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					Enhanced Tourism Signing Program Announced

Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation has announced a new Enhanced Tourism Signing Program
for 2004-2005, in advance of the province’s Centennial Celebrations.

The province will provide $250,000 in funding for highway signs to help promote parks and tourist
attractions, and ensure visitors can find and enjoy all that the province has to offer.

“Tourism maintains thousands of businesses, promotes events, attractions and venues that support our
culture and heritage, and adds to our sense of provincial pride,” Highways and Transportation Minister
Maynard Sonntag said. “Through the Enhanced Tourism Signing Initiative, we will work with Tourism
Saskatchewan to help Saskatchewan communities promote their exciting local attractions and boost
tourism in time for Saskatchewan’s centennial.”

The previous three-year Centenary Enhanced Tourism Signing Program (2000-2003) was highly
successful, with a total of $600,000 provided by the province to erect tourism signs along provincial
highways. When this program ended last year, applications for funding continued to be submitted. The
high demand prompted the development of the new program.

“The Centenary Enhanced Tourism Signing Program has been a great partnership between the tourism
industry and Department of Highways,” President/CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan Roy Anderson said.
“We commend the department for their work to continue with the program as we move into the
Centenary. The industry, and our ability to move tourists around the province, will benefit greatly.”

Of the $250,000, a maximum of $200,000 is targeted to address outstanding applications received last
year and new applications in 2004-05. Successful applicants will receive 50 percent of their signage cost.
Previous applicants will be notified of the new program, while new applications will be received on a first-
come, first-serve basis until September 15, 2004.

The remaining $50,000 in the Enhanced Tourism Signing fund has been allocated for applications
pertaining to signage along the Trans Canada Trail, and a major upgrade to the border sign on Highway
6 at the Port of Regway.

An additional $60,000 has been budgeted to improve provincial park signing on provincial highways.
Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation and Saskatchewan Environment staff are working to identify
and prioritize park signing improvements.

To learn more about the Enhanced Tourism Signing Program and/or apply for funding go to or contact Don Strelieff at (306) 842-3242 or via email

News Release July 30, 2004 – Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation