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       As Corona continues to be number one in imported beer market in the U.S., Corona

continues to create and develop new innovating ways to expand our market share of alcoholic

beverages. We are excited to announce that we are launching a campaign to position Corona as

the first dominate import beer to be offered in new (PET) plastic bottles. This innovation will

help launch Corona into a new markets of increased consumer usage, and make us industry

leaders of this new product enhancement.

                                        Situation Analysis

       Corona Marketing Group is a modern marketing team that helps capture a larger audience

with fresh and original ideas. As Americans face tough times from a slowing economy, they are

consuming more alcohol. Sales of alcohol consistently increase during a recession as well as

during economic recovery. According to recent reports, spending on alcohol has risen in the

recent months. People are not only buying alcohol, they are buying high quality alcohol. During

a recession, people tend to hold back from buying expensive luxury items, such as a new car or

new technology, and instead splurge on more affordable upgrades, such as alcohol. It is in

people’s nature to trade-up, so alcohol is the perfect industry to capture those who are looking

for something better. Because our group consists of young, bright-eyed individuals, we have a

competitive advantage over most marketing teams. We are able to understand exactly how the

younger target-audience thinks, and we play into that by giving them exactly what they want.

Corona Extra is adding plastic beer bottles to its product line. They will be test marketing this

product in Southern California before distributing it nationwide. The test market will be

observed in the following cities: Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Santa Monica,

and San Diego. Our channels of distribution will be through bars, clubs, grocery stores, and drug
stores. While distributing only to our test market, the retail price for a 6-pack of 12 ounce plastic

Corona Extra beer bottles will be $8.49, which is the current, average price of the glass bottles.

If distribution goes nationwide for the plastic Corona Extra bottles, the price will mirror that of

glass bottles. In Southern California, we will be using the following marketing tools: out of home

advertising, print, television/cable, and internet.

        It is beneficial to us that consumers see Corona as a reward. We hold a strong market

share, but we are looking to make it stronger. Corona Extra is known for its unmistakable color,

one of a kind taste, and its recognizable bottle. By packaging the classic brew in a plastic bottle,

we will grab the attention of user-friendly consumers. Currently only Miller Genuine Draft and

Budweiser package their beer in a plastic bottle, so they pose as our main threats from plastic

bottles. Their primary target audience is men, ages 21-44. They reach this demographic through

sporting events and do not currently sell their product in the distribution channels that we are

going to be using. Since women are the gatekeepers in most American households, we anticipate

that by targeting our new product line to females, ages 21-34, will make Corona Extra plastic

beer bottles the number one choice for beer consumption. We trust that by capturing female beer

consumers, we can dominate the plastic beer bottle competition.

                                          Target Audience

        Our primary target audience is females, ages 21 to 34. We are looking to bring in more

female beer drinkers over to Corona Extra and capture the customer looking for the trade-up

option of a higher end premium beer. We are responsible for retaining and increasing female

beer drinkers.

        The specific demographics that we will focus on are females ages 21-34, married or

single, with income $30-50K, high school graduate or some college. Since Corona Extra is
associated with relaxation and living in the moment, our geographic target will be Southern

California. If the campaign works well in our target area we are looking to extend it worldwide,

since we are the number one selling Mexican beer in the world. Within Southern California our

primary reach will be; Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington

Beach and San Diego. The cities listed above are all cities associated with a youthful scene,

attracting our target audience to the beaches and inviting them to have a plastic bottle Corona as

they relax by the beach side.

       The psychographics that our Corona plastic bottle campaign is focusing on are females

who engage in leisurely activities, such as lounging, socializing, and vacationing in tropical

destinations. We at Corona hope to reach individuals whom value relationships, relaxation, and


                                     Key Strategic Decision

       Corona's key strategic decisions to effectively introduce its new product, Corona Extra in

a plastic bottle, is broken down into three different areas: objectives, segmenting and targeting,

differentiation and positioning. If the product is successful within the test market area Corona

will expand the campaign across the United States. The objective is to increase the market

share. Corona also believes that the new addition to the product line will target new and

additional customers which will result in additional sales. The objective also of targeting a new

market is to develop a more dynamic brand image while maintaining the loyalty of current

customers and gain new ones.

