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					                           Signature Collectors
1. Have Petitions, a copy of CB-59, and several Fliers w/signature examples on back side in your
   possession. Also have some decent black fine-point pens.

2. Before collecting signatures on a Petition, check the box at top saying “has not” been paid and
   sign and date the form.

3. Ask each potential signer if they are registered to vote in Howard County. If the person is not
   sure, have them sign.

4. Show each signer the example signatures if needed.

5. Signer must PRINT name in first column and SIGN identically in right column. The name
   MUST include a Given Name, All Initials and the Last Name (Surname). No Nicknames (e.g.
   no Peggys, no Bobs). Ask them to sign as on Driver’s License if possible.

6. If they do not want to put their birth date on the Petition then BEG them; if they do not do it
   their signature will be invalid. You can tell them it is public record and we already have it, but
   THEY must fill it in. The one thing we can help them fill in is the date if asked, but not
   recommended. Full date of signing must be entered; no Ditto marks.

7. Your information block at bottom of Petition may be completed anytime, but you must sign at
   bottom after signatures collected.

8. If a potential signer wants some additional information then respond if the answer is simple
   and short. If the potential signer wants more detailed information then give them a copy of the
   flier with contact information on the back.

9. Do NOT try to debate with a potential signer or to try to change their mind.

10. Do NOT spend too much time with any one potential signer.

11. It is better to canvass in areas open to the public such as store parking lots because they have
   far higher pedestrian traffic and you do not need to walk door to door and then wait to see if
   someone comes to the door. Also potential signers out doing errands will not want to strike up
   long conversations. Aim for high volume areas.

12. You have a right to be in a public place (e.g. post office). Do not be intimidated. If you are on
   private property or parking lots they do have the right to ask you to leave. However there is no
   shortage of store parking lots.

13. Most importantly – we need signatures and we also need more volunteers. Please try to
   recruit as you are collecting signatures. If you find a volunteer please get their name,
   phone, and email and snail mail addresses and then forward that information to Russ Swatek
   and/or be that volunteer’s point of contact.

14.Please turn in completed Petitions at least weekly. Thanks.

Reasons for a Referendum on Council Bill 59
CB 59, which was written by the developer General Growth Properties (GGP), will quadruple the
number of residences in Downtown Columbia, greatly increasing the value of GGP's Downtown land.
The bill's plan is intended to revitalize Downtown, a desirable goal. However, the plan is unworkable
because the amount of development would impose a crushing burden on the taxpayer and on
Downtown roads and interchanges. The referendum would cause the developer to renegotiate the
size of the planned development. This is important for the following reasons:
TAX INCREASES: The current bill imposes massive costs on us, the Howard County taxpayers,
rather than on the developer who profits from the plan. These costs amount to hundreds of millions
of dollars for new facilities:

      parking garages to service the developer’s new stores

      interchanges with Route 29 that will be necessary due to increased traffic

      widening of roads leading to the developer’s stores

      sewer/water lines
TRAFFIC CONGESTION: According to a traffic study commissioned by the county, the GGP plan
will generate three times as much traffic as the road system can accommodate. As a result, the
higher density will greatly increase traffic in Downtown Columbia and on Routes 29 and 175,
approximating that of Rockville Pike. At rush hour, the wait time at red lights will double or triple and
interchanges may be dangerously congested. Even now, three intersections and ramps are over
ESTHETICS: 20-story buildings authorized. Lake Kittamaqundi will disappear behind tall buildings.

      The wastewater treatment plant will eventually fail to handle the load, according to the
       Department of Public Works. Expanding it may not be possible.

      Columbia is exempted from the State Forest Conservation Act.
PETITION CONTENTS: The Petition targets only two aspects of CB-59. Although there are other
problematic sections of CB-58 (General Plan Amendment – 83 pages) and CB-59 (Zoning Regulation
Amendment – 77 pages), the county and state regulations governing referenda make it exceedingly
difficult, if not impossible, to successfully take entire legislation of this size to Referendum.

      The definition defined in Section 103.58 states that the General Plan (CB-58) provides
       “development rights” to the developer. It should only be enforceable as to requirements and
       restrictions on the developer and not grant development rights.

      The Referendum is only targeting the excessive residential allowances granted in CB-59.
       That is what GGP really wants and what boosts the value of their land. Knocking out the
       residential allowances will be sufficient to bring GGP back to the negotiating table. Whether it
       is GGP or another company at that time, they will be stronger than the current GGP. Also the
       economy will probably be stronger. This should enable the County officials to obtain a better
       deal for the County that does not burden the County taxpayer.