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									Bank Account Application Form Guide
Please follow the instructions carefully
All forms and supporting documentation should be returned to:

         Erin Hewitt,
         PO Box 2565,
         Bondi Junction, NSW 1355

Please make sure that you send your application via Express or Registered Post as FastrackUK is not
responsible for any applications lost in the post. If you have not heard from one of our staff within 2 weeks of
sending your application it is your responsibility to contact FastrackUK to ensure we have received it.

Please note accounts take up to 6 weeks to be processed from the date we receive your correctly completed

If you have any queries whatsoever with your application please call Erin on: 02 8383 2401 so that you can get it
right first go and prevent any delays!

Application Form Guide

Q1       All details as per your current Australian details except:

        Your National Insurance Number:.
         LEAVE BLANK.

         „If employed/self-employed name and address of your employer/company‟

         *** Ensure you complete the boxes how often you get paid and length of time with present employer,
         with regards to your current position or most recent position.

Q1.1     Your telephone numbers and area dialling codes

         Ensure you include the international dialling code +61 or +64

         Make sure you enter an email address and check this regularly – if there are any problems or queries
         regarding the processing of your application Lloyds will contact you on this email address.

Q1.2     Your home address.

         Enter all your current Australian details.

         ** You must provide 3 years worth of residential addresses, including length of stay at each address, so
         make sure you add extra sheets if there is not enough room.

         Your correspondence address

         This is the address that Lloyds will post your internet and telephone banking details to, so insert your
         Australian, New Zealand or UK address. Please note if you leave this section blank it         will
         automatically be sent to your current residential address.

Q2.1     Tick „Sterling International Account‟
         Tick „with Debit card‟
         Tick „with a cheque book‟ (no extra charge if you choose to have one)
         Tick „with counterfoils‟

         Do not select Euro or US Dollar account

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Q2.2    Only enter your Mother‟s maiden name.

        Would you like your cards to be an Executive Gold Debit Card?
        Tick „No‟



        If you are going to be in Australia or New Zealand for the next 8 weeks put your current postal address.

        If you are departing within the next 6 - 8 weeks and have a UK correspondence address enter that,
        otherwise write, „Will pick up from Lloyds WWS Branch, 1 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 5NJ‟. Please
        note that the branch may destroy cards not collected within 3 months of issue and if this happens you
        will need to request that they are re-issued.

        If you are unsure about whether or not you have sufficient time remaining in Australia or New Zealand
        to have your documents delivered to your current home address we strongly suggest you opt to collect
        your documents from the branch in London.

Q3      Enter your existing Australian / New Zealand bank details – enter your BSB in the Sort Code box

        Make sure that you enter your full current bank name and opening branch address

        Reason for requiring the International Account:

        State „To receive salary payments and transfer Australian savings‟

        Source of funds:
        Tick Savings account and Salary/Bonus

        Source of Wealth:
        Tick Savings from earnings

        Amount of savings currently held
        Convert your current savings from dollars to pounds (₤1 = $2.2) and enter this amount

        How much do you intend to deposit per year?
        Enter your full anticipated annual salary in pounds sterling – this just needs to be an estimate

Q3.1    Net monthly income – your take-home pay after tax

        Complete this section based on your expected UK salary.

        Will any of the above income be paid into your account?
        Tick „Yes”

        Regular monthly outgoings
        Enter your expected UK rent (per calendar month) approximately £400/month

Q4      Tick „NO‟ and move on to question 5

Q5      Complete customers name and signature and date completed

Q6      LEAVE BLANK – This has been waived for Fastrack UK clients

Q7      If you have provided a deposit please tick “I enclose a cheque or banker‟s draft payable to name of
        account holder” All cheques supplied must be endorsed. Please write on the back of the cheque “I
        endorse this cheque to be paid into the account of (insert name) for the amount of (insert amount).” You
        then need to sign and date the cheque. Any cheque that is not endorsed will be posted back to you from
        Lloyds, and it will be your responsibility to endorse it and post it back to them.

        Initial deposits made out to the equivalent of GBP 100 will be processed free of charge and the
        exchange rate will be applied on the same day it credits the account. You will not be charged a
        conversion fee for this. If your initial deposit is of a higher amount you will be charged a fee.

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Q8       Read and sign

Documentation required with application
Please note it is essential you have the certification of your documents carried out correctly. Any that are not
certified as per the instructions will be rejected! This means it must carry an official stamp, the words “I HAVE
ORIGINAL”, the certifier‟s name in block capitals, as well as the certifier‟s address, telephone number and
position, and signature.

Suitable Certifiers are Bank Managers, Police Officers, Accountants, Lawyers and JPs. Your documents will not
be accepted if they are signed by anyone else besides the above! (Customer service reps, or any other staff
member from a bank will not be accepted unless they are a Bank Manager)

Please note that not all JP‟s or other certifiers will have an official stamp – Please ensure your certifier does have
an official stamp before certifying your documents as we can not accept your documents without an official
stamp! No exceptions can be made to this rule.

The required documents for opening an account are:

1)   Confirmation of your identity

         A certified copy of your passport - Make sure that the document is certified correctly as per the
         instructions above.

         Your passport(s) must be valid and show your date, place of birth and signature. Your signature must
         be the same as that on your application form.

         If your passport shows a different signature than what you have put on your application form:

         You will need to supply another certified copy of your passport and then place your signature on the
         side and have a certifier certify it as per the instructions above along with the wording “I certify this to be
         a true copy of the new signature” So in total you will have 2 copies of your passport if your signature is
         different – one verifying the passport and the other verifying your new signature.

         If you hold dual passports you will need to supply certified and stamped copy of both of your passports.

2)   Confirmation of your address

     You need to provide at least one document from the list below:

         i)    Original utility bill (not mobile)

         ii)   Bank Statement or

         iii) Credit card statement

     This document must show your current Australian residential address which you state in section 1.2, be
     dated within the last 3 months, and is either an original or certified as per the instructions above if it is a copy
     or internet print out. Please note internet print outs must contain the certification wording “I certify that these
     documents were printed in my presence” and have all required certifiers information as per above.

     PO Box addresses are NOT acceptable.

If you need any clarification on the correct documents you can use or can not provide any of the above, please
contact our office to discuss!

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Certifying your passport photocopy
Your passport(s) must be valid and show your date, place of birth and signature. Your signature must be the
same as that on your application form. If you hold dual passports you will need to supply certified and stamped
copy of both of your passports.

Please follow the guidelines correctly as the bank will reject the application if certified incorrectly or by an
unsuitable certifier.

This should be a good quality black and white reproduction

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