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									News Release
                                                         May 30, 2006

MOU between TAIFEX and OSE, TAIFEX and C-COM both
              Signed on May 30, 2006

TAIPEI, May 30, 2006—The Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX)
separately signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with
the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) and the Central Japan
Commodity Exchange (C-COM) on May 30th.The signing of MOU
will facilitate the exchanges to pursue business cooperation,
share    information    and     experience,    explore    business
opportunities, and enhance efficiency and integrity of the
markets. Mr. Der-Shang Wang, Chairman of TAIFEX, Mr. Michio
Yoneda, the President & CEO of OSE, and Mr. Fumihiko KIMURA,
the Chairman & CEO of C-COM signed the MOU on behalf of their
respective exchange.

(more details of the MOU signing event)

   Mr. Michio YONEDA, the President & CEO of OSE said,” The
financial capital market has been increasingly globalized and
integrated. TAIFEX and OSE agreed to strengthen cooperation for
further development of market functions both at TAIFEX and OSE.
This is a significant development and meaningful not only for the
Japanese and Taiwanese derivatives market, but also the Asian
and worldwide markets.        I believe OSE can develop the
relationship with TAIFEX on further occasions, and hope our
efforts will contribute to investors in Japan and Taiwan, as well as
the whole Asian region and the world. ”

   Mr. Fumihiko KIMURA, the Chairman & CEO of C-COM said,”
In recent years, C-COM has built up and enjoyed very close
relations to futures industry in Taiwan. We have a number of
Associate Members in the region and held trading seminars for
them both in Taipei and Nagoya. It is a great pleasure for us to be
in an alliance with TAIFEX. This alliance should produce various
fruitful results; for instance, TAIFEX successfully listed U.S.
dollar-denominated gold futures last March, which has been one
of our next potential products.       Once we have successfully
launched gold-related futures market, there will be a great
opportunity    for   various   collaborations   between   the   two
Exchanges. By having TAIFEX as a great partner, C-COM will be
without doubt in a far better position to proceed business with
Taiwanese investors.     Meanwhile, we are more than happy to
offer our foremost assistance to TAIFEX in their further
development of business in Japanese market.”

   Mr. Der-Shan Wang, the Chairman of Taiwan Futures
Exchange, said: “The OSE and TAIFEX share similar experience in
developing stock index products; and C-COM has very successful
experience on the energy sector. The parties to the MOU should
benefit from the experience of each other. I believe that the
signing of the MOU will be a good start to pursue a cordial and
long-term relationship, and strengthen the competitiveness of
the respective markets.”

About Taifex

    Incepted in 1998, TAIFEX is a relatively young market with
robust growing momentum. This is demonstrated by the growth

figures of the exchange. In 2005, the total trading volume was
over 92 million contracts, a 57% growth from 2004. The global
ranking on total trading volume rose to 18th in 2005 from 57th in
1998. And TAIFEX was awarded the prestigious “Derivatives
Exchange of the Year 2004” by the internationally recognized
magazine “Asia Risk” for the best practices in derivatives and risk
management among the Asia Pacific region. In the future, the
TAIFEX will continue its efforts to improve its market and upgrade
its efficiency.
For    more   information,   please   visit   TAIFEX’s   website   at

About OSE
      Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. (OSE) is a securities
exchange, focusing on equities and equity derivatives trading.
Particularly, OSE is the largest equity derivatives market in Japan.
The trading volumes of the futures and options based on Nikkei
Stock Average (Nikkei 225), the largest derivatives products in
Japan, were 17,909,404 units and 24,894,389 units (in 2005)
respectively. OSE is the first Japanese exchange where equity
derivatives were listed.
For more information ,please visit: OSE at http://www.ose.or.jp

About C-COM

      C-COM is the 11th largest commodity exchange in the world
in 2005 trading volume. It is also ranked fourth in the energy
sector worldwide. In addition to petroleum products(gasoline,

kerosene, and gas oil)and eggs, C-COM listed the world’s first
Ferrous Scrap futures in October 2005. This makes the Exchange
one of the few exchanges throughout the world that offer futures
markets for the two most critical industrial products- iron and
   Following the ferrous scrap, C-COM continues to work on a
number of other potential products including US$-denominated
gold. The merger with Osaka Mercantile Exchange currently
underway is to further enhance C-COM’s product line by adding
more industrial materials such as rubber and non-ferrous metals.
For more information, please visit: http://www. c-com.or.jp


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