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									Signing Someone Up In Xooma - The Options
This is intended to aid you when conveying the options one can choose when becoming a
member (distributor), or customer in Xooma and in getting clear around some of the facts
around those choices. There are also a few common-sense type points here about X2O
that you might find useful in your conversations with others. Taking the time to get
familiar with this material can increase your confidence when speaking, and success in
bringing others on board.

Important goal to keep in mind - That you do your best to have them feel satisfied with
the process that lead to their choice- no matter what it is. (This is also useful in

Flexibility Factor . . .
One thing many of us like about Xooma is the flexibility. A person can can come in
come in for what amounts to lunch money ($9.99) or a modest $25.They can also
benefit from one of the higher levels if they so choose.

Remind them there is NO required extra fee to be a member who can grow this as a
business if they want. There is only the modest cost of the product itself.

They should know they will get the Xoomaworldwide web site and the Metabowize web
site at NO COST. Whatever user name they added to their Xooma site will be the same
one that they can attach to their web site.

Which option?
So when you're talking with someone about how they might come in, what are some
things you could say about how they prefer to do that? How do you help them determine
the best way to come in? Here are some points that can make a difference-

First, you might let them know about the flexibility mentioned. Respecting their freedom
of choice can play a big part in having them feel comfortable with however they wish to
come in.

Let them know that when they see the options on the sign up page on your site, they will
see a range from higher to lower amounts. It helps when they know what to expect.

4 basic choices . . .
Rather than going over every option with them, we advise keeping it simple.

Of the various options listed on the sign up page, there are probably 4 basic choices that
they can use as a guideline to pick the best fit for them.

Ask them questions to help determine this. If they signed up on line, this would still be a
beneficial conversation to have after they are in. With additional information and some
personal contact, they may want to add something, or get Fast Start qualified.
1) The lowest cost options ($9.99 and $25)
These are for the person who usually just wants to try the product first for a while before
committing further OR they are only interested in the product itself and not the business.
You can find out if this is the case for them by your conversation with them.

More about these 2 options- Besides other items listed with the 9.99 selection, the
member will get 12 days worth of X2O. Let them know auto ship helps keep the price
down and that Xooma is a first class company. Anyone who chooses to cancel by
emailing them or calling toll-free will be off immediately. Better to address that upfront
so it's not a concern.

After the $9.99 trial period, they will be on $25 auto ship unless they cancel. The Lexan
X2O bottle will be sent on that first $25 order that follows their initial order.

Benefits of $25 order- This low cost option may be the better of the 2 in that in that they
will have at least a month's worth of supply to give the product a longer time period to

Variations of this simple product order would be the Double ($50) or Quad Pack ($100)
if they want more product.

To Remember- Everyone's body is different. While some notice differences within days,
for others it is more subtle, and engaging in the very healthy practice of X2O for at least a
month or longer can help them determine the wisdom of making this a lifelong habit.
(That's why so many of us will never go anywhere without our green bottle!)

There are some who may notice no observable physical difference at all. Many choose
X2O because of these common sense, and well documented benefits-

1) healthier pH levels
2) daily mineral supplementation in a form that is easily absorbed
3) increased cellular hydration. and/or
4) the neutralization of harmful chlorine.

Your car may not "feel " different with changed oil, just as you may or may not with
healthy foods VS junk foods. Still, wisdom dictates these habits make all the difference in
the world when it comes to "running" well and averting bigger problems down
the road.

2) The $125 and $150 options

These options will not Fast Start qualify someone (see below) but they will qualify
someone to take advantage of 2 or more of the best products- plus be qualified for pay on
both Front (X2O) and Back Office (consisting of all products other than X2O)
compensation plans during the same month that they joined.
While some will find it best to come in this way product-wise, if one has sufficient
business interest, they might do well to go the extra distance to choose the $199 and then
use one of these $125 options as an example of what they may want to list on their
autoship order. (on Edit Autoship link in back office).

3) The $199 Best Buy Pack
Besides the extra product they will receive (listed by each option), they will be qualified
from this point forward, to be paid an additional $75 Fast Start bonus whenever they sign
up others at this level or higher. Remind them that this is something they only need to
qualify for but once.

Most who have any serious business interest enter at this level or want to get it once they
understand the added pay benefits. They should also know once they've brought on any
number of members at this level, they will make an additional $25 anytime one of those
Fast Start qualified people does the same.

This one income stream can get quite significant each week once a person gets productive
and/or has others causing activity at that Fast Start level.

4) $299 and higher options . . .
These are gaining in popularity because of HUGE developments that occurred in Xooma
in early 2007. First, adding a Back Office compensation plan can greatly increase
incomes for those participating. (See income streams 3 and 4 on Opportunity link on
the Xooma web site)

Secondly, the increasing awareness (just beginning) of some exceptional products
available in the back office, of which Blast, Metabowize, and a set of products known as
the Pack of Life are perhaps most notable.

Coming in at these higher levels starts one off from the very first month of being able to
take advantage of both compensation plans, as well as experience a product like
Metabowize or Blast so one can speak from that experience and be an example to the
kind of team they wish to develop. It also qualifies onefor Fast Start bonuses as described
on the Best Buy option.

Adjusting Auto Ship to Fit What You Want

Again, remember that how they came in may affect what the level of their auto ship is.
Make sure they know how to get to their back office, and find the
"edit autoship" link so they can adjust that monthly automatic order to whatever they
would prefer.

They can do that on any other day of the month than when their order is going out.
Because of this, they may want to visit that auto ship link the day after they are in. They
might also want to know that in order to be qualified to be paid on both X2O (matrix)
and Back office (uni-level) compensation plans, they would want to create an autoship
order that would include product(s) in addition to X2O.

Having an order of $100 back office qualifying volume (BQV) or more, whether through
auto ship or placing that order manually each month, would qualify them for the uni-level
Bonus. This bonus allows for MUCH bigger incomes with less people. Remember, back
office activity pertains to any products ordered other than X20.

Important. . .
If someone has already come in at a lower level, then wants to take advantage of the Best
Buy (199), they can do so by going to the PLACE ORDER link in their web site, logging in with their log in # (same as account
number) and placing item 4199 in the box where it says "Item number", then "Submit",
then "Payment and Shipping" etc.

Special Mention- The Xooma Challenge
If you've mentioned The Xooma Challenge to them, or they want to learn more about
that, they do so by visiting your Metabowize web site or by clicking on the info about
that on your Xoomaworldwide site.

If they click the Xooma Challenge part, it will give them an overview and allow them to
be linked to your Metabowize site for more details.

If one is absolutely sure they want nothing to do with the business at any time in the
future, they can sign up as a preferred customer. Most feel it's worth pointing out that
choosing the "MEMBER" option doesn't cost anything, and product comes out to be a
few dollars less.

Because as a member, they COULD receive checks from the company if they cause any
activity, for this purpose they will need to fill out either a SS# (in the US) or a Tax ID. If
this is an obstacle for them, let them know the "CUSTOMER" option does not require
that information.

Also know that if someone does want to switch their status later, they need only call
Xooma toll free at 1 888 865 6687.

While amounts and options will be somewhat different for someone outside the US, you
can still be able to use most of the basic comments and guidelines here to help someone
make the best choice and I trust this is useful to you in either case.

                                       - Tim Wilson, Team X2O

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