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									                  TRACKING SIGNS

  water         split up      obstacle        this way

   this way        this way     gone home   gone home

  this way      no entry      this way       no entry

message ahead    this way      turn         turn

                        MORSE CODE CHALLENGE

Learn the first EIGHT letters of the Alphabet in Morse code.
                             PLAY THE MORSE CODE GAME:
          Taken from the Third Girl Guide Book of Ideas – published 1940,written by E.M.R.

Necessary Preparations:
    Get some thick coloured card, a different colour for each person or patrol.
    Cut strips approx. 6 inches long x 2 inches wide. (Each person or Patrol will need 8 in total)
    On each strip form one of the first eight letters of the alphabet in Morse code. It can be
      made up of small squares of gummed paper for dots and oblongs for dashes – or simply
      draw them on with a thick marker.
    Cut off the top left corner, so the Guides know which way up to read the letter.

Game Formation:
   Line up the girls/Patrols at one end of the room. At opposite end of the room each Patrol
     Leader/Guide spreads out her set of letters on the floor, in any order.

The Game:
    Captain (Guider) calls out a three lettered word such as BAG.
    Guide (or first girl in Patrol line) races up to her set of letters and picks up the first letter (B)
      and runs back to the start. Then runs back again (or tags 2nd in line of patrol) who must
      collect the second letter (A) and return. This repeats until all letters collected. The letters
      are then set out in correct order in front of them. Winner (or winning Patrol) is the first to
      have the word spelt correctly.

Suggested words
Bad, Bag, Beg, Bed, Fed, Age, Dab, Hag, Ace, Cab, Had, egg or any other three letter word that
can be made from the first 8 letters of the alphabet.


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