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									                                   Accomack County
                                Eastern Shore of Virginia

                             Building, Planning and Zoning
                                      Fee Schedule

Building Permit Fees

a. Non-commercial buildings and structures (including manufactured homes): $80 per
100 square feet or fractions thereof. Minimum fee of $40.

b. Commercial buildings and structures: $10 per 100 square feet or fraction thereof.
Minimum fee of $50.

c. Mobile homes: $50.

d. Demolition of residential buildings or structures: no fee

e. Demolition of commercial buildings or structures: no fee

f. Removal or installation of above ground fuel storage tanks: $50 per tank up to 3,000
gallon capacity and $10 per additional 1,000 gallons or fraction thereof.

g. Installation of radio or communication towers: $50 up to 100 feet plus $20 per 100
feet over 100.

h. Change of Use Permit: $40.

i. Docks, piers, gabion baskets, and bulkheads: $40 up to 300 linear feet, plus $5 per 100
linear feet over 300.

j. Boat ramps and groins: $50.00

k. Building permit extensions: $15 for a six month extension (limited to two extensions)

l. Building permit duplicate for lost permit: $15.00

m. Certificate of Occupancy (except when issued in conjunction with a building permit):

n. Appeals fee (to appeal decision of the Building Official or Fire Official to the Board
of Zoning Appeals): $350.

o. Swimming pools (above and in-ground): $50.00
p. Administrative fee assessed when construction has begun prior to obtaining a building
permit (subject to discretion and approval by the Building Official):

       First Offense: $25 in addition to required building permit fee
       Each Offense thereafter: $50 per offense in addition to required building permit

q. Adding one layer of roofing material to an existing roof: $25

Amusement Device Inspection:

a. Kiddie Rides: $15

b. Major Rides: $25

c. Spectacular Rides: $45.

Sign Permits

Fees for the erection, placing , or hanging of signs shall be based on the area of the sign
faces as follows:

a. 1 to 16 square feet: $10

b. 17 to 99 square feet: $20.

c. 100 to 299 square feet: $50

d. 300 square feet and over: $100

Zoning Fees

a. Special Exception (special use permit) application: $100.

b. Variance application: $100.

c. Special Use Permit and Variance applied for, processed, and heard at the same time
for same requested use: $150.

d. Appeal of the decision of the Zoning Administrator: $100

e. Rezoning application: $500
f. Zoning Ordinance amendment application: $100.

g. Vacating a subdivision plat or part thereof: $150

h. Zoning fee for building applications (not including reroofing permits, renovation
permits and building permits issued in incorporated towns): $25.

i. Administrative Waiver or Administrative Exception to the Chesapeake Bay
Preservation District requirements: $50.

Mobile Home Park Fees

a. Any site or tract of land upon which there is to be located four or more mobile homes
in a Mobile Home Rental Park, the fee shall be $200.00, plus $50 per lot over four lots.

Travel Trailer Park Fees

a. The travel trailer park fee shall be $100 for four lots and $25 per lot over four.

Wetlands Application Fee

a. Wetlands application: $100.

b. After-the-fact wetlands applications: the fee shall be doubled

Subdivision Review Fees

a. Subdivisions up to 10 lots: $50, plus $5 for each lot.

b. Subdivision of over 10 lots, or any subdivision which requires the construction of a
new road (public or private): $100, plus $5 for each lot.

Transcript Fees

a. $5 per page

Document Fees

Comprehensive Plan: $10
Zoning Ordinance: $5

Subdivision Ordinance: $5

Excepts from ordinances (more than 5 pages): 50 cents per page

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Fees

a. Subdivisions: $300

b. Commercial or non-commercial uses on two acres or more: $300

c. Commercial or non-commercial uses on less than two acres, but more than 10,000
square feet: $100

c. Agreement in Lieu of a Plan (greater than 500 square feet of land disturbance): $30

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