      Friends of the Elderly
                                                                       choose. For more, see
              11      Irish Kidney Association (European Games 2010)
              12      Irish Seal Sanctuary
              13      Irish Wheelchair Association                                            Volunteering Ireland
              14      Special Olympics Ireland
                                                                       Volunteering Ireland is the National Volunteer Development Agency which
              15      SVP Ozanam House & Sunshine Fund
                                                                       acts as a representative voice for volunteering in Ireland. It works to
              16      Trócaire
                                                                       inspire, promote, support and celebrates voluntary activity in Ireland as a
Opportunities Abroad                                                   way of strengthening participative democracy and building social capital.
              17    A-Z Children’s Charity                             Volunteering Ireland also supports the work of Irish-based overseas
              18    Camara                                             development agencies that involve volunteers in their work through a
              19    European Voluntary Service                         number of initiatives.
              20    Habitat for Humanity
                                                                       Volunteering Ireland runs the Ireland Involved Awards which serve to
              21    Operation Smile
                                                                       showcase, recognise and celebrate the work of outstanding volunteers
              22    Serve
                                                                       across the country.
              23    Suas
              24    Viatores Christ                                    Volunteering Ireland operates a volunteer centre service on the north side
              25    Voluntary Service International                    of Dublin city. For more, see
                             Comhlámh                                                               Friends of the Elderly
Comhlámh is an organisation concerned with global development. Its           Category:             Older People
Volunteering options Programme aims to promote informed decision             Location:             25 Bolton Street and in homes around Dublin
making by potential volunteers and to develop good practice standards
among volunteer sending organisations. In doing so, Comhlámh hopes to        Dates:                Ongoing
ensure that overseas volunteering has a positive impact for the volunteer,   Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            No fixed deadline
the sending organisation, and the host organisation and community
                                                                             Brief description of organisation:
whether the placement is short or long term.
                                                                             Friends of the Elderly supports older people who live alone or who feel
The Volunteering Options website can take you through every step to          socially isolated. We provide a volunteer home visitation programme and
becoming a volunteer and includes a searchable database of over 120          we run activities for older people at our centre on Bolton Street.
organisaiton that offer volunteering placements in developing countries.
                                                                             What do volunteers do?
You will also find the Volunteer Charter online. This document contains
                                                                             Volunteers visit older people at home, work in charity shop, help in office
guiding principles and information to help you make an informed decision
                                                                             to support older people, organise and attend events for older people
and prepare you for your placement.
                                                                             and/or engage in fundraising activities.
It is also worth remembering Comhlámh when you return from
volunteering abroad. They run ‘moving forward’ days for returned short
                                                                             Not applicable.
term volunteers and ‘coming home’ weekends for those who have spent
over 3 months volunteering abroad. These events can help you to process
                                                                             Training & Support
your experience, meet like-minded people and show you opportunities to
                                                                             We provide in-house training on our policies and systems.
stay involved in global development issues now that you are home.

For more, see                                    Application Process
                                                                             Volunteers are interviewed, references are checked, photo ID and proof of
                                                                             address are sought, and volunteers are required to sign our code of
                                                                             conduct. The length of the process varies and depends on the needs of our
                                                                             service users at any given time.

                                                                             Unfortunately, this opportunity is not accessible for persons with
Category:             Children’s Charity                                        Volunteers don’t need to raise any money to come to Barretstown to
Location:             Co. Kildare

Dates:                3/10 days on different dates throughout summer            Training & Support
                                                                                All volunteers are provided with training before the children/families arrive
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:             Mid February                       on site. There is a high level of supervision by qualified staff at all times.

Brief description of organisation:                                              Application Process
Barretstown is a specially-designed camp for children with serious              All volunteers are interviewed, reference and police checked. We conduct
illnesses- primarily cancer and serious blood diseases- from Ireland, Britain
                                                                                group interviews here at Barretstown.
and throughout Europe, and their families.

We provide a unique programme of adventure, activities and fun – backed         Accessibility
by the medical world - which helps children with serious illness regain their   This opportunity is accessible for people with disabilities.
confidence and self-esteem and has become internationally recognised as
having a profound and positive impact on their lives.

The medical world calls our programme ‘therapeutic recreation’, but like
the campers, we know it as ‘Serious Fun’.

What do volunteers do?
A Volunteer Cara’s role is to relate positively to the children and young
people and their families, to accompany campers in their activities and
provide a fun atmosphere, support, leadership and encouragement.
Assigned to a small group of children or teenagers, volunteers encourage
and support them in all their activities, while making sure they're safe and
supervised at all times. Most importantly volunteers help the children to
have fun!
              Ballymun Regional Youth Resource
                                                                                Training & Support
Category:             Social / youth work / informal education                  The Volunteer Support Worker oversees the recruitment and support of
                                                                                volunteers and students on placement, both with BRYR and with youth
Location:             The Reco Youth Facility, Sillogue Road, Ballymun          groups throughout Ballymun. Once you become a volunteer, there is a
                                                                                support package in place including induction, regular training options,
Dates:                Various
                                                                                individual supervision, recognition and regular volunteer group sessions.
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:             March 31st 2010                    BRYR’s TDVS team (Michelle, the Volunteer Support Worker and Laurence,
                                                                                the Training & Development Officer) work with the volunteer team, both
                                                                                as a group and individually, to ensure volunteers are continuously
Brief description of organisation:                                              supported, developed and challenged in the work they do.
Ballymun Regional Youth Resource (BRYR) is a youth work organisation
working for the welfare and development of 10-21 year-olds in Ballymun.         Application Process
The core belief underpinning BRYR’s work is that every young person has         Volunteers joining us at BRYR undertake an initial recruitment process
the power within themselves to live a positive life; that the environment in    which involves filling out an application form, attending an informal
which young people grow up shapes their development, and that positive          interview with our Volunteer Support Worker, Garda Clearance/Vetting (a
relationships with and between young people are at the heart of their           Child Protection measure) and reference checks. This process can take up
wellbeing. Activities include youth work (on-site and outreach), art, music,    to 8 weeks to complete in full, due to the slow turnaround of the Garda
drama, creative IT and sporting activities.                                     clearance forms.

