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      Another satisfied MAGEBA customer in the USA

      Mageba, the leader in continuous dyeing equipment for the narrow fabric industry, is pleased to
      announce that Wayne Mills Company, Philadelphia, selected Mageba to supply a pad steam
      continuous dye range.

      Wayne Mills produces cotton, polyester and nylon tapes of various designs and widths. These tapes
      are offered in custom and repeat colors and must meet stringent quality requirements. Additional
      treatments are also applied to impart desired effects such as soil release, UV protection, and hand
      modification. Wayne Mills was seeking equipment to satisfy their diverse requirements at reduced
      processing costs while providing flexibility to address future opportunities.

      Mageba was selected following extensive testing and evaluation at the Mageba facilities in
      Bernkastel-Kues, Germany. The facilities include a functioning dye house and laboratory with the
      latest Mageba dye equipment and technologies. This enabled Mageba to configure a dye range
      specifically designed to meet the needs of Wayne Mills. Also, dye stuff and formulations where
      tested facilitating the transfer of existing formulations to the new process.

      “After several years of research, we decided the Mageba dye range best fit our purpose. Mageba's
      commitment to quality and long term experience in range dying guided our decision to purchase
      their machinery and equipment. The expertise of their sales and support staff led us to feel
      comfortable in this investment. This underscores our commitment to produce quality narrow fabrics
      in the United States." Comments Frank Milnes, President and Martin Heilman, VP of Wayne Mills

                                                                                          What differentiates a Mageba dye range? “The
                                                                                          unique steamer design.” says Scott Archibald,
                                                                                          Mageba’s US Technical Sales Agent. “The design
                                                                                          incorporates a ‘jacketed’ type heating system
                                                                                          within the walls and roof of the cabinet. This has a
                                                                                          significant impact on the thorough and consistent
                                                                                          fixation of the dyestuff and subsequent wash
                                                                                          results; it is unmatched in the industry. We believe
                                                                                          it is imperative that customers run trials and test
                                                                                          the difference.”

            Martin Heilman, VP Wayne Mills Company and Scott Archibald,                   Mageba is very pleased to be a part of the success
            Mageba Vertriebs GMBH Technical Sales Agent following the
            commissioning of the dye range
                                                                                          of Wayne Mills Company and looks forward to
                                                                                          future projects.

      About Mageba
      Mageba Textilemaschinen is a diverse equipment supplier focused on the Narrow Fabric Industry.
      The company’s products include warping machines, weaving looms, dye and finishing machines for
      seat belts, sling webbings, tape and elastics, and associated making up and sundry equipment.
      Mageba invites all interested parties to visit their web site or call +49 65 31
      5070 or in the USA at 704 892 3187.

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