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									                                              AARON ARNONE
                                           10730-112 Potranco Rd #114
                                             San Antonio, TX 78251


  MBA with demonstrated programming and analytical skills seeking career opportunities in software


      SOFTWARE            Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Basic.net, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual
                          Studio.net, Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, FrontPage, MTS, IIS, SQL Server, Access,
                          Crystal Reports

      O/SYSTEMS           Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP,
                          Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, UNIX (Solaris)

      LANGUAGES           ASP.net 3.5, ASP.net 2.0, ASP.net 1.1, VB.net, C#, ADO.net, Visual Basic, VBA, Visual
                          C++, MFC, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, C++, Java, HTML, Perl, Python, AJAX, ASP, XML,
                          SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, ADO

      DATABASES           SQL Server, Sybase, Access, Oracle, MySQL


Conversion Systems                                                                                Jun 2008-Present

     Responsibilities: Responsible for the design and implementation of several ASP.net/C#/SQL Server
     ecommerce websites.

     RubberMaid FastTrack: Allows users to search and read reviews on a variety of products and purchase
     complete kits or individual items for their garage. AJAX allows the shopping cart to dynamically update
     when a kit is selected, and for items to be added to or removed from the cart without reloading the page.

     Talking Tabs: Responsible for the design and implementation of a website marketing guitar instruction.
     Users can purchase a main kit, and then subsequently log in and purchase lessons containing individual
     songs. The interface uses the Telerik control suite to allow users to preview and play songs in a radwindow
     and to allow users to sort and filter from hundreds of available songs.

     SodaStream: Responsible for the design and implementation of a website marketing the SodaStream soda
     maker. Users can select a kit and a payment plan as well as several different SodaStream flavors. The site
     passes data to a third party fulfillment service to get a price quote for the user, as well as to pass the order
     information when the sale is complete.

     Conair: Responsible for the design and implementation of websites for a variety of popular Conair products.
     Each product was sold on its own site—just a few of these included the Conair YouStyle hairdryer, Conair
     hair styler, and Conair fabric steamer.
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      MaxiGlide: Responsible for the design and implementation of the mymaxiglide.com site—a site marketing
      the popular MaxiGlide hair straightener.

      Technologies Used: C#, VB.net, ASP.net 3.5, ADO.net, LINQ, VS.net 2008, TSQL, SQL Server 2008,
      SQL Server 2005, ASP.net AJAX, Telerik

  CETECOM USA, Milpitas, CA                                                                    May 2007- Jun 08

      Responsibilities: Responsible for the design and implementation of a quote website and a project
      management application to support a cellular/wireless testing facility.

      Quote Request Website: Generates price quotes for project-based work based on services requested.
      Allows users to select what type of components need to be tested; what standards testing (PTCRB, Bluetooth,
      Wireless, or FCC/CE) is to be performed, and delivers an estimate to the user. Allows management to
      request reports on customer quote applications, and allows salespeople to search both complete and
      incomplete quote requests in their efforts to close the sale.

      Technologies Used: ASP.net 2.0, VB.net, C#, AJAX, TSQL, SQL Server 2005

      Project Management Application: Allows users to add, edit, and delete projects based on the product
      being tested and the company requesting the service. Projects can be viewed by employees working on the
      project, and the current status can be viewed by customers as work is performed. Administrators can assign
      project privileges to employees and companies, allowing employees to see projects they are responsible for
      and external users to see the test status for their companies products.

      Technologies Used: ASP.net 2.0, VB.net, C#, AJAX, TSQL, SQL Server 2005

VISA International, Foster City, CA                                                            Apr 2006-May 07


      Responsibilities: Responsible for the design and implementation of a fraudulent activity reporting

      CAMS Fraud Reporting: Visa’s current fraud reporting system depends on two main components—a
      winforms and command-line based fraud processing module, and a web-based data entry and reporting
      application. Visa did not have source code for any of the winforms or command-line applications supporting
      the website and requested that they be decompiled from IDL using RemoteSoft Salamander and rewritten.

      The rewritten solution consists of a C#/SQL Server winforms processing application using password-less
      PGP to handle fraud processing and data manipulation, as well as a ASP.net/VB.net/SQL Server web-based
      application to allow users to see and modify the status of suspected and confirmed fraudulent transactions.
      Through the web-based application, users can update and modify the status of an existing account, as well as
      generate reports on the status of groups of accounts.