What do volunteers do?
                                                                                This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.
For summer 2010, we have a variety of roles available, from leading sports
and outdoor activities to assisting our art workers on art and craft projects
(such as this summer’s urban art graffiti project). Other roles during our
summer project include helping to supervise outings in Dublin and beyond,
and working with young people through drama, art, music, games and IT at
our youth facility in Ballymun, the Reco.

                  Caring & Sharing Association
                                                                              Training & Support
Category:                    Disability/Social                                Induction Training (2-3 hours), manual handling and health and safety
                                                                              training is provided.
Location:                    Various locations around Dublin including
                             Swords, Malahide, Bray, Clontarf and Tallaght
                                                                              Application Process
Dates:                       Year Round                                       Volunteers must complete an application form. They will be asked to
                                                                              provide two referees and complete a Garda vetting form also. It usually
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            none
                                                                              takes a few weeks to process this.
Brief description of organisation:
CASA is a voluntary organization, established in 1981, whose goal is          Please contact us directly on for further details.
develop friendships and social outlets for people with disabilities (both
physical and intellectual) through a variety of social activities. These
include regular social events, holidays, respite breaks, and pilgrimages to

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers attend social activities where they work on a one to one basis
with a CASA member. Volunteers can also do respite short respite breaks
in our house in Malahide. Activities during the respite break vary and can
include shopping, bowling, cinema and other such social pursuits. Our
monthly social activities are usually held on a Sunday in a hotel where
there is mass followed by lunch followed by music and dancing.
Volunteers are asked to commit to attending one social activity a month
between the hours of two and six. Respite breaks can be between 2 and 5

There is no cost for attending monthly social activities. However if
volunteers want to go to the Lourdes they generally pay their own fare
(approx. €650).
                            Depaul Ireland                                        do not have to raise a specific amount. Funds raised go directly to
                                                                                  supporting homeless people in our services.
Category:              Low threshold homeless services
                                                                                  Training & Support
Location:              Dublin City Centre
                                                                                  A four stage induction (4 x 2.5 hour sessions over 4 weeks) is provided for
Dates:                 Ongoing                                                    all volunteers. This includes both organisation and project inductions.
                                                                                  Ongoing training opportunities are available to volunteers throughout the
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:              February 2010 & June 2010           year. Support and supervision is provided at a project level and there are 3
                                                                                  to 4 project volunteer forums which take place each year.
Brief description of organisation:
Depaul Ireland is part of Depaul International, the parent company of a           Application Process
group structure which includes Depaul UK, Depaul Slovensko, Depaul                Volunteers must complete an application form, provide two referees
Kharkiv and Depaul USA. Depaul Ireland was founded in 2002 and was also           names, and undergo Garda Vetting. The process takes place four times a
sponsored by members of the Vincentian Family with the objective of               year and generally the takes 8-10 weeks.
providing help and support for homeless and disadvantaged people in
Dublin and throughout Ireland. We operate a model of low threshold                Accessibility
services, keeping rules and regulations to a minimum and ensuring that            A number of our opportunities are open to persons with disabilities
those in need of services are able to access them. Our hope is that people        depending on the project location.
will be supported to realise and achieve their potential.

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers are involved in a variety of service based (Making the
Difference volunteers) and non service based roles (More than Change)
and there is a role is suit everyone, a full list of opportunities is available
from the Volunteer Programme. Roles vary from musicians, hair dressers
and activities assistants to being part of the tech savvy team, events team
and/or fundraising team.

While ‘Making the Difference’ volunteers are not involved in fundraising,
‘More than Change’ volunteers are involved in these projects. Volunteers
                          Fighting Words
Category:                    Creative writing/education                     Not applicable- volunteers are not involved in fundraising.

