Moment limiter for Jib crane_ Truck crane_ Hydraulic _ Crawler crane_ by malj


									Moment limiter for Jib crane, Truck crane( Hydraulic / Crawler crane)
Model Name : SH-7109A
- Detection and display of accurate weight value by strain

  gauged type of load cells
- Calcuration of accurate working radius and boom angle by
  high accuracy of potention meter.
- Graphic LCD display of boom angle.
Model of SH-7109 is an exclusively designed for moment limiter of Jib cranes.
Truck crane(Hydraulic / Crawler crane) and marine cranes..
Moment at the center of crane is changed everytime according to angle of
movable boom..
If driver ignore the changed moment and operate the crane with his own will only,
this would be a cause of critical situation for safety and turn turtle of crane.
Our overload limiter/Moment limiter: SH-7109 detects the real time loads under
the hook of crane by means of strain gauge type of load cells and the angle of
boom by potention –meter .
Working radius is calcurated from angle of boom detected by position-meter and
and weight under hook is detected from strain gauge type of load cells.
Such a real time weight and data for combined working radius are compared and
calcuratd by built-in micom automatically.
When the real time weight reach to the limitted weight specified on the micom,
warning is
given to driver and make the crane stopped.
Operator can read present weight, Boom angle, Working radius and limited weight
under working condition through display monitor at the cabin and can work in safe.


  * Accurate detection of real time weight by strain gauge type of load cells.
     Calcuration of working radius through accurate of detection for boom angle
by potenion-meter.
      LCD Display
     - Display of real time weight (Unit : 0.1Ton )

     - Display of boom angle (Graphic LCD type monitor, Display unit: 0.1 degree)

     - Display of limited weight according to boom angle (Unit :0.1 Ton)
     - Display of present working radius of crane (Display unit :: 0.1m)

     - Filttering function against swayness of loading weight.

      (Prevention of malfunction)

    - Addition of optional function according to buyer’s request
      available(anemometer, Hook height etc..)

     - Easy and simple setting at site.

     Controller : 250(W) × 400(H) × 115(D)
     Monitor(7 Segment Type) : 233(W) × 173(H) × 90(D)

     Monitor(Graphic LCD Type) : 250(W) × 145(H) × 80(D)
     Load cell : Depended on kinds of model and capacity of load cells.

Main Specifications for Jib crane, Cargo Crane (Hydraulic crane, Crawler Crane)
Description                    Controller                       Monitor
 Model No             SH-2000H (Hydraulic crane)         SH-2000MH
                      SH-2000A(Angle Lattice Boom        SH-2000MA
                      Crane)                             SH-2000MC
                      SH-2000C( Cargo Crane)
 Power Supply         DC 12-24V ± 10%                    DC12-24V ± 10%
 Real Time Humidity   95% RH                             95% RH
 Accuracy             ± 0.1%                                   -
 Display                                    -          Realtime Weight: 4Digit (Ton)
                                                       Limited Weight : 4 Digit (Ton)
                                                       Working Radius : 3 Digit (Meter)
                                                       Boom Angle : 3 Digit (Degree)
                                                       Number of rope : 2 Digit (Fall)
                                                       Erro Message
 Signal Output        1a 1b, 24V 3A, Alarm             Common Warning : RED LED
                                                       Cut Off : RED LED
                                                       Upper Limited Angle:RED LED
                                                       Lower Limited Angle : RED LED
                                                       Over Load : RED LED
 Material of Case         Structural Steel (SS41)      Aluminum Alloy
 System Accuracy          ± 3%                         ± 3%

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