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Dyeing systems.
Continuous dyeing technology, all from one supplier
Dyestuff class                   Process                   Fabric           1 DyePad          2 Air Passage    3 Thermray        4 Thermfix
                                                                                                                 IR-Dryer          Hotflue

Reactive Dyestuff                Cold Pad Batch            Cotton

                                 Pad-Dry/Pad-Steam                          Dyestuff          Penetration      Pre-Drying        Drying

                                 Pad-Steam all in

                                 Pad-Dry Thermofix                           Dyestuff Alkali   Penetration      Pre-Drying        Drying

                                 Pad-Humidity Control                       Dyestuff Alkali   Penetration      Pre-Drying        Humidity-fixation

Vat Dyestuff                     Pad-Dry/Pad-Steam         Cotton           Dyestuff          Penetration      Pre-Drying        Drying

                                 Pad-Steam (wet/wet)

Sulphur Dyestuff                 Pad-Steam all in          Cotton

Naphtol Dyestuff                 Pad-Dry Pad Develop       Cotton           Naphtolate                         Electric IR-Drying Drying

Reactive Disperse                Pad-Dry                   Cotton/          Dyestuff          Penetration      Pre-Drying        Drying
Dyestuff                         Thermosol                 Polyester
Vat Disperse Dyestuff                                                       Dyestuff          Penetration      Pre-Drying        Drying

Process overview

For any continuous or semi-continuous dyeing process in open width, Benninger is your reliable
partner. The undisputed high standard of the applied technology, of the design and the workmanship
of Benninger’s machinery and plants enable you – our customers – to economically produce best
dyeing quality. And this comprehensively, be it CPB-dyeing, PAD-DRY/Thermosol, Pad-Steam, or
post-treatment in the washing section.

Dyeing is a very demanding task, as                 Benninger’s dyeing technology fully       With the possibilities of the
the quality of dyeing is to a great                 satisfies these high requirements. As a    BEN-COLOUR machinery and pro-
extent visible, recognizable by the                 competent supplier of a comprehen-        cesses Benninger offers comprehen-
human eye. Furthermore, correction of               sive range of textile wet finishing        sive total solutions for continuous
rejects is rather time consuming and                plants we already put emphasis on         dyeing on the highest technical level.
costly. This makes the dyeing process               the quality requirements of dyeing in
one of the most delicate wet finishing               the pretreatment of the fabric, by the
processes.                                          BEN-BLEACH concept and the
                                                    BEN-DIMENSA mercerizing range.

2   BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems.
    5 Thermfix       6 DyePad          7 Air Passage    8 Booster        9 Reacta-Steamer     10 Extracta

                    Dyestuff Alkali                                     Batching             Rinsing and Soaping

                                                       Alkali           Steaming             Rinsing and Soaping

                    Dyestuff Alkali                                     Steaming             Rinsing and Soaping

    Thermofixating                                                                            Rinsing and Soaping

n                                                                                            Rinsing and Soaping

                                                       Reducing Agent   Steaming             Oxidation and Soaping

                    Dyestuff          Penetration      Reducing Agent   Steaming             Oxidation and Soaping

                    Dyestuff                                            Steaming             Oxidation and Soaping
                    Reducing Agent

                    Dyeing Salt                                         Air passage          Rinsing and Soaping

    Thermosoling                                       Alkali           Steaming             Rinsing and Soaping

    Thermosoling                                       Reducing Agent   Steaming             Oxidation and Soaping

           Flexible layout design enables             The DyePad padder or a booster for    Requirements for
           tailormade plants for any dyeing           addition of fixation chemicals and a   continuous dyeing
           processes, extendable at any time          REACTA dyeing steamer for fixation       Uniformity of the dyeing
           A DyePad padder station and an             by wet steam method converts the        High color fastness
           EXTRACTA washing range already are         CPB-plant to a PAD-STEAM dyeing         Short through time
           sufficient for a semi-continuous CPB        plant. For Co/PES a PAD-DRY (PAD-       Cost efficient process
           dyeing plant for 100% cotton. Further      THERMOSOL) dyeing plant is addi-        High efficiency
           additional plant elements are however      tionally required, comprising a dry     Flexible plant, suitable for many
           required for Co/PES or for continuous      section with IR-dryer and HOTFLUE       processes
           processes.                                 THERMOSOL chambers.                     Crease-free fabric run
                                                                                              High reproducibility