Dates:                       Ongoing
                                                                            Training & Support
Location:                   Behan Square, 13 Russell Street, Dublin 1       At our training sessions, we cover primary and secondary school
                                                                            programmes and we ask our more experienced volunteers to observe new
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:           April 2010                       volunteers to ensure that the new people are confident in tutoring. The
Brief description of organisation:                                          entire session is always supervised by Fighting Words staff.
Fighting Words offers free story-writing workshops for primary              Application Process
school students in the mornings, creative writing tutoring for
                                                                            All volunteers are required to complete an application form and attend for
secondary students in the afternoons. We also offer a full range of
week-long summer camps and will start evening and weekend                   a brief volunteer interview. They then attend a two-hour training session,
programmes in early 2010.                                                   during which we cover our various volunteer policies, including child
                                                                            protection. We also check references and require Garda vetting for
What do volunteers do?                                                      volunteers who work with Fighting Words for 20 hours per week or more,
Teams of volunteers run all of Fighting Words’ programmes. During the       including summer volunteers.
academic year, volunteers work with small groups of children as they work
on their own individual writing projects, offering support and
                                                                            This opportunity has disability access
encouragement as well as practical advice. Volunteers also lead the
storytelling aspect and provide illustrations for our primary school

In the summer, volunteers help design our summer camps and then spend
the week working with the children on the project to be produced during
the course of the week. In 2009, we made comic books, wrote plays and
made films on mobile phones with students ranging in age from seven to
                            Focus Ireland
Category:                    Fundraising Challenges                          Event staff volunteers do not need to pay or raise any money and expenses
                                                                             are covered.
Location:                    All over Ireland & UK
                                                                             Event participants are asked to raise €4500 as a team for both the Four
Dates:                       June 11th-13th, July, Sept dates tbc.           Peaks Challenge and the UK 3 Peaks Challenge and individuals taking part
                                                                             in the Highest Peak Challenge are asked to raise €450.
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            To be confirmed
                                                                             The money is used to fund our homeless services across Ireland.

Brief description of organisation:                                           Training & Support
Focus Ireland aims to advance the right of people-out-of-home to live in a   Volunteers can expect to be fully briefed in advance of the event and will
place they call home through quality services, research, and advocacy. The   be teamed up with a member of Focus Ireland staff at the event
objectives of Focus Ireland are to:
     respond to the needs of people out-of-home and those at risk of
                                                                             Application Process
        becoming homeless, through a range of appropriate high quality       Volunteers working with our services undergo a vetting and interview
        services                                                             process.
     provide emergency transitional and long-term accommodation for
                                                                             For events roles, Focus will contact new volunteers for an informal chat
        people out-of-home
                                                                             before they start work.
     campaign and lobby for the rights of people out-of-home and the
        prevention of homelessness                                           Participants in our events and challenges can register anything from 6
                                                                             months to 3 weeks in advance of the event. The sooner a team or
What do volunteers do?                                                       individual registers for an event, the more time they are giving themselves
Volunteers play a key role at our events and challenges. For example, we     to raise the minimum sponsorship.
required over 100 volunteers to marshal our Fundraising Triathlon in
August 2009. Volunteers also join the Focus Ireland team for our Four        Is this opportunity accessible for persons with disabilities?
Peaks Challenge as event staff.                                              While some of our opportunities are accessible, the Peak Challenges
                                                                             involve mountain climbing/athletic activities.
We are also looking for event participants for our Four Peaks Challenge
(June 2010), Highest Peak Challenge (July 2010) and UK 3 Peaks Challenge
(Sept 2010).
                   Irish Kidney Association
          6th European Transplant & Dialysis Games                                         Costs
                                                                                           There is no absolute requirement to raise funds to be a volunteer at the 6th
Category:                Sport & Promotion of Organ Donor Awareness
                                                                                           European Transplant & Dialysis Games. However, any funds raised would
Location:                DCU & Sports Venues in North County Dublin                        be appreciated and would go directly towards the costs of staging the
                                                                                           Games. All fundraising activities to support the Games must be sanctioned
Dates:                   8th – 15th August 2010
                                                                                           before they are held.
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:                   April 30th 2010
                                                   (First come first served)               Training & Support
                                                                                           Between May 1st and the beginning of the Games we will organise
Brief description of organisation:                                                         appropriate training sessions, depending on the area the volunteer is
The Irish Kidney Association is hosting the 6th European Transplant & Dialysis             involved. There will be a Volunteer Manager and a Volunteer facility based
Games as a means to promote healthy living amongst all transplant recipients               at Games HQ in DCU. Volunteers will check in at the Volunteer Facility and
(e.g. kidney, liver, lung, heart, pancreas) and people on dialysis. It is also a vehicle   report directly to the Manager responsible for their area.
for promoting organ donor awareness amongst the general public – to encourage
people to carry an organ donor card and discuss their wishes with their next-of-           Application Process
kin. 24 countries invited, 350-400 athletes expected – all celebrating new life            The process starts by completing an application form that will be available
through sport
                                                                                           in hard copy or to complete online from the Games website,
                                                                                  A short list will be drawn up according to the
What do volunteers do?
                                                                                           needs of the Games and the skills / experience offered by candidates.
There is a huge variety of ways in which people can contribute to this
                                                                                           Further information may be sought, including by following up references.
event. Volunteers are needed for each of the following: competition
                                                                                           There will be no under 18’s competing in the Games. We hope to have all
management, venue management, administrative and logistical support,
                                                                                           volunteer roles filled by April 30th.
event services (such as safety, medical liaison, first aid etc.), social
programme planning and implementation as well as the coordination of                       Accessibility
activities & carrying out fundraising events.                                              This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.
                       Irish Seal Sanctuary                                  Application Process
                                                                             Volunteers fill in an application on our website. Depending on their
Category:            Animal Welfare                                          interests we try to encourage volunteers to be self starters and once
Location:            Garristown & Other                                      familiar with the charity find the area they find the most relevant to their
                                                                             skills and interests.
Dates:               Ongoing
                                                                             Training & Support
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:           ASAP                              As we are all volunteers we support and supervise as much as possible but
                                                                             prefer volunteers who feel passionate enough about the area to be able to
Brief description of organisation:                                           work independently as soon as they get to know the running of the charity.
The Irish Seal Sanctuary is Ireland's only marine animal rescue and
rehabilitation charity run entirely by volunteers. We rescue, rehabilitate   Accessibility
and release back to the wild any distressed marine animal found around       Many areas of work such as website editing, ezine production, writing
the country. We may not be in a position to take any more animals in the     articles, etc. are accessible.
New Year and will be focussing on building a centre where the work can
resume. We are also involved in oil spill response planning, sea fisheries
advisory and cetacean freedom campaigning,