      Technologies Used: ASP.net 2.0, VB.net, C#, AJAX, PGP Blackbox, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server
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REFCO, Jersey City, NJ                                                                        Apr 2004-Mar 06

     Responsibilities: Responsible for developing an internal accounting reporting portal.

     ASP.net Portal: Responsible for developing a portal in which trade and accounting data can be distributed to
     users. Designed Javascript functions to override the default .net postback and allow data from third party
     DHTML controls to be passed back to the event handler. Users are assigned to groups, and privileges can
     then be assigned to users as to which data the user is allowed to see. A user or group can be allowed limited
     access to the application—for example, allowed to see trades only for a particular office or allowed to see
     portfolio information for a specific account. The application is extensible; new privilege types can be added
     to the application as new data becomes available.

     Accomplishments: Delivered the portal ahead of schedule. Helped to integrate Multibank Securities trade
     reporting into the portal after Refco secured their business.

Technologies Used: ASP.net, VB.net, C#, ADO.net, Oracle 9i, TOAD, Crystal Reports

 SAIC, San Diego, CA                                                                          Oct 2003-Mar 04

     Responsibilities: Responsible for the design and implementation of ASP.net applications to track pending
     and current equipment leases.

     Leasing Database: Responsible for the development of an ASP.net/VB.net/SQL Server database to track
     leases within SAIC. C#/ADO.net components are used to call stored procedures and return the resulting
     datasets to the ASP.net/VB.net user interface. The application allows users to run queries to determine which
     potential leases would be profitable. Items may be selected from pending leases and added to purchase
     orders. Approved leases can then be monitored during the lease life, and retired or extended as needed.

     Technologies Used: ASP.net, VB.net, C#, ADO.net, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL

 LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, Murray Hill, NJ                                                         Mar 2002-Sep 03

     Responsibilities: Responsible for the implementation of ASP.net applications for the Business Continuity

     Business Continuity Database: Responsible for the implementation of an ASP.net/VB.net/ SQL Server
     application containing Lucent’s organizational structure, as well as the processes and dependencies of each
     organization. An ASP.net user interface allows managers to enter their organization's structure and functions
     within their organization. Designed Javascript functions to override the default .net postback and allow data
     from a third-party DHTML rich-text editor to be passed back to the event handler. Components developed in
     C# use ADO.net to call stored procedures and return the resulting datasets to the ASP.net/VB.net user
     interface. Reports from the database allow managers to determine which organizations are essential to
     Lucent’s daily operations, and monitor their progress in planning for disruptions.
     Technologies Used: ASP.net, VB.net, C#, Javascript, ADO.net, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL

     WinInet Wrapper DLL: Created a Visual C++ wrapper to the WinInet class to fetch a web page and return
     the resulting HTML and any associated cookies as strings. Allows cookies to be passed back to the
     component to retain session state when fetching subsequent pages. Component can be called from any
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    scripting language (such as VBScript or VB.net) to screen scrape third-party web applications. Used this
    component to automate e-Planner, a third-party data-recovery planning database.

    Technologies Used: VC++, WinInet, COM/DCOM

    Accomplishments: Delivered the application ahead of schedule. Since performance data became available
    online, the percent of organizations in compliance with Lucent’s Business Continuity Planning policy
    increased from 40% to 98% within three weeks.

 MARSH & MCLENNAN COMPANIES, New York, NY                                                      Mar 2001-Feb 02

   Programmer, Private Client Services
    Responsibilities: Responsible for the design and implementation of several sales databases.

    PCS Prospect Database: Created a prospect database using Visual Basic, Visual C++ and XML to aid
    insurance agents in tracking and recruiting new business. The program queries against a SQL Server
    database to retrieve company and policy data and stores prospect names, contact info, and recommended
    policies. The application generates customized prospectuses for potential clients illustrating recommended
    policies and reasons for recommendation.

    Technologies Used: VB, XML, SQL Server, T-SQL, VC++, COM/DCOM

    PCS Sales Database: Created an online database using ASP and Visual Interdev to store PCS sales data by
    employee, as well as an import utility using Visual Basic to store sales data from outside data sources.
    Created ASP pages to connect to the database and return results by year, month, and sales representative.