                                                                                                             BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems. 3
Küsters DyePad

Küsters DyePad

The Küsters DyePad station with its flexible S-Roll Technology can dye woven and knitted goods,
in reproducible and premium quality. Moreover the Küsters DyePad offers great flexibility due to
the correction potential of the two S-Rollers. This means an attractively priced, simple to operate,
reliable and economical Padder station able for diverse handling.

Versatility of the Küsters S-Roll         System benefits                            Advantages
Owing to its design and construction,       The right concept for every kind of       Low energy consumption
Küsters high efficiency padders meet         fabric by appropriate roll coverings,     Short return on investment
all practical requirements for applica-     trough design, as well as expanding       Completely reliable and
tion in modern processing.                  and spreading devices                     maintenance-free
Different feeding systems, squeezing        Uniform linear liquor application by      Reduction of setting-up-time
roll coverings, trough shapes as well       two deflection-controlled rolls            through an automatic quick
as expanders and spreaders allow a          throughout the entire batch               cleaning system
variety of woven and knitted goods to       If requested, varied liquors or
be treated.                                 chemicals can be applied over the
                                            length and width of the batch and       Correction diagram
A uniform liquor application over the       also programmed via the PLC, by
                                                                                    Internal roller pressure (bar)

fabric width, as well as a selective        an adjustable squeezing effect with
liquor application to the selvedge –        one deflection compensating roll
center – selvedge zone can be easily        Reproducibility of all dyestuff and
set, reproduced and program con-            chemical applications
trolled if required.                        No cambering of the squeeze rollers
                                            Uniform squeezing pressure within
This may become necessary owing to          the fabric area including thick and
varying absorption capacity, fabric         narrow webs (without selvedge                                            Shaft pressure (bar)

tension, weft distortion and humidity       pressure)                                                                New deflection range
(at the beginning of the process) as        No side-to-center shading, due to                                        Conventional deflection range

well as faults arising in subsequent        smooth treatment of the selveges
processes, like dyestuff migration at       Simple operation and control due        New Küsters S-Roll with double
the selvedges during drying.                to clear design                         correction potential
                                                                                      Greater flexibility for the dye producer
                                                                                      Enhanced reproducibility with elec-
                                                                                      tronic pressure control

4   BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems.
Küsters S-Roll Technology

                         Insight of the S-Roll

The S-Roll as the heart of the overall system enables accurate reproducible results due to its user
defined capabilities, to define pressure application possibilities to the two S-Rolls. By means of
an intelligent software support system, a uniform dyestuff application is guaranteed, this means
versatile requirements in relation to quality and material can be achieved.

Sealing concept of the S-Roll                    Linear pressure between two S-Rolls               Pressure increased at center of rolls
                                                 absolutely even across the full width

The deflection-controlled roll for
constant results
Küsters Padders are equipped with
the well-known “Swimming Roll”
(S-Roll) Küsters Technology. With
controlled linear pressure the deflec-
tion-controlled rolls achieve a spe-
cific squeezing nip for every fabric.
                                                 Pressure reduced at center of rolls               Pressure raised on one side of the rolls

                                                 Technical data                          222.12                       222.18
                                                 Number of S-Rolls                       2                            2
                                                 Working width (mm)                      1600 – 2600                  2400 – 3600
                                                 Diameter of S-Rolls (mm)                220                          300
                                                 Max. linear pressure (N/mm)             15 – 50                      12 – 50

                                                                                                                          BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems. 5
Padder alternatives and trough shapes

Modular design and construction enables all practical requirements for application in modern
processing. All concepts are aligned to supply economically and technologically, the best possible
solution for our customers.