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers do a broad section of work from direct care of animals, to
fundraising, coordinating volunteers, selling merchandise, sitting of
fisheries councils, writing policy papers, maintaining the website,
producing an ezine, organising seal releases, etc.

Volunteers are not required to pay in order to get involved in our
organisation. Those who wish to engage in fundraising activity can become
involved in our Seal the Deal campaign to build a centre to house the work
of the sanctuary or can raise funds to cover the costs of caring for the
    Organisation Name: Irish Wheelchair Association
Category:             Disability service                                         Application Process
                                                                                 All volunteers are asked to complete an application form giving two
Location:             Clontarf and Clondalkin
                                                                                 referees, a garda vetting form, to attend an interview and will given a copy
Dates:                Ongoing                                                    of our volunteer handbook. This process will take from 3 to 4 weeks.

Summer ’10 Application Deadline:             No specific deadline                Accessibility
                                                                                 This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.
Brief description of organisation:
The Irish Wheelchair Association is a national organisation of and for
people with a physical disability. Services that are provided are driving
tuition, resource and outreach services, training, assisted living, youth and
sport. This volunteer opportunity is through our youth service which
provides activities and project for young people between 13 and 30 years
of age.

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers will develop, organise and run youth café in the Clontarf and
Clondalkin area. The youth café is a safe, fun and inclusive environment for
young people with and without a disability.

There will be some fundraising activities associated with this project and all
the monies raised go straight back to the youth café.

Training & Support
All volunteers are fully supported and supervised and all have a support
person appointed to them with whom regular meetings will be held. A fully
training programme will be carried out with all volunteers. This will include
keeping safe training, manual handling, working with young people and
health and safety.
                     Special Olympics Ireland                                  Costs
                                                                               Not relevant to volunteering with Special Olympics Ireland
Category:             Sport
                                                                               Training & Support
Location:             Nationwide
                                                                               All volunteers go through induction and are in receipt of on-going training
Dates:                Ongoing                                                  and support.

Summer ’10 Application Deadline: End of April for National Games               Application Process
                                                                               Potential volunteers can apply on our website to become involved. All
Brief description of organisation:                                             volunteers are subject to a criminal records check and the process can take
The mission of Special Olympics Ireland is "to provide year-round sports       between 8-12 weeks.
training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for
children and adults with an intellectual disability, giving them continuing    Accessibility
opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage,                This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.
experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendships
with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.”

What do volunteers do?
There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer in Special Olympics
Ireland – whether it’s helping to run a club at local level, if you have a
coaching qualification in a sport that we offer as part of our programme,
joining a regional committee, volunteering for the National Collection Day
every April or in one of our support centres, doing administration
duties/making calls etc..

2010 is a National Games year (happens every four). The Special Olympics
Ireland Games in 2010 is being held in Limerick from June 9th-13th. If you
are interested in volunteering for the 5 days of this you can apply now –
general orientation will be held in the New Year in Limerick for all
                        SVP Ozanam House                                          We offer the young people a safe, fun, learning and social environment
                                                                                  where they can develop skills, develop new lifelong friendships and a
Category:             Education/ Leisure summer camp                              respect for themselves and those around them as well as an enhanced
                                                                                  sense of self worth and belief that is immeasurable in today’s society. Our
Location:             Mountjoy Sq, D1
                                                                                  volunteers act as mentors and friends to the children, encouraging and
Dates:                Anything up to 4 weeks from July5th – 30th                  supporting them throughout the project.

Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            April 16th 2010                       Costs
                                                                                  Nothing. The project is funded by a variety of sources however we work
Brief description of organisation:                                                each year at targeting these sources and if volunteers are in a position to
Ozanam House Resource Centre is a community resource centre based in              assist us this is most welcome.
the North Inner City and run by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. Since
our opening in September 2002 we have continued to develop various                Training & Support
programmes and projects aimed at addressing the issue of social exclusion
                                                                      All volunteers are required to attend an induction/information night in the centre,
as well as the many needs of the local community. Projects include a              attend child protection training session as well as our specific summer
children’s centre, a youth group, a computer training centre, cookery             project training day in advance of the project commencing.
classes focusing on healthy eating, an active retirement group and a
summer project.                                                                   Application Process
                                                                                    Complete the initial expression of interest form.
What do volunteers do?
                                                                                    You will then be sent an official application pack in the post which will
For the past four years we have operated a successful summer projects for
                                                                                       include the official application form. All volunteers must also be
young people (5 to 13 years) from the North East Inner City. This project              processed for Garda Clearance through the Garda Vetting unit – an
runs daily from early morning until late afternoon. The project is activity            additional form is provided for this which will be included in the
based with some excursions included each week. Activities include art,                 application pack.
cookery, computers, sports and games, swimming, Karaoke, music classes,             You will then be sent invitations to the various induction and training
treasure hunts, drama and sign language. We engage 1,200 children from                 sessions held before the project starts
the local community. The children are divided into groups of 20 and each
group has been lead and supported by up to 5 volunteers each. The                 Accessibility
volunteers can also lead the classes and activities where skills allow,           For the most part, this opportunity is accessible although it may depend on
however most of the classes and activities are facilitated by teachers,           the disability. Contact for further details
allowing the volunteers to focus on the children and their enjoyment.
                           SVP Sunshine Fund                                           Costs
                                                                                       Volunteers do not need to raise any money at all. The Sunshine Fund does most
Category:               Children’s Holiday Camp                                        of its fundraising at the annual Advocate Collection on Palm Sunday every year.
                                                                                       All meals and laundry service are provided free of charge for the volunteers
Location:               Balbriggan, Co. Dublin                                         during their stay at Sunshine House.
Dates:                  1 week during 21st May-29th August                             Training & Support
                                                                                       Volunteers who have been successful in the interview process and garda vetting
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:                 April 2010
                                                                                       will be invited to attend a Child Protection course. This covers everything from
                                                                                       best practice policies to possible scenarios the volunteers might encounter during
Brief description of organisation:                                                     the week and strategies for dealing with them. All perspective volunteers will be
The Sunshine Fund is a unique part of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Ireland.    issued with an information booklet which covers in detail the routine of each day
Since 1935, we have been providing summer holidays free-of-charge to children          in Sunshine House. In addition to this there is a training session for all volunteers
between the ages of 7 and 11 from disadvantaged areas across Dublin and                when they arrive on the Saturday in advance of the children's arrival! The
neighbouring counties at our holidays centre in Balbriggan- a small seaside town       Volunteers department envisages ensuring that there is a mix between new
north of Dublin city. More recently thanks to the efforts of our team of               volunteers and experienced volunteers each week. In this way experienced
volunteers, we have also been able to invite children from further afield.             volunteers can help show new volunteers the ropes!