       In order to segment and target it's market Corona will focus on customers aged between

21 and 34 (please refer to section on target market for more information). Corona's current

customers see Corona as "the unparalleled flavor of relaxation". Corona's target market wants a
more "premium" beer; therefore, this campaign will enlighten consumers to the privileges of

plastic bottles resulting in the continued belief of choosing Corona as the "premium" beer.

       Corona needed to develop key strategic decisions towards how they would differentiate

and position the product. In creating the Corona Extra plastic bottle Corona realized that Miller's

(top competitor for this product) bottles have to be recycled separately from normal plastic

recycling because of the dark bottle; the Corona clear bottle is recyclable along with every other

standard household item. Corona is positioning the Corona Extra plastic bottles in a very

environmental friendly campaign so as to appeal to its target market; women tend to be more

environmentally conscious and are expected to respond positively towards this position. One

final key strategic decision in regards to differentiation and positioning is that Corona's image

has always revolved around the "relaxed" and "beachy" feel.

                                      Marketing Objectives
       Our Corona campaign marketing objectives are to effectively distribute advertisements

with expectations of removing any barriers to the sale of Corona’s new plastic bottles. We strive

to increase Corona’s market share in the beer, alcohol, and distilled spirits industry in this new

plastic beer bottle. Our objective is to be the number one imported beer served in plastic bottles,

while striving to bring consumers' awareness of Corona’s new product since in our test market in

Southern California. There will be a heavy emphasis on TV commercials, as well as our out of

home advertisements. We will also be focusing on placing the product’s advertisements in

markets where Corona is a top seller, such as warm beach areas in southern California; including

Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Newport, San Clemente, and San Diego. These areas

have been chosen since they contain a high traffic volume of our target demographics. We plan

to release our campaign in February 2010 right before college students have “spring break”. We
will end the campaign at the conclusion of summer, in the last week of August. Seeing that most

people consider Corona “a beach in a bottle” because of its tropical, relaxing vibe, we feel this

time frame will be most effective. One of our main advertising concepts is “A New Way to

Drink Responsibly” in which we will enforce the importance of recycling the new plastic Corona

bottles as well as reinforcing that plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are better and

safer than glass.

                                      Advertising Objectives

The official launch of this campaign will from February to August 2010. We will exhibit all our

marketing commodities during this time. Marketing efforts will begin with a “Spring Break”

emphasis and carry until the end of summer. This will be crucial for capturing the single

woman’s demographic from age 21 to 34 years of age, which stipulates a large portion of our

objective to penetrate the overall female market.

                                 Product Image and Personality

       “Living in the moment” is Corona’s universal persona, where it embraces the symbol of

relaxation and connection to others. The laid-back, tropical approach to life will continue to be

Corona’s core positioning campaign, which during times of economic turmoil highlights the

simple pleasure of spending time with new friends and reuniting with old friends; all cues fall

under the overarching umbrella of escape and relaxation. The brand image of Corona represents

a change in attitude in which it’s more than just a beer, one that brings forth the “good life” of

the target market – females 21 to 34. Corona Extra’s plastic bottles put emphasis on new ways to

relax responsibility while being environmentally friendly, and especially in more places where

glass bottles are prohibited – beach and pool areas. Our plastic bottles will represent the best

choice in imported beer in plastic bottles.
Our product image and personality will encompass the following:

   Perfect beer to set the mood and bring friends together

- “The unmistakable color”

- “The one of a kind taste”

- “The unparalleled flavor of relaxation.”

- “One of the most recognizable bottles in the world.”

- Sets a mood

-A “reward”

- Live in the moment

- There are some moments when only a Corona will do.

- Where glass is not permitted

- “When you use only the finest ingredients, you’ve got nothing to hide.”

- Beach in a bottle

- Personality

- User Friendly

- Soothing

- Relaxing

- Features

- Contains clear, shiny plastic

- Twist off top

- 12 ounce bottles, in 6 and 12 packs

- Recyclable

- Price

- $8.49- 6 pack

- $15.99- 12 pack

- Same price as glass bottles
                                       Advertising Strategies

       In our advertising campaign we will mainly focus on cable commercials, print ads, and

Out of Home (OOH) advertising for our core media tools. By using these tools we will create a

unique selling proposition that will penetrate the market.