Example for wovens and knits with       Example for wovens without quick cleaning    Example for nip dyeing only
quick cleaning

Trough shapes                           Roller adjustment                            Nip dyeing
Special displacement elements and       The application determines the roll          Besides this type of trough, the well-
lay-on rollers in U-shaped troughs      covering, the trough shape and the           known wedge shaped trough can be
permit low liquor contents and ac-      expander unit. The possibility of ad-        installed for specific applications.
cordingly fast liquor exchange.         justing the roller position means that       In this case, the fabric is guided from
This also prevents any undesired        the new DyePad padder offers abso-           top to bottom through a horizontal
changes in the concentration.           lute flexibility. As a universal core unit,   roller nip. Passing through a trough is
Furthermore the low liquor content      the DyePad is able to meet all textile       alternatively possible.
has a positive effect on the exchange   processing challenges.
of liquor with minimum dyestuff and
chemical loss. All troughs can be
raised and lowered pneumatically.

6   BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems.
Contidos SF dosing station

         Dissolving            Dye preparation

 Contidos SF 3

                 Chemicals                       Dye padder

                                                                                              Overview Contidos SF dosing station

The Contidos SF dosing station guarantees accurate reproduction at a premium quality as well as
consistent process management. The system efficiently controls the entire dyeing process through
automatic monitoring and online dosing.

                                                    Mastering the CPB reactive dyeing           Record of consumption
                                                    process goes way beyond the flexing          Automatic operation mode
                                                    compensation of the rollers and their       High accuracy in dye liquor pro-
                                                    correction possibilities. The target of     duction, with automatic control of
                                                    the dye producer is to have an accur-       dosing tolerances
                                                    ately reproducible process manage-          Simple and rapid color changes
                                                    ment. This is accomplished by tem-          Small loss of dye liquor and
                                                    perature management and innovative          short rinsing-times in the case of
                                                    dosing concepts.                            color changes
                                                                                                No preparation of auxiliary baths
                                                    Temperature management                      Dosing capacity according to a reci-
                                                    Season and geographically indepen-          pe and production capacity
                                                    dent, constant and reproducible ap-         PLC control with operator terminal
                                                    plication and batching temperature.         Link to process control system
                                                                                                Dissolving and preparation unit
                                                    Dosing to measure                           available
                                                     Online dosing for CPB dyeing
                                                     with padder
                                                     Production of dye liquor on the
Single component dosing unit                         basis of dye solution and
                                                     auxiliaries dispensed separately
Modern concept for Cold Pad Batch                    Dye solution and auxiliaries are
(CPB) reactive dyeing                                blended homogeneously in a mixer
The complexities of the textile chal-                and fed into the padder
lenges, require custom-made con-                     Dosing of each individual compo-
cepts and innovative detailed solu-                  nent according to a formula in
tions, regarding construction and                    ml per liter of dye liquor
procedure.                                           Metering of liquor pick-up

                                                                                                                 BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems. 7
Dye steamer
                                                                                     1   Horizontal or vertical fabric entry with
                                                                                         heated lips and exhaust fan for excess
                                                                                     2   Section with 25 m fabric content
                                                                                     3   Large roller diameter (193 mm) for
                                                                                         creaseless fabric run
                                                                                     4   Lifetime lubricated bearings
                                                                                     5   Top rollers individually driven by AC-motors
                                                                                     6   Load cell to measure fabric tension for
                                                                                         drive control
                                                                                     7   Roof heating
                                                                                     8   Water seal with small liquor content and
                                                                                         uniform liquor distribution
                                                                                     9   Temperature or volume controlled fresh
                                                                                         water flow to the water seal
                                                                                    10   Steam conditioning unit
                                                                                    11   Probe to measure the steam condition
                                                                                         (below steamer bottom level)
                                                                                    12   Automatic cleaning system (option)

