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									               CA Question Papers - Guide to clear CA Entrance Examination

To become successful Chartered Accountant lot of hard work and practical training is needed. Practical
knowledge is given more importance because Chartered Accountancy is basically an application-
oriented field. The questions that normally appear in the professional competence exam and final exam
are expectedly based more on real life situations and are designed to test the practical knowledge of the

To begin with the Common Proficiency Test ( CPT ) has to be cleared. The question that are to be
answered in CPT Question Papers are totally objective type. The subjects that are covered in the
question paper are --

In fill in the blanks every blank has 4 options to it, one has to be filled. Few CA questions papers are in
the form of small paragraphs that contain 3 to 4 lines. Again there are four answer to all such questions
and one has to be selected.

In Fundamentals of Accounting, Mathematics and Statistics, there are numerical. There are 4 different
answers are given for each numerical and the correct answer can only be found by solving the

ICAI CPT CA Sample Paper also involves case studies. Case studies are very important as it gives a
good idea about what kind of cases one has to deal with in the real life. Case studies are in simple
language but with number of concepts involved in it. The case studies help the examiner to evaluate the
analytical/logical ability and intelligence of that particular individual.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or commonly known as ICAI was set as well as
governed by an Act, “The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949”. The act clearly states to look into the
matters of Chattered Accountancy profession. This is the number 2 accounting body worldwide.

The various categories of subjects of ICAI Question Papers are --
       Advanced Accounting
       Management Accounting and Financial Analysis
       English
       Advanced Auditing
       Corporate Laws and Secretarial Practice
       Cost Management
       Management Information and Controlling
       Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes

For practice purpose you can easily log on to sites like and download the sample papers.
These sample papers help a lot while you are preparing for CA exams. You can get hold of CPT
Question Papers from these sites which would certainly help you in scoring and achieving desirable

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