    Technologies Used: ASP, Access

    Accomplishments: Completed the prospect database ahead of schedule. The program allows for updates to
    be sent out to remote agents using an XML-based import utility, enabling the application to process prospects
    for more than 300 remote sales agents.

 WESTERN ASSET MANAGEMENT, Pasadena, CA                                                        April 00-Feb 2001

 Programmer, Core Technology Group
    Responsibilities: Responsible for design and implementation of several accounting verification databases.

    PAM Reconciliation Database: Wrote a reconciliation database to compare the historical trade data
    repository, GDR, with the internal accounting database, PAM, and report inconsistencies to the user. This
    application uses VBA and Access, and compares a database residing on a Sybase server to PAM, a Btreive

    Technologies Used: VBA, Access, Sybase, T-SQL

    Charles River Extract Application: Wrote an extract application to link GDR with Charles River
    Compliance Master, a third-party compliance application residing on a Solaris-based Sybase server. The
    application applies user-defined rules to assign values to data not stored in GDR, and allows the user to refine
    these rules as new exceptions are thrown. The application resides on SQL Server and has a Visual Basic
    client; it imports data from GDR—a Sybase database, and exports to Charles River which resides on a
    different Sybase server. Wrote stored procedures in T-SQL on SQL Server and Sybase to process rules and
    create import tables.

    Technologies Used: VB, Visual C++, SQL Server, Sybase, T-SQL

    GDR Web Interface: Designed a prototype web front end for GDR, a historical trade repository residing on
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     Sybase. Used ASP and Visual Interdev to develop a front end for users to enter and review trades.

     Technologies Used: ASP, SQL Server, Sybase, T-SQL

     Bloomberg DLL: Worked on a ActiveX DLL using Visual C++ to request a data item from Bloomberg
     using the Bloomberg C++ API. This DLL allowed a VB client to request data from Bloomberg.

     Technologies Used: Visual C++, COM/DCOM
     Accomplishments: Developed user-driven rules tables for the Charles River extract application to allow the
     user to maintain the application as the data mapping rules changed. Created a VB front end for this program
     to allow the user to change rules and configure the settings for program, and a Visual C++ wrapper to allow
     autosys to run the program on a nightly basis automatically. Delivered the completed program ahead of

 ROCKWELL COLLINS, Pomona, CA                                                                 Oct 99-April 2000

  Programmer, Database Development Team
     Responsibilities: Responsible for the design and implementation of employee and issues databases.

     Employee Database: Designed and implemented an employee and equipment tracking database. The
     application maintains data on over 300 employees in the engineering department, as well as tracking
     equipment assigned to employees. The application can generate rosters and org charts automatically, and
     allows changes in the org chart to be made simply by dragging and dropping an employee from one
     supervisor to another.

     Technologies Used: Visual Basic, VBA, Access

     PTR Database: Responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of PTR, a Visual Basic/SQL Server bug
     tracking database used by engineers to debug and resolve issues within Rockwell electronic components.
     The application tracked the initial problem, as well as tracking steps taken to resolve the problem. Wrote
     stored procedures in T-SQL and visual basic components to display summary reports to the user in bar graph
     format and in Microsoft Excel.

     Technologies Used: Visual Basic, OLE Automation, SQL Server, T-SQL

     Accomplishments: Delivered the employee database two weeks ahead of schedule. This Visual Basic/Access
     application contains records for all of the employees and equipment within the engineering department.

STATE OF ARIZONA, Phoenix, AZ                                                                 May 99-Oct 1999

  Programmer, Department of Corrections

       Responsible for the design and implementation of a supplier Y2K compliance database. This VB and
       Access application tracks communication with suppliers, allowing for scanned letters from suppliers to be
       stored and retrieved to document suppliers' progress towards Y2K compliance.

       Responsible for the conversion of the Inmate Banking accounting program from a DOS-based application
       to a Visual Basic and Access application. This application tracks fines and payments for several thousand

       Responsible for the conversion of Offender Services databases from a DOS-based environment to a Visual
       Basic application. These databases archive state communication throughout the prison system.

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     Delivered the supplier compliance database in only three weeks. This application tracks both text and
     image files, and allows the user to sort and summarize this data in several different formats.

  University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
     May 1999- MBA, Information Systems
     May 1996- BA, Economics

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