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Procedure for signing on to PeopleSoft Finance


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									                       Procedure for signing on to PeopleSoft Finance

PeopleSoft is an Enterprise Reporting and Planning software system. That system has many
modules that are used for Student Administration, Human Resources, timesheet, Finance and
other areas. The PeopleSoft system in use at UB has two separate sign-in portals, both of which
are accessed though “MyUB”. The first step is to log into “MyUB”.

Once you have logged into the MyUB Portal, you will see three options for accessing
PeopleSoft, one for Campus Solutions (Student Administration, Human Resources, and more)
and two log-in links for PeopleSoft Finance; one for on-campus use, one for off campus use.

See the screen image below…

Oct. 2008
Select the appropriate link, and you will be taken to the PeopleSoft sign in screen. On the
PeopleSoft sign in screen, enter your UB User ID, and your PeopleSoft password. Note that
your PeopleSoft password may be different from your UB Network password. However, you
may change your PeopleSoft Finance password any time you like.

Before you may access PeopleSoft Finance, you must have a PeopleSoft Finance User ID and
Password. To get a PeopleSoft Finance User ID and Password, complete the Request For Access
to PeopleSoft Finance form found at

Oct. 2008

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