What do volunteers do?                                                                 Application Process
Our volunteers are ordinary people from all different walks of life: some are          Prospective volunteers will be asked to fill in an application form which can be
students, some were in Sunshine themselves as children. Different backgrounds          downloaded from our website Successful applicants will be
but with many things in common: an interest in children, an ability to listen to       invited to attend an interview. We will contact two references and assist you in
them, a desire to provide them with the best holiday we can and a willingness to       applying for Garda Vetting. After the interview process applicants will be invited
give them our undivided positive attention. If you volunteer with us you would be      to attend a Child Protection course. The duration of this process is 6 weeks.
joining a team of 15-20 like-minded people to look after 80-100 children for a
whole week, Saturday to Saturday. From getting them up in the mornings to
                                                                                       Yes. We aim to accommodate any disability but this is assessed on a case-by-case
telling them bedtime stories at night and entertaining them in between, you will
                                                                                       basis to ensure the safety of both volunteer and child alike. We currently have 6-7
be with the children all day except for your own mealtimes and breaks. Managing
                                                                                       volunteers with a disability.
football teams, helping to build sandcastles, painting pictures or collecting crabs,
judging competitions or simply being a friendly face, there's a role for everyone.
And for one volunteer that signs up, we can take eight more children on holiday.
                                                                                 Become a Community Representative:
Category:             Campaigns, Education and Fundraising                       Act as an ambassador for Trócaire in your local area. Support our
                                                                                 fundraising campaigns; speak on Trócaire's behalf in your parish or
Location:             Throughout Ireland                                         community; administer cheque collections from local schools; and much
                                                                                 much more.
Dates:                Ongoing
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:             n/a
                                                                                 Volunteers are not required to fundraise or contribute financially in order
                                                                                 to participate in our activities
Brief description of organisation:
Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church
                                                                                 Training & Support
in Ireland. It was set up by the Irish Catholic Bishops in 1973 to express the
                                                                                 Volunteers will be linked to a representative from the particular unit in
concern of the Irish Church for the suffering of the world's poorest and
                                                                                 Trócaire (fundraising, education or campaigning) for ongoing training and
most oppressed people.
                                                                                 support. It is important for Trócaire to have volunteers who feel valued
Trócaire’s partnership approach makes us different. We work through              and enjoy their volunteering experience. We will play our part to ensure
global Catholic networks and with local partners on the ground. When we          this is achieved.
help people, we work with them, so that they drive the entire process
themselves. Solutions are not imposed on the people we help. Instead,            Application Process
they become the authors of their own destiny.                                    Volunteers will be asked to fill in a ‘register of interest’ form to indicate
                                                                                 their interest in volunteering and to help match them to our volunteering
What do volunteers do?
                                                                                 options. Trócaire will host an Orientation Day for new volunteers in the
                                                                                 Irish Aid office Sat 16th January 2010. Volunteers will receive training
By campaigning with Trócaire you will challenge the root causes of poverty
and injustice, and make a real difference in the world. Bringing about           specific to their roles thereafter.
change starts with you. You can help Trócaire to expose inequality, and
change the factors that cause it.                                                Accessibility
                                                                                 This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.
Join our Education Team:
Support our education team by running workshops in schools in your local
area. Inform students of the injustices that exist in our world and what
they can do to make a difference!
                      A-Z Children’s Charity
Category:                    Healthcare/education                            Volunteers must pay for and book their own flights. Just €100 covers the
Location:                    Uganda                                          full cost of airport transfers, accommodation, (including bed, mosquito net
                                                                             and 3 meals a day) for the duration of your stay. Volunteers are required to
Dates:                       3 weeks – 2 July-23 July                        fundraise €2000 which goes directly to A-Z Children’s Charity programmes
                             OR                                              in Uganda.
                             23 July-13 August
                                                                             Training & Support
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            26/02/2010
                                                                             Pre-departure inductions begin in March 2010. We provide orientation
                                                                             workshops to prepare volunteers for all aspects of the trip – travel
                                                                             considerations, cultural adjustments and specific training for work
Brief description of organisation:                                           placements. This is also a great opportunity for volunteers to get to know
The mission of A-Z’s Children’s Charity’s is to provide healthcare and       their team members and the A-Z Volunteer Coordinators who will also be
education to vulnerable children in Uganda who are infected with or          travelling to Uganda to supervise the programmes. The Coordinators
affected by HIV/AIDS. Through sustainable projects, we endeavour to          provide a huge amount of support and guidance whilst in Uganda –
empower people to work their way out of the cycle of poverty they have       volunteer
been born into.
                                                                             Application Process
What do volunteers do?
                                                                             Prospective volunteers must complete an application form, then they will
We have specialised placements for nurses who will work in local Ugandan
                                                                             be contacted for an informal phone interview. All volunteers must be
clinics and for teachers who’ll be posted in primary schools. Student
                                                                             willing to undergo Garda Vetting, as part of our Child protection Policy.
nurses and teachers are very welcome.
 We also have a general programme, for which no formal qualifications are    Unfortunately this opportunity is not accessible for persons with mobility
necessary. All volunteers will be involved in community, health and school   difficulties
outreach programmes and will work on a building project. We also
organise cultural and social trips and provide rest days for volunteers to
relax or go on safari.
                                                                                  Training & Support
Category:              Computers / Education                                      Volunteers preparing for the Africa volunteer programme must complete
                                                                                  50 hours in Camara's workshop between February and July and must also
Location :             Dublin & Africa                                            commit time to the individual training sessions for their role.
Dates:                Ongoing in Dublin on a flexible drop- in basis,
                                                                                  Application Process
                      4-5 weeks in Africa (July - August)
                                                                                  Potential volunteers need to complete the application form, make an IT
               Volunteers can also take on a 3 month internship in Dublin
                                                                                  presentation and attend an interview.
               or engage in long term volunteering in Africa for a period of
               2 years)
                                                                                  Workshop volunteers need to fill in an application form come to one of our
                                                                                  weekly inductions (20 minutes), after which they can start. For overseas
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:              Ongoing
                                                                                  volunteering, we will start accepting applications in the New Year.
Brief description of organisation:
Camara is a registered Irish charity which strives to enhance the                 Accessibility
educational system in Africa through Irish technology. It does this through       Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access in the workshop.
refurbishing used computers in its workshop in Dublin, then sending them          However, we have volunteering opportunities in areas such as web/print
to schools and educational institutions in Africa. Volunteers then travel out     design for those who wish to volunteer from a remote location.
to these countries to train teachers in basic to advanced ICT skills.

What do volunteers do?
Train teacher in basic to advanced ICT skills in areas such as PC
Maintenance, Networking, Linux, Programming, Moodle Administration
and Multi-media.

Volunteers fundraise the amount needed to cover the cost of their trip (approx.
                  European Voluntary Service
                                                                               Application Process
Category:             Various                                                  EVS is made up of a three way partnership: the hosting organisation,
Location:             EU member states, South East and Eastern Europe          where the young person spends the voluntary service working, the
                      and Mediterranean partner countries.                     volunteer themselves and the sending organisation, which is an
                                                                               organisation which helps the volunteer to prepare before leaving the
Dates:                2 months – 1 year (in exceptional cases 2wks +)          country.

Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            February 2010                      The sending organisation should be sourced by perspective volunteers
                                                                               directly. They should be non-profit making organisations and have
Brief description of organisation:
                                                                               accreditation with the National Agency. Prospective volunteers will then
Léargas is the National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme.
                                                                               search for a host organisation. This can be done through the European
Volunteers are not hosted or sent by Léargas, rather we are the funding
                                                                               Commission’s database or
body; assessing applications received from hosting and sending
                                                                               through The latter offers a database of
                                                                               projects and place where volunteers can add profiles and hopefully be
What do volunteers do? Activity varies between projects. Examples              spotted by host organisations.
include arts, social care, horticulture or environmental work.
                                                                               Once a volunteer has been accepted by a hosting organisation, an
Costs                                                                          application for funding has to be made to the National Agency in either the
EVS does not cost a volunteer any money either before or during their          hosting or sending country.
experience. A small allowance is given to volunteers on a monthly or
weekly basis from the host organisation (this is part of the grant from the    This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.