Cable Television Commercials:

        Our advertising campaign will feature two cable commercials on channels that our target

market will be viewing. We will feature these three 30 second commercials on shows such as

“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “E! News”, etc. Our

first commercial will be influenced by Corona’s recent commercial where a man and his

girlfriend are sitting on a tropical beach. During the spot, an attractive woman walks by with a

nice body. The man checks her out, which prompts the girlfriend to casually squeezes a lime

from his Corona on his face. Our commercial will be reminiscent of this but instead of the

girlfriend squeezing a lime on him; she will hit him over the head with the new Corona plastic

bottle. The tag line at the end of the commercial will be “A New Way to Relax Responsibly.

Corona’s New Plastic Bottle”. We will play into Corona’s distinctive style by still creating the

same mood, same theme of beach without dialogue to achieve cohesiveness with Corona’s

already established advertising strategies. We feel that this is an effective and creative strategy

that will goes along with our campaign’s big idea.

        The second commercial we will feature in our campaign a couple sitting poolside the man

reaches to grab his bottle but accidentally knocks it to the concrete, at first startled but then

realize he has plastic Corona bottles and is able to retrieve the bottle with no damage. By

drinking Corona out of plastic bottles there are no ''party fouls'' We feel that this idea is strategic

and creative and will have an advantage over other current Corona commercials.
Our last commercial begins by showing in slow motion a full beer bottle breaking on concrete.

Over the broken pieces a man sets down a plastic Corona bottle. He twists the top off and inserts

a lime into the bottle. This ad emphasizes the consumer friendly aspect while showing

dominance over competition in this market.


         Another media tool we will focus on using is traditional print media. We will place 8” x

11” ads in magazines that our target market would read. Magazines such as Elle, Glamour, and

People will penetrate the target market better as well as influence consumers to buy. Since these

magazines are widely distributed, we would segment the target and only place them in southern

California Elle’s, Glamour’s and People’s magazines because Corona would be test marketing

their plastic bottle product. One of the ads will be called “Casting Call” which is reminiscent to

one of Corona’s current ads where limes line up in a “casting call” next to a Corona except ours

will feature different types of drinks in plastic bottles (like apple juice, sodas, milk, etc.) lining

up next to the plastic Corona bottle. Another print ad we will use will be two girls poolside

cheers each other by a sign that says «No Glass!» emphasizing that they are drinking out of

plastic beer bottles, not glass. This is a creative idea again keeping with Coronas same theme of

advertising. In addition to this, we will run print ads that advertise our online contest to submit

photos of girls enjoying a ''Girls Night Out'' with Corona plastic bottles. These photos will be

submitted online and put into a photo album called ''Photo Slices''. The top three pictures that

best exemplify the images of fun and relaxation with girls, will receive a years supply of Corona

plastic bottles.

       We will have a online contest for post pictures called ''Photo Slices'', which will be taken

by consumers. These pictures will show girls having fun enjoying Corona plastic bottles

responsibly while enjoying leisurely activities. Contestants who post their photos online will be

eligible to win a years supply of Corona.

Out of Home Advertisements:

        1.    One great way we thought to advertise the new Corona plastic bottle was to wrap

        trash cans and recycling bins on southern Californian beaches with our ads. Again

        influencing the importance of using plastic that is recyclable and easier to drink from.

        These 3’ x 2’ ads will be placed around the outside of these trash cans on beaches such

        as El Capitan beach, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Mission beach, La Jolla beach,

        Carlsbad beach, Newport Beach, Balboa beach, Malibu, etc. Since it is a plastic bottle it

        will be easier to transport, and will not violate any laws such as having glass on the

        beach is prohibited. The advertisement on these trash can wraps would have the Corona

        plastic bottle and the slogan “A New Way to Drink Responsibly” with a recycling sign.

                 *Sales Promotion and Partnership: We also thought it would be an excellent

                 idea to promote the new Corona plastic bottle at the US Open of Surfing that

                 occurs each summer in late July which has on average 500,000 attendees. We

                 would have billboards on the beach as well as trash cans wrapped in our ads.

                 This would give us extremely high exposure and great for market penetration.

