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					                      Transition to SaaS

Ensuring the availability and accessibility of quality software services

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       This e-book is dedicated to the research made in analyzing how leading
companies successfully buy, manage, host and deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and
increase their revenue. This addresses the effectiveness of SaaS Model in design,
development and marketing in a software development lifecycle.

       For better understanding, Software as a Service (Saas) is a software application
deployed as a hosted service which is accessible over the Internet. Till recently, software
was traditionally delivered in boxes as a licensed copy along with a maintenance contract.
Today, SaaS has become an innovative way of interacting and doing business. Following
a SaaS model, instead of buying a software license for an application such as Accounting
or Human Resources or Marketing and installing it on individual machines, a company or
an individual signs up to use the application hosted by another company. This way the
software is available to the consumer by just paying a subscription fee, rather than
owning a copy of the software, thus saving greatly on the deployment and maintenance

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  1.   SaaS Model – an Effective Tool for Design, Development and Marketing
  2.   SaaS Adoption – A Cost Effective Partnered Product Development Model
  3.   SaaS Product Engineering Company Partnership Benefits
  4.   Reaping the Benefits of Global Product Development

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    SaaS Model – an Effective Tool for Design, Development and

In these difficult economic times, small as well as big businesses are looking at cost
cutting and scrutinizing their basic expenditure. This includes cost cutting on manpower,
office equipments and most important, the technology used. But to let business move on
uninterrupted, organizations are constantly seeking more cost effective product
development models. This has led to the evolution of the idea behind using “Software as
a Service” (SaaS) where end-user access can be shared to reduce the cost and time of
product development.

With the advent of time “Software as a Service” is now popularly known as SaaS. It
represents a method of using the software hosted by some companies and delivered to
customers through a web browser on the Internet. With this, software hosted at a
central location by its vendor can be made available to numerous users worldwide.

What is a SaaS Model?

SaaS model is a hypothesis of software deployment that includes providing a software
application as a service to customers across the internet. SaaS model, therefore, can be
considered as “renting” the software to global customers who can access it via the

SaaS model providers evaluate the existing business model to determine the feasibility
of the SaaS model, build the product using right development techniques and design
architecture, deploy the correct SaaS solution and market it through social media
marketing techniques. Software users through a SaaS model get the benefit of
subscription pricing, hosted delivery, and outsourced technical expertise. This way the
end-users save on costs, and utilize latest technologies more effectively. A well-designed
SaaS model also ensures users of cost-effective access to updates.

Advantages of SaaS Model

Companies that choose a SaaS model gain the following business benefits:

   •   IT infrastructure cost will be significantly reduced
   •   No need to purchase any software or hardware
   •   Business risks can be shared among users
   •   Rapid deployment reduces the installation or maintenance cost
   •   Hassle-free implementation at multiple locations
   •   No need of any additional hardware or software infrastructure support
   •   Capital expenditure is reduced as the subscription fees can be paid easily
   •   System can be accessed anytime, anywhere by simply connect to the cloud.
   •   Easy access to comprehensive security, back-up, disaster recovery and support

When comparing the costs of a SaaS solution and a traditional, premises-based software
solution, people often fall into the trap of simply comparing the subscription fees of the
SaaS against the software license fees of the traditional system. The application license
fee is only a small portion of the total cost to implement, customize, manage and
support traditional software.

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Leo Technosoft provides a lower cost of ownership over software by offering SaaS model
services. As one of the few leading companies that provide comprehensive SaaS
solutions, the company offers easier migration to a SaaS environment as well as

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 SaaS Adoption – A Cost Effective Partnered Product Development

As a product development company are you finding it increasingly difficult to:

   •   Face rising competitive pressure
   •   Deal with shorter product cycle times
   •   Rush into new product introductions
   •   Maintain an IT infrastructure
   •   Find and retain scarce technical resources
   •   Control rising IT expenditures
   •   Deal with periodic software bug fixes

Software-as-a-Service also known as SaaS offers a highly scalable solution to deal with
all these issues and is the best alternative to buying expensive software and paying for
periodic upgrades. For companies, this means that they do not have to worry about
building an infrastructure for the software they propose to develop. Instead, the
software is available through a hosting company via the web browser in exchange for a
subscription fee.

SaaS provides a viable alternative to paying for and maintaining technical resources and
infrastructure. Companies leveraging applications delivered via a SaaS model not only
move the business forward but can also effectively tackle issues arising out of the
current economic crisis.

Areas of SaaS Usage

SaaS can be adopted for new product development, for specialized applications in
customer relationship management (CRM), ERP, accounting, payroll, content
management systems and other collaborative services made available on a pay-as-you-
use or time-based pricing model via the Web. It is the best bet for on-demand
application hosting, providing a cost effective alternative to traditional licensed software.

Companies both large and small are increasingly adopting SaaS for its cost savings,
effective security and simplified software management (for both maintenance and
upgrades) and the flexibility it provides for supporting business needs.

