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					                               The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                      The Interpreter
                                   Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 108A                   Remember September 11, 2001                                           February 15, 2007

         Our Mission                 In 1949 he was elected as the            A couple of years following            Reprise on Swisher
                                     then youngest mayor in the            the death of his wife Helen, he
  In the Spring of 2000, the         history of the city of Augusta        moved to his college town of
  Archives continued the origi-      and served two terms.                 Brunswick and married Priscilla         Number 86, 4/1/05, of The
  nal efforts of Captain Roger          Very active in the civic life of   A. Keene of Old Orchard.                Interpreter, has a story by Earl
  Pineau and William Hudson,         the community, he was a director         Survivors include his wife           Swisher relating his experience
  and the Archives first at-         and president of the Augusta          Priscilla    A.    Sanborn     of       at the Camp Elliott EMJLS on
  tempts in 1992, to gather the      General Hospital, president of        Brunswick; his children, Stephen        9/10/42. I began class there in
  papers, letters, photographs,      the Kennebec Bar Association,         W. Sanborn of Dresden, Jeffrey          10/1/43. Somehow our paths
  and records of graduates of        and charter member and                M. Sanborn of Owings Mills,             never crossed [USMC Privates
  the US Navy Japanese/              president of the Augusta Junior       Maryland, and Carol A. Sanborn          mix with Captains much?].
  Oriental Language School,          Chamber of Commerce.                  of        Livermore;      several       Neither do I recall him nor do I
  University of Colorado at             For about 20 years each he         grandchildren;       a     great-       recall his name.
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We             was a director of the Bank of         grandchild; step-children; his              However he cited people I do
  assemble these papers in           Maine, the Kennebec Savings           brother, John M. Sanborn of             recall.
  recognition of the contribu-       Bank and the Augusta Federal          Augusta; and sister, Margaret S.            Capt.     F.O.     Wolf    of
  tions made by JLS/OLS              Savings       Bank,     becoming      Hodgdon of Boothbay.                    Guadalcanal interpreter fame
  instructors and graduates to       chairman of the latter.                                                       was the Major who was the CO
  the War effort in the Pacific                                                               Boothbay Register
                                        Mr. Sanborn served as                                      July 1, 1999    of the EMJLS while I was there
  and the Cold War, to the           director of the Augusta Board of                           Vol. 123, No.26    (10/43-4/44). He never taught
  creation of East Asian             Trade, the Boothbay Region                        _______________             my class but supervised the
  language programs across           YMCA, the Indian Point                                                        school. Major Wolf never went
  the country, and to the            Association, the Barter's Island        WAVE Reprise                          to any language school, so no list
  development of Japanese-           Association, the New England                                                  will have him. He had lived in
  American      cultural   rec-                                            In some articles I have written
                                     Carriage Association and the          about the JLS at CU Boulder and         Japan and was an expert in
  onciliation programs after         Maine Standardbred Breeders                                                   kaiwa, the spoken colloquial
  World War II.                                                            some for the Shanghai American
                                     and Owners' Association. He           School (past and present) I have        Japanese, but he never instructed
                                     was a member of the Maine Bar                                                 us in anything. He signed my
 Richard B. Sanborn                  Association, the Republican
                                                                           listed the names of all of the
                                                                                                                   framed graduation certificate in
                                                                           SAS graduates (as well as other
 OLS (Russian) 1945                  State Committee, the Litchfield       former residents of China) who          4/27/44 as F.O. Wolf, Major,
                                     Planning Board and trustee of         were with us at JLS, CUB                Officer in Charge. I think F was
Richard B. Sanborn, 80, of           the South Parish Congregational                                               for Fred.
Brunswick, died Wednesday,                                                 [University of Colorado at
                                     Church of Augusta.                    Boulder]. It has been mentioned             As for the Ginger Rogers bit,
June 23, 1999 at Maine Medical          He held memberships in the                                                 I never saw her but I did see the
Center in Portland. Born in                                                that none of the above included
                                     Brunswick Rotary Club, the            WAVES. So, in the February 1,           PFC that married her as he lived
Augusta on August 16, 1918, he       Litchfield Lions Club, the                                                    in the same barracks as I did. It
was the son of Walter M. and                                               2005 issue is mention of the
                                     Kennebec Yacht Club, the              passing of Elaine Healy Burnell,        was a two-story clapboard
Nita L. Sanborn.                     Abenaki Ski and Outing Club,                                                  barracks with the sleeping areas
    He attended Cony High                                                  a JLS WAVE from SAS, whom I
                                     the Augusta Country Club, the         remember well as our school was         at each end, top and bottom. This
School for two years and             Kennebec Valley Bowdoin Club                                                  particular barracks, #44, housed
graduated two years later from                                             rather small (600 students total
                                     and the Friends of Bowdoin.           K-12). Elaine was in the SAS            several components of the school
Phillips Exeter Academy. At             In 1965 the Franco-American                                                battalion, such as JLS, QM,
Bowdoin College he was                                                     Class of 1939, same class as
                                     Calumet Club made its first           Houghton Freeman and Bill               cooks and bakers, even the
president of his fraternity, Alpha   award to him as the Outstanding                                               Navajo code talkers. Also
Delta Phi, a varsity track man,                                            Allman (Feb '43 Boulder grads),
                                     Citizen of the City of Augusta.       and was Class Historian (Bucky          included on the lower deck was a
and Marshall of his class. He           He greatly enjoyed the                                                     band. In this band was the PFC
graduated in 1940 Phi Beta                                                 Freeman was Class Prez).
                                     outdoors, including extensive         George Sheeks and I and others          who had married Ginger Rogers.
Kappa and summa cum laude.           mountain climbing in his early                                                He was pointed out to me at a
He then attended Harvard Law                                               were in the Class of '38. So, my
                                     years, skiing from his chalet at      pertinent historical records stand      distance once when the band was
School where he was treasurer        Sugarloaf, sailing and scuba                                                  dismissed from formation and
and an editor of the Harvard Law                                           corrected, thanks to TI [an
                                     diving at least once a year from      acceptable acronym for The              individually      entering    the
Review.                              various Caribbean islands.                                                    barracks. I don‟t recall what
    After Pearl Harbor he                                                  Interpreter] . Interesting.
                                        After his retirement he                                                    particular instrument he played,
volunteered in the U.S. Navy and     operated a 200-acre farm in                                 Dan S. Williams   but it must have been a brass.
served four years until the end of   Litchfield from which he bred                                     JLS 1943    They had all sorts of drums and
World War II. He received his        and raised Standardbred harness       [Ed. Note: Emma McCloy (Issues          brass      even    including     a
L.L.B. from Columbia Law             horses and competed in carriage       #23 and #51)) attended SAS too, but     glockenspiel. About that time
School.                              driving contests in the New           preceded the later graduates above.     Ginger was featured in a Life
    Returning from the war he        England states. At one time he        She had a BA from Oberlin, 1930,        magazine story on her newly
practiced law with his father and                                          MA from NYU, 1931, and a Ph.D.,
                                     had a collection of 65 antique        from the Univ. of Iowa, 1937.]
                                                                                                                   acquired ranch on the Rogue
later formed the firm of Sanborn,    carriages.                                        _______________             River in Oregon and it was
Moreshead, Schade and Dawson.
mentioned that she was married
to a Marine. I don‟t recall what
                                             Reprise on                     Tokyo where they worked for
                                                                            the War Department during the
                                                                                                                      Too Many Obits
happened to him, but apparently              Helen Craig                    Allied Occupation. I was not            You and your staff are doing and
                                                                                                                    have done a superb job in
she divorced him in due time a
la usual Hollywood practice. At
                                             McCullough                     surprised to see them together at
                                                                            the WAVES 50 Year Reunion               constructing a history of what we
the time I was not as impressed        In reference to an item about        functions [at CU] and to see            knew as the U.S. Navy Japanese
by all of this Ginger Rogers stuff     Helen Craig McCullough in the        them between-times strolling            Language      School     at    the
because I had grown up on the          July 15th issue of The               together in downtown Boulder.           University     of     Colorado in
edge of Hollywood where movie          Interpreter, you indicated that      The Boulder experience truly            Boulder, during World War II.
stars came and went in public          Helen may have erred in saying       resulted in a life-long friendship      Your comprehensive archives
with frequency. According to           that Nancy Pierce was her            for them.                               and The Interpreter accounts
Swisher‟s story, this husband got      roommate “for the next 13 or so                       Irene Slaninka Thiel   represent the defining review of
a commission so he must have           years”. It is very likely that                            WAVE JLS 1944      the beginnings, development,
had some pull from Ginger along        Helen was correct. The time                                                  instruction details, and the
                                                                            [Ed. Note: I stand corrected. I
the way.                               period was certainly not 13          thought she was referring to her JLS    learning experiences of both the
                         Cal Dunbar    months for Helen and Nancy           time. Certainly no one was there for    Navy and CU in working in a
                       USMCEL 1944     were together in Boulder, in         13 years!]                              new realm of essential high
                                       Washington, DC, and again in
                                                                                        _______________             speed levels of Japanese