Training & Support
                                                                               Note: Beneficiaries of this action are not just the European society but the
In certain cases pre-departure training will be given to volunteers. In all
                                                                               organisation and the community in which the volunteer is situated. Most
EVS volunteers are given training on-arrival or shortly after in the country
                                                                               important though is the volunteers experience and personal
of their service. Also mid-way through their experience training will be
                                                                               development. EVS is a “learning service: throughout non formal learning
offered with other EVS volunteers in that country. Every EVS host
                                                                               experiences young volunteers improve and or acquire competences for
organisation in every country has a Mentor who is there to support the
                                                                               their personal, educational and professional development “(European
volunteer and their learning.
                                                                               Commission, 2007).
                     Operation Smile Ireland
                                                                                Application Process
Category:                     Medical                                           Potential volunteers for our medical missions are asked to fill in an
                                                                                application form based on their speciality (Medical / Surgical or Medical
Location:                     Africa, India, worldwide.
                                                                                Records). These are sent to the credentialing office in the US for further
Dates:                        Approx. 1 week commitment- ongoing                approval.

                                                                                For fundraising or office volunteers, CVs are sent to either the CEO or the
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:             ongoing
                                                                                Development Officer, and volunteers are called as they are needed.

Brief description of organisation:
                                                                                Our fundraising events and volunteer activities are accessible.
Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial
deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate
for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Together, we
create smiles, change lives, and heal humanity.

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers can do anything, from helping out in our Dublin office, to
helping at fundraising events (coffee mornings, on-street collections, etc).
Volunteers with extensive medical experience may also apply to
participate in our medical missions.

At the moment all expenses are covered by Operation Smile; however, we
do ask in return that our volunteers engage in a bit of fundraising to help
raise support and awareness.

Training & Support
Extensive training is provided for medical volunteers before participating in
a mission. For all other volunteers, meetings are held before any event,
where roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined.
                                 SERVE                                        Costs
                                                                              Volunteers must fundraise for the cost of their flight, tax and insurance,
Category:             Construction, education, sport, childcare, capacity     contribution towards food and accommodation and post project
                      building, advocacy, HIV/AIDS                            evaluation weekend. At this stage it is not possible to state an exact figure,
                                                                              although it will be in the range of €1,100 to €1,500. Volunteers are
Location:             India, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa,     encouraged and supported to fundraise beyond the cost of their flight as
                      Mozambique, Ireland                                     all additional funding contributes to a funding pool for the country where
Dates:                4-6 weeks, July/August                                  you volunteer. SERVE’S partners can then apply to this fund to develop
                                                                              their projects. Last year for every €1 raised by a SERVE volunteer, SERVE
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:            Those interested must attend
                                                                              was able to turn it into €3.47 through co-funding and additional funds.
                                            info session in Nov/Dec 09.
Brief description of organisation:
                                                                              Training & Support
SERVE is a development and volunteering organisation committed to
                                                                              SERVE provides 3 pre-departure training days. Attendance at these training
tackling poverty in the majority world. We strive to do this by working in
                                                                              days is compulsory. At these days volunteers will meet their group, leaders
solidarity, service and partnership with marginalised and oppressed
                                                                              and will learn about their placement etc. SERVE volunteers take part in
communities, empowering them to tackle the root causes of poverty and
                                                                              group projects i.e. we go as a group and return as a group (SERVE does not
injustice. SERVE’S specific focus is towards gender equality, children and
                                                                              facilitate individual travel in country after the volunteering project ends).
young people.
                                                                              Experienced leaders accompany every group and comprehensive in
                                                                              country support is available from partner organisations.
What do volunteers do?
The nature of the volunteer work that volunteers engage in will depend on
                                                                              Application Process
the country destination. Volunteers assigned to programme countries are
based on matching the needs of partners with the skills’ base of volunteers   Interested volunteers must attend a SERVE presentation which will take
SERVE’s volunteers support our overseas partner’s response to:                place in November/December 2009. Application forms can be completed
                                                                              at this session. Following this, interested volunteers will be invited to
   1.    Street Children            6. Income Generation                      attend an interview in early/mid-December. Group selection will take place
   2.    HIV/AIDS                   7. Health                                 in late December and volunteers will know if their application has been
   3.    Education                  8. Gender
                                                                              successful by late December/early January.
   4.    Disability                 9. Homelessness
   5.    Youth Development          10. Skills training / Capacity Building
                                                                              This opportunity is accessible for people with disabilities. Contact SERVE
                                                                              for further details.
                                  SUAS                                         Training & Support
                                                                               The four month period from February to mid-June forms the Preparation
Category:                    Education                                         Phase. This includes teamwork, leadership development, teaching, project
Location:                    India, Kenya                                      management, Health & Safety etc.