SaaS solutions provide the best alternative to avoid up-front investments in new
software platforms by offering “renting” on-demand applications that would provide
added returns where most needed. It empowers IT teams to facilitate cost-effectiveness
with productivity that has to be retained particularly during a recession and in times of
financial crisis. SaaS allows management to focus on core business rather than IT.

Benefits: SaaS is a viable software model that has distinct operational advantages:

   •   Reduces IT infrastructure and management overhead
   •   Lower licensing and maintenance costs
   •   Easier upgrade to new future versions
   •   Instant access to technology updates
   •   On demand scalability

SaaS is providing a faster and more economical option for organizations to deploy, run
and utilize software. Leo Technosoft provides next-generation SaaS product development

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in a cloud setting. Get in touch with our SaaS product engineering team for full life-cycle
SaaS product offerings at cost-effective rates.

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       SaaS Product Engineering Company Partnership Benefits

Each year companies face pressure to introduce new products and capabilities to market
while at the same time integrate latest technologies and adapt new business models. It
is here that product engineering companies need a strong technology partner who can
utilize their business knowledge to convert a product idea into a world-class product.

Partnering with another engineering/technology partner helps companies to accelerate
product development cycles to bring software products to market quickly. More
importantly, clients benefit from the experience and advice of the partner company in
building and supporting multiple products. The partner company’s services start from
validating of the business idea, to product lifecycle, development, beta, deployment,
maintenance and support solutions.

The measurable business benefits of partnered product engineering include

   •   Quick ramp up of resources
   •   Successful reverse knowledge transfer to the new client
   •   Reduced engineering costs & better time to market
   •   Minimum risks
   •   Highly efficient team to fuel product innovation
   •   Reduced re-work and schedule slippages

Partnered Product engineering is a strategic decision based on mutual trust and
collaboration. Choosing the right partner is critical so that companies can focus more on
sales, marketing, and business development.

Leo Technosoft, a leading cloud computing solution services provider in SaaS Product
Engineering, Web 2.0 Services, and Infrastructure Support; is also a global provider of
extended product engineering services. The company is distinguished by a singular focus
on end-to-end, collaborative product development solutions. Leo Technosoft’s capability
extends to helping companies set up an engineering unit in any global location of their
choice. Leo’s processes, engineering and infrastructure support is at the disposal of the
company to facilitate rapid installation and scaling of operations. Their value-based
engagement model is a perfect match to the goals and circumstances of the client.

Leo Technosoft provides a pool of skilled people who have cutting edge expertise in their
respective technology. This will not only lead to cost savings but also time savings so
that companies get a better competitive advantage over their competitors. Leo
specializes in software product R&D for technology companies of all sizes, both emerging
and established. The company’s services cover the entire spectrum of product
engineering – from market analysis, product conceptualization, and engineering to
migration, testing and support.

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         Reaping the Benefits of Global Product Development

Product development, though a mission critical process, is a very expensive task, most
of which is spent on human resources. Therefore it becomes essential to spread product
development activities across different global locations in order to better match value-
add to cost. The list of such nations for product development includes India, China,
Russia, and other Eastern European and Asian countries.

Lowered costs and high product quality levels can be achieved by product development
through a global supply network. Global product development (GPD) brings about
affordable technology. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are opting for the benefits
of global product development, so that they can fully focus on core activities like
customer relations, generating new product ideas, marketing, financing and so on.
With heightened pressure to cut down product cost and time to market, ISV’s can remain
competitive only by:

   •   Reducing product life cycle
   •   Preventing technology obsolescence
   •   Building, tightly integrated products

Partnering with another experienced, low cost product development service provider
allows ISVs to leverage a strong value proposition, low time-to-market, reduced
development costs and access to quality manpower. By spreading product development
activities across multiple global regions, companies can better match value-add to cost.

GPD represents a major transformation for companies and offers tremendous

   •   Global product development enables simultaneous release of software in all target
   •   Better product designs, with lower cost of production by more than 30%.
   •   Lower cost of resources translates to greater engineering efficiency
   •   Faster product development cycle
   •   End-to-end collaboration
   •   Decreased occurrence of bugs
   •   Agile development processes
   •   Transparent work processes
   •   Additional time-zone benefits
   •   Faster time-to-market

For manufacturing industry, the global product development model is a necessary option
to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs by leveraging active involvement,
collaboration and cooperation across teams. For a successful deployment of GPD
strategy it is vital for companies to segregate activities that are portable, from high-end
activities that have to be conducted on-site.

Banking on a Trusted Development Partner
Leo Technosoft based in Florida with a development center in India, has state-of-the-art
infrastructure, deep technology expertise and qualified, experienced professionals
developing software products with a distinct global flavor. We work as a seamless
extension of client teams based on collaborative work styles supporting globalization
initiatives of our customers and provide solutions that span the entire software product
lifecycle. From product conceptualization to migration and support, we provide software
solutions so that companies can boost bottom lines by focusing on new competencies.