                                        The liquor pick-up can be adjusted          Geometry and drive system of the
                                        from 70–130%. The economiser                REACTA ensures crease free cloth
                                        trough with swivelling trough roller is     run. The rollers are with large diam-
                                        distinguished by a low liquor volume        eters of 193 mm, and are individually
                                        of only 14 l/m. Because of the quick        driven by maintenance free AC-mo-
                                        liquor turnover, possible errors in the     tors. Very precise drive control is
                                        initial filling have almost no effect and    ensured via load-cell equipped mea-
                                        deviations over length are avoided.         suring rollers and frequency conver-
                                        The displacement body can be pneu-          ters. Tension differences caused by
                                        matically lifted for easy cleaning of the   shrinking or stretching of the cloth in
                                        BOOSTER.                                    the steaming process are equalized
                                        Perfect fixation of dyestuff in the
                                        REACTA                                      The distance from either the DyePad
                                        Constant saturated steam conditions         or the BOOSTER is kept very short for
                                        are the essential prerequisite for per-     the dyestuff development. At the entry
    Cylindrically ground soft rubber    fect dyeings and their reproducibility.     of the fabric into the steamer, a lip
    rollers                                                                         heating and an exhaust suction fan for
    Liftable liquor displacement body   Benninger feeds to steam for humidity       excess steam prevent condensate
    Chemical feed distributed over      control through a steam conditioning        drops at the entry area. The steamer
    entire fabric width                 station. Hence, the steam enters the        roof is heated; roof and front and back
                                        REACTA dyeing steamer in perfectly          side are well insulated. The water lock
BOOSTER for equal and uniform           saturated condition. The steamer            at the steamer exit is a critical part of
liquor application                      design and the positioning of the           equipment for a successful process.
The special squeeze nip of the          steam condition monitoring warrant          The temperature is controlled via the
BOOSTER guarantees a uniform pick-      absolute absence of air in the stea-        water feed and low water volume
up, independent from production         mer. Even minimal deviations lead           ensures constant process parameters.
speed and fabric weight. Linearity of   immediately to an automatic correc-
the nip line is ensured despite the     tion of the steam feed.                     The REACTA steamer has good ac-
freely adjustable nip pressure.                                                     cess and can be cleaned easily. An
                                                                                    automatic cleaning device is optio-
                                                                                    nally available.

8   BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems.
Bifunctional dye steamer

                                                                                   must be renewed. In the event of big
                                                                                   differences in shade or deepness even
                                                                                   the entire washing zone with all oxida-
                                                                                   tion and soaping baths may be
                                                                                   drained and prepared again.

                                                                                   Interruption times are minimized with
                                                                                   BEN-COLOUR by following measures
                                                                                   (partly optional) and the economy is

                                                                                     Large drain and feed pipes on all
                                                                                     washing compartments
  High reproducibility                   can be flooded, so that if needed it         Low liquor volume (selection of
  High processing safety (saturated      serves as a fully effective washing         EXTRACTA/TRIKOFLEX models
  steam conditions guaranteed)           compartment, as for example to pre-         based on process requirements)
  Low tension and crease free cloth      rinse CPB reactive dyeings.                 Sectional drain within the
  run                                                                                washing zone
  High efficiency due to bifunctional     REACTA as washing compartment               Automatic emptying and filling
  usability                              The wash water may be led in coun-          Automatic heating-up cycle
  Quick machine preparation and          terflow from the following wash com-         Automatic cleaning device for dye-
  changeovers                            partment, or fed via 2 spray pipes into     ing padder and REACTA steamer
  Low maintenance and simple             the water lock. The roller seal is de-      Good accessibility, no dead cor-
                                         signed so that sealing is assured           ners, large windows, easy opening
The dye steamer is the core element      equally in steam atmosphere                 covers with hinges and springs, no
in the PAD-STEAM fixing process for       or flooded state.                            pumps
reactive and vat dyestuffs. But since
the PAD-STEAM dyeing plant is often      Good efficiency and economy from
employed as a washing machine on         short setting-up times
account of flexibility, the dye steamer   Production interruptions caused by
has to be bypassed or run through        every change in shade or article are
without functioning. The REACTA          unavoidable in dyeing. Dyeing liquor
bifunctional Benninger dye steamer       must be drained and rinsing baths