                 Also, we could sponsor the pro surfers and they would wear rash guard jerseys

                 with the Corona label on the front and the new plastic bottle on the back to

                 promote the product as well as obtain exposure in the media, newspapers, and

                 magazines. In addition, Corona plastic bottles will sponsor theme nights at bars
                 in clubs. “Girls Night Out” will feature discounted plastic Corona bottles for al

                 women in attendance.

           2.    Our next OOH media tool will be a traditional billboard on the sides of

           freeways. We will focus on freeways in southern California such as the 405,110, 5, as

           well as Pacific Coast Highway and busy intersections like La Brea and Wilshire Blvd.

           We will use the traditional 14’ x 48’ size. These are all areas where our consumer

           target market will see our advertisements more than one time per day.

           3.    Another OOH media tool we will use is an aerial banner or sky ad featuring our

           Corona advertisement. This sky ad will fly over beaches previously mentioned so that

           our target market will see the ads on the beach trash cans as well as in the sky so that

           it will heavily penetrate. We feel that this is a great technique that will specifically

           increase our market share and reach our target market since sky ads are something

           beachgoers constantly look at when at the beach.

           4.    Our last OOH advertising strategy will be placing our commercials in cinemas.

           Since people will be forced to sit and watch the previews to a movie, we feel this is

           an excellent technique to advertise the product. We will place these commercials in

           previews for movies such as Sex and the City 2, Amelia, and other movies that are

           considered “chick flicks” in which we know our target market will watch. This in turn

           will have tremendous impact and awareness.

       Overall, all of these media tools utilized in our advertising strategy will create better

brand and new product awareness, increase Corona’s market share, reduce threats from

competition and better advertise for Corona. We also strongly believe that it will target existing

and new consumers resulting in additional sales, and more of a dynamic brand image as well as
customer base. Because everyone knows that “there are some moments when only a Corona will


                                          Creative Plan

T.V. Commercials - 30%

Plastic Bottle Hit on Head Commercial - emphasizing plastic unique

Dropping plastic bottle/ “No Party-Foul” commercial

Slow motion, breaking of glass bottle/ Establishing Corona dominance in market

Home media

Cable/ Commercials

Desperate Housewives

Grey’s Anatomy

E! News

Out-of-Home - 50%

Aerial Banner- Sky

(image of a Corona bottle. “A New Way to Think Responsibly. Image of recycling logo)

Have nightclubs and bars across America feature - “Girls Nights Out” or “Ladie’s Night Out” in
which Corona Plastic bottles will be the featured special beer.

Sponsored nights at nightclubs and bars throughout regional geographic area in Santa Barbara,
Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and San Diego, with a emphasis
on beach bars and clubs. Sponsored "Ladies Night Out" clubs will be sponsored by Corona
Plastic Bottles.

Beach trash can wraps for recycling

"No Glass" wraps sponsored by Corona Plastic Bottles

(Image of a Corona bottle. “A New Way to Think Responsibly. Image of recycling logo)

Special trash cans provided my Corona

Focus is on recycling & plastic beer bottles


Casting Call
Plastic containers, such as milk jugs, soda bottles, all in a line in front of a corona plastic bottle.
“Casting Call” is in the middle of the billboard.

Broken Glass

Print - 15%


Casting Call

Photo Slice Contest Ad

Directing to Corona website

"No Glass" on the beach advertisement

Internet - 5%

Go to “” and enter a picture of you and your girls enjoying Corona Plastic Bottles

called “Photo Slices” and the best pictures for the year wins a year supply of Corona Plastic

Bottles. See


                                                           Account Categories
                                                           Category                      Amount
                                                           T.V. Commercials                          30.00%
                                                           Out-Of-Home                               50.00%
                                                           Print                                     15.00%
                                                           Internet                                   5.00%
                                                           Total                                    100.00%


        This campaign will revolutionize the existing image of beer in plastic bottles. When the

success of this campaign is clear, it will forecast our marketing strategy for the U.S.. for the next

decade. We are excited to position Corona as a industry leader once again in this innovative new

product line. We are confident that plastic (PET) bottles will increase market share through new
ways of consumer usage and our ability to penetrate our demographic through our marketing


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