Dates:                       10 weeks Overseas (June – Aug 2010)               Suas also provides significant fundraising support A fundraising mentor per
                                                                               team; Specific fundraising sessions including: event planning, time
Summer ’10 Application Deadline: December 21st 5pm
                                                                               management and goal setting; Monthly updates to support volunteers'
Brief description of organisation:                                             progress; Assistance from the office in booking events, bag packs, table
Founded in 2002, Suas Educational Development is a movement dedicated          quizzes etc.
to supporting high quality education in targeted under-resourced
communities, with programmes in India, Ireland and Kenya. The Suas             Also, the Global Perspectives (Development Education) theme offers an
Volunteer Programme provides an opportunity to volunteer in a                  exciting opportunity to learn more about Development: to go on field trips,
community-based school or educational project in India or Kenya, for ten       take part in workshops and meetings with a wide cross-section of people
weeks, while learning about different cultures. It offers the possibility to   from the public, private and non-governmental sectors while overseas.
develop personal and professional skills, to work in a team, and to learn
about the challenges and opportunities of International Development.           At the end of the summer, Many Volunteers return to Ireland with
                                                                               enhanced professional and interpersonal skills, as well as a new confidence
What do volunteers do?                                                         in their ability to work together to make a difference. 100% of volunteers
Volunteers generally work with teachers in a classroom for an average of       reporting that they have gained skills they feel will benefit them in
40 hours per week; assisting with curricular activities; providing one-to-     pursuing their chosen career.
one support to children; as well as extra-curricular activities; summer
camps, Soccer, Hurling, basketball, drama, arts & crafts etc. In addition,     Application Process
some volunteers work on research, finance, web & IT support.                   Application form and those shortlisted are then interviewed (both group
                                                                               and individual).
Costs                                                                          Accessibility
€2995: Your contribution covers: Flights, Accommodation, Insurance,            The programme is a physically and psychologically demanding experience.
Training, Global Perspectives expenses (week of in-country workshops           Therefore all volunteers are required to attend a health screening with
facilitated by the UN), Coordinators and in-country support, and a             their GP in advance of their departure, to certify that they are both
contribution towards the running costs of the programme.                       physically & psychologically fit to travel and take part in the programme.
                            Viatores Christi
                                                                                 Application Process
                                                                                 Those interested in joining the Viatores Christi training programme must
Category:             Overseas Development
                                                                                 firstly attend an information seminar. These are held three times per year
Location:             Africa, Asia and Latin America                             in May, September and December throughout Ireland. The next Dublin
                                                                                 session will be held on Saturday 5th December.
Duration:             1-2 Years after completing a training programme
                                                                                 There are two intakes of trainees each year in January and September.
Summer ’10 Application Deadline:             6th January ’10                     Entry to the programme can only occur after attending an Information
                                                                                 Seminar and the programme enrolment form is fully completed and
                                                                                 returned with a photograph attached.
Brief description of organisation:
Viatores Christi, a Catholic volunteer association, recruits, trains and sends   Trainees must be 21 years of age or over.
volunteers from all backgrounds with transferable skills to work in areas of
need overseas for a minimum of 1-2 years.                                        Training & Support
                                                                                 We provide training, placements, contracts, and a small amount of funding
We seek skilled people over 21 who are committed to freedom, peace and           and full support while overseas. Our training programme consists of six
justice in the creation of a better world. Volunteers are people who are         weekend workshops:
flexible, use initiative, willing to work under sometimes difficult
circumstances, have practical experience of voluntary work at home are              1.   Global Awareness                      15 - 17 January 2010
motivated by Christian values.                                                      2.   Community Development                 12 - 14 February 2010
                                                                                    3.   Challenge Commitment & Conflict       12 - 14 March 2010
What do volunteers do?                                                              4.   Mission                               16 - 18 April 2010
We seek people from all disciplines for various roles in developing                 5.   Health                                14 - 16 May 2010
countries (see our website for further details)             6.   Cultural Adaptation                   11 - 13 June 2010
Apart from carrying a defined assignment; volunteers must also become
involved in the local community.                                                 Accessibility
                                                                                 This opportunity is accessible for persons with disabilities.
Our course fee is €400 with a 20% discount for unwaged and can be paid in
instalments. This covers the costs of course facilitators, materials and
meals. While overseas Viatores Christi will aim to provide a monthly local
living allowance. Flights, insurance and inoculations are generally also
covered by Viatores Christi.
                  Voluntary Service International
Dates:                  Year-round                                                    Various fees for different programmes- please see .

Location:               Ireland, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, North
                                                                                      Training & Support
                        America, Australia)                                           Varies for the different programmes- please see
Category:               Various including: Development Education; Anti-
                        Racism; Solidarity; Peace; Work with people with              Application Process
                        Disabilities; Work with Children, Ecological &                Various application process and preparation/ training for different programmes,
                        Environmental; Work with Young People and Elderly             please see Volunteers working with children/ vulnerable adults
                        People; Community Development, Arts, Culture; Local           will be vetted, this can take up to 8 weeks if Garda clearance is required,
                        History.                                                      please contact VSI.

Summer ’10 Application Deadline:               Ongoing                                Accessibility
                    (Some programmes on first come first served basis)                VSI actively supports disabled volunteers and many of our projects are
                                                                                      wheelchair accessible/ suitable for people with various disabilities, please
                                                                                      contact Helen Walmsley: 01 855 1011, 086 264 3610.
Brief description of organisation:
Voluntary Service International (VSI) is the Irish branch of Service Civil
International, a worldwide movement working for peace and international
understanding through international voluntary service projects. VSI’s mission is to
promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural
understanding through volunteering in Ireland and internationally. Our
programmes are: International Volunteer Projects; Africa, Asia, Latin America/
Development Education; Long-Term Volunteering; Teenage Programme (for
young people with fewer opportunities); Dublin Local Group (painting and
decorating locally).

What do volunteers do?
Varied - see above and

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