language teaching and learning.        MANY OBITS. In somewhat              Division,       which      served       truly accord him the title of
Your        accumulation         and   reverse order, here are comments     in the battles of Bougainville,         'sinologist'        (distinguished
publishing of the „during and          on four, four friends.               Guam, and Iwo Jima, as                  authority, scholar, and specialist
after' personal reports of the            Yesterday, July 31st, the LA      confirmed by JLS classmate, and         on China), and he will be missed.
people, the sensei and the             Times contained an obituary for      fellow Marine, Walter Williams,         (To be continued)
students, who participated and         Laurence G. Thompson, with a         also in the 3rd MarDiv, by phone                                Dan Williams
made it all happen,             have   brief and splendid life review,      today. During Larry\s subsequent                                   JLS 1943
evolved into the principal source      including WW2 Boulder and            work in Asia with the USIA,                        _______________

                                        USMC experiences and his Asia       State Department, and Asia
of information, for those
interested, on the personal and        related    career      experiences   Foundation, he was at times               Robert H. B. Wade
group challenges and lifelong          thereafter. Larry, who I had         associated with fellow Boulder          JLS 1943, Passed Away
career effects of that WWII            known as a fellow schoolmate in      graduate, Marine, and 'China            Bob Wade, ATIS JLO, Far
selection and assignment of            Shanghai, was in our July 1943       Hand', Bob Sheeks, as confirmed         Eastern Analyst for ONI, liaison
learning and using spoken and          JLS graduating class, and we         in a phone conversation with            between DOD and NSA, and US
written Japanese.                      both were in its USMC                Bob on July 31st. Larry is              Permanent Representative to
    A human biography must             contingent, moving immediately       survived by his wife, Grace, a          UNESCO, passed away in
include obituaries. If there is a      to infantry training near San        CU student, as I recall, married        January 2005. Obituary to follow
subject of this letter, it is TOO      Diego. He was ordered to the         in 1943, and his extended family.       in a future issue.
                                       21st Regiment of the 3rd Marine      Larry's academic achievements                      _______________