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Monsters Inc - DOC


									Children’s Services

Monsters, INC. Disney Pixar.
Scene       Action                              Literacy Focus
2           Listen to the sound track of the    Building suspense
            film with no images. Where is the   Scenes from a familiar setting
            setting? How does it make you       Creating a setting with suspense.
            feel?                               How would a character be
            Watch the scene. How does the       introduced?
            setting look spooky.
            Examine how the monster is
2           Watch whole scene up until the      Character descriptions.
            simulation finishes. How does the
            character of Bile change?
4           Television advertisement about      Instructional writing to describe
            how the screams are converted       how the scream is used.
            into energy.                        Persuasive writing to advertise the
5           Sully and Mikey walking down the    “Normal” street setting. How does
            street.                             the setting make you feel?
8           Doors entering the factory          Instructional writing to describe
                                                how the doors enter.
8           Slow motion sections when the       Character description of individual
            Monsters enter the factory floor.   monsters. Setting to describe the
                                                monsters entry.
19/20       Sully’s reaction to Boo going       Character descriptions to show
            down the chute. Look at how we      fear.
            know he is nervous and
            frightened. How do his facial
            expressions help our
            understanding of his feelings?
21          Piece when Sully and Boo are        Setting and character descriptions
            hiding under the table. How do we   of the moment of suspense.
            know what the characters are
            thinking? How are music and
            lighting used to create suspense?
21          Running through the secret          Setting to create suspense.
            passage. How are setting, sound
            and lighting used to create
22          Mikey being tortured                How do we show fear in our
                                                characters and setting?
24          Mikey and Sully Split up            What would the dialogue look like for
                                                this scene?
                                                What would the content of a letter be
                                                to each other?
                                                Diary entries.
27          Destroying Randalls Door            Triumph over good and evil.
29          Farewell scene                      Familiar events. How does the
                                                setting influence the mood of the
Children’s Services
31          Mikey showing the door at the   How are relationships shown
            end of the film                 between characters?

“Mike’s New Car”.
What are the characters like? How do their actions and reactions tell us more
about what they are like? How would they react in different circumstances.
How would other invented characters react in this situation?

“For the Birds”.
Really useful for retelling and sequencing events.
Use to support work on dialogue – how do facial expressions add to our
understanding of what characters are thinking and doing? Act out the potential
conversations that the birds could be engaged in.
Use this information to create character profiles.
What is the moral of the story?
How could the plot be changed to make it a more generous and friendly story
– work on planning and plot structures works well here.
Can link into work on PSE, such as bullying – why is the big bird bullied?
How do we know the little birds are being unkind?

Shared writing produced after working through scene 2.

The cleaner left the room. The light switch flicked off, and the door
slammed shut, leaving the classroom dark and gloomy. After that,
the corridor light faded away, just like the cleaner’s footsteps.
Some blinds tapped against the wall sounding just like a hamster
in its wheel. Suddenly, the papers on the wall gently clattered as
the wind swept past them. In the corner of the room the tap
dripped like a ticking clock. A dull blue glow flashed from the
sensor on the wall like a monster winking. (Y3 Pupils – Hopton First School)

The lights flicked off for the final time that day. The sliver of light
under the door disappeared as the corridor light flicked off. The
moonlight flooded the room casting shadows across the empty
chairs and tables. A clocked ticked and the abandoned computer
buzzed in the corner.

Slowly, the door creaked open. Two specks of red light glowed in
the darkness. At first glance these could be eyes, but it became
Children’s Services
obvious that these were just torches in the carpark. A shadow
slithered into the room and climbed onto the chair. (Y6 pupils Peterhouse

Shared writing produced after working through “For the Birds”,
linked to a Text extract from “The Angel of Nitshill Road” –
Anne Fine.

Jayne was smaller than the rest of her class and never seemed to
have the right clothes or shoes. Jenni was the only one who knew
how to get at her.

“What’s the view like from down there with the worms?” asked
Jenni sarcastically, narrowing her eyes into evil looking slits. “Love
the rags. Are they new? Been to the dump lately?” she smirked
“Thanks for your opinion, but I don’t want to hear it.”
(Y5 pupils Toftwood Junior)

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