                                                                                                   BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems. 9

Continuous PAD-STEAM process

padding (1 or 2 baths)                                     steaming   oxidation/soaping                      drying

Semi-Continuous Process

padding                                         batching                   rinsing and soaping with immersion store

Continuous PAD-DRY and PAD-STEAM process

                                penetration and IR-predrying                                                            Steaming

                                     padding         drying and/or         cooling                          padding
                                                     thermofixation                                          (1 or 2 baths)

10 BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems.
                                         Continuous PAD-STEAM process
                                         This example shows a small
                                         PAD-STEAM dyeing range. The ad-
                                         vantages of the continuous dyeing
                                         process and the flexibility of a small
                                         size range are here combined!

                                         Possible applications
                                           PAD-STEAM process for vat and
                                           reactive dyestuff (PAD-DRY is car-
                                           ried out in a separate range)
                                           1-bath (all in) PAD-STEAM process
                                           with sulfur dyestuff (cotton)
                                           2-bath (wet/wet) PAD-STEAM pro-
                                           cess vat dyestuff (cotton)
                                           1-bath (all-in) PAD-STEAM process
                                           with reactive dyestuff (cotton)
                                           2-bath (wet/wet) process with direct
                                           dyestuff (cotton)

                                         Continuous PAD-DRY and PAD-
                                         STEAM process
                                         The range is separated into a PAD-
                                         DRY and a PAD-STEAM part. Both
                                         parts can run separately or in line.
                                         The NW-EXTRACTA washing section
                                         can run separately as well. This range
                                         is optionally equipped with a winding
                                         station for COLD PAD BATCH dyeing.

                                         Possible applications
                                           PAD-DRY/PAD-STEAM process
                                           with reactive or vat dyestuff (cotton)
                                           process with reactive and disperse
                                           dyestuff (cotton/polyester)
                                           process with vat and disperse dye-
                                           stuff (cotton/polyester)
                                           PAD-DRY/THERMOFIX process
                                           with reactive dyestuff (cotton)
                                           PAD-DRY/PAD-DEVELOP process
                                           with naphtol dyestuff (cotton)
                                           COLD PAD BATCH dyeing process
                                           with reactive dyestuff (cotton)

rinsing and oxidation/soaping   drying

                                                         BEN-COLOUR Dyeing systems. 11

                                        Head office
                                        Uzwil, Switzerland

                                        Mumbai, India
                                        Shanghai, China
                                        Zell, Germany
                                        Zittau, Germany

                                        Representative office
                                        Moscow, Russia

The Swiss company Benninger has been the textile industrys leading partner across the globe for one hundred
and fifty years with global branches and service representatives. Benninger develops and manufactures textile
finishing and cord production ranges as well as providing complete system solutions. As the market leader
Benninger will continue to rely on its comprehensive process know-how in order to be able to offer high-quality
installations with excellent customer service.

Benninger AG                            Benninger Zell GmbH                      Benninger India Ltd.
9240 Uzwil, Switzerland                 Schopfheimerstrasse 89                   415 / 416 & 417
T +41 71 955 85 85                      79669 Zell i.W., Germany                 Sunshine Plaza
F +41 71 955 87 47                      T +49 7625 131 0                         Dadar (East)             F +49 7625 131 298                       Mumbai 400 014, India
                                          T +91 22 4322 7600                                                           F +91 22 4322 7601
                                        Benninger Zittau               
                                        Küsters Textile GmbH
                                        Gerhart-Hauptmann-Strasse 15             Benninger Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                        02763 Zittau, Germany                    Room 904, Tower A
                                        T +49 3583 83 0                          City Center of Shanghai
                                        F +49 3585 83 303                        100 Zun Yi Road
                                                Shanghai 200051, P.R. China
                                                                                 T +86 21 6237 1908
                                        Benninger AG                             F +86 21 6237 1909
                                        Moscow Office                   
                                        Leningradsky pr-t 72
                                        Bld. 4, Office 802
                                        125315 Moscow, Russia
                                        T +7 495 721 18 99
                                        F +7 495 721 30 84

                                                                                 You can feel it’s Benninger

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