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Leo Technosoft develops proprietary software solutions or applications for our global
clients backed by our expertise in standard market platforms and large business
software solutions.

The global reality of an unstable economic environment, dried up venture funds,
increased business complexity and technological advances means that product
development is increasingly being divided between locations around the globe.

For a distinct marketing edge and to score over competition, there is no alternative to
global product development. Develop products in a collaborative manner by utilizing
skilled engineering teams from around the world through a fully digital and networked
product development process.

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                             About Leo TechnoSoft

Based out of Orlando, Florida with offices in USA, Canada, UK and India, Leo Technosoft
is an international SaaS Development, Web 2.0 and Remote Infrastructure Management
services firm specializing in the development and deployment of SaaS Web-based
Business Applications. We serve our clients by delivering outstanding results through
innovative solutions.

We use our depth of experience in technology analysis, development, and deployment to
help a broad range of industries including healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance,
high tech, mining, marketing, and entertainment.
Leo TechnoSoft is focused on helping clients define their needs, translate those needs
into action, and turn action into results.

Leo TechnoSoft has developed a proprietary Development model we call L.E.A.D.
       We hear your challenges and analyze your needs – be it a market segment or
       industry vertical. We look at every angle, perhaps some not yet considered. We
       re-examine old ideas with a fresh new perspective and give you tangible
       recommendations you can put into practice.
       We don’t just show up, share a few ideas and leave. Leo Technosoft walks side
       by side – helping you identify the needs, explore the opportunities and develop
       workable solutions to navigate the complex business terrain.
       Once we understand your needs we develop applications to meet those needs.
       Often our ideas are presented in detail specification documents that let you see
       every angle of our recommendation on paper. These documents then become
       the blueprint for the delivery of a final solution.
       We deliver, plain and simple. No fanfare, no big egos, we just work hard –
       leveraging a powerful suite of technology tools to deliver powerful solutions that
       engage your customers and deliver your message in the most powerful and
       engaging manner.

Four values drive us forward as an organization: Relationships, Integrity, Leadership
and Excellence. These values help us remain focused on working as a team to serve our
customers beyond their expectations.

Our unique business philosophy is to empower the collective talents and skill sets of our
team members and executive staff. We also work with strategic partners, to bring
together varied backgrounds in sales, marketing, technology, new media, e-learning,
education, and web site development and planning.

Our processes mandate us to “think outside of the box” – to turn ideas into

Our goal is always to meet our clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective manner
possible. Whether creating new solutions or supporting existing ones, we work hard to
understand the client’s expectations and adapt our work style to their corporate culture.

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                                    Our History

Leo Technosoft set up in 2003, is a global solution provider in Product Engineering, I.T
Services with Web 2.0, and Infrastructure Support with expertise in latest technology
platforms.    We    provide    services     on    a    cloud     computing    platform.

Our team of software developers provides outsourced product development in the Web
2.0 and SaaS environment and set up offshore development teams for our world-wide
clients. We also help set up remote infrastructure management services for our clients.

With these changes, our mission has remained constant; exploring innovative
business ideas, combining those ideas with leading-edge technologies to
deliver effective business solutions.       Our expertise in software and hardware
systems design, web-based marketing, data collection and segmentation, and
management and strategic planning, has allowed us to develop and deliver media
marketing solutions in ways that maximize and harness the latest delivery modalities.

Today, we continue to take a total-solution approach in our work for companies,
providing a wide range of technology-based services as needed. This has allowed us to
develop and manage state-of-the-art technology marketing, media and training solutions
for many business sectors including Healthcare, Environmental Concerns, Educational
and Distance Learning, Personal Development, Work/Family Blending, Entertainment,
and Non-Profit Fundraising/Development.

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                                 Our Experience

At Leo Technosoft we use our depth of experience in SaaS technology analysis,
development, and deployment to help a broad range of industries including
Automobile ,Healthcare, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Finance, High tech, Mining,
Marketing, and Entertainment.

Leo Technosoft has an extensive level of hands on software development, web 2.0
services and remote infrastructure management experience. We assist businesses by
analyzing strategies, identifying opportunities that create value, and executing tactics
with high-end track-record results. We offer a wide variety of strategic software,
marketing and design services to leverage our client’s interests and position their
products ahead of the competition.

The Leo Technosoft technical team harnesses the latest technological advances—then
shapes them into scalable and viable solutions across multiple platform and delivery
mechanisms. We are highly qualified and certified in leading industry platforms, OS, and
programming languages. Our team builds solutions that fit intelligently into business
segments and/or across entire enterprises.

   •   Advanced Multi-Platform Software Application Development
   •   Web Site Design and Connectivity Solutions
   •   Programming In Perl, Java, J2EE, C++, VB Script, ASP.Net, XML, WML,Flash
   •   Mobile Wireless Technology and Embedded WAP Development
   •   Database Design and Implementation
   •   Project Planning and Implementation
   •   Unix/ Linux

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